Undefeated God of War - Chapter 136 – Who exactly are you?

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Chapter 136 – Who exactly are you?

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

It was destined that tonight would be sleepless night for the Black Mountain City.

Bing looked at Tang Tian from a site not far away. He could tell Tang Tian still wanted to continue.

Tang Tian really was wishing to continue! Under the pressure of battle fervor, he was completely engrossed into it. In the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, he was repeatedly oppressed for so many days.

He had completely held back some energy, he did not want to admit defeat, he did not wish to be ravaged over and over again by the eighteen rotten scums. He stubbornly clenched his teeth and persevered, he racked his brains, and did his best to think of every single method of fighting.

He tried many different variations and styles, tried different plans.

All of his experiences, were formed only after repeated failures and ravages. Finally he thrillingly overcame the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, and that period when he finally broke through the chamber, he thought he was in an illusion.

Every since Tang Tian began to interact with the Chamber of Eighteen Bronze Figures, he was constantly in the pressured position, and it was the position of being completely suppressed.

He was close to the point of being hopeless and not being able to even see a bit of victory.

Tang Tian forced himself to slowly persevere on, he struggled continuously under the pressure, and it seemed that it was useless to struggle. He had spent so much effort to get out, but the mentality of being pressured would always exist in his body.

And after arriving at the Humble Forest Planet, to meet a strong martial artist like Qi Ya, Tang Tian was still in a situation where he was suppressed.

Until today.

When he exchanged blows with Da Wei, Tang Tian suddenly realised his opponent was not as strong as he imagined, nor was he that dangerous. As for himself, he was not as weak as he thought.

Today, Tang Tian gave his all.

Right then, he suddenly realised and saw the light. When he first started out on this whole new planet, he understood now that he had been getting stronger unknowingly!

All this time, Tang Tian had been suppressed. He exploded.

It was as if in a split second, all the restraints that were tying him down disappeared. He could attack all he liked. Every time he made a move, it was perfect, he was confident, and he wanted to try out different moves. All those weird, amusing techniques increased his battle power. Alas, he was confident.

That was what was known as ‘fighting to insanity’, the more confident he became, the more accurate and precise the martial techniques were, the easier it was for him to acquire victory. Victory would then lead to a boost in confidence, as such, he would only get better.

Tang Tian’s intention to fight was soaring high. When his power hit its peak, he experienced an unprecedented desire to fight.

So when he saw a group of ferocious martial artists emerging from the corner of the street, he was not one bit worried. Instead, his eyes lit up as though he were a starving wild beast spotting saw a group of prey that had appeared right in front of him.

“Quick, catch hold of Gu Xue!”

“Move it!”



Looking at all the martial artists rushing over, Tang Tian smirked suddenly as though he were a wild beast whose hunger was not satisfied. Revealing his sly teeth which were stained with blood.


Before he finished his sentence, Tang Tian disappeared.

The next moment, Tang Tian reappeared in the middle of this bunch of martial artists. Tang Tian’s strength was beyond what they had imagined. Between the time Tang Tian appeared amongst them, they did not have any reaction.

After Tang Tian struggled his way out from the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, he had an extraordinary sensitivity towards chances which were far beyond anyone could imagine. Even if it were just a ten percent chance, he would not let it go. Moreover, this bunch of people were obviously stunned and slow.

Tang Tian spun around on the spot.

With both his legs acting like steel blades, he swung them around.

A glimmering, sharp radiance emerged from the ground.

Tan Tui blade!

Tang Tian’s started spinning faster and faster. His body got shorter and shorter. Countless blade auras spewed out as though they were a fountain of water. A total of 3 meters were covered by the blade aura!


The luxurious, glittering Tan Tui blade aura expanded. Blood splattered like flower petals snowing. Screams filled the scene.

“Good fight! That was a good fight!” from afar, Gu Wei, who was watching the battle, laughed. Suddenly, his speech slowed down and he asked unsure: “I don’t remember Tan Tui having such a move.”

Da Wei was frightened by what he was witnessing. They were lucky they had escaped. When he heard young master’s question, he replied unsurely: “It’s probably a killing technique since only a killing technique can hold such powers. I remember the killing technique of Tan Tui, it seems to be known as Gyroscope Blade.”

Gu Wei believed him immediately. Because the name of the move was too realistic.

But, it was a killing technique again…

From the Flying Falcon Vortex previously, Da Wei’s face was slightly ugly, he looked down on rank five martial techniques, as well as rank five killing techniques, but this random mysterious young man’s flying techniques, the power and might was much stronger than what he had imagined.

He wrecked his brains, but still, he could not understand why.

Now the rascal had another killing technique up his sleeve.

The blade aura exploded like a fountain, it was a spectacular sight. Every drop of blood was frozen!

Lucky… lucky we got out!

All of you could have a taste of it.

Da Wei had a premonition that this rascal would surprise everyone.

This intuition was a strong, messy one.


Gyroscope Blade!

Tan Tui’s killing technique! When he coincidentally used this technique, Tang Tian was overjoyed. He wanted to jump around, whistling his happiness so badly. Every single martial artist within 3 metres of his radius was injured badly. All of them were crying on the ground.

