Undefeated God of War - Chapter 146 – Victory

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Chapter 146 – Victory

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Different from Tang Tian’s embarrassing situations, Ling Xu’s might was out of everyone’s expectations.

He actually managed to be in a stalemate with Hua Rong throughout.

Those martial artists who were defeated by Ling Xu previously now realised that they did not lose unjustly. Ling Xu’s spear techniques were executed perfectly, today, the crowd witnessed Ling Xu’s true prowess.

Ling Xu’s True Power was lacking behind Hua Rong’s, and he did not activate his blood meridians, yet he was still never on the losing end, due to his spear techniques.

Exceptionally great spear techniques!

The tip of the spear glowed coldly in the air, the glow was as wide as the Sea of Stars, layered. Hua Rong’s brass rod was blocked abruptly by this Sea of Stars, no matter how Hua Rong’s moves changed, Ling Xu pretended not to see, and continued to execute layers and layers of Sea of Stars.

This was the first time Hua Rong had seen such spear techniques, and was actually helpless.

Under a stalemate condition, Hua Rong activated his blood meridians, his blood meridians were totally different from Hua Sha’s, named as Angel Blood Meridians. His already shocking speed increased exponentially. The rod was a total blur, only a patch of light could be seen.

Just when others thought that Ling Xu would end up like Tang Tian, being beaten up back to their true colours, Ling Xu unknowingly did a reversal.

Of the endless Sea of Stars, each star, was the glow pointed out from the tip of Ling Xu’s spear.

His speed of execution became faster.

Hua Rong was once again trapped within this Sea of Stars.

Both parties strangely fell into stalemate once more.

Ling Xu, was actually this powerful?

The butler of the first family was observing the battle, he almost could not believe his own eyes, Ling Xu was actually able to contend with Hua Rong! Suddenly, he was filled with regrets, they had actually released a super expert who could enter the top fifty of Humble Forest Planet!


Compared to Ling Xu’s side which was caught in stalemate, Tang Tian’s side was more striking.

Faced with Tang Tian’s sudden attack, Hua Sha was caught off guard.

Hua Sha had imagined Tang Tian’s various reactions, such as escape, but never did he imagine that Tang Tian would actually initiate to shorten the distance between them. Hua Sha understood Tang Tian’s intent very quickly, by trapping his hands, he would be unable to bring into play his advantage in speed.

The next would be close quarters combat.

However…… close quarters combat…… you are too naive!

Hua Sha laughed coldly in his heart, he released the double-headed mace in his hands without hesitation, flipped his wrist around, and similarly caught back Tang Tian’s arm. The other hand, reached out for Tang Tian, in such close distance, the advantage of large strength would be able to be brought into play perfectly. After activating the Dwarf Blood Meridians, his strength had doubled, as long as he could grab any part of Tang Tian, he would be able to rip him apart easily.

The title of top fifty of Humble Forest Planet did not fall from the sky, but was credited to his real abilities in swords and spears. He knew his weaknesses clearly, and was similarly good at executing his strengths.

That’s right, without speed, strength will be used, absolute strength!

Hua Sha had sufficient confidence, he had tested it just now, Tang Tian’s strength was not his match at all.

As his hands were seemingly about to reach Tang Tian’s shoulders, suddenly, there seemed to be something at his lower body, from the corner of his eyes. Before he could react, a fluffy white air mass gushed up from below.

This was……

Hua Sha was shocked, this white air mass, was extremely fast, like a fluffy white bird, suddenly charging over to his face, his eyes were completely blocked!

Shirotori Vortex! (TN: if not it is white bird vortex…)

The Shirotori Vortex that was charging over, brought along a multitude of strong vortexes. Hua Sha’s body was akin to being stuck in the rapids of the waves, drifting with uncertainty, and unable to stabilise himself.

Hua Sha was startled, he mustered up his energy, the hand that was freed, aimed straight for these Shirotori Vortexes.

Hmm? Hua Sha’s corner of the eye twitched, this attack fell short!

Oh no!

These two words just surfaced in his mind, and two rays of light aimed straight at Hua Sha’s chin, Tan Tui Blade!

Hua Sha’s expression changed slightly, he was at a big disadvantage right from the start, making a deep impression on him. His freed left hand prepared to attack once more, when suddenly, a large force travelled up his right hand, and Hua Sha’s body shook.

Hua Sha was startled, and hurriedly exerted strength in his right hand, stabilised himself, and attempted to pull away from the other party.

He could feel that the other party was thrust out by his sudden pull, and now the Tan Tui Blade brilliance arrived at lightning speed, True Power enveloped Hua Sha’s left palm, and blocked these two Tan Tui Blades!


The left palm stung, as though it were slashed twice by the blades.

Hua Sha was awed, his True Power was much forceful than Tang Tian, by right he should have been able to block it easily. However Tang Tian’s True Power, contained a kind of extremely sharp underlying strength, which could actually break open the True Power wrapping Hua Sha’s palm.

Eh! Hang on! Where is he?

Hua Sha’s heart beat wildly, the Shirotori Vortex has disrupted his vision, whereas Tan Tui Blade had distracted him.

