Undefeated God of War - Chapter 182 – The Spirit Generals Barrier

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Chapter 182 – The Spirit Generals Barrier

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

“Seems like there’s something!” Tang Tian was piqued, and lowered his voice, “Let’s go in and see!”

The group went into the cave.

The cave was extremely deep, the air from inside was extremely cold. The deeper they entered, the colder it became. The ground and the four walls had frost surfacing on them.

There were still sword marks everywhere, the dense and messy sword marks were an invisible form of stress for them. After the lesson learned just now, no one dared to look for long. Although the cave was deep, it was not entirely pitch-black, for embedded in the four walls of rocks, were many shining grains, these grains glowed dimly, although the lighting was not as bright as day, but to everyone, that was sufficient.

“It’s Bright Stardust.” The little girl glanced and said, “This stuff is useless other than emitting light, it’s not worth much.”

Around 15 minutes of walking later, there was still no end of the cave in sight.

Suddenly the area was bright, they entered a spacious hall of around radius 3 metres, a silverish-grey figure, slowly floated up into the air.

Spirit General!

The spirit general’s face was blurred, wielded a longsword, and floated there quietly. Behind the spirit general, was a small black opening. When Tang Tian and group barged into the hall, the spirit general suddenly raised its head, and shuddered, Tang Tian and the rest only felt that their eyes blurred, and this spirit general splitted into six similar spirit generals, in one line.

Tang Tian, Ling Xu, Gu Xue, Princess Ming Zhu, Qing Luan and Di Heng Zhan six of them.

“The guards of the spirit barrier.” The little girl’s face was grim, and said in a sombre voice, “This is a very ancient barrier, usually used for guarding and protecting. To achieve the final aim, you must get rid of the spirit general of each barrier. The further behind the stronger they are, everyone be careful!”

Tang Tian was not in the least afraid, and was eager to try, “This also means, once we finished them off, we could get the treasures?”

“Mmm.” The little girl calmly said, “The cost of the spirit generals barrier is very large, usually used for guarding those pricey treasures! The spirit generals who are able to guard the spirit barriers would not be of too low caliber.”

The six spirit generals raised the swords in their hands in an orderly manner, and charged towards the group.

Ling Xu, who was long on tenterhooks charged out, the long spear in his hands shot out, the Pointed Sea Spear appeared suddenly like waves, and instantly enveloped half the hall.

The Pointed Sea Spear swept up the six spirit generals rampantly!

Ling Xu’s attack actually swept all six of the spirit generals in.

Di Heng Zhan and Qing Luan were completely stunned, and Tang Tian’s wails travelled to their ears, “Little Xu Xu, how could you monopolize everything? You are so wretched! How dare you actually attack first… …”

The six spirit generals in the Pointed Sea Spear, scattered and stood firm, and raised the swords in their hands together.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Each spirit general drew out three rays of black sword gleams, 18 rays of black sword gleam, were like 18 black swordfish, and charged towards the pointed sea spear.

18 rays of black sword gleam, supported each other and coordinated well, as though they were of one body, and showed signs of escaping the Pointed Sea Spear.

Ling Xu snorted, his orangey-red eyes surged with rage, his silver hair flowed, he rubbed his iron-like fingers, wong, a low hiss, the red tassel hung on the speartip, turned into a red circle!

The end of the silver Pointed Sea Spear, seemed to have a red sun rising up.

The endless Pointed Sea Spear, was like waves, becoming torrents, the power surged. Each cold gleam in the Pointed Sea Spear rang with sharp hisses in the air. When these piercing sounds converged together, it was as loud as thunder!

Piak piak piak!

The eighteen black sword gleams were instantly shattered.

Di Heng Zhan and Qing Luan were astounded, they had seen the prowess of Tang Tian before, so they had been belittling Ling Xu. But when they witnessed Ling Xu blocking six spirit generals with his one spear, they were shocked.

Golden threaded white robe, silver spear silver hair, red tassel orange eyes, a hand of spear gesture like the vast sea, made Ling Xu seemed even more extraordinary!

This fellow has become stronger… …

Di Heng Zhan’s face revealed a look of terror. He had crossed hands with Ling Xu before, so he roughly knew Ling Xu’s abilities, but the level of Ling Xu’s spear now was much higher than when he battled with him!

Just a few days only… … such astounding improvements… …

Tang Tian alone, already drove Di Heng Zhan crazy, now another one… … What happened to this world… …

He felt extremely incredulous, are people around Tang Tian all psychos?

“Eh, Little Xu Xu has improved.” Tang Tian could also tell that Ling Xu’s abilities had improved, so he simply sat down, and even motioned others to as well, “Sit, sit, hey, Little Ming Zhu, do you have any food and drinks, quickly take them out.”

Half a minute later.

Tang Tian and the rest sat on the gorgeous exquisite carpet, sipped hot tea, and ate delicious snacks, as though they were on a picnic. Tang Tian’s mouth was stuffed full of snacks as he wolfed down the food. The others had a rather leisurely demeanour, which indicated their well upbringing.

“Are we a bit too insensitive like this?” The little girl asked hesitantly.

Di Heng Zhan and Qing Luan seemed a little hung up as well.

Tang Tian was completely oblivious, and continued to stuff food into his mouth, and spoke incoherently, “Thish ish roarly goo… …”

Little Ming Zhu and the rest were dazed.

Gu Xue laughed lightly, and translated, “He meant that it was really good.”

The trio: “… …”

Ling Xu was fuming with anger, this bunch of fellows… … too much!

