Undefeated God of War - Chapter 184 – The lad put on his silver armour (2)

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Chapter 184 – The lad put on his silver armour (2)

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

“Then?” The little girl cocked her head, revealing a look of nostalgia, and replied uncertainly, “Seemed that Father mentioned about something that was a pity, I don’t know what was a pity, but after that, Qi Ya’s ranking dropped a lot. Not sure if there was any connection between these two matters, but Father rarely had such interest in a person, that’s why it left a deep impression on me.”

“So it was because his powers dropped.” Tang Tian nodded thoughtfully, that was why he felt that Qi Ya was still far off from Wu Guang, seemed like it was a match with his judgement.

“A pity I couldn’t witness Qi Ya in action when he was in his peak.” Tang Tian had a look of regret, “How awesome would that be, if I could defeat Qi Ya at his peak!”

Qing Luan was not used to Tang Tian’s cockiness, and could not help but say, “Curtain of Darkness Swordsman was unparallelled at his peak, in the entire Wu Hou government, he was only below Wu Hou. He had once snuck into the establishment late at night, and fought with Master Hou, but there was no victor chosen.”

Di Heng Zhan had a look of surprise, “I didn’t even know about this matter.”

Qing Luan replied, “You were not in the establishment back then, and few people in the establishment knew, too. It was just a chance opportunity, for Master Hou knew that I specialized in sword arts, so he allowed me to observe the battle. The Curtain of Darkness Swordsman that time, was really too formidable!”

When she said the last sentence, Qing Luan reminisced the situation back then, and her face could not help but reveal a looks of aghast. The sword arts that she practised resulted in a deeper understanding of sword arts than others, so she could feel the might of Qi Ya even more.

“What a pity, such a formidable expert, unable to meet him in his mightiest form, a pity!” Tang Tian looked woeful, he cocked his head and pondered, and then said, “But since this is reality, there’s no choice then. First, defeat the incomplete Curtain of Darkness Swordsman then!”

Qing Luan snorted. Qi Ya was one of her idols in sword arts, so hearing Tang Tian’s claims of wanting to defeat Qi Ya was extremely piercing to her ears, and she could not help but say, “Although your abilities are very good, if you want to defeat Qi Ya, do you think it’s that easy?”

Tang Tian did not mind, “If it wasn’t easy in the first place, what fun is there if it’s easy? Don’t you think, defeating Qi Ya, just these words alone makes one passionate?”

Tang Tian clutched his fists tightly, full of battle wills.

Qing Luan was stunned.

“So much bullshit.” Ling Xu sneered, his face a little white. That battle just now took a toll on him. He threw something over to Tang Tian, “I obtained it just now.”

Tang Tian’s hands swooped, it was a rusty metal box.

The little girl glanced at it, and instantly exclaimed, “Aiya, how did I forget about this! Every spirit general of each barrier, required something to safeguard, called Guarded Spirit Treasure. With Guarded Spirit Treasure, these spirit generals will have a fulcrum to depend on, so that they will not vanish easily. Usually, the stronger the spirit general, the stronger the Guard Spirit Treasure required. Hurry, open it and see!”

Tang Tian heard the word “Treasure”, his eyes instantly gleamed, and he hurriedly opened the metal box.

There was only a black spirit nucleus inside the box. And the material of the spirit nucleus was poor, a little similar to the one obtained from the mutated Star Spirit Snake previously.

Greatly disappointed, Tang Tian flipped the box round and round, and even pulled it apart, to see if there was any compartment.

Still, there was nothing.

“This thing is not worth any money.” Tang Tian was heartbroken, “Little Xu Xu, next time aim for the golden goose! After fighting for half the day, you only won a snack for Ya Ya. Ya Ya, come out, there’s snack for you!”

Ya Ya scrambled out, upon seeing the spirit nucleus, its eyes instantly shone. The pudgy little legs and hands were extremely fast, all used together, like a little dog, to climb from Tang Tian’s shoulders to his hands, grab the spirit nucleus and swallow it at once.

The little girl saw Ya Ya, and shouted in surprise, “Wah, so cute! Is it called Ya Ya?

“Ya Ya, act cute!” Tang Tian commanded.

Ya Ya was stunned, moments later, both its hands squashed it’s face, and rubbed the pudgy face.

The little girl’s eyes gleamed, “Wah wah wah, Teacher, can you gift it to me? I love it!”

Ya Ya’s eyes rounded instantly, and stared angrily at the little girl, bared its teeth, with an unfriendly expression.

“Gift you? Dream on.” Tang Tian casually said, “But I can loan it to you to pay, 1000 Star Coins per hour, big notes, no refunds!”

“Okay!” The little girl agreed without hesitation.

Ya Ya’s little face was instantly sour, and attempted to protest with its “woo woo” sounds, but was instantly choked by Tang Tian’s hands, and stopped. Tang Tian casually threw Ya Ya to the little girl, and threatened, “Ya Ya, please the customer!”

The little girl caught Ya Ya, and as though she received a Treasure, kept teasing Ya Ya, and soon cajoled the pudgy, brainless Ya Ya into happiness.

Tang Tian was extremely pleased with his business acumens, but, 1000 per hour, how much could he earn exactly? After frowning and calculating for half the day, Tang Tian gave up. If only Qian Hui was here, then he would not have to fret over arithmetics.

“Let’s go. Those treasures must be extremely lonely, they must have been eagerly waiting for the godlike young lad to save them soon!” Tang Tian confidently added on, “For Justice!”

Ling Xu, who was beside, stared at him angrily, “Don’t copy me!”

“Justice belongs to everyone!” Tang Tian broke into a grin and led the way.

