Undefeated God of War - Chapter 172 – The world is changing too rapidly [First Change]

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Chapter 172 – The world is changing too rapidly [First Change]

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations, Leo and De Andre

When Tang Tian slowly came to, he opened his eyes bewilderedly.

A soft blanket covered his body, a faint, delicate fragrance came from the blanket, the bed was also extremely soft. It was so comfortable that Tang Tian did not want to get up.

Where was this… …

Suddenly, Ah Xue’s voice came vaguely from outside the house, wait! Tang Tian sat up immediately. He remembered that he was in the midst of a battle, why was he suddenly here?

“Hey, Uncle!” Tang Tian could not help but ask, “What happened?”

Bing floated out lazily, his poker-face seemed as though he was still half-asleep, his two curved bushy brows drooped, “Oh, the power that you absorbed from the blood meridians had some problems.”

“Had some problems?” Tang Tian’s eyes flew wide open and rounded, “What problems, what problems?”

“Should be reflux.” Bing yawned, “You are alright now.”

Upon hearing that he was alright now, Tang Tian replied with an “oh”, and sized Bing up with some curiosity, “Hey, Uncle, why are you so tired?”

“Old age, can’t be compared to you kids.” Bing yawned continuously, tears welling up in his eyes, and vaguely said, “I’m going to sleep… …”

After he finished his sentence, he vanished.

Deng deng deng!

With a series of intensive, scattered footsteps, piak, a small figure rushed like a gush of wind to the bedside, bounced up, and jumped onto Tang Tian. YaYa waved its little hands noisily, its tiny face all puffed up, extremely agitated.

“This is really nerve-wracking. YaYa, when will you ever learn to speak ah.” Tang Tian casually stroked YaYa’s tiny head and muttered, while he removed his blanket and walked down from the bed.

When he walked out of the door, he was stunned by the sight before him.

Xia Yan, those four people, under the lead of a stranger, were lined in a line, every one of them were continuously grovelling and bowing before Gu Xue, their faces with smiles of apple-polishing.

This… …

Tang Tian was bewildered, after just a nap, the entire world had changed totally beyond recognition?

Gu Xue heard the stir behind her and, upon seeing Tang Tian when she turned around, her face instantly glowed as she warmly shouted, “Ah Tian!”

She instantly cast Xu Chang Tian and gang aside, lifted her dress and ran to Tang Tian.

“Ah Xue, this… …” Tang Tian pointed at Xu Chang Tian and gang dazedly, with a look of bewilderment.

“Deacon Xu is here to apologize.” Gu Xue smiled sweetly, and raised her head to speak. Gu Xue’s skin was snow white, with a pretty face, this smile made even Tang Tian enchanted unknowingly.

However, apologize… …

Tang Tian’s expression became even more odd, and looked at Xu Chang Tian and the others suspiciously. What were these fellows plotting?

Xu Chang Tian hurriedly revealed an innocent smile.

“Ah Xue, you must be careful, there are many rogues out in society!” Tang Tian cautioned Gu Xue earnestly, “Don’t fall for their deceptive tricks, I’m here, whoever dares to bully you, I’ll beat them all!”

After which Tang Tian glared at Xu Chang Tian and gang with an act of menace.

Xu Chang Tian that group of five lined up in a row, and revealed innocent smiles in a very orderly manner.

Tang Tian felt even more weird and awkward.

Gu Xue covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

Xu Chang Tian beat around the bush, “We shall not hold up you two. Don’t worry Patriarch Gu, with us around, no one will ever dare to bully the Gu Family!”

Xu Chang Tian patted his chest with a face of righteousness.

This fellow’s brain must have been fried silly… … you guys were the ones who wanted to deal with Gu Family… ..

Tang Tian looked even more suspiciously at the group.

Tang Tian’s gaze made the smiles of Xu Chang Tian and the rest freeze, and they hurriedly bid their farewells and left.

“Ah Tian how are you feeling? Any discomfort anywhere?”

Ah Xue’s voice was full of concern and a tinge of anxiety, Tang Tian’s heart warmed up, then purposely laughed loudly and thumped his chest loudly, “Aiyaya, this god like young man here is made of steel, this small issue was just a tiny accident! I’m now strong enough to kill Little Xu Xu!”

Gu Xue then heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’ll kill you first!” Ling Xu’s face was sullen, and squeezed out this sentence seethingly, his eyes ablaze.

Oh no, I got caught!

Tang Tian’s smile froze on his face, but his eyes suddenly lit up, and stared with his eyes wide opened while pointing at Ling Xu’s hair, “Little Xu Xu, what happened to your hair?”

“Such underhanded methods, don’t try to fool me!” Ling Xu was not moved, and struck a pose, with his spear tip pointed at Tang Tian, and gritted his teeth, “Come on, let’s duel it out once and for all!”

“Eh, Ah Xu, your hair really changed eh.” Gu Xue exclaimed.

“Ah Xue, don’t help this bastard!” Ling Xu had a face of “I-will-not-be-fooled” expression.

“It’s real! Ah Xu, your hair has changed to silver!” Gu Xue said earnestly.

Unknowingly, Tang Tian had rushed to Ling Xu’s side, and pulled Ling Xu’s hair with a face of curiosity, “How strange, this is not dyed. I’ve heard there’s some special species of pigs, when they grow, the hair colour will change. I didn’t think that Little Xu Xu was also a weird species!”

“Pig… … species… …” Ling Xu’s face was black as thunder, the corner of his eyes twitched, suddenly, he sucked in a cold breath, and his eyes rounded wide.

