Undefeated God of War - Chapter 135 – Fighting to insanity!

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Chapter 135 – Fighting to insanity!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The intensely strong dangerous feel in the air caused Tang Tian’s body hair to stand straight, his attention was focused in front of him, his intuition was like water spreading out.

The most valuable experience Tang Tian got from the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, was that no matter how complicated and messy the situation was, no matter how intense the danger was, he must be able to keep his cool and concentration.

That was the result of attacking the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures 293 times.

The piercing danger aura constantly attacked Tang Tian’s mental state, but his gaze did not change a bit.

His heart had become very, very calm.

Extending out both arms, with very fine extent of trembling, he opened up his fingers, which continuously fluctuated.

Scattering Vortex.

One small vortex after another rapidly twisted out, Tang Tian’s attention was unprecedentedly focused, ever since he overcame the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, it was like he entered an entirely new state. His True Power and martial techniques did not change much, but his mental state actually had an enormous breakthrough.

After attacking The Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures 293 times with the Scattering Vortex, it was the martial technique he utilised the most, it was able to be released quickly, and could affect the opponent’s behaviour, creating chances for himself.

Inside the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, the numbers of the bronze figures were 18 times him, he had to continuously borrow the power of the Scattering Vortex, to implicate the opponent’s disposition.

Facing the dangerous blue light, he did not know why, but Tang Tian’s mind was suddenly filled with the ten thousand meter light from Ghost Claw’s claw. The scene of the friction created between Ghost Claw’s fingertips and the air, led Tang Tian to think of skipping stones on water, skipping the stones on the water would bring about a whirl, across the water surface, and would be shot sprung from the water surface.

Tang Tian’s heart skipped, loosening his hand quietly brought about a change.

Every single one of his fingers, had an additional layer of fast revolving True Power.

Everytime he rubbed his fingers, the high speed revolutions of the layer of True Power was like the thrown flat skipping stone, sliding on the air surface, very fast and smooth.

The number of vortexes rapidly increased.

Among the arm shadows, suddenly appeared a gigantic vortex.

One small vortex after another, brought about whistles, it was like a medley of birds, nimbly entering the layer and folds of blue light.

Flying Falcon Vortex! [Robin: FALCON PUNCH!]

Killing Technique!

Unknowingly, Tang Tian comprehended the killing technique of Scattering Vortex. He was elated.

Da Wei’s vision was blinded by a blanket of glittering white light. It was as if countless doves were flying towards him.

What was that…

Shocked, Da Wei only felt the dagger in hands collide with a fast turntable, his force deviated.

The flock of birds collided with the blue radiance.

The sharpness of the blue radiance stumbled instantly. The white vortexes were like a flock of frantic birds. Each vortex spun at a startling speed. When they collided with the blue radiance, they immediately sprung up. Between the vortexes, they collided and would spring out at an even faster speed.

Layers of blue radiance acted like a strong line of defense. As if a group of star spirit beasts barged into it, the wall of defense collapsed.

The vortex whistled. Da Wei was left speechless. They might have looked formidable, but they were being caged in. no matter how they tried, they could not fly out.

What was worst, he was in this cage.

Who exactly was this guy…

Right now, Da Wei no longer belittled this man. Such mysterious martial techniques moved him.

Darn it!

Just as Da Wei was frightened and suspicious, a human figure suddenly appeared in front of him, a face of incomparable excitement, appeared in his field of vision. The splashing saliva almost splashed onto his face.

“Scoundrel! Scoundrel! Scoundrel!”

Tang Tian broke out into a big scolding, yet his right palm was quietly mixing within the Flying Falcon Vortexes.

Great Monument Palm Print!

Da Wei could only feel a large amount of queer power, fiercely crashing onto his ribs.


Da Wei angrily scolded, a a mouth of blood rushed to his throat, and he spat out.

“Hahaha! Thanks for the compliments!”

Tang Tian’s arrogant voice emerged from behind suddenly. Da Wei got a shock from it. Not caring about other things, he fell onto the ground.


He only felt a chill down his spine. Where was his shirt cut? Was it a blade aura?

A sharp blade aura brushed against his body. Tang Tian’s Tan Tui created a perfect arc.

Although he dodged it, Da Wei was not happy about it. Just earlier on, he dashed forward without a care in this world. When the vortexes hit his chest, he did not even need to see, he knew that his chest would be fully bruised. But what was the worst, was the Great Monument Palm imprint on his left rib, most likely it might had become deformed.

What made him dare not stop for a bit was the shout behind him.

“Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit!”

Shua Shua Shua!

The arc created by the criss cross pattern of Tan Tui, continuous and unbroken, like maggots in the bones, anxiously biting on his body. If not for the fear, he would had already been twisted and crushed by all the criss crossed leg blades.

Tan Tui were like blades, Da Wei already knew it, but he had never seen before such insanely strong Tan Tui!

Tan Tui can be released in succession?

Da Wei, who was on the verge of crying, was crawling on the floor. He looked terrible.

Tang Tian was elated.


This was the first time he sparred with someone ever since he completed the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures. This feeling was completely different from the past. Obviously, the opponent was much stronger than him, but he did not once feel suppressed.

Especially when he retaliated. It was a strong dangerous feeling, he felt that he retaliated so everything was in disorder. In the end, he got the upper hand.

