Undefeated God of War - Chapter 139 – Pitiful Ling Xu

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Chapter 139 – Pitiful Ling Xu

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Ling Xu hugged onto his silver spear with his face black.

It was the first time he had heard someone asking for a break before a fight. And it was all because he did not have his breakfast.

Far away, the barbeque aroma filled their nostrils. Ridiculous! Someone was actually eating barbeque meat in the morning! In his eyes, it was filled with anger. The night when clan elder had a meeting, he had not eaten anything now, his stomach was rumbling. And worst, he had to look at a bastard eat heartily in front of him.

It was practically raising his hackles(The hair on the back of the neck)!

He was sure going to beat the shit out of this person later so he would regurgitate all the food out!


It came from his stomach. Silence filled the air. And all at once, Ling Xu’s black painted face was flushing red.

This rascal’s hearing must be really good… darn it…

“Hey, young lad. You must be hungry.” Tang Tian turned over and waved the barbeque meat at him towards Ling Xu as a gesture of invitation.

“Who are you calling a young lad?” Ling Xu raged and pointed the silver spear at Tang Tian.

“If you’re not hungry, then I’ll have them all.” Tang Tian munched on the barbeque meat and said.


Ling Xu cursed and ran over. Without even sitting down, he pounced onto the meat.

Two hours later, Tang Tian and Ling Xu were satisfied. They laid on the ground with their tummies as huge as watermelons. Gu Xue and Mu Lei looked at them in a daze. They could not comprehend what they were seeing.

It was not just them who did not understand. People from afar who were watching the battle were baffled as well.

“So satisfying!” Ling Xu could not help but lay down.

“This is life.” Tang Tian exclaimed as the sun shone down at him.

“Hey, don’t think you can bribe me with a meal of barbequed meat.” Ling Xu supported his upper body and looked annoyed. Then, he said lazily: “However, the Great Clan Elder has intentions to bring miss Xue back. Don’t stop me. I’ll just take it as if I didn’t meet you.”

Mu Lei’s face changed. With the reputation that Ling Xu had built, and for him to say such a thing, he believed no one would dare reject.

On the contrary, Gu Xue was extremely calm.

“Dream on.” Tang Tian replied lazily too: “This is my territory. You’ve crossed my territory. How am I going to be a clan elder in future?”

Ling Xu never though his good intentions were rejected. He sat up straight and looked serious: “Are you serious?”

“Why not?” Tang Tian’s eyes were still closed. His lazy tone caused Ling Xu to suspect if he had fallen asleep.

“Then, I guess there’s no other ways!” Ling Xu stood, face solemn: “I will not defy the Great Clan Elder’s orders!”

His battle will rose and he pointed the silver spear at Tang Tian. His tone was icy cold now: “Come on! Let us have a real bout!”

“Aye, are you not in a food coma?” Tang Tian yawned, with droopy eyes. He slurred: “Tired…I’m dead tired. Let’s sleep first…”

Ling Xu was driven to the wall: “If you don’t get up at once, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Half an hour. I’ll just sleep for half an hour…” Tang Tian yawned once again.

“Stop bullshitting! Get up and fight! Only the winner is qualified…” Ling Xu wanted to stab Tang Tian profusely, but as an expert, he stopped himself.

“Then, twenty minutes it shall be… if not, ten minutes would do too…” Tang Tian’s eyes were filled with tears. He was sleepy. He could not manage to open his eyes.

Ling Xu was enraged!

He had never met such a lazy person. But Tang Tian insisted on sleeping. Even when his spear edge was close to stabbing him, Tang Tian remained motionless.

So sleepy…

Tang Tian could barely open his eyes. He never sensed the danger when Ling Xu made the action of stabbing him.

How could there be such a person on this earth. Ling Xu was so angry, but with the pride of a martial artist, he could not sneak an attack on him.

Suddenly, he saw the well from the corners of his eyes. His eyes glistened.

The bucket was still there. Without saying another word, Ling Xu flew to the well, put down his silver spear, brought up the bucket and filled it up with water.

When he brought the bucket brimming with water to Tang Tian, Tang Tian was already snoring.

He fell asleep fast… but hehe!

Ling Xu raised the bucket of water in his hands, splash, he watered him.

The bone-chilling water from the well drenched Tang Tian. As if Tang Tian dreamt that he fell into a pit of ice suddenly, he screamed and jumped from the ground.

When he saw Ling Xu’s proud face and the bucket in his hands, Tang Tian reacted.

Tang Tian’s hair stood in anger and cursed Ling Xu: “I treated you to barbequed meat, but now you’re using water to splash me! Bastard!”

Ling Xu thought about it and immediately he thought he crossed the line

Just as he was about to explain, Tang Tian had already pounced on him. Ling Xu, whose battle will was on the rise, realised that his silver spear was not in his hands. Instead, it was the bucket. His face took a change: “Wait a minute…”

Tang Tian was bursting in anger. All at once, he used the Flying Falcon Vortex.

One vortex after another flew towards Ling Xu like a flock of white doves. Before it was done, Tang Tian buried his face and drew out rays of blade auras with his Tan Tui, sending them towards Ling Xu.

Ling Xu dodged all of them, but Tang Tian was engulfed by his anger. All the attacks were suffocating him.

The Flying Falcon Vortex had destabilised Ling Xu, and the dense Tan Tui blade auras had blocked his vision. In a moment of panic, he raised the bucket in his hands subconsciously.

