Undefeated God of War - Chapter 179 – Breakthrough

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Chapter 179 – Breakthrough

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

To end a battle in such manner, made everyone feel strange. Everyone now then noticed that this seven- or eight-year-old girl was extremely mature, her imposing manner and Qing Luan’s attitude towards her, showed that she was someone influential. Those quick-witted fellows, had roughly guessed the little girl’s identity, although they tried their best to remain calm, the look of surprise in their eyes, could not be suppressed.

Wait… … teacher!

They suddenly recalled, how the little girl addressed Tang Tian, and they could no longer remain calm.

Gu Xue looked at Tang Tian, transfixed, although she had many guesses on Tang Tian’s background, she had never guessed that, Tang Tian was actually Princess Ming Zhu’s teacher!

No wonder… … Ah Tian was so formidable… …

No matter where, no one would anyhow undertake a teacher. Regardless of whether it was the traditional heritage, or the academy, teachers were a form of extremely solemn address.

But almost instantly, Gu Xue had a few suspicions, for Ah Tian’s age seemed to be much too young. Suddenly, an image of Tang Tian guiding Princess Ming Zhu seriously surfaced in her mind, and she could not help but chuckle.

Wait, something was not right, Ah Tian mentioned that he was not from the Onyx Soul, Gu Xue was utterly confused. But soon she pushed the question to the back of her mind, she noticed another detail, Ah Tian seemed to be in need of money… …

She could not help but feel guilty, for these few days, she actually had not asked Ah Tian about it.

“Missy… …” Qing Luan’s eyes were misty, a face of being wronged.

The little girl softly cooed, “No matter what he is still my teacher, if you guys were to be on bad terms, I’ll be very troubled.”

Qing Luan pouted, almost tearing up, although she and the Princess were known as master and servant, but in reality they were as close as sisters.

Di Heng Zhan glanced at the overjoyed Tang Tian faraway, and said in a low voice, “He’s very dangerous.”

On seeing that Qing Luan still looked unsatisfied, Di Heng Zhan sighed, and hushed, “He has already activated his killing intent, be careful, don’t provoke him.”

Qing Luan’s eyes grew wide opened, and asked in disbelief, “Would he dare to kill me?”

Di Heng Zhan did not avoid Qing Luan’s gaze, he plainly replied, “Why wouldn’t he dare?”

Qing Luan was deterred, she was not exactly barbaric, just that because the Princess was unjustly treated, she was unable to take it lying down. Di Heng Zhan was different from her, he had experiences on front-line battles, and had significant accomplishments. In the establishment, Di Heng Zhan was well-respected by all.

The little girl said somewhat meaningfully, “I suddenly feel that he might actually be a rather good teacher after all.”

Gu Xue found Tang Tian, and asked straightforwardly, “Ah Tian, are you in need of money?”

Tang Tian was elated, “Haha, now no longer! Wah wah, 200 million Star Coins, just one fight and I earned 200 million Star Coins, how I wished I had fights everyday!”

Gu Xue did not bring up the monetary matter again, she knew clearly, even if she mentioned it, Ah Tian would not accept it. Although all along Ah Tian seemed silly and dumb, he actually understood everything clearly.

“That’s right, 200 million Star Coins, Ah Tian you’ve got a windfall!” Gu Xue covered her mouth and chuckled, Ah Tian would not accept Star Coins, but she could gift him with other stuff.

Gu Family regained their peace, and all Patriarchs rushed to gather. Princess Ming Zhu was extremely intelligent, she was used to big occasions, and was not in the least prudent. Gu Xue had activated her Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, and has a bright future before her, most importantly, she still had Tang Tian this formidable friend.

Princess Ming Zhu secretly boosted Gu Family, and the influential power of Gu Family, rose sharply. All the Patriarchs knew, from then on, Gu Family would definitely be one of the most influential powers in Humble Forest Planet.

With Tang Tian this link between Gu Family and Wu Hou government, their relationship was extraordinarily close.

These local tyrants may still have some arrogance before the Planet Master, but no one dared to act high and mighty before Princess Ming Zhu. The Planet Master was just an underling of the Wu Hou government, but Princess Ming Zhu was the apple of Wu Hou’s eye, before the Wu Hou government, their existence were akin to ants.

To forge good terms with the Gu Family, the Yu Family became the target of ostracisation. Elder Yu’s foolish acts, brought disaster to the Yu Family, all of Yu Family’s lands and assets, were continuously attacked, and rapidly shrunk. The experts raised by Yu Family all escaped, while the disciples of the Yu Family would always be the target of random attacks.

Probably even Gu Xue had not imagined that, three months later, the Yu Family which was once prominent, had now vanished completely without a trace.

These laughing and chummy Patriarchs were not in the least merciful.

However, the mysterious teacher of the Princess never once showed himself. The young expert that possessed the silver armor, those Patriarchs missed that battle.

But, no one would show any dissatisfaction.

Silver Armor, double blood meridians, just these two points alone, would suffice to rule Humble Forest Planet. Besides, Tang Tian was really young, his future would definitely be bright.

