Undefeated God of War - Chapter 176 – The Solution [Second Change]

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Chapter 176 – The Solution [Second Change]

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian was really scared out of his wits.

He instantly recognised the lady seated on the main seat – she was actually that female bodyguard who he battled with that day when they were ambushed! Suddenly, Tang Tian recalled, Di Heng Zhan had once mentioned that they belonged to the Wu Hou government.

Wu Hou government… … was it really an influential place?

Although Gu Xue was the owner, her status here was obviously not high enough to be in the main seat. Faced with the Planet Master’s overpowering manner, she had no intention of opposing it. However, she noticed the lady at the main seat, not only her, everyone there who was sensitive enough, would have noticed this lady.

The Planet Master’s respectful attitude towards the lady showed how much influence and power this lady had.

Not only the Planet Master and the lady aroused Gu Xue’s curiosity, but even Tang Tian. Strange, Ah Tian seemed a little too quiet today. When Ah Tian entered and provoked Elder Yu, he was very normal, but after that he became extremely abnormal.

Ah Tian actually stood dazedly behind her, without a word!

No gestures, no secret talks!

Too abnormal!

But now, everyone was present, and she dared not open her mouth to ask.

The Planet Master’s gaze swept past everyone, and calmly said, “The purpose of my visit this time, was to borrow the land of the Gu Family, to gather all Clan Patriarchs of the Humble Forest Planet, to discuss important matters. I did not send notifications beforehand, and I heard that my immature underlings even got into a conflict with Matriarch Gu. I beg for your forgiveness Matriarch Gu, sorry to have disturbed!”

Xu Chang Tian, Xia Yan and gang at the side sweated profusely.

Gu Xue came back to her senses, and hurriedly smiled in reply, “Just some small misunderstandings, Master need not bother. To be visited by Master, Gu Family feels graced and honoured! As for apologies, you are too kind! If Master has any requests, do feel free to send your instructions down.”

The Planet Master revealed a satisfied smile, “Matriarch Gu is indeed a reasonable person, I still have other matters to discuss with Matriarch Gu later on.”

Gu Xue humbly replied, “As long as it is within Gu Xue’s means, I will fulfill my duties.”

“That’s good that’s good.” The Planet Master nodded continuously.

The conversation made the crowd aghast. Was Gu Family and the Planet Master actually acquainted? What matters would the Planet Master have that would require the help of Gu Family?

Those martial artists who did not get involved in the feud between Elder Yu and Gu Family, all revealed a look of rejoice, while those standing in favour of Elder Yu had changed expressions. Even the elder who fought with Tang Tian just now, had a slight change in expression.

The Planet Master looked around, and breezily said, “There’s still some days till everyone reaches, we’ll discuss this matter next time then. However, after today, Black Mountain City prohibits fighting!”

Everyone went cold, and replied in unison, “Yes!”

The Planet Master stood up, and lightly said, “Then everyone shall bear with it for a few more days, go take a rest now.”

He turned over, and smiled at Gu Xue, “Please follow me Matriarch Gu.”

Gu Xue nervously followed behind the Planet Master, the lady at the main seat smiled warmly at Gu Xue, “Don’t worry Matriarch Gu, it’s not anything bad.”

Gu Xue then relaxed a little.

Tang Tian did not follow behind, but sprinted back to the small yard. He was on the alert throughout to ensure he was not being followed, when he walked into the yard, he saw Ling Xu practising his spear.

“Little Xu Xu, hurry over, there’s trouble.”

Tang Tian hushed.

Ling Xu’s eyes suddenly lit up, and stopped, followed behind Tang Tian silently, and the duo entered the room.

Tang Tian took out the two adult and child hostages, and removed the scarves in their mouths.

“Who exactly are you guys?” Tang Tian asked in a low voice.

“Wu Hou government’s bodyguard Di Heng Zhan, she is Princess Ming Zhu.” Di Heng Zhan replied honestly, he was experienced, upon seeing Tang Tian’s face, he knew that there were changes, “You met the people from Wu Hou government?”

“That female bodyguard who fought with me that day.” Tang Tian told Ling Xu, “That lady seemed to be very influential, even the Planet Master obeys her every word.”

“So formidable?” Ling Xu was stunned.

“What do we do now?” Tang Tian threw his hands up, Bing floated out as well.

The trio stared at each other.

“Let us off, and the past feuds will be brushed aside.” Di Heng Zhan declared in a low voice, “I promise!”

The trio rolled their eyes in unison.

“Do you believe?” Tang Tian asked Ling Xu.

Ling Xu stared furiously at Tang Tian with his eyes flared wide opened, “Are you insulting my intelligence?”

“Look, even he doesn’t believe!” Tang Tian innocently gestured to Di Heng Zhan, and turned around to ask Bing, “Uncle, what good ideas do you have?”

“Silence them!” Bing stroked his chin, “Although it’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s very effective. After killing them, just bury them somewhere, who would be able to find them?”

The little girl’s face turned white, even Di Heng Zhan’s face seemed pale, he lowered his voice, “I can swear!”

“Do you believe in oaths or silencing them?” Bing asked Tang Tian.

Tang Tian cocked his head and considered, “It depends, if Qian Hui swears, I would definitely believe.”