But he had no time to be distracted, the six spirit generals before him, gave him immense pressure despite him having blocked them down. He needed to be fully focused, to be able to stabilize the situation.

Ding ding ding!

The sounds of spear and swords colliding was dense, the six spirit generals seemed to be telepathic, and kept changing their positions, with great coordination. The black sword gleam was filled with a cold air within. The cold air, entered from the speartip to the spear body, his ten fingers could even feel the coldness.

The Pointed Sea Spear was slowly engulfed by the black sword gleam.

Ling Xu’s pressure heightened, but he was not shaken, he continued to channel his pointed sea spear.

Must be fast!

Must be faster!

Ling Xu’s attention was highly concentrated, and the entire body’s True power was blown to the maximum as he continuously attempted to increase the speed of the attacks. The most crucial point in pointed sea spear was at the timing of the attacks, the shorter the intervals, the larger the power of the pointed sea spear.

The pursuit of shorter intervals of attacks had always been Ling Xu’s aim.

The six spirit generals gave him an extremely large amount of stress, but he had no intention of giving up and asking Tang Tian and the rest for help. He only had a thought in his mind, faster, must be faster!

He was completely absorbed in his every move, the six spirit generals had proficient sword techniques, the power of the black sword gleam was not too strong, but the combination of the six spirit generals, was too ingenious.

Di Heng Zhan looked anxious, “This is Blackwater Sword Technique, Ling Xu’s situation is not looking good.”

Tang Tian glanced, and was not in the least worried, “Don’t belittle Little Xu Xu, these fellows are not his match.”

Di Heng Zhan was stunned. Tang Tian was actually so confident, which made him surprised. If not for them getting along these few days, he knew that, although Tang Tian can be careless at times, he would never be reckless in battles, he would have been very suspicious if Tang Tian was purposely not helping out.

Could it be that Ling Xu’s spear techniques, had some mysterious powers that he did not notice?

Di Heng Zhan opened his eyes wide, and stared at Ling Xu for a long time. But the more he looked, the more he was sure that Ling Xu would be defeated, the scale was tipping towards the six spirit generals, Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spear scope was getting smaller. As one side lost, the other gained, the six spirit generals gained larger and larger space, the prowess of the Blackwater Sword Technique started to show as well.

Ling Xu was starting to get suppressed.

Di Heng Zhan could not tell how Ling Xu could have any chance of winning. He did not know why Tang Tian was so confident, but he was already prepared to help.

Tang Tian’s gaze lied on the opening behind the spirit generals.

From where he was looking, the inside of the opening was pitch-black. But without knowing, Tang Tian always had the illusion, that inside the pitch-black cave, there seemed to have a pair of eyes observing them secretly.

Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, trying to see clearly, but no matter how hard he tried, it was too dark to see anything.

Suddenly, he raised his leg and kicked, a little pebble shot out like an angry arrow, and disappeared into the cave.


The sound of the little pebble colliding into the stone wall travelled from far inside the cave.

Tang Tian frowned, with a look of doubt.

At this moment, Ling Xu’s angry roar suddenly came from the hall. Tang Tian came back to his senses instantly, retracted his gaze, and cast it on Ling Xu.

Di Heng Zhan was dumbfounded, the raging Ling Xu’s battle powers suddenly soared out of nowhere, in all areas!

This this this… …

Di Heng Zhan could not make any sense of the situation, he has never seen such an outrageous situation. How would battle powers suddenly soar? Could it be that Ling Xu had a spirit general too?

“Know what his nickname is?” Tang Tian noticed that Di Heng Zhan and the rest seemed to have met their match, and instantly exclaimed proudly, “Haha! The raging Ling Xu! Once this fellow is enraged, it’s horrifying.”

“Do not ever fight with this fellow when he is raging!” Tang Tian added on.

Ling Xu totally had no idea that Tang Tian was inciting him, under the accumulated stress, his fury was lit up. The orangey-red eyes burned, and turned into flames. Even his head of silver hair flowed crazily, his entire demeanour exploded, and was filled with much danger.


The Pointed Sea Spear suddenly amplified, a whole sea of stars swept along, and suppressed the six spirit generals once more.

The hissing sound of each cold gleam became shrill, the entire hall seemed to be swept by a hurricane and was enveloped by surging torrents, the shrill hisses filled every corner and made one’s head go numb.

The six spirit generals seemed to know the impending danger. They roared in unison and crowded together, forming a circle.

Six long swords crisscrossed in the air and drew out rays of black sword gleams, the crisscross of the sword gleam formed a black sword ring, and protected them in the middle.

The trepidating Pointed Sea Spear crashed on the black sword ring, and the sword ring did not budge. As though waves crashing on the reef, the reef remained towering, but the waves splattered everywhere.

The useless attacks made Ling Xu even more angry!

His eyes turned into a sea of fire and, with an angry roar, the silver spear in his hands suddenly vanished.

The entire sky of Pointed Sea Spears suddenly vanished.

A speck of brilliant cold light landed on the black sword ring, like shooting star!

Justice Origin Core Pierce!

The black sword ring was like paper, vanished without a trace. The six spirit generals did not even have time to escape, and were engulfed by the dazzling silver light.

Di Heng Zhan was dumbfounded, and only one thought crossed his mind, this was illogical… …

Suddenly, a gush of wind grazed past him. Di Heng Zhan suddenly came back to his senses and saw Tang Tian’s sprinting back view.

What has gotten into Tang Tian… …

Suddenly, his pupils constricted.

Under the illumination of the silver light, the black cave was brightened up, and he suddenly saw a figure there.