Undefeated God of War - Chapter 160 – Success

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Chapter 160 – Success

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin and De Andre

The carriage was getting nearer and nearer, on it hung a striking symbol, but Tang Tian and the rest did not recognize it. According to the norm, it was relatively higher class and luxurious, and with the way it was coming from, it was almost fitting to their targets.

WIthout hesitation, when the carriage appeared, the first one to initiate was Ling Xu.

Facing the low flying carriage, Ling Xu’s fighting intent reached its peak, his orange colored eyes changing into a flaming blaze, his blue hair fluttering with the wind.

Furiously stamping down, his entire person soared up into the sky, in the middle he twisted his fingers, and the spear suddenly flew out. This was his own skill, and all these skills had only one purpose, to avoid his weak and vulnerable body.

The spear was like an arrow shooting out from a bow, his body was as light as a leaf, following the momentum of the spear as it flew out.

His body followed the spear as it flew as graceful as the wind.

In their field of sight, the carriage was getting bigger and bigger, the fighting intent burning to the point of surging like lava, his graceful body in the air, suddenly burst out like lightning.


When his voice resonated, the whole sky was suddenly filled with stars falling like rain, enveloping the entire carriage.

The spear point hissing out like a tide, the sound and power was extremely terrifying!

“Such audacity!” An angry voice suddenly sounded out from the carriage, a grand figure, suddenly appeared before the carriage, the whole sky was suddenly filled with a cold aura, but his expression had not changed a bit.

Forming fists with his hands, an astonishing blazing fast speed, he continuously moved his fists in a whirling manner, in the blink of an eye, it was the size of a jar.

The big statured man bellowed, and punched out!

The jar sized red fist aura flew out, suddenly swelling mid air, bringing forth a terrifying scream rushing towards Ling Xu.

Ling Xu knew it was powerful, as expected they were strong…


A thin layer of aura swelled in Ling Xu’s eyes, the opponent was strong, yet it was slowly stimulating his fighting intent, his whole body was heating up, with the only exception of his cold steel like fingers.

He had not forgot his mission.

A cold sneer slowly came out from his mouth, the five fingers wrapped around the tail of the spear twisted, the steel spear suddenly flung one circle, and the cold aura in the surroundings disappeared.

The tip of the spear was lit up with the cold aura, even brighter than the brightest star in the darkest night.

A spear rain piercing across the big fist aura!

The big statured man pupils contracted, surprise flitting across his eyes. He could not have expected that the opponent’s spear arts were so mystical, but his own fist arts did not lose out either.


The Spear tip suddenly disappeared. Even though it disappeared, Ling Xu’s figure was still there.

Not good!

The big statured man’s face changed.

Ling Xu actually drilled towards an empty spot beside the carriage, bringing along the cold sharp aura of the spear, rushing towards the ancient like horseman.

Ling Xu was extremely graceful in his previous move in the air, but at this moment he was like a raging fire being blown stronger by wind after wind, his eyes was burning, every part of his body was burning up, the dark cold steel spear which was similarly blazing up, released a surprising amount of heat energy.

Advancing courageously!

The big statured man did not know why, his mind suddenly came up with that phrase.


It was like a meteor hitting dead center, the spear hitting right at the carriage.

The carriage broke into pieces instantly, such a powerful Qi, after all, the carriage had a strong and thick body, but it was still broken through. Angry chidings and wails came out from inside the carriage, it was a mess, as the carriage lost control and flew randomly in the air.

“Thief! You’re dead!”

The big statured man shouted in anger, he somersaulted and pounced towards Ling Xu.

Ling Xu did not even bother looking at his result, according to the plan, he did not hesitate, as he twisted the spear body, as it faced towards the valley, his body lightly stuck onto the spear.

In the blink of an eye, he flew out over thirty meters!

The big statured man did not think that Ling Xu would suddenly escape so fiercely, when he finally reacted, he was thoroughly enraged, that stupid panda, you will definitely fall today!

The big statured man hissed, his body spread open, like an eagle spreading its wings, he pounced towards Ling Xu.

Both of them were far apart.

The carriage was casually falling down.

One after another panicked figures flew out from the dropping carriage.


Tang Tian and the other three moved out at the same time.

In the midst of the group of people, some of them rushed over, with the intention to block them.

Tang Tian was considered experienced as of then, when he saw the man blocking in front of him had a panicked look in his eyes, he knew that the opponent was not strong.

Tang Tian who was in the air, gauged the distance, and rushed forward.

The opponent’s eyes suddenly exposed happiness, such a good chance! Without thinking, he took the initiative to take action, the steel knife in his hand with a few cold aura, cutting straight at Tang Tian. In case that the distance was estimated wrongly, there will always be a moment of rigidness which was an extremely good chance!

The blade ray was perfect, like a snake spitting out venom.

Just at that time, Tang Tian’s body suddenly moved, by a hair’s breadth, he dodged the blade!

He took the chance that he was behind the steel knife, his Crane Body Energy released!


