Undefeated God of War - Chapter 137 – Sincerity

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Chapter 137 – Sincerity

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Seeing all the injured people on the ground, Tang Tian was satisfied.

With the fight today, he was happy, and the key thing was that he had finally fought a fight to his heart’s content and won. That was really terrific! Finally he was self-satisfied and he could be complacent. Tang Tian hugged his arms, he stood proud with a high and mighty face in the middle of the field.

Be careful that the liver won’t break from the arrogance!

If he had to talk about the only regret, it was that he had not enlightened the killing technique of the Great Monument Palm.

But Tang Tian, whose heart was feeling satisfied, very quickly threw that thought of flaw to the back of his head and enjoyed the victory.

All the other other people were scared of him. Even Chi Lan was brought down in a one on one, the look everyone had at Tang Tian had become full of fear.

Where did this expert come from?

Tang Tian straightened his posture, since no one was coming up to fight him, he was finally slightly impatient. To a person who had the experience and qualifications of being a tyrant in school, facing this kind of situation, he was very used to it.

“Bring all your attention to me!” Tang Tian’s thumb pointed to himself, and with his fierce face: “From today onwards, Gu Xue is under my care! Whoever does not acknowledge it, I’ll break his leg!”

Every school tyrant was very well versed in these kinds of scripts.

One fierce and powerful sentence, with all the wounded people on the floor as the stage, under the wailings and suffering cries, it was not funny at all.

No one dared to laugh.

After throwing down that sentence, Tang Tian did not care about the group of people. Gu Xue and Mu Lei’s expressions were frozen stiff in a weird look. In that weird look, it was as if they saw a ghost, as their gazes were on Tang Tian… They felt as if they really saw a ghost.

Tang Tian was puzzled: “Why are you two looking at me like that?”

But after a short while, he laughed out loud: “You two must be shocked by this godlike young man right!”

Gu Xue and Mu Lei stared blankly.

“Am I right, am I right?” Tang Tian moved his face closer, a look of anticipation on it.

“Yes, we really are shocked.” Gu Xue swallowed her saliva, nodded, and subconsciously replied.

Tang Tian smiled until his lips reached his ears, he put his hands on his hips and raised his head, his nose pointed to the sky, and laughed out loud: “Your knowledge is still too limited, but, slowly you two will once again profoundly understand this godlike young man!”

Gu Xue’s heart felt tremendously weird.

This boy, he was faking it the previous time…

She was totally incapable of placing that mature and earnest young man who saved her life previously, and the current boy shouting loudly together.

Although he had saved her before…

Gu Xue did not know how to explain her current feelings.

Tang Tian, who got the compliment, was extremely happy, he looked left and right with his eyes, seeing all the injured people around made him feel he had nowhere to walk, and he said loudly: “Pardon me, I am going to rest, I will send you all out.”

First, he grabbed two martial artists on the floor, and casually threw them aside.

Pa Pa!

The two martial artists who landed on the floor instantly fainted. Tang Tian was very fast, his hands were like the wind, and people could only see the whole sky filled with figures flying, and very quickly the entire courtyard was clean.

Mu Lei was secretly astonished, such strong arms!

With one look he could tell that Tang Tian was purely using his arm strength while throwing the people. All those heavy martial artists, in his hands they were negligible weight, with a casual throw, they would fly over 30 m.

Not only Mu Lei witnessed and realised that, all those originally stirred martial artists could also see it, it was as if they had a cold bucket of water poured over their heads, as they now dared not act blindly without thinking.

That must have required so much strength!

Humble Forest Planet was under the control of Onyx Soul, however, to have such astonishing strength even before awakening the blood meridians, it was rarely seen.

Tang Tian was finally slightly tired.

After yawning, a layer of fog suddenly appeared in his eyes, so sleepy!

Looking at Gu Xue who was sitting down blankly, and the man of steel Mu Lei, he waved his hands: “I’m going to sleep first, so tired!”

Finished, he randomly found a blank space beside the bonfire, chose some log as a pillow, then laid down and slept.

Ten seconds later, his snores gradually came in like a tide, becoming bigger and louder.

Gu Xue was stunned, her expression was stiff as she stared at Tang Tian who had fallen asleep.

There were still enemies outside… it isn’t safe here… there can be danger at anytime….


Tang Tian was already sleeping like a pig.

After a while, Gu Xue’s expression was thawed, and she actually laughed.

He’s really something else!

She examined Tang Tian’s face carefully, Tang Tian, who was in deep sleep, was like a little baby, his mouth was open, looking very foolish, and at the corner of his mouth there was sparkling drool. She was engrossed in watching him, and her mouth involuntarily arching upwards.

The short few seconds of time when Tang Tian suddenly rushed towards her at the White Gutter, suddenly appeared in Gu Xue’s mind.

Tang Tian at that period of time, was like an acute wild beast.

Gu Xue had seen so many youths who were young and talented, but Tang Tian was different from them.

Was it sincerity?

Mu Lei snorted, and woke Gu Xue up, Gu Xue noticed Mu Lei’s pale face, and she turned pale with fright: “Uncle Mu, how are you?”

Mu Lei laughed out loud: “ Young Miss relax, Old Mu won’t die so easily!”

The Heavenly Green Flames on his body were continuously nibbling at the blue wound on his waist. Only after the Heavenly Green Flames finished the last bit of blue, did Mu Lei finally exhale and relax, and sat on the ground. The Heavenly Green Blood Meridians in his body were able to purify poison.

