Undefeated God of War - Chapter 164 – Chapter 164 Genius Little Girl [First Change]

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Chapter 164 – Chapter 164 Genius Little Girl [First Change]

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: TranslationNations and De Andre

When Tang Tian and party appeared at the backdoor of the Gu Family, they found that there was no sounds of fighting, and Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief. The party found their way to the backyard that they have lived in with familiarity and ease.

There was no one!

Tang Tian heaved a huge sigh of relief, carried Di Heng Zhan and slipped into the room stealthily like a thief, with Ling Xu behind.

“Has Ah Tian not yet returned?”

Gu Xue’s voice suddenly rang out from outside the yard, Tang Tian and Ling Xu jumped in shock, they looked at each other, and Tang Tian lowered his voice, “Hurry up and hide these two things.”

Things… …

Di Heng Zhan was still fine, and took it easy, the little rattan girl’s eyes instantly glared wide open, ablaze.

The footsteps were approaching, Tang Tian’s gaze swept to the cupboard in the corner of the room, and was instantly aroused, he hurriedly opened it, it was a perfect fit!

“Here here.” Tang Tian hurriedly motioned to Ling Xu.

Di Heng Zhan and the little rattan Girl were placed upright inside, Tang Tian warned, “You better not fiddle about, if you dare to move, hehe!” Tang Tian noticed the little girl’s eyes turning, apparently not paying heed to his words.

This senseless captive… …

Tang Tian dug out an extremely sharp dagger from the Aquarius Martial Cabinet, the dagger still had the fragrance of barbecued meat, as Tang Tian usually used it to cut the barbecued meat.

The dagger for barbecued meat is considered a knife as well, the cold blade was close to the little girl’s neck, that biting coldness, instantly made the little girl freeze.

No matter how mischievous the little girl was, she was completely terrorized now.

“If you dare to fiddle, I’ll scratch your face!” Tang Tian glared, purposely lowering his voice to threaten.

Till the little girl revealed a look of terror, Tang Tian then retracted the dagger with satisfaction. The footsteps outside the house was getting close, Tang Tian quickly closed the cupboard, and threw in the orangutan mask on his face in passing, as well as Ling Xu’s panda mask.

Ghostly Claw and Bing returned back into the Cross Door.

Creak, the door opened.

Gu Xue saw Tang Tian and Ling Xu, heaved a sigh of relief, but instantly frowned, her face icy, “Where did you two go to fool around?”

The moment she finished her sentence, she realized that it was a wrong choice of words, and instantly blushed.

“Aha, Little Xu and I both decided to have a proper battle, but the space here is too small, we were afraid of damaging the house. We went a bit far, and lost our way in the end.” Tang Tian beat around the bush.

Ling Xu was at the side, looking on, without a word.

“Lost?” Gu Xue was stunned, and asked surprisedly, “How far did you go, till you even got lost?”

Tang Tian scratched his head, pretending to be confused, “We are not sure either, if we knew how would we get lost?”

Tang Tian then immediately changed the topic, “Have people from the Xu Shi Group come by?”

“They came!” Gu Xue rolled her eyes at Tang Tian, “They were already here two days ago, luckily I didn’t count on you guys, you guys are so unreliable at the crucial moment.”

“But luckily you guys weren’t in, those fellows were too rude and unreasonable. Elder Yu and the others came in time, so there wasn’t much of a conflict.” Gu Xue’s voice became overcast, “But Uncle Mu was injured.”

“Ah!” Tang Tian was shocked, his face involuntarily flashed a look of anger, “Are his injuries serious? Who did it?”

“He will need to rest for quite a while.” Gu Xue already regretted telling Tang Tian about this matter, she knew that Tang Tian would definitely not let this incident go, she was worried that Tang Tian would be injured. She hurriedly said, “It’s nothing serious. Ah Tian you better not go out these few days, I’ve told them that you guys were in confined training. The matter this time is not so simple, this is a fight between the Xu Shi Group and Local tyrants, although the Xu Shi Group is no weakling, but each Clan has their own strong abilities as well, the conflicts between both parties had been long-lasting, but has always maintained a truce, this time they finally erupted. What’s important for us now is to sit back and observe what happens next.”

