Undefeated God of War - Chapter 138 – Ling Xu

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Chapter 138 – Ling Xu

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian opened his eyes, the early morning sun shone on his face, it was warm and comfortable.

He stretched his body, waved like a carp erecting, and jumped up. He had slept very well, and he felt that his body was filled with neverending energy, he felt energetic.

Gu Xue was sleeping well, the past few days she had been stretching her mind and her body, to the point of exhaustion. Sleeping so well, the corner of her eyes had tear stains.

Tang Tian’s heart was moved slightly, although from start to the end, Gu Xue had displayed calmness and experience well beyond her age, her heart was definitely filled with sorrow.

Mu Lei was surprised by Tang Tian’s movements, he opened up his eyes, took a look at Tang Tian, and once again shut his eyes.

Tang Tian looked around, suddenly his eyes lit up, in the corner of the courtyard there was a well. he found a bucket from the surrounding ruins, and began drawing water.

Splash, the ice cold bone chilling well water, splashed from his head to his legs, all the pores on his body contracted, and all the sleepiness immediately disappeared.

Suddenly thinking about the mornings every day in Star Wind City, Tang Tian could not help but smile.

He had not been practising fundamental martial arts for so long!

Once that idea sprouted out, Tang Tian’s heart was immediately tickled. Without saying a word, he went into his training stance, and began training fundamental martial techniques.

It was unsure if it was because he had not been training for so long, but the fundamental martial techniques somehow seemed so unfamiliar. But after all the things he had trained for five years, very quickly, Tang Tian found the feeling he had back then.

The familiar feeling, flooded every point of his body.

Training and training, Tang Tian became more and more serious, as the sunshine shone on that masculine face, exposing a pondering expression.

He had a new realisation.


Mu Lei was surprised upon seeing Tang Tian who was engrossed and absorbed, fundamental martial techniques, Tang Tian was practising fundamental martial techniques, and he was very patient at practising.

He was even in a daze.

Fundamental martial techniques were the primary training stage at the schools, which were imparted there. The truth was, majority of the people at the age of four or five, their parents or the patriarch of the family would impart fundamental martial techniques to lay the foundations.

A powerful and strong genius, woke up early, to actually practise and cultivate on his fundamental martial techniques!

The scene in front of him was inconceivable to him. If he knew that Tang Tian had trained fundamental martial techniques for five years, who knew what expression that would bring.

Gu Xue was awoken by the sound of Tang Tian’s fists, she sat up, only when she was fully awake did she notice that Tang Tian was training martial techniques, and she was stunned: “Fundamental martial techniques?”

Mu Lei’s thoughts were interrupted by Gu Xue’s sudden speech, he regained his focus, turned his deeply concerned face and asked: “Young Miss is awake?”

The astonishment on Gu Xue’s face lessened, she smiled sweetly at Mu Lei and replied: “En, I had such a good sleep.”

“Uncle Mu, he is actually practising fundamental martial techniques?” Gu Xue’s gaze turned back to Tang Tian, she did not understand.

Mu Lei nodded his head: “He has been training for a while. His fundamentals are very strong, no, I should say very perfect! It is the first time that I am seeing such perfect fundamental martial techniques, he must have spent a lot of time on his fundamental martial techniques.”

Suddenly, the sounds produced from the winds from Tang Tian’s fists started to change.

Mu Lei was slightly surprised, and immediately turned his head to look.

The sound of winds from the fists…. It was not right….

The sound of the strikes from the fists were definitely not right, fundamental martial technique punches have the most ordinary fist wind sounds, after all, fundamental martial techniques were all very straightforward, stressing on producing force, and not the change in style.

But that fist wind…

It was too deep and low!

It was so deep and low that as Mu Lei watched from a distance, he could also feel the indistinct trembling. Astonishment was written all over Mu Lei’s face, which changed into overwhelming shock.

There was actually someone who could train their fundamental martial techniques to this level!

Suddenly there was a snorting sound, it was as if it exploded right beside Mu Lei’s ears.

Mu Lei’s face changed.

A person’s shadow like a light mist, came spiralling towards them, slow and unhurried, but in the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Mu Lei’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Ling Xu!


Tang Tian was completely immersed in the fundamental martial techniques, which were obviously familiar to the bones, but suddenly he had a new realisation, and in the midst of the happiness, he actually forgot everything around him.

Imparting fundamental martial techniques was the basic skill of releasing power, and every martial artist would learn how to do it. After the second level where True Power became involved, the amount of power released purely from the physical body would weaken by a lot.

On the contrary, True Power is able to transform into something more complicated, the power becoming even bigger.

The strength of one’s physical body might be obvious when one is at a low cultivation level, but as the levels increase, the strength of True Power would take over the strength of the muscles quickly.

Tang Tian was at the fifth level. He was purely using his muscle strength and was already losing his powers. As his levels increased, such signs would be much more significant.

But today, when Tang Tian repeated again to comprehend these fundamental muscle burst power techniques, he realised his muscle strength and True Power were entirely different. And there was this slight yet unclear connection. He was surprised.

Maybe, the two could be combined?

It was a courageous idea. Tang Tian eyes lit up immediately.

The fundamental burst shot strength was usually completed by muscles. But within the muscles, were tiny qi channels. If he could contract his muscles and at the same time use his True Power and send it through these small, tiny qi channels, then what effect would he get?