Like being struck by lightning, the opponent faced towards the sky and spurted out blood, Tang Tian’s hand print was on the opponent’s body, seizing the opportunity to float, he dashed across the person’s defence.

Tang Tian’s luck was good, as Bing and Ghost Claw were engaged in a bitter battle.

Tang Tian quickly placed his attention to the interior, he realized a valuable target. In the hands of a female guard, was there holding onto a previously bundled up strongly, mouth gagged little girl.

In a flash, Tang Tian noticed that, the target must be important. Although he did not know who the little girl was, but the enemy of my enemy is a friend, he still understood that.

Seeing the anxious look on the female guard protecting the little girl, she was obviously an important hostage. If he could seize her, then there was no need to worry that the group would or would not chase them.

Once he thought of it, Tang Tian took action. He appeared in front of the female guard.

The female guard had a tall build, with golden yellow hair, tied in a ponytail, in her hand was a biting cold sword, seemingly having a hint of power to her.

She first noticed the orangutan masked Tang Tian at the start, so when he appeared in front of her, she was not surprised. The long sword in her hand shivered, and three flower petal blades blossomed, cutting straight at Tang Tian.

The pink sword flowers, were extremely cute, but at this moment, it was actually filled full of killing intent.

It was obvious that the female guard’s sword arts were very rigid, it was somewhat controlled, and somewhat like a textbook way of attack, against Tang Tian, it was simply not enough.

After going through the devastating Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, whenever Tang Tian fought, he would definitely not be kind, and would use whatever methods and whatever ways to fight.

Tang Tian’s hands vibrated.

Siberian Crane Vortex!

The sharp siberian vortices, were like high speed rotating blades, seemingly like aggravated siberian cranes, flooding her field of sight.

Panic appeared in the female guard’s eyes, but she quickly calmed down, the sword tip of hers quickly poking continuously.

Tang Tian was astonished, the female guard’s sword arts were considerably strong, she followed some sort of academic practise strictly, but she obviously did not know how to battle. Tang Tian noticed another thing, the female guard was actually protecting the girl more than her own self!

Tang Tian was extremely scary in battle!

Bing’s words, were definitely not for fun. Tang Tian in battle, would always display extraordinary fighting intelligence. His intuition became so sharp, it was very scary, every single nitty detail, would always be used by him.

Tang Tian immediately realized, the little girl was extremely important to Yan Xia!

In a flash, he had decided, to snatch the little girl over.

With a thought, Tang Tian’s figure disappeared, he had hidden himself behind the Siberian Vortices!

The female guard suddenly felt that the force transferred to her sword tip was off, but it was too late, the energy exploded out, causing her sword to sway, causing a mistake, and Tang Tian swooped in like lightning.

The female guard panicked, she suddenly released her sword, and elbowed Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was caught in surprise, the elbow attack, was definitely not an accident. This lady learnt close quarter combat! But Tang Tian’s body was faster than she could imagine, and in a moment, his hand had blocked the opponent’s elbow, and at the same time, his right fist quickly punched towards her soft chest.

Although there was armor for protection, but Tang Tian’s strength was too strong, and her body was frozen in pain.

Tang Tian took the opportunity to snatch the little girl, causing panic to be shown on the female guard’s face, but Tang Tian did not give her any chance, and without hesitation he flew down.

As he stepped onto the ground, he immediately shouted: “RUN!”


Bing and Ghost Claw immediately retreated, one left one right, separating to escape.

Tang Tian carried the little girl, running frantically in the jungle, the shouts and footsteps behind him not stopping at all. Tang Tian forced all his strength to come out, the undulating and complicated terrain of the jungle, aided him a lot, his eighteen multiplier folds of intuition, allowed him to know of obstructions earlier, and where was danger.

He was like a real orangutan, skillfully running through the jungle. He carried the tightly bundled up little girl, whose eyes were opened wide with obsidian like eyes, curiously looking at the fellow wearing the orangutan mask.

But the chasing soldiers behind him, did not show any signs of giving up, as they chased after him frantically.

The plan was a success!

Tang Tian’s mind was happy beyond limits, as long as they followed into the depths of the jungle, if they wanted to leave, they would have to spend a lot of time, if not they will not be able to get out at all.

Very quickly, Tang Tian realized they had no way to chase up to him.

For the sake of not throwing them off, Tang Tian at times would purposely stop and take a rest.

After running around for one full day,nightfall came, and the jungle became extremely terrifying. The soldiers chasing behind actually still did not have any signs of giving up, but their speed was much slower than before, causing Tang Tian to have to stop for even longer periods of time.

Darkness to Tang Tian, was not a hindrance, he did not even use his eyes to dodge obstructions and dangers. But for other people, the darkness will cause the already complicated forest to become even more dangerous and annoying, they did not dare to raise their speed.

Running until the next day morning, he could almost move to the location from the plan. According to the current situation, he did not require Ghost Claw to aid him to remove the soldiers.

Tang Tian was extremely happy, success was right in front of him!

Suddenly, the little girl behind his back started twisting with all her might.