Undefeated God of War - Chapter 187 – Slow Flute Resonation

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Chapter 187 – Slow Flute Resonation

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian instantly reacted, pointed at Magic Flute, and roared angrily, “Do you think I will become numb and careless just like that? Let me tell you, such tricks are useless on me! I won’t fall for your trap!”

“Well said!” Uncle Bing approved loudly in Tang Tian’s heart, and almost applauded him.

“Haha!” Magic Flute laughed. He did not get angry, and eyed Tang Tian with much interest, “Your qualities seemed rather normal, by just looking alone.”

“He meant that you are stupid!” Uncle Bing exaggerated, trying to incite trouble.

“Shut up!” Tang Tian yelled at Bing.

Uncle Bing moved his poker-face, with a face of innocence.

Tang Tian eyed Magic Flute with much contempt, how dare he say that I am stupid… …

Magic Flute totally did not sense Tang Tian’s thoughts, and continued to sigh, “Such a talent, to be able to train till this stage, it’s really rare.”

Still saying that I am stupid… …

Tang Tian stared angrily, his eyes about to spit fire.

“Exactly! How could he be like this, always exposing others’ shortcomings!” Bing crowded over with a face of indignation.

“Scram!” Tang Tian hurled abuses at Bing.

“But this made it rather interesting.” Magic Flute laughed lightly, his blue eyes deep and captivating, “After so many years, if the inheritor is an interesting fellow, it is much better than an uninteresting fellow.”

Interesting… … That was actually just another form of saying that I am stupid right… …

Tang Tian gritted his teeth.


“Why is teacher having that expression?” The little girl could not understand, she said with much curiosity, “I find that Magic Flute is really nice. He’s well-cultivated, and also not condescending or haughty, so inspiring!”

“Ah ah ah, I felt so too!” Qing Luan seemed to be jolted awake, and chimed in unison.

Ling Xu sneered, “What do women know about guys!”


Three rays of gazes were like knives, about to stab numerous holes in Ling Xu.

Gu Xue glared at Ling Xu, and spoke up for Tang Tian, “Ah Tian must have noticed that the other party had some other ill intentions.”

“He must be envious of the opponent’s good looks!” The little girl’s eyes shone with numerous stars, “Such a handsome Magic Flute! How great it would be if he was still alive, I would definitely ask him to be my teacher!”

“Great disposition!” Qing Luan was also starry-eyed, “It’s the first time seeing such a manly guy!”

The others could not be bothered with the duo.


“Are you ready?” Magic Flute’s face resumed his solemness, “Although I feel that you are not a bad candidate, you have to pass the test, to have the chance to get it.”

“Come on! Give it all you got!” Tang Tian glared angrily.

It was too late for all these niceties, after repetitions of insulting me of being stupid!

Magic Flute slowly raised his bronze flute and placed it at his lips, his deep blue eyes were like a world shutting off, and slowly closed. The long eyelashes fluttered lightly in the wind, the handsome face was now emitting a solemn air.

“Please have a listen, to Slow Flute Resonation.”

The moist voice floated in the wind, the sound of the flute flowed past like flowing water.

The surrounding, seemed to become lazy, it was an indescribable comfort, Tang Tian’s killing intent and anger, were unknowingly soothed.

Sounded really nice… …

Tang Tian stared with his eyes wide open. He did not understand music, but this flute sound, seemed to blow right into his heart, unknowingly, he was pulled into his memories.


“When is the end?”

It was a dark night. On the mountain, a little boy was stroking a bronze plate, and muttered to himself.

After so much time on top, was it worth the while? If he had spent this one year’s time, to learn martial techniques like other normal people, he might also have a decent result… …

The hesitation and indecisiveness presented before him clearly.

The lad opened his arms wide with a slumped face, lied on the slope, feeling low.

“If this continues, I will be further and further away from Qian Hui… …”

“Will everything end up in smoke in the end?”

“After practising for a full year, there’s still not much improvement, this bronze plate would not have fooled me right… …”

“Should I persevere on?”

“If, a year later, there’s still no response, should I give up?”


Tang Tian was like an onlooker, looking at the dispirited and depressed kid, he was worried, he wanted to shout to the him back then, he must persevere on!

But no matter how he opened his mouth, he could not produce any sound.

Although he knew that he had persevered on, but the kid with his emotions on the slope now made him feel a strong sense of connection. The darkness with no hope in sight, the perplexity, depression, low-spirits with no future in sight, this emotions, to a 12- or 13-year-old lad, was extremely heavy that he almost could not breathe.

Where does the future lead to? No idea!

There was only one clue in his hands, he had no idea what other clues there would be after this.

Yet he has to stake his time, and stake his future.

Even Tang Tian now, when faced with such choices, faced with such emotions, he was still worried.

Hang in there! Lad!

He has forgotten that these were his memories, he has forgotten the past that has happened, he looked at the kid lying on the grass, gazing at the stars in the sky.