After getting close, Tang Tian suddenly realised, his almost useless instincts when faced with Hua Sha’s amazing speed just now, had suddenly started to become sensitive once more. As one falls, one rises, the rhythm of the battle fell into Tang Tian’s hands once more.


A palm, was printed on his right waist.

The turbulent True Power and mighty strength erupted suddenly.

Hua Sha’s expression changed slightly, the turbulent True Power drilled into his body like tide water. Luckily, Hua Sha had sensed something odd in Tang Tian’s True Power from the Tan Tui Blade earlier, and was exceptionally alert this time. Thus when Tang Tian’s palm printed on his waist, he was prepared to withstand the Crane Body Energy.

However, he did not expect that the True Power would then quiver, like strings being plucked, Hua Sha’s True Power quivered as well. Oh no! Hua Sha’s expression immediately changed! It did not cross his mind that Tang Tian would have a second type of energy, darn!

Before he could recover, that True Power exploded without warning!

Heavenly Dragon Energy!

The third kind!

Hua Sha felt as though there were a bomb exploding at his right waist area.


Hua Sha’s body shook uncontrollably, the palm that was intended to grab Tang Tian, was knocked away as well.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

A few rays of brilliant sword light, crossed in mid air, and lit up suddenly in Hua Sha’s vision.


Hua Sha never thought that he would be disadvantaged, Tang Tian’s attacks were elusive without a trace. And fast! Not purely speed, but fast rhythm!

There was almost no gap between the attacks, like flowing water, they continued on, tiring him out.

Hua Sha had rich battle experiences, he was instantly aware that his situation was dire. His opponent was adept in close quarters combat, and was always able to predict beforehand. If he continued to be so passive, he would be done for!

His eyes suddenly flashed ruthlessly, with a loud roar, he gathered up his entire strength, and pulled Tang Tian hard with his right hand, at the same time, he tucked in his tummy and arched his back, his left hand shielded his vitals, and collided into Tang Tian!

He wanted to disrupt Tang Tian’s rhythm, even at the risk of getting injured.

Hua Sha’s strength was too strong, his pull with his whole might, caused Tang Tian to be unable to stabilise himself. On seeing that both parties were about to collide, Tang Tian eyes shone.

He did not spend any energy to contend with Hua Sha, instead, he instantly channelled all the True Power into his Blue Peacock!

The silver martial spirit that was burning to its extreme, spewed rays of beautiful silver flames, these silver flames then dissolved into the martial spirit of the Blue Peacock. The martial spirit of the Blue Peacock, underwent rapid changes.

Tang Tian could feel the emotions of the Blue Peacock – excitement, agony, expectancy.

This was……

There was no longer time to ponder carefully, it was the final chance!

“Peacock!” Tang Tian’s roar was earth-shattering and thunderous.

Tang Tian was instantly lit up in a brilliant blue light, the brilliance caused others to be unable to stare directly at it, numerous rays of blue light spewed out from Tang Tian, like a thunderstorm, engulfing the nearby Hua Sha.

Time seemed to stop.

After the rays faded, the two entangled figures appeared before the crowd like sculptures.

Hoo hoo hoo……

Tang Tian’s nasal breathing was heavy, and his mind was blank, he did not even have the energy to lift a finger.

Half a step from him, Hua Sha was frozen on the spot, both eyes big and rounded, his entire body was studded with faint blue feathers, like a porcupine. And from multiple bloody holes, fresh blood was gushing out.

Tang Tian, who regained an ounce of energy, struggled to free his arm from Hua Sha’s hands, his entire arm was bruised. This fellow’s power was too terrifying!

Tang Tian plopped onto the ground, panting vigorously, he was in disbelief, he won……

Everyone looked dazedly at Tang Tian quietly.


Hua Sha was like a stump of wood, falling face flat.


“Sha!” Hua Rong saw Hua Sha crashing into the ground, and cried out in grief, his eyes reddening, howling, “I’m going to kill you!”

Ling Xu’s attack, was all along tepid, no matter how the other party attacked, he just continued to executed layers and layers of Sea of Stars.

But now, his eyes flashed a biting cold radiance.

An opening!

Ling Xu strode forward, and stabbed straight at Hua Rong.

A seemingly normal stab, with no sound when stabbing, but the surrounding stars were all attracted, and dissolved into the tip of the spear.

When this spear passed through the Sea of Stars, the entire Sea of Stars drew numerous silver streamers, all dissolving into Ling Xu’s spear tip!

It was a sight to behold!

The Sea of Stars vanished instantly, while Ling Xu’s spear tip was enveloped in a dazzling silver light.

This imposing manner of this spear, from none, instantly shot to the maximum.

On Ling Xu’s face surfaced a never seen before determination, him right now, was like a totally changed person, wielding a silver spear, with rays of light, like a descending immortal.

Ling Xu’s face was grim with determination, his orange-red eyes, seemed to be ablaze, and respectfully shouted deeply, “Justice Origin Core!”

A stab!


Silver radiance lacerated the sky, and was too dazzling to the eyes, everyone subconsciously closed their eyes. Those who did not manage to close their eyes in time, were blinded in white light.

When the rays faded, the vision slowly returned to normal.

Hua Rong’s chest had a wound the size of a basin, completely ripped through, the shape was horrifying.

His face had a look of disbelief remaining.