Undefeated God of War - Chapter 163 – Chain reaction

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Chapter 163 – Chain reaction

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Translationnations and De Andre

Space, that’s right, it was space!

Tang Tian who grabbed onto the big guy’s fist, without hesitation he vibrated. A strong vibration Qi energy, entered and spread into the big guy’s body, his entire body became numb, and the defensive circle quickly crumbled.

Tang Tian took the chance to enter into the big guy’s embrace.

The big guy panicked, he elbowed out, trying to push Tang Tian out. But he underestimated Tang Tian’s attainments in close quarters combat. Tang Tian leaned to one side, stepping aside from the elbow, and took advantage of the big guy’s elbow acupuncture point.

With regards to a close quarters expert martial artist, once he obtained a critical point, the following succeeding loop technique, would be to lock the opponent, and everything happened in that short period of time.

Ka ka!

Succeeding Loop Technique was strong, the technique always aimed for the weak spots where True Power is difficult to revolve to. In history, experts overlooked enemies going closer to them, and then being taken out by succeeding loop techniques. It was very common.

When Tang Tian was successful in hitting the acupuncture point, the big guy knew he lost.

“I surrender.”

Suddenly surrendering caused Tang Tian to be stunned. No matter how imposing, tall and sturdy the opponent was, or a firm and tenacious person,Tang Tian thought that the opponent would rather die than submit.

But, he actually surrendered.

Not only Tang Tian, Ling Xu was in a daze.

“That’s right, I surrender!” the opponent was straightforward.

Tang Tian suddenly felt that his head was hot, he was caught unprepared for the situation. After a while, he regained his senses, and to prevent the opponent from running or resisting, he locked the acupuncture points of him, after that he tied him up like a bundle of rattan, only leaving the head on the outside.

“No way, someone from the Xu Shi Group, actually doesn’t have a backbone.” Ling Xu ran out, as he suspiciously sized the big guy up.

On his panda mask, there was still the distinct footprint.

Tang Tian coughed lightly, started putting on an act and asked: “Since you’re a captive, you have to behave like a captive. Ok, captive, Report your name!”

“Di Heng Zhan!”

“Di Heng Zhan?” Tang Tian expressed a puzzled face, turned and asked Ling Xu: “What are those names from the Xu Shi Group?”

“Yan Xia, Wu Nan, Gong Yi Xiu, Suo Guang, there is no such Di Heng Zheng.” Ling Xu’s stared unkindly at Di Heng Zhan, he actually just got cheated by this person.

If not for Tang Tian…wait, Tang Tian this asshole actually hit me, and actually stole my opponent…

Ling Xu suddenly stared at Tang Tian angrily.

Tang Tian ignored him, and asked Di Heng Zhan curiously: “You’re quite powerful, why is your name not with the Xu Shi Group?”

“I am not from the Xu Shi Group.” Di Heng Zhan heard, roughly guessed what was happening, and his heart calmed down.

“You’re not from Xu Shi Group?” Tang Tian was even more doubtful: “Then why are you in the carriage of the Xu Shi Group? Don’t tell me you were also caught by them? Eh, that’s not right, you’re clearly free!’

Tang Tian pulled Di Heng Zhan over, his face becoming dark: “Hey, you dare to lie to me!”

Di Heng Zhan helplessly said: “You don’t even recognize the symbol of the Xu Shi Group? Our carriage hangs the symbol of the Wu Hou government.”

“Wu Hou?” Tang Tian was stunned, he turned and asked Ling Xu: “Little Xu Xu, have you heard of Wu Hou before?”

“No idea.” Ling Xu was still angry, and snorted: “Who knows what corner did all these cats and dogs come from! Seems like you have no experience in this martial area, let me tell you this, in this martial area, if you hear of those scary names, they must be cats and dogs.”

Upon hearing that, the little rattan girl in Bing’s hands opened her black eyes wide.

Di Heng Zhan laughed: “You have enmity with the Xu Shi Group?”

Tang Tian did not conceal anything, and calmly said: ”ea, they want to come find trouble with us, so we planned to take action first.”

Di Heng Zhan became aware of the situation, and asked: “Since everything has been clarified, can you let us go?”

“No way!” Ling Xu suddenly shouted out to stop them: “What if they are lying to us?”

Bing also said: “We can’t let them go. We do not have the energy to tangle with them, better to keep them tied up.”

Di Heng Zhang immediately said: “Everyone please relax, this is a misunderstanding, we will not look into it.”

Upon hearing that, Tang Tian laughed as he pointed at Di Heng Zhang: “I used to say that too, but every time I will still chase after it. What’s more is I must do it, even to death!”

Seeing Tang Tian’s pleased look, Di Heng Zhang was stumped for words.

Ling Xu and Bing leaned to one side, as if they did not recognize his expression.

“So, you just stay put first, wait until we settle whatever thing Xu Shi Group has with us, we will naturally let you go.” Tang Tian patted Di Heng Zhan’s shoulders, he comforted him with his heartfelt words.

“But…” Di Heng Zhan anxiously cried out, but just as he opened his mouth, a chunk of rags was stuffed into his mouth.

Tang Tian was apologetic: “We could not find any more cloth, so we have to use this as a substitute.”

Finished, he carried Di Heng Zhan, placing him beside the small rattan girl. One big one small, the two rattan pile people, were like two statue placed together.