“A pity they are not.” Bing chuckled, “If you can’t do it, I’ll do it. As the chief instructor of the Army, I will definitely not bring them much pain, there will never be a situation where a chop won’t kill them.”

Tang Tian was torn, a look of hesitation surfaced on his face, if these two were evil-doers, he would have done it long ago. But these two were just an unexpected finding.

“No! We can’t do this!” Tang Tian shook his head, “This was a misunderstanding, and it was even caused by us, how can we let them bear the brunt of our mistake?”

“That’s right!” Ling Xu shook his head as well, “I won’t let my spear be stained with innocent fresh blood.”

Seeing that the two were determined, Bing’s poker-faced twitched, and said indifferently, “Then you two settle it yourselves.”

Tang Tian looked at the little girl, the little girl has recovered from her initial fright, her eyes turning brightly. Tang Tian smacked his head, what a fool he was, to leave such a smart fellow there without using her.

Tang Tian spoke to the little girl, “You are the smartest, you think of the plan!”

The little girl instantly revealed a look of smugness, “Now you now I’m smart. Well, I do have a plan, but, it comes with conditions.”

“What conditions?” Tang Tian was wary.

The little girl smiled slyly, “I snuck onto Humble Forest Planet this time, to have an adventure. But, I was caught by them, and they wanted to send me back… …”

Di Heng Zhan was anxious, “Missy, don’t be rash… …”

Ling Xu simply stuffed Di Heng Zhan’s mouth.

The little girl licked her lips, “My request is very simple, you guys go on an adventure with me. And then, since I’m lacking a teacher right now, although your standard is a little poor, but still barely acceptable, I could announce to the world that you are my teacher. This way, there will naturally be no one who dares to make trouble for you.”

Tang Tian was exultant, “You are indeed smart.”

“Of course, this idea is awesome, right!” The little girl was proud.

“Let’s follow this plan then.” Tang Tian continued naturally, “Come on, let’s sign the martial spirit contract!”

“Martial spirit contract… …” The little girl’s face was stunned.

“Woo woo woo!” Di Heng Zhan struggled vehemently, bang, a fist crashed onto his head, and he instantly fainted.

Looking at others’ gaze, Ling Xu expressionlessly said, “Too noisy.”

Tang Tian replied with an “oh”, and his gaze shifted to the little girl, a little surprised, “Don’t you know the martial spirit contract?” He turned over to Bing and said, “Uncle, fill her in about the martial spirit contract.”

Bing overjoyed, “Lad, who said you were stupid? This idea is brilliant! Haha! Why didn’t I think of it, a martial spirit contract! After signing the martial spirit contract, then she can never go back on her words!”

The little girl’s face revealed a look of panic, “Martial spirit contract… … I don’t know… …”

Bing laughed out loud, and patted his chest, “No worries, I’ll teach you!”

Tang Tian has no idea what Bing was laughing at, Ling Xu could not understand either, the two looked at each other blankly.

Tang Tian asked Ling Xu, “You teach or I teach?”

Ling Xu shook his head firmly without hesitation, “I have no interest in being a kid’s teacher.”

“Alright, then I shall be.” Tang Tian was indifferent.


Moment later, when Di Heng Zhan slowly regain consciousness, he heard Bing rambling endlessly.

“The contract is established, erm, he will accompany you to explore Bu Zhou Hill, throughout the entire journey he will be in charge of your safety. Erm, from today onwards, he will be your teacher. From today onwards, you have to be respectful to him as a disciple, a day as your teacher, forever your father!”

The little girl’s face dropped, a face of displeasure.

Di Heng Zhan’s eyes blacked out, and nearly fainted again.

Ever since being held hostage, he has been very calm. On one hand, he could tell that Tang Tian and gang were kind-hearted, and were not too evil. On the other hand, he believed in the might of the Wu Hou government, and that they would be able to save them soon.

When he heard the Princess’s plan of getting a teacher, Di Heng Zhan still secretly praised the princess for being clever.

Just that it never crossed his mind that the other party actually knew about martial spirit contracts!

Once both parties signed the martial spirit contract, it meant that things can never be changed, even if Wu Hou personally came out, it still cannot be changed!

He could imagine what awaits him when he returned, it would be the wrath of Wu Hou!

He was despondent, and his whole body shivered! How did things turned out this way… …

The Princess’s teacher, how demanding and picky Wu Hou was towards the Princess’s teacher, Di Heng Zhan, who was always in the Establishment, was extremely clear. He could even distinctly remember the miserable state of the teachers who failed to get Wu Hou’s approval!

Other than spoiling the Princess, Wu Hou was extremely strict with the other people.

Now every teacher of the Princess had been carefully selected, from thousands of teachers, only the top experts and masters were chosen!

If it was only a temporary expedience, Wu Hou would not mind. Who knows, these matters may even be covered up, and these bodyguards will only be punished, but their lives would not be at risk.

But, a martial spirit contract… …

Master Hou would never be able to accept such a fellow of atrocious standards, he actually dared sign the martial spirit contract with the Princess, and became her teacher!

In Di Heng Zhan’s mind surfaced Master Hou’s furious face and roars, the fearsome wrath was sufficient to destroy everything! But with the martial spirit contract, Master Hou could never touch Tang Tian, thus that fury would only be vented on these poor helpless bodyguards.

How did things turn out like this… …

Di Heng Zhan looked dazed, his future seemed bleak.