Undefeated God of War - Chapter 153 – The Ruins of the Canyon

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Chapter 153 – The Ruins of the Canyon

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“Aries Star Spear?” Tang Tian was immediately curious: “It sounds amazing.”

“Mmhmm, it is.” Bing muttered: “I don’t know how it is now, but during my time, it was the strongest martial technique in the Aries Constellation. It was very famous. I never thought it would be passed down to this generation. As for us, the legacy of the Southern Cross Army has been completely destroyed.”

“Not yet.” Tang Tian was confused: “Aren’t there’s still you and I?”

Tang Tian suddenly saw the light and said unfriendly: “Unless, Uncle you’re actually not teaching me the real, legitimate teachings of the Southern Cross Army?”

“You’re such a shitty child. You haven’t even passed the recruit training camp and you want to learn the teachings!” Bing mocked, but in his heart, he was comforted. Yet he still replied: “But since I’m alive, the Southern Cross Army is destined to be glorious. Heh, seems like you need to buck up or else, if you compete with this Aries boy and lose to him, I’d be embarrassed!”

Buck up?

Tang Tian turned pale. He was still traumatised by the scene where his buttocks were being bitten. Several Bone Gnawing Wolves chasing after him appeared in his mind, and suddenly, he felt chills down his spine. His buttocks were still aching.

“Don’t belittle me!” Tang Tian said firmly: “How can I be defeated by this bastard? I’m his big boss!”

“This rascal is not like any ordinary person.” Bing suddenly said gratefully: “The Aries Star Spear is very unique. It is famous for its tough training. He used his spear with a strong spiralling energy. For attacking, it has an astonishing wrecking power. As for defense, it could remove the enemies’ energy. Look at him, he can attack with his spear 30 times in a second. Mhmm, look at the way he did it, it was all done with his fingers.”

“Huh?” Tang Tian was slightly surprised to hear compliments coming from Bing. It was the first time. But looking at Ling Xu’s focus, Tang Tian could not help but nod: “This rascal is indeed very strong. The way he releases strength is very unique. He uses the friction between his fingers and the spear. It is my first time witnessing this.”

“The last time I saw the Aries Star Spear technique, they didn’t release strength like this. This is a new creation.” Bing muttered: “Such a strength releasing technique is faster and covert. No one would be able to predict or catch it. Also, the movements are very small, so he could pull his spear faster. It is very apt for the star sea. However, the requirements for finger strength are beyond what anyone can imagine. The strength of the fingers are of course much smaller than usual strength releasing techniques.”

“That is awesome!” Tang Tian understood the profoundness of releasing strength. Although he did not understand the mystery, he could estimate how strong a finger must be to produce such strength: “His finger strength has to be at least stronger than usual martial artists by forty times or more.”

The conclusion Tang Tian came to shocked himself.

Forty times stronger than a normal martial artist. Such strength still could not be compared with his arms’ strength, but it was already impressive. As for another aspect, this weird strength releasing technique minimised the movements necessary to attack, making it harder to predict his spear movements as they could be very sudden. Instantly, the wounding power of this weapon was much higher.

The shorter the time he used to pull his spear, the denser and sturdier the star sea Ling Xu made became.

The engrossed Ling Xu finally stopped.

He was drenched in his own sweat. Panting, he noticed Tang Tian from the corners of his eyes

“Hey, Little Xu Xu, you’re pretty darn good at your Aries Star Spear training.” Tang Tian giggled and walked over.

“Aries Star Spear?” Ling Xu was stunned, he muttered: “You’re wrong. It’s called Pointed Sea Spear.”

“Pointed Sea Spear?” Tang Tian was surprised.

“Unless it changed its name?” Bing was slightly dumbfounded too.

After thousand of years of changes, it was nothing shocking that a martial technique had changed its name. Tang Tian and Bing did not mind.

Anyway, it was the Aries Star Spear in their eyes.

“Pointed Sea Spear it shall be. Are you done with practising?” Tang Tian jumped: “let’s spar!”

“I’m not done.” Ling Xu could not be bothered with Tang Tian. He walked to a corner and started meditating.

Tang Tian stood dumbfounded. His eyes wide opened and a face of unhappiness: “Hey…”

Suddenly, a silhouette intruded: “Ah Tian!”

“Ah Xue.” Tang Tian took a second look and was shocked: “How are you having time now? Aren’t you very busy?”

“I’m done. Everything’s well prepared. I can finally relax.” Gu Xue said smiling: “Oh yes, the name has been reported. The Training Trial for the Starry Door will be held in two months. You have an extra month for yourself to practise. There’s more than enough time!”

“Great!” Tang Tian was overjoyed: “Thank you!”

“If you want to thank me, then accompany me for the day,” Gu Xue said generously: “it’s rare that I have time to rest. Let’s head out for a walk, and relieve our boredom. I have to burden this godlike young man to protect me, at the same time let my guards have a break for a while.”

