Undefeated God of War - Chapter 177 – Danger

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Chapter 177 – Danger

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Since he had settled the burning issue at hand, Tang Tian was free of worries, and happily released the little girl and Di Heng Zhan. Ling Xu had no patience for that, and went out to practise by himself.

“Don’t worry, this godlike young lad makes good his word. But, you must grab the time to discuss, our itinerary is packed!”

Contrary to Di Heng Zhan ashened looks, the little girl resumed her calm quickly, the moment she heard Tang Tian’s “itinerary”, her eyes lit up, “Itinerary? Where are you going? Is it an adventure?”

“Southern Cross Constellation.” Tang Tian explained.

“Where’s that?” The little girl was clueless.

Tang Tian gestured, “Somewhere very very far away! Erm, you are still young, you will know when you grow up.”

The little girl cast Tang Tian a look of despise, and took out a thick book, “Southern Cross Constellation, let me see.”

Tang Tian curiously moved closer, the book was filled with all sorts of constellations, and all sorts of complex routes, which made Tang Tian dizzy, and was left speechless, “What’s this? Seems formidable!”

“It is formidable!” The little girl replied without raising her head, “This is the Star Map that my teacher drew, there’s all sorts of routes on it, including some unknown ancient routes.”

On hearing that, Tang Tian was instantly attracted, “Can you find Southern Cross Constellation?”

The little girl replied impatiently, “Don’t be noisy, can’t you see I’m searching!”

Tang Tian suddenly realized, on this book, the locations of the constellations, would move at an extremely slow speed. If not for his sharp eye power, and astute senses, it would have been hard to notice.

“Eh! They can move?” Tang Tian was like a curious baby, and was much astonished.

“That’s right, Teacher Yu Sen once mentioned, each Star in the Heaven’s Road, their locations, are slowly changing.” The little girl’s tone was haughty, “Teacher Yu Sen, is an extremely renowned astrologist!”

Tang Tian had a look of approval, “No wonder, to be able to be your teacher together with me, he does seem pretty powerful.”

The little girl stared with eyes wide opened, looked at Tang Tian in disbelief, and replied after a moment, “The only thing that you surpassed Teacher Yu Sen in, is your thick-skin!”

“Flattered, flattered!” Tang Tian was jubilant, and was not in the least ashamed of it, rather he was quite proud of it.

The little girl stroked her forehead, she felt that this experience, was the darkest period in her life. Alright, people will always have to face their dark period in life. The little girl sighed, and cast her glance on the Star Map once again.

“Found it!”

After a while, the little girl was spirited, but very astonished, “It’s really very far!”

“Let me see!” Tang Tian clamoured over impatiently.

“Let me calculate.” The little girl muttered, “Need to cross at least 20 constellations, it’s really far.”

Tang Tian stared at the complex route intently, and fervently tried to memorize it, while saying, “Is this thing accurate? Don’t be like that uncle who’s so not dependable!”

Bing, “… …”

The little girl snorted, “Of course it’s accurate! It’s a master level Star Map, you can’t get this in the market!”

“Wow, that’s formidable!” Tang Tian was amazed, and while the little girl was all smug, he snatched it over, and said all righteously, “Let the teacher study and research, once I’m done I’ll return to you.”

The little girl was stunned, it was the first time in her life, that someone actually snatched something away from her hands.

“Alright!” Tang Tian patted the dazed little girl’s head, and said kindly, “You can meet up with your bodyguard now, and then confirm the time of the adventure.”

After which, Tang Tian vanished completely.


The female bodyguard stared in disbelief at the Princess and Di Heng Zhan before her, and the Planet Master beside, had an odd expression too. They had come with such fanfare, but before they even started, the Princess had showed up before them.

Di Heng Zhan glanced at the Planet Master, and waved his hands, “You guys go out first!”

The Planet Master instantly came back to his senses, and hurriedly exclaimed, “Yes!”

Although Di Heng Zhan’s abilities were similar to his, he dared not disobey the other party’s orders. Back in Wu Hou government, although he was still in control like before, but Di Heng Zhan’s one word could make his life very miserable.

He carefully left the room and shut the door.

The female bodyguard now then reacted, her eyes became foggy, and instantly rushed over, “Princess, you’ve suffered… …”

On seeing Qing Luan’s true feelings, the little girl was touched, and softly said, “I’m alright, I didn’t suffer, but this time, I may have implicated you guys.”

“It’s good that you are alright, it’s good that you are alright.” Qing Luan spoke incoherently.

Di Heng Zhan revealed a bitter smile, “We have created big trouble this time!”

Qing Luan’s emotions havr settled by now, upon hearing Di Heng Zhan’s words, she was surprised, “What kind of big trouble?”

Di Heng Zhan had always been brave and fearless, it was the first time she heard him mention “big trouble” personally.

Di Heng Zhan described the incident of getting a teacher, and Qing Luan was instantly stupefied. After a while, she returned to her senses, and screamed furiously, “What right does he have to be the Princess’s teacher? So it was the doing of that fellow! I was still wondering why he looked so familiar when I saw him that day, so it’s him! It’s him! It’s him!”