“It is really thanks to him today!” Mu Lei said softly: “I did not expect that he would be willing to help us.”

“Yes!” Gu Xue’s tone was filled with emotions.

Mu Lei was gloomy for a while, and suddenly said: “Young Miss go and rest, I will keep watch for the night.”

Gu Xue was slightly worried: “And those people?”

She pointed at the martial artists guarding the streets in the corner, they were all staring at their location, even if they thought to move, they did not dare to.

“They are all scared witless, there is nothing to fear!” Mu Lei’s tone was filled with disdain, but he thought of himself fighting against Tang Tian, it would have roughly turned out the same, his old face became red, and he said: “With me guarding, Young Miss can relax.”

Mu Lei had an abundance of experience in battle, his insight was efficient and unscrupulous, with one look, he could see through those martial artists that already had no desire to take action to attack, they had already lost their courage.

Tang Tian’s performance was surprising and hair raising, even for Mu Lei, when he thought back about it, he could not help but shake his head. Luckily he did not meet such a terrifying opponent!

Mu Lei dismissed the distracting thoughts in his head, sat crossed legged, and starting to rotate his True Power.

He knew that a fierce battle was still coming, he needed to recover as quickly as possible.

Although Tang Tian was strong, for one fist to fight four hands, it would be difficult, and….

The Gu family’s foundation was so deep and profound that outsiders were incapable of imagining!


Tang Tian was probably the only person sleeping so soundly in the entire Black Mountain City.

He had already used all his energy to defend and repel against the barrage of attacks from the Gu Family, the number of martial artists that were beat down by his hands, had caused the entire Gu family to unexpectedly be in a deadlock.

The shock of Black Mountain City!

Black Mountain City was under the Gu Family, the Gu Family was the biggest family in the Black Mountain City, and their influence was deep rooted into Black Mountain City, which no one could shake.

And this was the Gu Family’s family matters!

The other clans did not have the slightest idea to interfere, the internal strife inside the Gu Family was very bitter, and no one dared to interfere.

The matter of Gu Xue’s body holding the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, had already spread across the Black Mountain City, everyone knew, anyone of the Gu Family could fight for her, but if there was any outsider that dared to put their hand into the matter, they would die a terrible death.

Everyone could guess that Gu Xue had some assistance, this time round, maybe she had the chance to make a comeback.

The Gu Family higher ups had just been through a violent upheaval, as Gu Xue’s family this time round, was affected and suffered a disaster.

Smoke lingered in the elders’ meeting, each and every one of the elders was inhaling the smoke, keeping quiet.

The morning sunlight broke through the windows, but was unable to breakthrough the dense fog.

Seated at the first chair, Gu An Xiong had a dark expression, he had only been the Gu Family’s family head for three days, and actually had the matter held in his hands. Gu Wu failed in the kidnapping, the secret of Gu Xue’s body having the blood meridians was spreading like wildfire.

The five elders had arrived.

Gu An Xiong could sit at the family head position because there were more than three elders supporting him. But the matter regarding Gu Xue, not one of the elder was supportive of it.

If her meridians, were able to give rise to a descendant with the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, then her meridians would become the undisputed number one meridians of the Gu Family.

“In any case, regardless of whatever branch Gu Xue finally chooses, to our Gu Family, it is not a loss.” The Great Clan Elder opened his mouth and spoke: “But, without doubt, Gu Xue’s safety must not be compromised! This is related to our Gu Family’s fate from today onwards, and with this point, there must be no leeway!”

Gu An Xiong knew that the Great Clan Elder was saying that for him to hear, Gu Xue’s branch which was exterminated, was directly connected to him.

Without hesitating, he said: “That’s right! All the extended branches’ interests, cannot override the Gu Family’s main interests!”

The other clan elders all agreed.

“I heard that when she was on the way back home, she met the Curtain of Darkness assassin Qi Ya’s attack! Heaven’s bless my Gu Family! This kind of thing can never happen another time!” The third elder eyes flashed killing intent: “Seems like we must strike a few people’s alarm bell, humph, when has our Gu Family become people who can be bullied?”

“That’s right!” The fourth elder spoke: “We must retaliate!”

Great Clan Elder made the final decision: “That can never happen!”

“It seems that bringing Gu Xue directly back to the Gu Family is better, it is a matter regarding the fate of our Gu Family, we cannot risk any mistakes.” Gu An Xiong suddenly asked: “Does anyone know of his past?”

All the elders looked at each other, no one seemed to know.

“Since his past is not clear, how can we allow that person to stay by Gu Xue’s side?” Gu An Xiong asked.

His reasoning was dignified, and with his understanding of the clan elders, all the old people from the family would not put the Gu Family’s blood meridians in the hands of other people.

As expected, the elders all agreed.

The Great Clan Elder spoke out: “Since it is like this, Ling Xu, go and make a trip!”

“Yes!” a relatively normal looking young man stood up, and turned to leave.

Gu An Xiong’s mouth exposed a smile that couldn’t be erased, since Ling Xu is taking action, that mysterious young man is dead for sure!

Gu Xue, who had no cards to play, definitely had no way to make a comeback.

A centipede dies but never falls down, Gu Xue’s parents suffered a plot against them, but that did not mean that Gu Xue’s branch was completely wiped out. Gu Xue’s branch family still had many people, and other than inside the Black Mountain City, there were no losses incurred.

Time, he could not give Gu Xue time to gather people.

As long as Gu Xue married into any branch family, that branch, would be completely wiped out.

At that time, Gu Xue can only be a given birth machine!