“We recognized the wrong carriage.” Tang Tian said, once he said it out everyone felt awkward.

“This is still pending, we cannot totally believe everything that he said.” Bing’s face was cautious, but in his heart he knew it too, 90 percent they got the wrong carriage. Also, as the mastermind behind the plan, it caused him to lose all his face.

It is absolutely humiliating…luckily the rest of the group is not here, if not our whole life is gone…”

“We made a mistake, we made a mistake.” Ling Xu snorted like a gangster.

“Let us hurry back, Ah Xue alone cannot defend against the Xu Shi Group.” Tang Tian said without hesitation: “Move, back to Gu Family!”

Finished, Tang Tian directly fastened Di Heng Zhang tightly to himself.

When Di Heng Zhan heard the Gu Family, a thoughtful look flashed across his eyes.

Bing carried the little rattan girl, their group rushing back to the Gu Family.


“We were actually attacked! Princess Ming Zhu was abducted!” The female guard who crossed swords with Tang Tian, her face full of dirt, beside her was another person, his face was very pale and was trembling in fear.

The female guard had used too much Qi and lost too much blood, running around for one day one night, her entire face was dirty with soil, however at this moment there was actually cold air covering her face.

“Wu Hou pampers Princess Pearl so much, you are also an elder in the Wu Hou government, I believe you are very clear. If a strand of hair is plucked from Princess Ming Zhu’s body, without hesitation, Wu Hou will bury the entire Humble Forest Planet!”

The female guard’s tone was ice cold.

The guy was perspiring like rain, his face was white, entire body swaying. He was very clear, Wu Hou’s temper was very bad. To bury the entire Humble Forest Planet, Wu Hou was definitely capable of doing it, while he himself, would definitely die too.

The female guard said: “Summon all the people that you can mobilize, and dig the entire Humble Forest Planet three meters deep, you have to find Princess Ming Zhu! If you can’t, it’ll be the end of you as the planet master!”

Planet master, this man who was gasping with air in front of the female guard, was actually Humble Forest Planet’s Biggest ruler, the Planet Master!

“Your subordinate understands!” The Planet master was forced into this, he knew that even when he found the princess he would still receive a punishment, but living is more important, if he could not find her, his own family, would not survive.

“This group of people are definitely not robbers, they are too strong! The female guard was somewhat relaxed when she said that, and continued: “And the opponent ambushed us from the Crane Beak Valley, it means they know of our route of travel! The opponent has a map!”

“The closest to Crane Beak Valley, would be Black Mountain City.” The planet master thought: “Unless it has something to do with Black Mountain City?”

“Something happened at the Black Mountain City?” The female guard was surprised.

“One Xu Shi Group and Humble Forest Planet’s natives are fighting.” the Planet Master was not confident, there were many things that were happening everyday, and those that gave him benefits, he would close on eye to it.

“One Xu Shi Group and Humble Forest Planet’s natives?” The female guard laughed, and said: “Give them a thousand times their courage, they also will not dare to appear at a carriage with the Wu Hou’s symbol on it, and even more, dare to abduct our Princess Ming Zhu!”

Hearing this reprimand, the Planet Master’s face became red with embarrassment, he was speaking to himself previously, but what she said was true.

That group of ground beetles definitely would not dare to.

“It definitely must be some other powers that infiltrated in.” The female guard sank into thought, and said: “Close the Starry Door, before finding the princess, no one is to leave the planet.”

“Yes!” The planet master quickly said, and added: “Do we need to check on those who are coming from outside?”

The female guard shook her head: “Do not scare the culprit, if the enemy does something to the princess, we cannot redeem this guilt. Also, the opponent has made so much preparation, it is extremely possible that they have other plans laid in store for us.”

The planet master nodded his head, as expected of someone who stays by the princess side, her thoughts were very clear.

“We cannot use force.” The female guard quickly thought about it, threw away her previous plan: “Do not gather everyone, only the experts should be called in, your personal attendants, those who are dependable on.”

“Yes!” Star master immediately answered.

“This matter’s crucial point, is not you all, but those local families.” The female guard said:” They are the real tyrants, and the locals spread of information is something you cannot compare to. If you wish to investigate on the traces, you need to use their strength.”

The planet master thought for a while: “The biggest family in Black Mountain CIty is the Gu Family.”

His face suddenly changed: “Not good! Xu Shi Group plans to defeat the Gu Family!’

The female guard’s face immediately darkened.

The Planet Master immediately called behind, and a politician came out: “Quickly, use your fastest speed, inform Xu Zhang Tian! No matter what, they cannot take action on the Gu Family! Tell them to stop where they are, and wait for me! You are to move now!”

Hearing that, the politician was shocked, and immediately replied: “Yes!”

When the politician flew out, the female guard continued: “The opponent is very strong, we must be careful. And the opponent has already struck, so they won’t stay in the same area. You are to pull in the other families, get them to be our eyes and ears, if they were to find any suspicious characters, we will instantly apprehend and investigate.”

“Those old people, I’m only afraid they won’t listen.” The Planet Master felt it was a difficult task.

The female guard coldly said: “Using the Wu Hou Government’s name, invite all the patriarchs and experts from Black Mountain City, who dares not to come?”

The Planet Master was stunned: “Definitely no one!”

“Time is of the essence! Make haste!” The female guard had a cold glint in her eyes.

Planet Master instantly replied: “I will go now!”