Undefeated God of War - Chapter 145 – Dwarf Blood Meridians [First Change]

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Chapter 145 – Dwarf Blood Meridians [First Change]

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“Watch out, that’s the Dwarf Blood Meridians!” Mu Lei’s exclamation from behind was trembling with strong sense of panic.

Dwarf Blood Meridians…… what a strange name……

Tang Tian’s eyes were firmly fixed on Hua Sha, but his uneasiness was ever growing.

Hua Sha smiled slightly, “Great eyesight!”

The miniature version of Hua Sha was like a totally different person, his hideous, ugly face became delicate and decent, his bulging muscles vanished, and were replaced with a well-proportioned, even a somewhat frail-looking figure. No matter what, Tang Tian was unable to connect the delicate and decent Hua Sha before him with the previous beastly Hua Sha.

The seemingly emaciated hands deftly picked up the mace. The double headed mace longer than 1.8 m, was almost twice of Hua Sha’s height now, but, the almost 300 kg mace seemed as light as a feather in Hua Sha’s hands.

The scene before their eyes, was so monstrous, so uncoordinated, but no one could laugh out, Tang Tian included. Especially when Hua Sha’s emaciated wrists lightly turned, the heavy mace spun in his hands like a windmill.

The emaciated figure, and the light smile on Hua Sha’s face, were conversely filled with shocking power.

Tang Tian was on his guard, and did not dare to slacken, suddenly, his eyes blurred, and Hua Sha vanished.


A blurry figure, suddenly appeared within Tang Tian’s vision.

Tang Tian’s pupils instantly dilated!

So fast!

In a moment of panic, he was unable to respond accordingly, and was only in time to self-defend with his arms crossed before his chest.


Tang Tian felt as though he were rammed by a sprinting beast, his vision blacked out, and his whole body was sent flying!

In mid air, the emaciated Hua Sha lightly bent, and landed on the ground, with a faint smile on his face, and the double-headed mace continued to move like a gigantic windmill in his hands.

“How’s that? Was this power stronger than the previous?”

Hua Sha’s voice entered Tang Tian’s ears, Tang Tian, who was flopped on the floor, struggled to get up, he stared at Hua Sha severely, a trickle of blood rolled down from the corner of his mouth.

From that knock just now, he was injured!

Tang Tian casually wiped up the blood at his mouth, his gaze locked on Hua Sha, and racked his brain for ideas.

Hua Sha’s force was twice the previous, and what was more dangerous, was that the fellow’s speed became even more shocking, the instinct that he had been so proud of, was actually useless in that sudden attack just now.

If pure power was not enough to send chills down the spine, then the perfect combination of power and speed was, it exponentially increased the danger that the Hua Sha before them brought.

Dwarf Blood Meridians… …

This odd and unfamiliar name, made Tang Tian realise for the first time, the true power of the blood meridians.

So strong!

How to fight?

Tang Tian stared at Hua Sha, his face sombre, and his mind quick-thinking.

However, Hua Sha had no intention of letting Tang Tian think slowly.

Tang Tian eyes blurred again, exactly the same as just now, almost in that instant, Tang Tian only had time to get into a defensive posture, as the fearsome strength bumped menacingly into his arms, and he flew out like a sandbag!

At the same time Tang Tian was sent flying, Hua Sha’s figure vanished once again.

The next moment, he appeared beside Tang Tian, raised his double-headed mace, and struck Tang Tian’s stomach severely.

Although Tang Tian attempted to dodge at the last minute, he still did not manage to avoid it, he was akin to a puppet thrown into the air. Although he was protected by the armor set, Tang Tian was still not spared from injuries, the back of his throat felt sweet, and a mouthful of blood was about to spurt out.

But Tang Tian knew that the situation was critical, Hua Sha’s attack would definitely continue, and not end here.

Tang Tian who was just sent flying, forcefully swallowed the fresh blood gushing up his throat, curled his body into a ball, and gave a load roar, “Peacock!”


The Peacock behind him opened up its tail feathers, like a strutting peacock.

The mace crashed into the ground severely, creating strong winds from the impact.

Tang Tian’s back was in severe pain, his entire being was like a fallen meteorite, crashing into the quartzite with screams.


Bing quietly observed the battlefield, Tang Tian’s embarrassing moments were all seen by him, Hua Sha’s Dwarf Blood Meridians also surprised him. Back in his era, the uncovering of power was far lacking compared to today. Given the present power system, there were too many new areas that he was unfamiliar with.

The might of the Dwarf Blood Meridians surprised and shocked him.

However, he did not lend a hand, even when Tang Tian seemed so embarrassed, and might even die anytime. He was still waiting, bidding for Tang Tian’s reversal.

Tang Tian was the most promising kid he had ever seen, but Tang Tian obviously did not realise how immense his own potential actually was.

That was a massive shocking treasure.

But, like all other geniuses, all their potential, has to be constantly unearthed, squeezed out, before they can increase their abilities. Otherwise, their potential will only sleep quietly in the unknown depths forever.

