Undefeated God of War - Chapter 155 – Siberian Crane Vortex

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Chapter 155 – Siberian Crane Vortex

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin and De Andre

The statue’s eyes were glowing an eerie red, just like red ruby. The stone face that looked alive was much more gloomy now. Tang Tian felt as though he was being marked by a snake.

Bing and the other two statues emerged from behind. The statues’ powers were much stronger than what Tang Tian had predicted, and their techniques were all weird. It was obvious they had the upper hand.

They were at a disadvantage but Tang Tian had his own ways.

“Ghost Claw!”

Ten sixth level spirit nuclei were exchanged to call Ghost Claw out for a battle. The sixth level Ghost Claw was also powerful. The Ghost Claw appeared beside Tang Tian. His shrivelled body brought some comfort for Tang Tian.

One of the statues’ eyes flickered with red radiance and in the next moment, vanished into thin air. At the same time, Ghost Claw’s eyes suddenly opened and scanned around the surroundings before he disappeared too.


A glistening meteorite appeared in the sky.

The delicate fingers collided with the shrivelled, metal structure. Neither party moved.

In Ghost Claw’s eyes, the passion to battle was burning. He brushed his five fingers against the wind and produced rays of eye-catching sparks as they pounced onto the statue.

The statue’s eyes were red, and like it was smiling to an old friend, the statue pinched the air in front of it.

Both parties speed suddenly reached a climax.

Tang Tian sighed a breath of relief. Amongst the five statues, the floral statue gave him the most dangerous feeling. Ghost Claw had lured it. Tang Tian’s pressure was immediately reduced by half.

Kakaka, the Heavenly Crane Gloves were taking shape, like a crane retracting its neck, waiting to set off.

Tang Tian had nothing to fear. Even though these stone people were reeking of an eerie, demonic qi, Tang Tian was brave. He was not affected by such strong qi.

The qi rippled, but Tang Tian did not wait for the stone people to make a move. Instead, he lowered himself and attacked.

His target was the crying faced statue

The crying statue looked like it was about to cry. It looked depressed, hopeless and dark. In its red eyes, there was a sea of blood red hell. There were countless blood rays jumping around.

Tang Tian knew these expressions were evil and could not take it anymore.

The dull whispers of the Great Monument Palm slapped towards the crying faced statue.

Earlier on, the Tan Tui Blade could not inflict any injuries on the statue, so Tang Tian decided to use his energy on the Great Monument Palm

As if the crying faced statue knew it was powerful, it retreated back quickly without hesitating.

The palm landed on the ground, but Tang Tian was not frustrated. The Great Monument Palm could cause a threat to the statue. This made Tang Tian’s eyes light up. At the back, a whistle broke the silence. The angry faced statue attacked him sneakily.

The angry faced statue closed its hands into a fist, but its fist looked odd. The thumb was like a tongue clasped in between the index finger and middle finger. The red light in its eyes grew brighter. With a punch, the fist was surrounded by ripples of red radiance and it turned into a red coloured fist seal ray. As if it were a cannon ball, it crashed towards Tang Tian’s back.

Tang Tian had countless experiences with group attacks. When he was attacked from behind, he did not panic. He knew clearly that if he wanted to win, he had to think of a way to eliminate the opponent’s advantage. He had to think of a way to get out of the situation before he could have any chance of winning.

Quickly, he kicked his leg out and at the same time, used his left palm for the Great Monument Palm to strike behind.


Tang Tian only felt a burning sensation explod from his left palm. A destructive True Power penetrated into his left arm meridians. Tang Tian was suppressed, but he forced his Crane Body Energy to dissolve the True Power that had just penetrated into his body. Borrowing strength from this energy, he flew over like a baseball that had just been hit hard by the bat. His speed increased rapidly.

The crying faced statue was immediately close to him.

The crying faced statue’s red eyes lit up. Sticking its thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger together, forming a sword. With a flick, it flew towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian narrowed his eyes. A speck of red radiance lit up on the middle finger of the crying faced statue.


The red coloured sword ray emerged from the crying faced statue’s middle finger towards Tang Tian.

In just a moment before the red aura lit up, Tang Tian’s hair stood. Without even thinking, he sent out a Great Monument Palm.

He had practised for days and nights, Tang Tian had never given himself any slack. He had managed to practise his Great Monument Palm to a deeper level, and was closer to comprehending the killing technique. Being threatened now, he was much more focused than ever. His silver martial spirit was like a flower blazing with a silver flame, silently and coldly.

This time, when he pulled out the Great Monument Palm, Tang Tian could sense there was something different.

The palm seal was like a monument, it was rectangular and it was strong, sturdy like steel. On the palm seal, there were two vermillion inscriptions.


A thick, musty qi covered the atmosphere in a split second.


The red sword aura penetrated the monument by 3 inches before it disappeared. But the Great Monument Palm seal was still whistling in a low voice, crashing towards the crying faced statue.

A tinge of fear flickered past the crying faced statue’s eyes. The air around it was turned sluggish suddenly. It was as though it knew it was a critical time.

It made the same gesture with his hands at the same time and placed them together. Its face was fuming with red qi.


A ray of thick, crude red sword aura spewed out between its palms and knocked into the Great Monument Palm.

