Undefeated God of War - Chapter 167 – Fused Blood

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Chapter 167 – Fused Blood

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

The beastlike howls and roars, continued resoundingly.

Wu Ze Xing stared in disbelief at the sword in his hands, that sword, was a killer of his original creation, named [Shadowless Breeze], which he rarely used. Because not many opponents, were worth using this sword. But this sword, had never missed its target before.

Yet today, he actually missed the target.

He still could not understand, how Tang Tian managed to dodge this killer stab of his. Why did the opponent change his position and bend, at that moment? Coincidence? Or did he anticipate that stab?

Anticipated his [Shadowless Breeze]… …

When this thought popped out, Wu Ze Xing shuddered involuntarily. An inexplicable fear clutched at this heart, an even more ridiculous and scary thought followed, did he already see through his swordplay?

Wu Ze Xing had very strong confidence, in his own swordplay. These five years, he had never slackened for a day, and practised conscientiously, his swordplay slowly changed from intimidating to stealthy attacks.

The Breeze Sword had great accomplishments.

These five years, he had masked himself and challenged experts from different arenas, molding his swordplay, and had never been defeated. This [Shadowless Breeze] was his hidden card, he only executed it out of anger, out of rage just now, he did not expect, that his most confident strike, would actually miss.

He almost could not believe his eyes.

Tang Tian’s roars, in his ears, seemed like fleeting wind.


Ling Xu looked at Tang Tian who had flown off the handle, a face of shock.

Then looking at Ji Tian on the pillar, he almost dared not to believe his eyes.

How can it be?

Although he had not known Tang Tian for long, but these few days, he had seen what Tang Tian’s standard was like, and he knew it clearly. The force of this punch, had far exceeded Tang Tian’s usual force!

Tang Tian’s might was comparable to a bull, but it was definitely impossible, to have such astonishing strength.

Given Ji Tian’s abilities, to be knocked unconscious by a punch, meant that the might of this punch, was really terrifying.

Did something cause a change, in this fellow?

Or he had unknown powers amassed and hidden in his body?

Ling Xu regained his calm, but his eyes, flashed an odd look.


Hoo hoo hoo!

The heavy breathing, slowly pulled Tang Tian back to his senses, the colour in his vision, slowly faded.

Ji Tian who was embedded in the pillar, slowly regained his consciousness.

Tang Tian’s pupils suddenly dilated.

This was… …

His expression was dazed, and stared at Ji Tian in disbelief, he lowered his head suddenly, and looked at his fists.

When that punch was executed, Tang Tian only felt hearty, with an inexplicable satisfaction. A cool feeling, rose from deep within his body, his entire body felt unusually spry, as though his body had become lighter.

His body really did became lighter.

Tang Tian was dazed, and a puzzled look appeared on his face, he suddenly jumped up, and his entire being shot into the air like a rocket, and flew straight to the ceiling of the hall.

When Tang Tian descended back to the ground lightly, his expression was extremely odd. He tried to execute a punch, the instant he punched out, his pupils suddenly dilated, and a feeling that was different from usual, travelled from his arm to every inch of his body. He could distinctly feel, a mighty power.

How could this be… …

A wide smile appeared on Tang Tian’s face, he was ecstatic, but soon, it was followed by deep bewilderment.

His speed and power, had increased exponentially, just that, why was it so… …

Wait, speed and power!

Tang Tian’s eyes flew wide open, as though his brain was struck by lightning, he suddenly recalled the Dwarf Blood and Angel Blood that he swallowed, could it be… …

In the dead silent hall, under everyone’s scrutiny, he closed his eyes, spread opened his arms, and thoroughly felt the changes in his body.

Wu Ze Xing snapped out of his daze, when his vision regain clarity, the pose of Tang Tian in the middle of the hall with his arms opened wide as though there was no one else, made blood rushed to his face!

Recalling the missed shot just now, was like a thorn stuck deep in his heart, and now Tang Tian’s provocative act, instantly angered him.

Since when, was he so disregarded by others?


Without hesitation, he charged towards Tang Tian, at this time, his eyes blurred, a lad in white shirt held a spear, and blocked in front of him.

“I’m sorry, but your opponent is me!”

The blunt end of Ling Xu’s spear tip, aimed straight at Wu Ze Xing, his face revealed a look of contempt, “I didn’t expect, the famous Breeze Sword, is actually a bully, a villainous creep who seize beauties! In the end you’re a human with a dog personality.”

His comments made Wu Ze Xing’s face flush, he did not expect anyone, to make such blunt remarks right to his face.

“However, justice will prevail evil, my silver spear is the sunlight!” Ling Xu growled, his expression steadfast, the concentration between his eyebrows, seemed to cause an unusual glow on his face. The spear-wielding figure, seemed to be enveloped in a cloud of white sacred flame.

It was such a ridiculous statement, but having come from Ling Xu’s mouth, no one dared to laugh.

Gu Xue looked at Ling Xu, a little astonished.

Ling Xu’s imposing manner was stronger than before, what shocked her most, was the firm expression of Ling Xu, his orangey-red eyes, had an extremely steadfast look.

That sentence he spoke of, were his true feelings.

Wu Ze Xing was furious, his eyes bloodshot, for he had been embarrassed again and again by the juniors today, if he did not personally finish off these two bastards today, then in future, the title of Breeze Sword, will become the biggest joke in the entire Humble Forest Planet.

“You’re courting death!”

Wu Ze Xing executed his swordplay in fury, a blinding flash of green, suddenly flew out from the empty space 1.7m before Ling Xu, as fast as lightning. Everyone present, was unable to catch the trail of this stab.

A silver ray bloomed.


The trepidating crisp sound of metal, was clearly heard in the entire hall.

Elder Yu’s eyes which were half-closed throughout, flew open suddenly, in his murky eyes, flashed an almost undetectable ray.

Wu Ze Xing was stunned, this stab, was actually blocked down by someone else again!

Everyone was in an uproar.