Gu Xue covered her mouth, but the smile at the corner of her mouth could not be hidden.

Di Heng Zhan took in everything with his eyes, but he could not help but feel odd, he had seen all kinds of experts, but Tang Tian was the most special. If it was at another place, another person, Di Heng Zhan would have definitely thought that the opponent’s brains was bad. But on Tang Tian, he dared not belittle him, for this fellow was really mysterious, and difficult to comprehend.

As he walked, Tang Tian muttered, “Why would Qi Ya come here? Besides, he could even hide inside here, seems like he’s very familiar with this place. Could it be that he was also interested in Monarch Slaying? No way, his sword techniques and Monarch Slaying’s are totally of different types.”

“He’s probably here for the treasures. If not, there must be something he is interested in the treasures, other than Monarch Slaying. The treasures should include other valuables.” Gu Xue thought for a moment, “Qi Ya should have been here for a long time. He could escape the Spirit Generals barrier, probably he has already gained something.”

The others nodded, Gu Xue’s guess was very reasonable.

“It’s alright.” Tang Tian pouted, “As long as we defeat him, we’ll know everything.”

Bullshit, you are just full of bullshit! Qing Luan sneered in her heart.

The pitch-black cave was extremely narrow, only two people could enter at a time. Di Heng Zhan raised a light-emitting wooden rod, and the bright light from the rod lit up the entire tunnel.

“What’s that?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

“Light emitting wood!” Di Heng Zhan produced another one, and gave it to Tang Tian, “Just channel a little True Power, and it will emit light, it’s much better than using a fire torch.”

Tang Tian tried, the wooden rod in his hands indeed lit up, producing bright light. He was instantly excited, he was about to attempt to channel more True Power, but Di Heng Zhan, who had been observing him from the start, immediately shouted and prevented it, “Do not channel too much True Power, if you channel too much True Power, it will emit very dazzling bright light, the wood would burn to ashes as well. We will sometimes use this during battles! It might be useless against experts, but if there were too many opponents, there will always be a few who will be blinded.”

Tang Tian was suddenly awakened, he instantly felt that the light emitting wood was pretty useful, and hurriedly begged Di Heng Zhan for more, “Give me a few more!”

Di Heng Zhan took out around ten of the light emitting wood and gave them to Tang Tian instantly, this stuff was extremely cheap, just that normal people are unable to buy it.

Tang Tian then placed them into the Aquarius Martial Cabinet.

With the light emitting wood, everything in the tunnel was plain to see, the tunnel was already narrow, thus there was no place to hide, and hence no worries about Qi Ya ambushing them.

The tunnel was extremely long, suddenly Tang Tian said, “We are walking downwards!”

Everyone was stunned. Upon a closer look, indeed, the slope angle below their feet was slightly sloping downwards. Di Heng Zhan marvelled even more at Tang Tian’s intuition.

After walking for around twenty minutes, at the front of the cave was a patch of brightness. Everyone was aroused and hastened their steps.

This time, when they exited the cave, Tang Tian and the rest were very careful, for fear of being ambushed by Qi Ya. But to everyone’s relief, Qi Ya was not seen. It was a spacious and neat hall outside the cave, with no hiding place.

In the middle of the hall was a bronze box.

The little girl’s face became grim, and quickly reminded, “Careful, this is the Noticeable Barrier!”

“Noticeable Barrier?” Tang Tian hurriedly asked.

“En, there are 2 kinds of spirit barriers, one was the Guarded Spirit Treasure, and is known as Noticeable Barrier. The other type does not showcase the Guarded Spirit Treasure, and is known as Hidden Barrier. The barrier that we just passed was a Hidden Barrier.” The little girl continued, “Usually there are lesser Noticeable Barriers, once the Guarded Spirit Treasure falls into the hand of the contender, the barrier will be broken by itself. It normally occurs under one type of circumstances: the person who set up this spirit barrier has high confidence in this barrier.”

“I see.. …” Tang Tian pondered.

“En.” The little girl nodded, her expression grim, “Noticeable Barriers are hard to break through, so be extra careful. And, the lesser the contenders, the better, for many barriers have set-ups specially targeted at the number of contenders. The more people contending, the higher the level of difficulty to breakthrough. A lot of people did not understand, and thought that the spirit barriers are just for defense, but it’s actually a form of ordeal. If not, they could just use traps directly, what use are spirit barriers?”

Di Heng Zhan grimly said, “Let me!”

“No! I’ll go!” Qing Luan said seriously, “In here, my abilities are just second to Tang Tian, I’ll do it!”

“Bullshit!” Ling Xu was enraged, his eyes was wide opened and rounded, his clothes flaring in the wind, “Do you mean that you are stronger than me?”

He was about to pounce on Qing Luan, piak, a hand grabbed hold of his neck. Ling Xu, who had just experienced a tough battle, had no energy to resist, and was captured like a baby chicken by Tang Tian. Ling Xu was even more furious, and his silver spear was about to be thrown out.

“If you dare to move, I will knock you out!” Tang Tian broke into a sinister grin.

Ling Xu’s body froze, he could tell that Tang Tian was serious.

Tang Tian then casually threw Ling Xu aside, and with wide strides he walked towards the square by himself. Silver light lit up from below his feet, and spread upwards along his legs. With each step, the silver armour spread upwards a little more. When he finally entered the square, his entire body was covered in silver armour. He had just fought with Qi Ya, and sustained minor injuries, but the battle will inside him was burning.

Like a ball of fire burning in his chest, his every step was extremely stable, his body seemed to have battle drums drumming, his battle will was stronger and stronger.

The lad put on his silver armour, and stepped slowly and steadily in.

“Since I’m the strongest, then I’ll go!”