Some of the martial artists who were standing further away, froze and broke out in a cold sweat. They were so pale. In their eyes, this young lad was a demon.

It was the first time for them to have their own partners dropping to the floor as though they were wheat they had been cut.

This scene was frightening.

Suddenly, a shout broke the silence.

“All of you, go after Gu Xue. I’ll handle this person myself!”

A passionate whistle scraped through the sky like a meteor star. A man with blazing red hair appeared in front of Tang Tian. With a contoured look, his body was covered in red hot flames. He stared at Tang Tian with his icy blue eyes.

Gu Wu and Da Wei were excited when they saw this.

“Chi Lan!” Gu Wu shouted, hardly suppressing his excitement.

Da Wei remained silent.

Of course he knew who Chi Lan was. All the heroic leaders that his Uncle Gu Yong had attracted, they were all stronger than him. Especially when facing an upfront battle, they were even more aggressive.


For no reason, Da Wei’s premonition grew stronger.

Although this rascal was good looking, Tang Tian did not even look at him once. He had not forgotten that he was here to protect Gu Xue.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Tang Tian moaned and with a move, he was nowhere to be found.

“Fancy thinking of running away?” Chi Lan sneered. With a flicker of the flames, he too, disappeared.

Swish, Chi Lan’s blazing body stopped Tang Tian in his footsteps. He said proudly: “No one can escape Chi Lan’s fingertips!”

He was able to say such a long sentence because his light body technique was known as [Intercepting Flowing Flames].

For a rank six light body technique, it was definitely exquisite. The strongest part of Intercepting Flowing Flame was the ‘Intercepting’ part. It would stop all enemies and rarely had any rivals.

Tang Tian was slightly taken aback but then, he smiled: “Idiot!”

Before he finished his sentence, he vanished into thin air again.

“Give it up!”

Chi Lan said coldly. His flames quivered and once again, he appeared in front of Tang Tian.

He looked at Tang Tian mockingly: “Just you, and you think you can shake me off?”

Tang Tian remained silent.


A series of screams came from behind him. Chi Lan was shocked. He dared not turn back, and kept staring at Tang Tian. The man was strong and powerful. If he was just slightly distracted, he would be ambushed.

But… Chi Lan suddenly felt something was off.

Wait a minute! Tang Tian who was standing right in front started to fade!

Bad news, he fell for his trap!

Tang Tian continued to fade till he was a fog. Chi Lan turned his head quickly.

Only to see himself suffering a crushing defeat. Those normal martial artists were all being chopped up by Tang Tian as though they were vegetables.

Chi Lan’s face turned green. He was a conceited man. And he was boasting just a moment ago, and now he was being played. Out of nowhere, he was being slapped in the face.

Tang Tian, who had just cleared up everything, made a funny face at Chi Lan.

If he did not make a face, he would most definitely be unable to express the pleasure he had in his heart!

When he saw Chi Lan’s green face turn black, he was thrilled. Tang Tian suddenly realized he was much more delighted than when he defeated all those small people.

“Are you looking for death!” Chi Lan spat the words out between his teeth.

With a flicker of the flames, he pounced towards Tang Tian.

Chi Lan swore in his heart that he needed to tear this atrocious rascal into a million pieces. Tang Tian got bigger and bigger in his eyes, but all of a sudden, a strong sense of danger lurked around him.

What the hell…

A rectangular monument seal appeared in his vision without a sign. He was flying at a very fast speed. The two were already so close. He had no time to react at all. He looked on helplessly as it got bigger in his eyes!


He closed his eyes frighteningly.


The moment they collided, Tang Tian could not bear to look. He crashed into the Great Monument Palm Seal at such a high speed, how painful must that be! But Tang Tian knew, his Great Monument Palm Seal was much stronger and sturdier than ordinary stones.

Chi Lan’s face crashed into the Great Monument Palm Seal. He maintained a posture that showed he was advancing forward. But he was not moving one inch. It was as if he were a statue.

“You crashed into it yourself!”

Tang Tian’s mumbled, showing a face as if it had nothing to do with him.

Chi Lan relied on his intuition. When compared to that godlike young lad’s intuition, how depressed could you get…

He retracted his True Power and the Great Monument Palm Seal disappeared. Chi Lan’s face had turned purple. ‘Pu dong’ and off he went, falling face flat on the ground, unconscious.

Tang Tian scanned around, looking at the martial artists who were still standing. Those martial artists were like frightened little chicks. Immediately, they started to scream and run away.

Gu Wu was dumbstruck. Initially, he thought it would be a battle between the giants, and there was nothing interesting about it, but Chi Lan was actually instantly defeated… that was outrageous!

Da Wei was agitated, yes, that was the one!

An outrageous victory… an outrageous way to know what the enemy had in mind… a freakish killing technique!

He himself had experienced it before. It left a deep impression on him. Chi Lan was too careless, but even if he were not careless, he would definitely still be no match for this mysterious young lad.

This mysterious young lad had all the outrageous and freakish battle techniques!

You… who exactly are you?