The mighty red sword aura penetrated into the Great Monument Palm. it was just about to pierce through when the vermillion inscription ‘Boulder’ on the seal suddenly glowed in radiance. The flow fended the red sword aura.

The word “Boulder” and the red sword aura immediately turned dull.

The word “Boulder” turned from vermillion to translucent. It was just about to disappear when ping, the red sword aura was instantly crushed into innumerable specks of red radiance.

The Great Monument Palm seal collided with the crying faced statue.


Instantly, the crying faced statue was smashed into powder.

The angry faced statue looked even more angry now. With a roar, the red eyes looked as though they were boiling. It was yet another punch that was being pulled towards Tang Tian’s back.

Tang Tian was in an odd situation now. It was as though the entire battle was under his heart. Bing was fighting with two statues, and he was not at a disadvantage. With those simple and clean methods, Tang Tian could not even call them methods, but in Bing’s hands, they were powerful. As compared to Green Red Cross Scythe, Bing was now even more refined.

Bing never taught him other martial techniques, but only threw Tang Tian into different environments for Tang Tian to adapt.

There were many ideas that were appearing in his mind, but right now, Tang Tian’s heart was unusually peaceful.

Without even turning his head. He flicked his five fingers on which he was wearing the Heavenly Crane Gloves. The Crane Body Energy flowed into the gloves and suddenly, the sharp, Crane Body Energy soared.

It was the first time Tang Tian used the Heavenly Crane Gloves to battle. He felt different.

Shirotori Vortex!

Pu pu pu, a tornado of white vortexes with fine whistles rushed towards that ball of red fist seal like naughty fishes.

The red fist seal buried its head into the white vortex.


The fist seal and the white vortex collided constantly. And immediately, the fist seal was flipped around by the fast white vortex. The fist seal leaned to a side and shot outwards. And those white vortexes pounced onto the crying faced statue happily.

And at this point in time, the white vortex burst into its raging whistles. Within it was the hidden Crane Body Energy which exploded suddenly. Each white vortex was a blade that was spinning at a high speed.

All the dangerous white sparks looked like birds!

They pounced angrily in all directions towards the statue.

The angry faced statue screamed and used its methods to defend the incoming white spark birds, yet there were too many of them. It could not possibly defend all of it, swoosh, the vortexes together with the Crane Body Energy continuously collided onto its body.

With each collision, its body shook. Pits started to form on its body

The angry faced statue was like a sieve. It shook uncontrollably, and on its body were many pits.

The Heavenly Crane Gloves helped to boost the Crane Body Energy much more than what Tang Tian could imagine. Also, the Shirotori vortex was strengthened by the Crane Body Energy, and was also much more powerful than what Tang Tian expected.

At that moment in time, Tang Tian understood.

In the future, he would name it the Siberian Crane Vortex!

Tang Tian did not give the angry faced Statue a chance to stabilise itself. With a move, he appeared right in front of the angry faced statue and struck out with his palm.

Great Monument Palm!

The energy from the palm transmitted into its body.

Bang! The angry faced statue exploded into pieces.

Tang Tian stood where he was, reminiscing the battle. He had indeed improved a lot. He was not surprised to comprehend the killing technique of the Great Monument Palm, what truly surprised him was the formidable power of the Siberian Crane Vortex!

Previously, he had also tried to incorporate the Crane Body Energy into the Shirotori Vortex, but as compared to the power of this, it was worlds apart. The key point in this was the Heavenly Crane Gloves. The Heavenly Crane must be strong enough before it could maximise the potential of this method. To solely rely on the Heavenly Crane Gloves and the Heavenly Crane Energy to maximize his powers, this treasure was indeed a great help to him.

It seemed like he needed to spend some time to refine the Heavenly Crane Gloves.

It was a pity that the Heavenly Crane Gloves could only be worn on the hands…

If it could be worn on the legs, then, together with the Crane Body Energy, how strong would his Tan Tui Blade be!

Tang Tian laughed. He was indeed greedy. With this Siberian Crane Vortex, his powers would be different. The Shirotori Vortex mostly distracted the enemy and had no destructive powers.

Slowly, he came back to reality. Tang Tian was shocked by a few clamours. Bing easily beat the shit out of the two statues, whereas the Ghost claw pierced his 5 fingers into the chest of the floral statue.

Tang Tian was dumbfounded. These statues’ chests were all so strong. Even his Tan Tui Blade could not leave any mark on their bodies, yet Ghost Claw could actually pierce through them.

What a powerful and fierce claw power…

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s landed his gaze on the crying faced statue in which his Great Monument Palm had landed. A red ruby caught his attention.

Eh, what was that?

He picked up the red ruby. It was the colour of the statue’s eyes. Tang Tian’s heart moved. He quickly ran over to the angry faced statue and started to look for it. Similarly, he found a red ruby.

Very soon, he found all of the other three red rubies.

The five round red rubies laid in his palm. All of a sudden, it turned into a pool of blood. The blood merged together and a human form could be seen faintly,

Right after that, the outer layer of the blood started to peel off. A statue as big as an index finger appeared on Tang Tian’s palm. The statue’s eyes were bloodshot. On its forehead and right and left palms, there was a bloodshot eye.

The five eyed statue caused Tang Tian’s hair to stand.

Gu Xue knew who won the battle so she flew over hurriedly. When she saw the statue in Tang Tian’s hands, her faced changed and exclaimed.

“Five Eyed Statue!”