The fellow who was killed by Tang Tian, had his Golden Snake Blood Meridians sold for 100 million Star Coins. Through the connections of Gu Family, Tang Tian bought 200 level six Star Rocks with all his assets. Gu Xue heard that Tang Tian was in need of Star Rocks, and gifted him 100 level six Star Rocks without further ado.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Tian had 300 level six Star Rocks in his hands.

Tang Tian began his hellish training.

Above the Valley of Starvation, Tang Tian’s wails never stopped, every day was like hell. He did not waste any time, and devoted himself to training, even Bing who was extremely harsh on training, could not pick any bones out of it.

Tang Tian’s dantian and blood meridians’ suctioning power was growing, the efficiency of his suctioning energy climbed continuously. With the problem of Star Rocks resolved, Tang Tian’s progress was rapid.

Tang Tian, who was in a trance, his dantian and blood meridians were like whirlpools, with strong suctioning power, and the surrounding concentrated energy was absorbed into his body at an alarming speed.

And Tang Tian now, was continuously charging towards the barrier leading to Level Six.

The blood meridians inside his blood were flowing with pure and abundant True Power, they were like an army, at Tang Tian’s command, they would climb up the Heaven’s Stairs, flow against resistance, and charged continuously at the dantian barrier.

That would be a complete wall.

Tang Tian did not have Level Six Mental Cultivation Arts now, thus he used another method.

However, this layer of shapeless barrier, was extraordinarily tough, no matter how Tang Tian used his True Powers, it remained unmoved.

Not enough strength!

Tang Tian secretly thought of an idea, as he did not have level six mental cultivation arts, he could only use level five true power to break this layer of barrier. A level six mental cultivation spirit card, was extremely pricey. Tang Tian was now filthy poor, and naturally could not afford it. And he knew clearly the importance of mental cultivation arts, such as the Crane Body energy in Crane-style Qi Manual, the Heavenly Dragon energy in Four Heavenly Dragons, were his important attacking methods.

The combination of Qing Luan Blood Meridians and martial techniques, greatly inspired him as well.

If mental cultivation arts, blood meridians, martial techniques and Armors could be combined perfectly, then his prowess would soar greatly. Tang Tian hung on to the belief of all or nothing, however, breaking through level six, would similarly allow a leap in his prowess.

The improvements these days were extremely large, the true power in his body was at its peak power, and this gave Tang Tian great confidence.

He can definitely break through the barrier!

But what Tang Tian missed out was, his true power became stronger, but so did the barrier. No matter how he tried to break through, the barrier did not budge.

Not enough strength!

Tang Tian suddenly had an idea, he remembered his Crane body energy. He seemed to be always lacking in his true power, but the crane body energy could enhance his attack, and make it more impactful.

Tang Tian’s manipulation of the Crane body energy was almost innate. With a change in mindset, his True power was slowly shifted, and pushed forward layer by layer. All the true power in Tang Tian’s body was all piled before the barrier.

Abruptly, the seemingly loose True power, was suddenly activated, the layers of true power, the loose true power, was instantly shaped like a crane beak, and pecked ferociously at the barrier.


Tang Tian was startled, and the barrier that refused to budge previously, abruptly quaked.

This method worked!

Tang Tian, who was encouraged, without further ado, continued to use Crane body energy to embolden his true power.

Dang dang dang!

Each peck would cause violent quakes in the barrier.

The frequency of pecks got more concentrated, and the frequency of quakes of the barrier got more intense as well.

Suddenly, piang, as though the sound of glass shattering, the gushing true power suddenly went upstream.


Tang Tian did not manage to rejoice, for his whole body trembled suddenly, and his mind blacked out.

At almost the same time, Bing who had been paying close attention to Tang Tian all along, immediately crushed a full 20 level six Star Rocks. The thick energy in the entire room was almost substantial.

The thick energy gushed into Tang Tian’s body madly, and flowed upstream along the Heaven’s stairs!

A much larger, more spacious dantian pool, was like a dried up lake, waiting for the infusion of rain. Let’s say, if the level five dantian pool, was only a pond, then a level six dantian pool, was a small lake.

The true power rapidly entered the level six dantian pool, and nourished it.

The level six dantian pool was slowly filled up, the nourished dantian pool was rejuvenated, and started to show vitality. The blood meridians that were connected to the level six dantian pool started to be injected with True power, and the indescribable comfort made Tang Tian almost moan.

Tang Tian felt as though his body was like a withered tree being nourished by the rain, and was overjoyed.

Has he broken through?

Is this level six?

The world seemed to have changed a little, although the changes were not felt as strongly as when he accomplished the silver martial spirit, the new changes were still so distinct and captivating.


There was nothing much more touching than vitality.

Martial spirit let him have a deeper understanding of the world, while true power made him better able to control his body. True power flowed along the meridians, and channelled to every corner of the body, those previously dried up and unknown corners, were slowly activated one by one, and came to life.

He could feel that his power had a significant improvement, even his strength had a small rise.

Suddenly, Tang Tian was enlightened.

The cultivation of true power was a process of continuous developments and activations.

When every corner of the body was slowly aroused by the true power, activated, the flesh will continue to perfect itself!

Tang Tian opened his eyes, extremely moved.