Tang Tian’s face darkened.

Gu Xue noted trouble, and was even more worried, “Ah Tian you must not get involved, there have been experts from each clan coming forward these days, the situation here is really subtle and complex, Ah Tian, you better not create any trouble!”

“Missy!” The butler’s shouts suddenly came from outside the yard.

Gu Xue was shocked, her face slowly calmed down, raised her voice and replied, “What’s the matter?”

“Elder Yu invited you over for a discussion,” the butler hurriedly replied.

“Got it.” Gu Xue replied.

She turned over, lowered her voice, and stared at Tang Tian, “Ah Tian, you must not act recklessly, although you are formidable, but you can’t take on all the large numbers of them!”

Tang Tian could feel the deep concern in Gu Xue’s words, and was touched, his expression calmed down, and replied, “Hmm, I know.”

Gu Xue was slightly calmed, and said, “I’ll go over to take a look first.”

After nagging at Tang Tian, she then turned to leave.

The moment Gu Xue left, Tang Tian’s fury instantly erupted, “This group of bastards! I’ll definitely not let them off!”

“That’s right!” Ling Xu was similarly indignant, “In the name of justice!”

Tang Tian suddenly calmed down, and glanced at Ling Xu, “Are your injuries serious?”

“Not serious, meditation for two hours would suffice for recovery.” Ling Xu was eager, “Are we going to fight? Wrong! Are we going to uphold justice?”

“That’s right! We’re going to uphold justice!” Tang Tian echoed, his face surfaced a look of ferociousness, “So what if they have more people? Do we have to tolerate in silence just because we’re outnumbered? There has to be a way, Bing, come out quickly!”

Bing appeared.

“What good ideas do you have?” Tang Tian looked at Bing expectantly, “You’re now our military adviser!”

Bing threw his hands in the air with a look of helplessness, “I’m just an instructor, such conspiracy and deception, I’m totally not good at it.”

Tang Tian was instantly disappointed, and muttered to himself, “Even you have no ideas? How great it would be if Qian Hui was here, she would definitely have a plan!”

Ling Xu sneered, “In my opinion, we should just fight when the time comes. Someone said this before, justice is upheld with fists!”

“Justice is upheld with fists… …” Tang Tian chewed on this sentence.

“Brilliant!” Bing commended, and looked at Ling Xu with slight astonishment.

Suddenly, sounds of banging came from the cupboard.

Tang Tian frowned, stormed over angrily to open the cupboard, and the little girl began to cry.

“What’s with all the noise? Are you tired of living!” Tang Tian shouted murderously, viscously.

The little girl continued sobbing, Tang Tian was baffled, removed the scarf in her mouth, and snorted, “You better not pull any tricks!”

The little girl gasped a few breaths of air, widened her eyes, and innocently said, “I’m great at conspiracies and deceptions, I can help you!”

Tang Tian sized up the little girl, and laughed out loud, “How old are you? Have you learnt arithmetic below 100? Conspiracies and deceptions eh?”

The little girl rolled her eyes at Tang Tian with a look of contempt, “Arithmetic below 100? Are you judging me by your own standards? Very sorry, I have to disappoint you. My mathematics, was taught by Master Ah Ge Da I minor in astronomy, my language was taught by Master Li Se, fluent in three languages, proficient in six, my art was taught by Master Ning Yuan, my dance was taught by Master Gong Sun, other than that, my interests involved mechanics, research in spirit nucleus… …”

All three of them, Tang Tian, Ling Xu, and Bing, were stunned by what they heard.

“Arithmetic below 100, do you know?” Tang Tian turned around to ask Ling Xu.