The wooden bucket was instantly crushed!

The razor sharp blade aura brushed across his nose bridge and cut him. The blood was oozing out. He broke into a cold sweat.

“Hey hey hey…” Ling Xu shouted.

Tang Tian had no intention to stop. His attacks rained down on Ling Xu like a raging storm. He buried his head and attacked continuously. At the same time, he was cursing.

“You took my good intentions as malicious intentions! I treated you to barbequed meat, but instead you splashed water on me!”

“Are you tired of living!”

“Little guy! Let me tell you, anyone who dares to pour water on me will get beaten up to a pulp!”

“You’re dead meat! You’re destined to regret this foolish action of yours!”

“Die, bastard!”


Pitiful Ling Xu. All his martial arts were spent training on that silverish red tasseled spear pole. Unarmed and defenseless, he could only struggle in the midst of the attacks Tang Tian was raining down on him.

It was a whole new battle!

When Ling Xu was slapped onto the ground by Tang Tian’s Great Monument Palm, Tang Tian then quickly pulled a series of fists down onto him like a raging storm crashing onto the floor.

In a short span of ten seconds, Ling Xu’s face had become completely deformed.

This… this…

Everyone who was watching the battle all turned into a clay statue. They were all completely stunned by what they had just witnessed.

That was Ling Xu, the Silver Spear Ling Xu!

The one that was being beaten up like a pig..

The one that was lying on the ground…

The one that had yet to retaliate, but was crying…

Oh god, what exactly happened?

Tang Tian shot out his punches crazily and finally, his anger was appeased. Poor Ling Xu, he was disfigured from the punches as though an elephant had walked over him.

Tang Tian stopped and back facing Ling Xu, he asked: “Are you satisfied?”

“No? If you have the capabilities…” Ling Xu raged.

Without another word, he buried his face and sent out his punches. Ling Xu’s words came to a halt. The punches crashed into him for a total of 30 seconds before he stopped.

“Are you satisfied?”

“No!” Ling Xu was stubborn: “You don’t have the pride of a martial artist…”

Tang Tian refuted: “Tsk, you ate my barbequed meat, then you poured water on me. And you want to talk about the pride of a martial artist?”

Not allowing Ling Xu to retaliate, Tang Tian continued punching for a total of two minutes.

Tang Tian did not use any True Power, it was all his physical strength, but with Tang Tian’s ferociousness. These fists pierced through to the bone.

“Are you satisfied?”

Ling Xu remained silent.

“Aha, not making a sound now?”

Tang Tian then started punching again. Each punch penetrated into the flesh creating slapping sounds. Ling Xu’s face was twisted from the pain.

“Not satisfied? Then I’ll skin you and tie you up .” Tang Tian was feeling tired but he had an idea.

Ling Xu bellowed: “A scholar can be killed, but not humiliated!”

“What shit scholar?” Tang Tian mocked, then he started stripping away Ling Xu’s pants.

Ling Xu panicked: “Hey hey hey, you can’t do this. You can’t do this!”

Tang Tian turned a deaf ear to his words.

Ling Xu was completely panicking. The thought of being naked in front of everybody, he was instantly trembling. Finally, he conceded: “I’m satisfied! I concede!”

Right away, Tang Tian said proudly: “Hahahha, you should have said that earlier and everything would be fine, isn’t it? Come, call me clan elder!”

It was too humiliating!

How could there be such an evil person on earth?

I should have not accepted such a mission…

But a wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him…

Ling Xu said angrily: “Clan elder…”

“Hahahah!” Tang Tian expression changed immediately. He jumped up from Ling Xu’s body, pulled up the bruised and swollen Ling Xu and swiped away all the dust that was on him nicely: “From today onwards, we’re one big family! Come come, let’s continue to eat our barbequed meat!”

Barbequed meat…

Ling Xu teared at the sound of these words.

His whole life was ruined by barbequed meat. Ling Xu swore to never eat barbeque meat ever again!

He held his face and retrieved the silver spear from beside the well. When he saw how bruised and swollen his face was from the reflection of water in the well, Ling Xu’s face turned black.


“Hahah, indeed, no discord, no concord!”

Tang Tian indicated, but Ling Xu turned a deaf ear to him. He sat down on his butt beside Gu Xue and hugged the silver spear in his arms.

The calm, composed Gu Xue looked at Ling Xu, who was flustered and instantly, and felt pressurised. Suddenly, there was a figure in front. Tang Tian sat down too and slapped on him laughing: “You splashed me with a bucket of water, and I beat you up once. We’re even!”

You beat me ONCE?!

Ling Xu’s eyelids twitched. His body temperature dropped. Gu Xue felt even more pressurised.

After half a day, the guards of Gu family suddenly realised that Ling Xu sat down motionless and it was as if he had no intentions to move anymore.

This… this…

All the guards that came with Ling Xu broke into a cold sweat. Immediately, they sprinted back to report to the Great Clan Elder. After a while, he ran back in sweat.

“Master Ling Xu, the Great Clan Elder is hurrying you…”

Without saying a word, Ling Xu opened his eyes and said: “Report to Great Clan Elder, Ling Xu will not be able to follow by his side from today onwards. Please ask Great Clan Elder to appoint another expert.

Everyone exploded.

Tang Tian was stunned.