Tang Tian unconsciously placed the hair that he just pulled out in front of Ling Xu, “There, look, the bottom has become silver!”

Ling Xu, who was on the verge of flying off the handle, saw the few strands of half blue half silver hair in Tang Tian’s hands and was instantly dazed on the spot, as though he was struck by lightning.

His gaze, stared dazedly at the few strands of hair in Tang Tian’s hands.

The hairs were half ocean blue, half silver.

Ling Xu was rooted to the ground, his expression kept changing.

Moments later, he snorted, “Silver is better.”

After which, ignoring Tang Tian and Gu Xue, he turned and walked out, leaving his last sentence hanging.

“Don’t bother me these few days, I’m going to go do some closed door cultivation with my spear.”

Tang Tian spoke softly to Gu Xue with a dark expression, “Seems like this matter is a rather large blow to Little Xu Xu.”

Gu Xue seemed lost in thoughts.

Tang Tian felt that everything that happened today was too odd, “Right, Ah Xue, what’s wrong with the fellows from the Deacon Group?”

Gu Xue regained her senses, she revealed a look of incomprehension, and shook her head, “I have no idea too, but they mentioned there will be a very important person coming in the next few days, and asked us to be prepared.”

Tang Tian laughed coldly, “Who’s he to order us about? Must we prepare just because he ordered so? Are we out of our minds? They have hurt Uncle Mu, this matter won’t be resolved so easily.”

Gu Xue looked at the indignant Tang Tian, and was secretly pleased, she laughed, “Uncle Mu has recovered, it was the Spirit Medicine that Deacon Xu provided that treated him. He has already apologized to Uncle Mu, and gave him a bronze Treasure as compensation. Uncle Mu has already forgiven them.”

Tang Tian was surprised, he pursed his lips, “Luckily they had the sense, if not, I’ll definitely not let them off!”

Gu Xue smiled faintly, and suddenly recalled a matter, “Ah Tian, I need your help with something.”

Upon hearing that, Tang Tian patted his chest without hesitation, “Feel free to speak!”

“I wish to use the Five Eyed Golem to see if it helps the blood meridians. But I have little knowledge on the Five Eyed Golem, I don’t know if any issues will arise then, so I hope to trouble Ah Tian to help to keep an eye on things at the side.”

Gu Xue’s expression was determined, the encounters these days made her deeply understand, without any abilities, she would not be able to save even herself. Initially, she had planned to use the Five Eyed Golem after Tang Tian left. This battle made her decide to use the Five Eyed Golem in advance, for if she could activate her Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, she would not be a total burden to Ah Tian.

“No problem!” Tang Tian agreed without thinking, he felt that this was a very natural thing to do. With him keeping an eye, she would not get into trouble easily, he cocked his head and asked, “Starting now?”

Gu Xue shook her head, “I need to do some preparations, although I have no idea what to be wary of when using the Five Eyed Golem, but some simple preparations should be necessary. However, with Ah Tian around, I can rest assured.”

She gazed at Tang Tian’s face. When she saw the angular face, her heart immediately settled down.

She retracted her gaze subtly without a trace, and smiled faintly at Tang Tian, “Then I’ll go prepare. Once I’m ready, I’ll come for you.”

“Alright!” Tang Tian nodded his head readily.

Gu Xue quickly went to get busy.

YaYa jumped onto Tang Tian’s shoulders, and waved its tiny hands at Gu Xue.

Tang Tian looked at the empty yard, suddenly he tilted his head, he felt that he had forgotten something. After thinking for a long time, Tang Tian suddenly smacked his head, he finally recalled what he had forgotten.

There were still two people kept hidden in the cupboard!

Those two fellows would not have starved to death right… …

Tang Tian was a little guilty, and hurriedly ran towards the old yard. There was no trace of Ling Xu in the yard, this fellow must have gone elsewhere to train his spear techniques.

Tang Tian, with a guilty conscience, carefully opened the door, the decor was exactly the same as before, no one had came by. Tang Tian crept over to the cupboard, opened the door, and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the little girl’s furious expression.

Luckily, they did not die of hunger!

The overjoyed Tang Tian, immediately pulled the two out.

The moment he pulled out the scarf in the little girl’s mouth, the little girl began to lash at him, “Are you trying to starve us to death? To think that I even gave you ideas and planned a scheme! You are a baddie! Woo woo woo… …”

The little girl started to cry as she spoke.

Tang Tian felt even more guilty, and helpless, he wanted to ask the little girl to hush and stop crying, but he did not know how to, “That… …”

The little girl’s quiet weeping turned into loud cries, and tears and snot flew everywhere.

“That… … that… …”

Tang Tian felt that he better shut up. Sure enough, after crying for more than ten minutes, the little girl stopped crying, but continued to sniff, her face a total mess.

“I’m hungry.”

The little girl said pitifully.

“Oh oh oh.” Tang Tian immediately reacted, and hurriedly pulled out a piece of biscuit, and fed it to the little girl.

After a bite, the little girl frowned, and said vaguely, “The taste is really awful!” Subsequently she gobbled up the biscuit in Tang Tian’s hand at lightning speed. The fast speed made Tang Tian stunned, how starved she must have been… …

He asked a little guiltily, “Do you still want some more?”

“I want water!” The little girl said angrily.

Tang Tian fed her a few mouthfuls of water.

The little girl, who regained her vigour, asked Tang Tian with her eyes alit, “The ideas and schemes I taught you, have you used it? How did it go?”