Qing Luan continuously rambled “it’s him”, her fury uncontainable.

Swoosh, she stood up, her face furious, and gritted her teeth, “No way! We can’t let him off like this!”

After which she stomped out angrily.

The little girl and Di Heng Zhan looked at each other.


Tang Tian was looking at the Star Map, it was the first time that he saw such a complex and intricate Star Map, with all sorts of coloured lines marking out different routes, and every Star Door of each constellation, had their location marked in detail.

He found the location of the Humble Forest Planet.

It was located at a corner along the edge of Heaven’s Road, from the Star Map, he had to cross almost the entire Onyx Soul, enter the Cetus Constellation, and the journey will then begin.

A very very very long journey.

But, I will definitely be in time!

Tang Tian’s eyes gleamed with stern determination.

Wonder how Qian Hui is now, his mind was suddenly filled with longing, and this made him developed the urge to set off right now! Tang Tian took a deep breath, he knew that haste makes waste. A load of problems before him have yet to be solved, and he needed to cross the Star Door, to leave Humble Forest Planet.

From the Star Map, Wu Hou’s sphere of influence, included 40 planets.

Although there was no constellation included, the sphere of influence was astounding. This was also a place he must cross, if he did not settle the problems properly, he can forget about entering any of Wu Hou’s territory.

Suddenly a green figure barged in.

The moment the angered Qing Luan saw Tang Tian, she exploded, without further ado, the long sword in her hands was stabbed towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s instincts were astute, the instant when Qing Luan attacked, he had reacted, he pointed his feet, and grazed past Qing Luan’s sword safely.

Qing Luan’s eyes blurred, and lost sight of Tang Tian.

She was shocked, so fast!

When Tang Tian crossed paths with her that day, his abilities had already shocked her, but to think that within a few days, he had actually made such great progress!

But she was now full of anger, and was not in the least mindful of her own safety, she was like a spinning gyroscope, her sword waving around, and aimed straight for Tang Tian.

“Hey hey hey!” Tang Tian kept the Star Map in his hands, and said, “We are now allies!”

Qing Luan was even more irate, “Who’s allies with you?”

The sword brilliance thrived even more, rays of cold sword gleam, instantly slit open whatever they came into contact with. The stone tables and chairs in the yard, the plants and pots, were all slit.

Tang Tian dodged speedily.

He was like a slippery eel, alarming speed, as fast as lightning, Qing Luan’s sword could hardly touch the corner of Tang Tian’s clothes.

Qing Luan had not imagined that Tang Tian would have improved so much, far more than her imagination, recalling how she was disadvantaged at his hands, and still could do nothing to Tang Tian today, made her even more furious.

Suddenly, a Blue Bird Pattern surfaced at her forehead, her blood meridians were activated!

Green Luan Blood Meridians!

(TN: Luan is a mythical bird related to the phoenix)

Her eyes were shrouded with a thin layer of green, no one could tell her emotions, and her speed increased sharply. The sword gleam was also enveloped in a light green ray, and the speed increased sharply as well.

Tang Tian’s stress level spiked, the opponent’s speed, had raised to the same level as him. But the scariest part was the green ray atop the sword gleam, originally the sword gleam was already sharp, now it seemed as though it has wings attached, not only was it faster, it was even more agile.

Caught unprepared, Tang Tian was instantly embarrassed.

The green sword gleam seemed to have come alive, the flow became more difficult to detect, and was even more erratic.

Previously, when Tang Tian crossed paths with Qing Luan, Qing Luan had no time to activate her blood meridians, for Tang Tian was always close by and finished it off rapidly. But now, her sword technique complemented her blood meridians, and the might spiked instantly.

“Hey hey hey, if you don’t stop, I’m going to take action!”

Tang Tian cried out, he knew he was indefensible, for that sneak attack previously was a big boo-boo.

A pair of eyes in the corner, was fixed on this battle. It was the elder who fought with Tang Tian in the hall that day, he was now secretly pleased, to think that Tang Tian was so foolish, to actually fight with a Master. Although he did not know the background of Qing Luan, but needless to say, her background must be formidable. He saw Qing Luan’s furious figure just now, and a thought came to his mind, he secretly followed behind, but to think that he chanced upon this scene.

A god-blessed opportunity!

Take this chance, and get rid of Tang Tian once and for all!

Upon recalling how Tang Tian embarrassed him in the big hall today, he hated Tang Tian to the core.

Suddenly, numerous thick and thin golden long lines appeared on his body, these golden lines were intertwined, like numerous golden snakes intertwined together.

Golden Snake Blood Meridians!

His body instantly became boneless, and quietly slid down the wall, his eyes became like snake pupils, cold and scary.

His entire breath, had totally vanished, just like a stalking golden snake, waiting for the chance to deliver a fatal blow.

Tang Tian was getting closer to this side, and entered his attacking sphere.

The cold snake pupils, slowly narrowed.

When Tang Tian had barely managed to block the few agile sword gleam, and staggered backwards continuously, the elder who had been lying low for a long time started his attack!