“Okay!” Tang Tian agreed carefreely. Gu Xue seldom had any requests. It was not an unruly request. The Black Mountain City had been in chaos. With Ling Xu and him there, no one dared to make a move on the Gu Family. But Gu Xue’s safety was still posing a huge problem.

“That’s great!” Gu Xue’s pretty face lit up in a moment. She jumped in joy: “Let’s go! Don’t let time go to waste!”

Seeing Gu Xue jumping around like a little girl, Tang Tian remembered how this patriarch of Gu Family was actually just a little girl!

At this age and she had been through so much suffering. It must not have been easy for her.

Tang Tian let go all of his burdens in his heart, laughed and suddenly grabbed Gu Xue and threw her into the air.

Before she could resist, Gu Xue screams pierced through the sky, but very quickly, the screams turned into cheerful laughter. The wind blew through her face as she looked at Tang Tian by her side. Suddenly, she wished that time could stop right at this moment…

“Hey, where are we going?”

Tang Tian shouted in the howling winds at the frightened Gu Xue.

Gu Xue calmed herself down and shouted: “Let’s get out of the city. There, do you see it? There’s a great canyon!”

Hearing the word canyon, Tang Tian thought of the Valley of Starvation. His heart skipped a beat.

Ke ke ke, how could a godlike young lad be in such a sorry state all because of a mere Valley of Starvation?

After calming himself down, Tang Tian sprinted with all his might. He was not sure if it was because he had just gotten out of the Valley of Starvation, but his meridians and Dantian were starving and they were frantically absorbing all the energy in the surroundings.

The energy flowed into the meridians continuously and was turned into True Power. They were then stored in the pools of his Dantian again. That was pure satisfaction and happiness. Tang Tian almost teared.

In the midst of basking in his happiness, Tang Tian led Gu Xue to the canyon.

“There’s a site of ruins inside this great canyon.” As the wind was howling, Gu Xue had to raise her voice for Tang Tian to hear: “I don’t know which generation it belonged to. There used to be adventurous risk takers coming here, but all the things that were worth money have been taken. All that is left is the ruins. No one has come by for many years.”

She suddenly smiled: “This is the only place in Black Mountain City that still has such a splendid view.”

One could tell that no one came to the canyon frequently. The grass grew unruly, there was not even a path to walk. Tang Tian grabbed hold of Gu Xue as they flew between the walls of the canyon. They were at ease.

Through the canyon, the scenery became clear all at once.

A site of ruins was presented right in front of Tang Tian. The floor was covered in debris with some items that were carved, but from the erosion that had occurred, it belonged to an era long ago.

Tang Tian understood why Gu Xue said this scene was splendid. Although it dated back to a long time ago, and was eroded badly but those floral patterns on the walls and pillars looked solemn and exquisite. Fresh flowers grew within the ruins giving these ruined items a simple yet unadorned look.

Gu Xue bent lightly to pluck off a blue coloured flower and sniffed it. She said softly: “When I was younger, my father used to bring me here to play. At that time, there wasn’t anyone here. Father said that thirty years ago, people used to come here, as there was an impressive treasure hidden here. This entire site of ruins was dug deep down, yet there was nothing. Other than those pillars and walls which no one wanted. Father saw that I liked it here, so he removed all the wild grass grown on this ruined site and planted my favourite flowers. He said he wanted to make me a garden.”

Tang Tian listened in silence. He did not know how to comfort her.

Gu Xue stopped grieving and painted her face with smile once again: “Aye, it’s been so long. The grass here has grown so much! Hey hey, Ah Tian, help me tidy it up”

“Haha, no problem!”

The two started to get busy. Such chores to Tang Tian were easy. He had long began a life and he was living it to the fullest.

“Ah Tian, what were you like when you were younger?”

“When I was younger, I was with my mother. Then, my mother passed away…”

The two voices resonated in the site of ruins.

Tang Tian’s speed was fast. He plucked the grass and answered the endless questions Gu Xue had for him. Suddenly, there was something in the soil that caught his eyes.

“Aye?” Tang Tian was slightly surprised.

It was a palm carved onto a stone. The movements of the palm caught Tang Tian’s eyes. It was just a simple gesture, but unknowingly, Tang Tian’s heart was moved.

Gu Xue heard Tang Tian’s gasped and ran over hurriedly: “Ah Tian, what did you find?”

Tang Tian pointed to the stone hand in the soil: “That.”

Gu Xue looked to where Tang Tian was pointing and suddenly saw the light: “Oh, there were many stone statues around in the past. There are several like these, but the people dug them all up. Everybody just wanted to dig at least 3 feet down. As such, all the statues were broken. Are you interested in stone statues, Ah Tian?”

“Nope.” Tang Tian shook his head: “But I don’t know why this stone hand gives me an unusual feeling.”

Tang Tian knew his intuition was superbly strong. With an instinct 30 times stronger than normal martial artists.

Gu Xue eyes lit up: “Then, let’s dig it up!”

Tang Tian thought so too. Whatever it was, he would know it once he dug it out.

Tang Tian started digging. It was an easy task for him to loosen the soil.

Without much time spent, a headless one armed statue appeared in front of them.