Ling Xu had a face of bewilderment, “What’s that? Spear techniques?”

Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, and patted Ling Xu’s shoulders, with a lament of “you-are-not-alone”.

The little girl said with much relaxation, “Honestly, the plight you guys are in now is very dangerous.”

“Chey!” Tang Tian scoffed, “Don’t try to bluff us.”

“Justice will prevail evil!” Ling Xu was full of righteousness.

Bing quietly shifted to the side, to show his distance from the two.

“Although I didn’t hear much just now, but I could still roughly gauge the plight of the Gu Family now. The Xu Shi Group is obviously coming to the Gu Family with certain motives, but I believe, you have obviously not yet figure out their real intents. And that Elder Yu, was obviously trying to establish his prestige. Now that both parties are stuck in a confrontation, the fuse to this entire matter was the Gu Family. There are two types of danger in here. First, that Elder Yu or whoever he is tried to stand up for the Gu Family, with ill intentions. If I am Elder Yu, other than establishing my prestige, I will grab the chance to swallow up the Gu Family. Gu Family is weak and besieged on all sides, it’s a golden goose, why not grab this chance to swallow them up? Besides, don’t forget, you are the fuse, the seedling, if he wants to control the situation, he will have to have firm control of the Gu Family first, in case of unexpected emergencies.”

The sneer that surfaced on the little girl’s face, made Tang Tian’s heart go cold, but he was still stubborn, “That still has to depend on whether we agree to it or not!”

“You?” The little girl continued to sneer, “It’s not that I despise you guys, Elder Yu has strong backing, this is called power. Do you know what unstoppable means? Once the power holds influence, you guys can never stop him. He just needs to find a few random people, and kill you. What can the Gu Family do? You guys are formidable, but the other party has large numbers of people. Once attacked by the mystery man, umm, they can totally cook up an excuse and push it to the Xu Shi Group, this kind of matter, will obviously be done by the Xu Shi Group! And thus creating a new conflict.”

Tang Tian’s limbs went cold, although he was not bright, he could discern, the little girl was right, he acted calm, “Then what is the second danger?”

The little girl knew that her words have stumped Tang Tian, and heaved a sigh of relief, and calmly carried on, “The second type of danger, you did not figure out the intents of the Xu Shi Group, if the intents of both parties are not on the same page, there will be no cause of conflicts, thus both parties will definitely come to a consensus, and by then, the Gu Family will definitely become the sacrificial lamb.”

Tang Tian was tongue-tied, and stuttered, “What’s there in Gu family that is worth the envy of the Xu Shi Group?”

The little girl scoffed, “Who knows, maybe it’s that beauty just now, just from the voice alone, I know she must be a beauty!”

Tang Tian’s face darkened, and stared fiercely at the little girl, “If you don’t want to suffer, you better stop making these jokes!”

The little girl had chills running down her spine, the Tang Tian before her, was like a dangerous wild beast.

This fellow is sure a perfect match for the orangutan mask… …

She knew to behave and changed the topic, “Don’t you want to know how to deal with them?”

Tang Tian’s attention was indeed shifted, “How can I deal with them?”

The little girl revealed looks of smugness, “It’s actually very simple, let the Gu Family come out to the sun from Elder Yu’s shelter, into everyone’s vision, so that everything is clear for all to see. Whoever wants to reach out their claws, will have to have some misgivings. Elder Yu can’t withdraw now either.”

Tang Tian was instantly enlightened, and excitedly smacked his head, “What a simple method, why didn’t I think of it!”

The little girl had an arrogant look, “Such easy matters… … woo woo… …”

The scarf was stuffed into her mouth once more, her eyes rounded wide, and glared furiously at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian revealed an innocent smile, patted her little head, and said hypocritically, “Genius Little Girl, I’ll try out your method first, if it proves effective I’ll be back to thank you!”

“Woo woo… … woo woo… …”

The little girl’s angry cries were muffled by the cupboard.