Tang Tian got more excited attacking. When had he last fought to his heart’s content? He had always been suppressed in the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figurines. Even until the last breakthrough, he had never gotten the upper hand.

But right now, when he looked at Da Wei’s sorry state at dodging, Tang Tian’s blood was boiling. The Flying Falcon Vortex aroused him. It was as if he were hitting chicken. Previously, all the methods he dared not use, all the weird methods, he started making them up and they started pouring down like rain.

Da Wei felt like he was about to go crazy!

It’s beyond common sense…. beyond common sense… it is still beyond common sense!

Whatever the opponent used, he always felt awkward and unable to block! Da Wei had been through all big and small battles, and experienced hundreds of battles, but he had never experienced one like this, put in such a difficult situation, so awkward, so unbearable.

Gu Wu, who was just beaten unconscious by Tang Tian, was awoken by his underling, and upon seeing the battle occurring, he was surprised and angry.

“All of you trash, why are all of you just standing there, hurry up and attack!”

Gu Wu’s curses caused his guards to be awoken, all of them hardened their resolves, and like bees they rushed up together. Da Wei finally exhaled, in such a short period of time, he almost had tears streaming down his cheeks.

He clenched his teeth, as a cold gaze emitted from his eyes, it was finally time for him to attack.

Tang Tian was already fighting to the point of insanity.

Whether it was faith, or the intention to fight, he was already at his peak after meeting several opponents who kept suppressing him. Right now, if Qi Ya came forth, he would never pounce.

Moreover, what’s coming to him was just garbage?

Tang Tian whistled a long while, stretched his arms and leapt up like a huge bird. Then he landed amongst the guards.

What’s this, was this rascal crazy?

Gu Wu stared at Tang Tian in a daze, but what followed through next changed his expression.

Tang Tian was like a tiger pouncing into a flock of sheep. No one could block him. Long whistles surpassed them, causing everyone to suffer a crushing defeat. He only felt his True Power ripple through, his intention to fight was burning. He was extremely reckless.

Flying Falcon Vortex dispersed amongst the people and the ferocious Great Monument Palm and the power of Tan Tui!

The explosive Heavenly Dragon Energy, sharp penetrating Crane Body Energy, borrowing both energies while using Staining Fall.

In between, there were odd moves and methods he could not remember properly. A myriad of successful methods that could not be defended. No one could have intercepted.

They were big in numbers, but as compared to the eighteen rotten scums from the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, in terms of treachery and wretchedness, they were not comparable at all.

Mu Lei who was dauntless, was so shaken with shock that he forgot his own injuries, talking to himself: “The world actually has such brave and strong people…”

Gu Xue who was calm, her mouth wide open on her pale white face, Tang Tian was sweeping the entire ground. The countless people who could not be trifled with in front of her, and the sneaky and treacherous petty young man, was some character….

Da Wei who was initially prepared to attack had his face change as he watched. In that short period of time, the desire in his chest to strike back, was a raging ignited blaze that had shrunk to a torch, and shrunk further into a candle flame…

When he saw Tang Tian bellowing in rage, and with one punching causing three guards to fly out, the desire to strike back the size of a candle instantly extinguished.

He panicked and arrived next to Gu Wu, hugged him, and broke into a run. His butt and thighs turned cold, after experiencing Tang Tian’s Tan Tui, causing his pants to split open with a big hole, but Da Wei did not care about shame any longer.

“Why are you running?” Gu Wu struggled with all his might, and shouted: “I don’t believe that he, a single person, can beat all of us!”

Gu Wu lectured. In the end, he was tired of it. He then asked: “How did it turn out this way?”

This sentence resonated in Da Wei’s mind, “how did it…”

He was obviously confident about it, he knew he could win, the ending was obviously set, it was obviously something that within his grasps but it slipped away….

Who exactly was this weird man?

Gu Wu slapped his head hard, frustrated: “I should have known! Qi Ya! That’s right, he must be this guy who saved Gu Xue from Qi Ya’s hands! It must be him!”

After hearing that, Da Wei was stunned. All the feelings he suppressed in his heart disappeared all of a sudden.

It did not seem bad to have lost to a guy who had managed to escape the hands of Qi Ya.

“Stop!” Gu Wu suddenly shouted.

Right then, after running after a few streets, Da Wei stopped.

“Jump onto the roof, somewhere higher.” Gu Wu said.

Da Wei was confused, but he still jumped to a higher building without questioning. They could watch the battle scene clearly. The guards were all lying on the ground.

Tang Tian looked to the left then the right, as if he had not completed his task.

“Quick, hide. Don’t let him see you!” Gu Wu said hurriedly.

Da Wei’s heart was overjoyed. If the rascal saw them, he would chase them all the way. He carried young master on his back and took shelter in the darkness.

Gu Wu had had just recovered from the shock. He was paler than ever. He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice with a tinge of schadenfreude.

“The other members would have gotten the news, Gu Xue can no longer keep her secret about her blood meridians anymore. They would chase after her!”

“We’ll just wait here. They can experience such a maniac.”

“Hmm, how can our family’s luck be so bad?”

Da Wei nodded in agreement.

Yeah, why was it us that were so unlucky!