Undefeated God of War - Chapter 175 – Soldiers who won without a fight [First Change]

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Chapter 175 – Soldiers who won without a fight [First Change]

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

Ling Xu got up from the medicine barrel, and walked to the mirror. That masculine face in the mirror, had a trace of perplexion, his gaze fell on the dazzling silver hair atop his head.

The spreading rate of silver was very fast.

Some conversations with the master when he was young, surfaced in his mind.

“Xu, if one day, when you start to excel in your Pointed Sea Spear, there may be changes to your body.”

“Master, will I become stronger?”

“No, you will silverise.”

“Silverise? My body will change into silver?”

“En, the Pointed Sea Spear could allow the practitioners to become stronger, such silverization will start from your hair, then it will seep into your flesh and blood, and then into your bones. To be completely silverised, it’s very scary!”

“Wah, then it must be extremely formidable! Awesome! I want to silverise too!”

“No, Xu, you must not silverise! Your bone structure has already been fixed, when the silverization seep into your bones, your suffering will double, no one can tolerate such suffering.”

Ling Xu could now recall the worried look on Master back then.

Suddenly, he chuckled at himself in the mirror, the silver hair made his originally masculine and handsome face even more handsome. The perplexed look in his eyes was all gone, the orangey-red eyes were like a ball of quiet flame.

“Maybe suffering is Little Xu’s fate, but Master, Little Xu will never give up.”

Ling Xu whispered softly.

A silver murderous back view surfaced in his mind. He has never met this person, but this figure was so clear in his heart.

Since your aim is the Southern Cross Constellation, then I will definitely find you!

I must finish you off with my own hands!

You, this traitor!

Ling Xu’s fists were clenched tight, his expression savage.


Tang Tian was still fearful after that tough battle, but very soon, he pushed the matter to the back of his mind. Ah Xue was a good friend, to think of matters that will make Ah Xue embarrassed was not right.

Tang Tian’s inner nature was originally pure, although he was indeed extremely embarrassed back then.

Although Ah Xue still felt embarrassed when she saw Tang Tian, she started to regain her composure as well. Gu Xue, who activated her Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, instantly caused a stir in the Gu Family, the whole of the clan was full of joy. And those martial artists who stayed in the Gu Family, all came forward to congratulate them.

The Gu Family today, no one dared to lay a finger on them anymore.

Every martial artist of the Gu Family who activated the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, were experts who were famed far and wide. As for those martial artists who did not oppose when Old Yu was bullying Gu Family, all came forward to make peace. Xu Chang Tian’s attitude was nearly fawning.

All the mysteries were soon unraveled.

The news of the Planet Master personally visiting Gu Family travelled far and wide at a shocking speed.


Tang Tian was immersed in training, the Star Rocks in his hands, were being depleted at a shocking rate. Just like a thrifty person, when they start to spend lavishly, they tend to feel the pinch more. But after he was used to spending money, the pinch was not as much, and what made Tang Tian surprised, was that his True Power actually progressed amazingly.

Bing said that he still required 100 level six Star Rocks, this number was quite accurate.

Star Coins!

A pity that he was not able to enter the martial spirit chamber, or else, if he could find Sai Lei in the Spirit Region, sell a few of her mechanical weapons, he would be able to earn this amount.

After much contemplation, Tang Tian could not think of any good idea, he simply just pushed the problem to the back of his mind, and practised hard.

Suddenly, Mu Lei rushed over anxiously, with an odd expression surfaced on his face.

“Uncle Mu, what happened?” Tang Tian was surprised.

Mu Lei’s face had an expression of I-don’t-know-how-to-describe, his voice was filled with nervousness, “The Star Master is here, Young Miss is acting as host now. Young Master Ah Tian, she invites you over.”

“Star Master?” Tang Tian was stunned, “What’s he here for?”

“I don’t know.” Mu Lei had a face full of worry. The sudden visit of the Star Master, made the whole of Gu Family extremely nervous.

Tang Tian saw Mu Lei’s nervous expression, and hurriedly consoled, “I’ll go take a look, don’t worry Uncle Mu, I’m here!”

Tang Tian was full of confidence.

The hall of Gu Family, had been renovated, as good as new, the gigantic hall now, was filled with people, but was unusually quiet. Tang Tian was secretly awed, this Star Master has such influence! But very soon, Tang Tian was a little doubting, these people were very unfamiliar, he has never seen them before.

Gu Xue was the first to notice Tang Tian, and her eyes lit up, “Ah Tian!”

Everyone’s gaze, was instantly cast towards Tang Tian.

Among these gazes were those of astonishment, admiration, jealousy, suspicion, survey, sizing up, and some of the gazes were substantial and full of oppression.

Tang Tian who was initially laid-back now became serious, his eyes gleamed, and he strode with big steps.

Everyone there instantly developed an illusion, the slowly walking Tang Tian, was like a ball of light, too dazzling to look at. Everyone was awed.

And those few filled with suppressive powers heightened the battle will.

Tang Tian was not in the least fearful, and peered towards those few gazes.

Among the few people, standing beside the Star Master, was Xu Chang Tian, Tang Tian understood, that was the four deacons under the Star Master. However, another gaze with deep hostility caught Tang Tian’s attention.