This wild idea made Tang Tian experiment. It was different from all his others punches and kicks. from the beginning, Tang Tian was never restrained. For example, while he was cultivating for the Crane Body, he felt that something was off with the fifth level Crane Style Qi Manual, so he started to fumble around and then managed to promote the Crane Body to the fifth level.

There were many benefits with spirit general cards, but they were ultimately the comprehensions of the previous owner. Hence, there were many personal belongings stored within. For a same martial technique, one’s comprehension would differ from the other. And so, when they make the spirit general card, it would obviously be different.

One must not blindly trust and follow spirit general cards, not even the gold ranked spirit general cards.

In this period of time, that was what Tang Tian had learnt.

When Tang Tian cultivated the Crane-Style Qi Manual, he instigated true power within the smaller qi channels which was very original. It was especially so when Tang Tian managed to cultivate the Crane Body Energy, he knew all his small qi channels at his fingertips.

Instantly, Tang Tian realised there were some changes.

When the True Power and the muscle strength were used at the same time, it would be helpful for the fundamental martial techniques as it helps to promote one’s power. He could hear it from the changes of the wind his fists produced.

Now, Tang Tian’s True Power could imitate three types of energies; vibration, Crane Body Energy, and Heavenly Dragon Energy.

So when he integrated the different types of energies into the fundamental martial techniques, it would obviously have a different style. The fundamental martial techniques were not Tang Tian’s goals. But if he could bring them to a higher level like Great Monument Palm and integrate True Power into them, would it help to increase his martial technique’s powers?

Just as Tang Tian was deep in his thoughts, a groan suddenly rang beside his ear. Then, a shrilling sound, like a police alarm, was set off across the sky.

A appeared as if it were a centipede crawling out for its hole.

Tang Tian’s heart dropped. Without even thinking, he bent over and pulled out Tan Tui!

Tan Tui blades!

One ray of white blade aura dispersed into the air from his taut, straightened legs. A faded fog lifted.


The blade aura and the spear aura collided. The two only felt an immerse strength transmitting and then they were retreating.

Ling Xu backed for 5 steps before he stabilised himself. His heart turned cold. What a powerful and sharp Tan Tui! The proud, arrogant face instantly disappeared. He re-studied Tang Tian.

To be able to defeat Da Wei and Chi Lan, he was of course not of mediocre standards.

Ling Xu’s fighting will was set ablaze. It was rare to be able to meet up with such a strong opponent.

Tang Tian was overjoyed. He made it!

Earlier on, the Tan Tui blade was different from his usual Tan Tui blade. Although his usual Tan Tui blade could create the blade aura, the aura was always bland and dull. It was never as sharp and concise as this, and the blade aura actually emitted a faded qi mist. It could be due to the Crane Body Energy.

Tang Tian was not clear of what the qi mist uses were, but it was obvious that the new Tan Tui blade was much more powerful.

Ling Xu, whose battle will was on the rise complimented: “What a powerful Tan Tui! Again!”

His wrist shook, the silver spear was like lightning, the cold and sharp spear tip, projected a sharp and straight trajectory towards Tang Tian!

So fast!

Tang Tian squinted, but he just had a breakthrough. Right now, his powers were at his peak. He had no fear. It was yet another Tan Tui blade!

The white coloured Tan Tui blade and a faded fog whistled and bounced out.

The Tan Tui Blade and the Spear Tip once again collided.

Ling Xu’s eyes lit up. The sly, sharp edge of the spear jumped slightly, brushed against the Tan Tui blade and went straight for Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s ferocious instincts were put to play. Almost at the same time, he used his knees as his focal point, and bent his knees slightly to bring in his calves without changing the tautness of his leg. With a shorter width, he continued to spin!

Ding Ding Ding!

A continuous calve blade at an extremely high frequency hit onto the spear.

There was a name for this Tan Tui, it was called Calve Blade.

The power of Calve Blade might be small, but it was high in its frequency. It struck onto the spear at a fast rate as though it were a storm. The spear trembled and brushed against Tang Tian’s face.

Ling Xu never expected this. His well-tried test was actually fended by Tang Tian’s method. He was taken aback.

However, Tang Tian did not think so much. For a rascal to attack all of a sudden, he must not be a good person. And, he made a move on him…

To think the fierce words he set in place yesterday were futile!

Tang Tian’s face sunk. As a famous tyrant, Tang Tian finally understood if he could not safeguard his sovereignty over a territory, then very quickly, the stupid fools that came by yesterday would have no fear.

Someone stealing his territory?


Without hesitating, Tang Tian garnered strength for his left leg and bounced out towards Ling Xu. In mid air, he used his right leg and pulled out a series of seven Calve Blades.

Seven blade auras intertwined in mid air, forming a blade screen.

At the same time, Ling Xu had a fast reaction too.

He and the spear retreated and even in such a short period of time, he still managed to dodge it.

Welcoming the Calve Blades, he used the aura on the edge of the blade on him, like raindrops, it started spewing out!

Ding Ding Ding!

The sharp and dense collision sounds was deafening to one’s ears.

Two shadows instantly separate once they touched.

Tang Tian then saw this person clearly. He twirled the tip of his feet on the ground as it was numb. But Ling Xu did not look any better. He was brushing his palms together.

Tang Tian suddenly shouted for a halt: “Hey, brat, let’s rest for ten minutes!”

Upon hearing this, Ling Xu was stunned, and he blurted out: “For what?”

“I have not eaten breakfast!” Tang Tian confidently said.

Ling Xu’s expression froze: “….”