He saw the kid helplessly weeping.

He saw the kid tired from crying, calling for his mother in his dreams.

He saw the kid curled into a ball in the grass.

Tang Tian looked at all these, looked at him back then, and quietly shouted in his heart, kid, hang in there! No matter what, you must not give up!

Time ticked by slowly, the stars fell, and the sun rose. The orangey-red sun, popped out from the horizon, and dyed the world in orangey-red.

The sunlight fell on the kid’s tear-stricken face, the quiet face, had another sense of warmth.

The kid felt the sunlight, and opened his eyes blearily. Then he saw a large egg yolk hanging in the sky, and the world dyed in a layer of warm orange colour.

Kid, it is a brand new day, cheer up! Tang Tian quietly muttered in his heart.


Suddenly, the kid jumped up, faced the sun, and spread opened his arms.

“Wahaha! A brand new day!”

“Such an embarrassing thing to give up, how could it be my idea?”

“Tang Tian, you are a true man! Those kids, you are not bothered by them!”

“Qian Hui loves a real man!”

“Wah! A real man, fight on!”

The kid shouted loudly with all his might, he was still afraid, afraid that if his voice was too soft, he would not be able to hear it, afraid that if his voice was too soft, he would not believe in it.

He spoke very very loudly, and spread it very very far, with the sunlight as witness.

Tang Tian was suddenly moved unknowingly, nothing was better than looking at his perseverance back then, and understood his initial resolution back then.

I have walked many roads, met many people, done many things, but the initial resolution back then, has not changed.

Coo… …

A series of sounds, broke Tang Tian’s thoughts.

The kid on the slope, was hugging his belly, his stomach was growling like thunder, the impassioned feelings just now were all gone. His limbs went weak, he crawled down the slope, with a face of pain, “So hungry, I forgot that I haven’t eaten, I’ve overexerted myself… …”

“Hahahahahaha!” Tang Tian could not help but burst into laughters.

Amidst the laughters, the vision before him, returned to normal.

Magic Flute’s expression before him was very odd, the pair of blue eyes was eyeing him, with a strange look.

Tang Tian who was laughing suddenly saw Magic Flute’s odd expression and gaze, his laughters stopped abruptly, and with much displeasure, he asked, “Hey, what’s with your expression?”

“Seems like, I need to get to know you again.” Magic Flute’s voice was warm and nice.

“Know your head!” Tang Tian waved, and said firmly, “Hurry, finish your slow song, and give up your treasure! No one has energy to get to know you afresh!”

At the same time, behind the light door, Bing said to Ghostly Claw with a look of rejoice, “Luckily luckily, this fellow’s flute is really odd, he nearly got into trouble just now. Luckily, Little Tang Tang is slow!”

Ghostly Claw did not speak, his eyes still showed remnants of reminiscence.

Magic Flute was not offended, laughed lightly and warmly said, “You are the third, who has no reaction to the sound of the flute, seems like I really belittled you just now, I’m really sorry!”

Magic Flute held his flute and bowed in apology.

Tang Tian’s vanity was instantly satisfied, with his arms akimbo he said smugly, “Hahahaha! I’ve said earlier, you will die a horrible death if you belittle me! Now you know my prowess! But since you came to your senses, I will be forgiving, and not stoop to your level.”

Suddenly, he was on alert, “Hey, you are just trying to fool me with these words, and not give the Treasure right!”

Magic Flute smiled lightly, with a gentle wave of his sleeves, the metal box on the floor flew towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian received the box with a face of alertness, but nothing happened.

“I’ve completed my mission.” Magic Flute held his flute and bid his goodbyes, with a cheery voice, “To be able to hand it to you, I’m very happy. I hope you can put it to good use. Long live our friendship, till next time… …”


Suddenly, a voice cut in, Bing’s figure appeared beside Tang Tian.

Magic Flute’s body shook, his elegant and graceful face was lost for once, “Spirit… … spirit general!”

“That’s right!” Bing stuck out his poker-face, and meaningfully said, “I’m the same as you.”

“Impossible… …” Magic Flute muttered to himself.

“What’s impossible?” Bing threw up his hands, a face of a ruffian, “I’m standing right before you. He, can make us last forever.”

“Impossible… …” Magic Flute was full of disbelief.

He could only survive for so long as a Spirit General, all due to the Guarded Spirit Treasure. But the years took its toll on him, and now that the Guard Spirit Treasure was passed to Tang Tian, a Spirit General who lost its support would soon disappear.

This was a long decided outcome.

“Come with me and you’ll know.” Bing said with a face of seriousness, only Tang Tian understood, this fellow must be plotting something devious up his sleeves.

When Magic Flute entered the Southern Cross Army encampment, he was transfixed.

Southern Cross Army, the radiance of that few words, would suffice to blind Magic Flute’s deep and captivating blue eyes.

Bing was smug, and raised 2 fingers towards Tang Tian, settled!