Tang Tian turned around, and realized that it was an elder with a simple and slim face, his eyes were long and narrow, staring at Tang Tian with a face of unfriendliness. Tang Tian looked at him for a while, not acquainted, and then he turned around.

The moment Tang Tian shifted his glance, his gaze suddenly froze.

Beside that elder, he actually saw Elder Yu, he instantly understood.

Tang Tian broke into a smile, and suddenly stride with big steps, towards Old Yu, exclaiming, “Hey, Elder Yu, you are still here? Seemed like I didn’t hurt you enough previously, didn’t give you a memorable lesson eh!”

While Tang Tian walked, he clenched and cracked his fists loudly, his face full of arrogance, just like a young hooligan stirring trouble in the streets.

The unusually quiet hall, was filled with pin-drop silence, everyone’s mouths were agape, and stared at Tang Tian blankly.

Was this fellow crazy?

Did he not know that the Star Master was there?

A few deacons beside the Star Master looked enraged, and Xu Chang Tian had a bitter smile, this fellow was indeed unrestrainable. Just as the few deacons were about to speak, the Star Master suddenly raised his hands. The deacons were stunned, but instantly halted their steps.

Elder Yu’s face was flushed red. He did not think that Tang Tian would actually humiliate him so wilfully with no misgivings, in front of the Star Master and everyone else.

“Such impudence!”

A cold chilly voice rang out, but it was from the elder beside Elder Yu, he squinted his eyes, and softly said, “Where did such an uncultured animal came from? Elder Yu kindly looked after the pitiful Gu Family, but was returned with evil for his good. Elder Yu was well-respected, and did not haggle with you. Gu Family has gone awry, the house rules back then had all been disregarded, seems like I have to teach you all youngsters a good lesson on behalf of my good friends from the Gu Family back then. Just because you think you have some standards, you no longer know your place!”

The last phrase “no longer know your place” made the temperature of the entire hall drop.

Gu Xue’s expression became cold, while the other members of Gu Family had looks of fury.

However, Tang Tian was not in the least angry, and broke into a smile, “Don’t you just mean you want a fight? Why all that redundant speech? No hurry, one by one, you hold on, Elder Yu, what’s wrong? Are you scared? Coward? Are you a man? If you are a man then come on out for a battle!”

Elder Yu’s previous injuries had not fully recovered, and now, due to Tang Tian’s taunts, his face was changing colours.

“Oh, I understand, you are an old man, or whatever you have left… …”

Tang Tian’s cutting remark made everyone deeply feel the malice behind it, they must never get on the bad side of this fellow in the future.

“Work harder!” Bing shouted exhilaratingly in Tang Tian’s heart, a string of malicious words came out like machine gun, “Admit that you are old, why do you still come out to make a fool of yourself in the old age, tsk tsk, you see, this is so embarrassing right, how can you still survive in the future, don’t worry, your foolish antics today will be very memorable to everyone, after word spreads, the descendants of Yu Clan, will surely etch this day in their minds… …”

Tang Tian concentrated on repeating, and was barely able to match Bing’s speed of rambling.


Old Yu suddenly threw up a mouth of fresh blood, and fell straight down rigidly, his face was yellow, and his breathing light.

Tang Tian was astounded, it was the first time he knew that scolding someone could be done at such an amazing rate.

“Soldiers who win without a fight, this is the highest level of the art of war. I finally understood!” Behind the cross door, Bing stood hugging his arms, and faced the sky, his face desolate and crooned deeply, “Leave when matters are concluded, leave only power and name.”

“Courting death!” That elder was fully incensed, he jumped up and attacked like an eagle!

Tang Tian who came back to his senses, expression went cold, he had long seen this fellow as an eyesore, since the opponent attacked first, it was to his content!

He instantly lowered himself into horse-stance, his legs unmoving, and threw a punch towards the opponent’s attack!


Both parties clashed head-on.

The bluestone under Tang Tian’s feet was crushed, his feet sank into the ground, but his body was unyielding. While the elder felt that he had crashed into an impregnable wall, the large rebounding power came, he flew backwards and tumbled continuously in the air, before coming to a stop at the beam in the highest place of the hall.

Tang Tian spit out a bitter taste in his mouth, and said coldly, “Such arrogance, fancy wanting to teach a lesson here and there, I was wondering how formidable you are? Just this kind of standard, scram from the Gu Family!”

Bing praised Tang Tian in his heart, “Well-scolded! Lad, you are now starting to have resemble my demeanour eh!”

The elder was so angry that he laughed instead, with malice, “Since you are courting death, don’t blame me!”

He was about to attack, when a low voice rang in everyone’s ears.


The Star Master, who had kept his silence the whole time, finally spoke. The elder froze, he descended from the beam, and said menacingly to Tang Tian, “On account of our Star Master, I’ll let you off!”

Tang Tian made a face at the elder, and kept sticking out his tongue, causing laughters to ensue.

The elder’s face turned green.

As the Star Master was about to speak, a light laugh came from the girl beside, and he instantly zipped up, and chuckled along as well, “This lad sure is innocent and pure.”

Tang Tian heard the girl’s laughter, and was surprised, thus he gazed towards the seats.

When he saw the girl seated on the main seat, his body froze, scared out of his wits.