Bing was a coach, he had seen many such talents, who eventually chose to squander their time and talent, and lead a life of mediocrity.

The process of turning potential into abilities, will always be accompanied by pain, failure, struggle, without these, potential will always remain as potential.

Now the power system was totally unrecognisable to Bing, there were too many unfamiliar content, but as to how to develop potential, that was his area of expertise.

Given Bing’s eyesight, he found a few areas which Tang Tian could make use of and improve on, but he did not intend to remind Tang Tian.

Because this was a confident lad that does not admit defeat and loathes failure, an ambitious fellow that, even if he is in trouble, would never sink, never stop resisting, never stop struggling.

Besides, this fellow did not lack fighting instinct, although the usual him seemed very untrustable, once he entered battle mode, Tang Tian had nimble reflexes.

Tang Tian’s abilities now were still not strong enough, but they had started to bloom.

Yet this was still not enough……

Kid, if you can find a solution, you will be able to achieve victory, you will be able go further!

Bing prayed silently in his heart, his deep gaze shining with expectancy.


Tang Tian was completely caught in a situation of being attacked, Hua Sha was too fast for him, the powerful attacks, were even more miserable for him, he could only curl up like a porcupine and endure the attacks.

Ever since Hua Sha activated his Dwarf Blood Meridians, Tang Tian had not had a chance to attack. Hua Sha’s attacks were like a thunderstorm raining down scarily, giving him no time to rest or ponder over his moves.

The onlookers were all pale, they had now realised what it meant to be in the top fifty of the Humble Forest Planet……

The battle entered a one-sided rhythm, Tang Tian was like a rubber ball being kicked everywhere, Hua Sha was so leisurely, sit and wait, the horribly heavy mace was carried as though it were weightless, waved like swatting a fly.

It was a speed that was too fast to catch, Hua Sha was always able to appear like a ghost beside Tang Tian out of the blue. The Tang Tian which lit up many eyes earlier, did not even have a chance to attack.

Such experts, they were unable to imagine resisting against them.

Too powerful!

But no one noticed, unknowingly, Tang Tian had endured twenty-odd rounds! The faint blue peacock armor set was already destroyed beyond recognition. The power of each stroke was terrifying, and sent the broken feather pieces scattering everywhere.

Tang Tian hung on desperately, each stroke, when bashed on him, made him feel like he was going to shatter. However, he knew that if he lost this will, then he would have not even the slightest chance.

No one thought that, even in such dire straits, Tang Tian still did not give up.

Not that he did not give up on battling, but rather, he did not give up on victory!

In his heart, he still thirsted for victory, even in such dire straits.

There will be chances! There will be openings! There will be hope!

Bing tried his utmost to calm down, he believed that Tang Tian would not give up. However, Hua Sha had no intent of slacking, his attacks continued in waves, without stopping.

From the appalling peacock set, Bing knew, that the Blue Peacock had almost reached its limits.

If the Blue Peacock shattered before Tang Tian devised a plan, then it would be truly disastrous!

Tang Tian’s body would definitely be unable to endure such terrifying attacks.

Bing’s eyes flashed a look of anxiety and trepidation.


A successive twenty hits, each stroke caused immense pain to Tang Tian, he curled up his body, and endured it harshly. After twenty hits, Tang Tian did not endure for nothing, he noticed Hua Sha’s weakness – martial techniques.

Hua Sha’s power and speed was at an amazing state, but his martial techniques were far less powerful than his speed and power.

His exertion was not enough, what he practised should be hammer techniques, but the use of True Power was not quite on point… …

Compared to his frightening power and speed, his techniques were indeed lacking. If Hua Sha’s techniques were similarly valiant, then this battle, Tang Tian would have no chance of winning.

Poor techniques, how to make use of this weakness?

Tang Tian racked his brains hard.

Bam bam bam!

The attacks endured on his back were not any slower, but the eyes curled up in his embrace suddenly opened, he had thought of an idea.

Twenty-five, twenty-six… …

He silently counted the attacks endured on his back, regulated his breathing, the instant the twenty-eighth stroke touched his back, he suddenly stretched himself out.


The mace fell heavily on his back, his eyes almost blacked out, he felt that his back was about to break, but he knew that this was his only chance, tolerated the immense pain, his body became soft like noodles, he borrowed the powers, and took the chance to recoil towards the mace, while his leg did a back hook!

The coldness from his leg, made Tang Tian ecstatic!


Without thinking, he kicked off hard with the leg hooked on the mace, he was like a snake, and swung backwards.

Hua Sha saw that the curled up Tang Tian was finally blasted open by himself, and was instantly ecstatic, Tang Tian curled up into a ball, protecting his vitals well, causing him to have nowhere to strike.

Finally he could not endure anymore, Hua Sha was like seeing Tang Tian lose his protection, and was blasted into mincemeat, his bloodthirsty eyes shone.

Suddenly, his eyes blurred, his hands tightened, a hand grabbed his left hand.

Tang Tian’s face, appeared out of nowhere before him suddenly, and broke into a smile.

His entire mouth was filled with blood.