Undefeated God of War - Chapter 134 – Gu Wu

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Chapter 134 – Gu Wu

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Mu Lei opened his eyes. There was a slight drunkenness in him.

Supporting his neck, he remained silent. Mu Lei took out another bottle of wine and enjoyed himself. Gu Xue sat on the side, holding the bottle in both her hands as if she did not hear the footsteps.

An insane laughter broke the silence.

“Hahaha! My dear cousin Xue, you’re finally back. I’m tired of waiting. If there were any accidents along the way, I might have regret for the rest of my life!”

A tall, sturdy, robust man squeezed through the crowd. He was Gu Wu. Crooked nose, narrow slitted eyes. His lips were thin and his mouth sharp. Yet, he had the same hazel brown eyes as Gu Xue. He stared greedily at Gu Xue.

This was not the first time he met Gu Xue, but right in front of him stood a blushing red Gu Xue. Subconsciously, he breathed heavily- she was so pretty.

“Gu Wu, on my way here, I met Qi Ya. Did you send him?” Gu Xue suddenly asked.

Gu Wu heard Qi Ya’s name and his pupils constrict. As a quick thinker, the greed in his eyes disappeared suddenly: “Qi Ya? The night assassin Qi Ya! You met him?”

Gu Wu could not help but reveal a sly look. He looked around and noticed that there was no one around them. His doubts grew. With Mu Lei’s powers, he could never protect Gu Xue without losing his life fighting Qi Ya. Impossible.

Unless, someone was helping them?

There were several thoughts in his heart, yet on his face, he remained calm: “Sister Xue, don’t accuse me. Why would I ever lay my hands on Sister Xue? I’m waiting for Sister Xue to give birth to a son for me.”

“I think so too.” Gu Xue replied calmly: “The Snow Rainbow Blood Merdians in my body. The others might not know, but how could Cousin Wu not know? It’s a pity it’s a hidden blood meridian. Or else, how would someone dare to rebel in our family? Cousin Wu, am I right?”

Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians!

The guards around Gu Wu gasped. The Snow Rainbow Blood Meridian was the strongest blood meridian in the Gu family. Once activated, it would form rays of beautiful snow rainbows around the body. In Gu family, everyone knew of the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians, because the strongest martial technique of the Gu family, [Rainbow Blade], required the martial artist to activate the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians.

The Gu family’s history was two hundred years old. No young person had managed to possess the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians. The Gu family’s desire for Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians was not something an outsider could comprehend. Each time a girl was born, they would think of ways to investigate to see if they had received the Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians. Of course, there was a type that could not be detected, and that was hidden blood meridians.

The hidden blood meridians would only appear in a person after the age of sixteen years old. There was no way one could activate a hidden blood meridian, but if it was passed on to the next generation via birth then there was a high chance that the child would possess Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians.

Gu Wu’s face changed. He never thought Gu Xue would actually tell him a secret like this. He was not the only one in the Gu family. He was sure that his news would travel to all other members of the Gu family by tonight.

No matter what, he had to capture Gu Xue by tonight. What was done could not be undone. By that time, no one could do anything to him.

Gu Wu laughed: “It’s snowing so heavily. How can Sister Xue stand the cold. Sister Xue, it’s best you come with me.”

Gu Xue shook her head: “Thanks Cousin Wu for your kindness. I’m staying here tonight. I don’t wish to go anywhere.”

Gu Wu smiled: “Da Wei, bring Miss back to the mansion.”

An icy cold looking sturdy man walked towards Gu Xue.


Suddenly, a fist appeared in front of Da Wei. Da Wei’s eyes constricted and he tipped his toe slightly to bring himself to a stop. Mu Lei brought himself up and stood tall. Those drunkard eyes were glistening.

“Who dares to touch her, if Miss has already said she doesn’t want to leave?”

Da Wei groaned: “Go and die!”

Unknowingly, there were two daggers in his hand. Glistening blue daggers. One look and you could tell they were poisonous. Moving his body, he disappeared.

Mu Lei’s eyes were round and angry, and shouted: “You’re seeking death!”

A green flame emerged from within his body. Mu Lei, who was set ablaze, looked like a battle god. Gripping his right palm into a fist, the green flames gathered at his fist at a startling speed. Then, he went all out!


The flames flew and a shadow bounced out.

Da Wei lightly shook the dagger in his hands and the green flames were dispersed. He looked solemn.

“Tian Qing Mu Lei, you indeed live up to your reputation. I heard that the people with the Heavenly Green Blood Meridians are all loyal and courageous. If you’re willing, Mu Lei, I will see you as my right hand man!” Gu Wu said as he looked at Mu Lei’s blazing gaze.

“You?” Mu Lei despised, from his nose, he snorted: “Are you worthy?”

Gu Wu’s face turned sullen: “Since you don’t know how to adapt, then don’t blame me for being merciless. Da Wei, let no one live.”

Without a word, Da Wei’s silhouette rose from the fog.

Mu Lei’s pupils constrict: “Fog Shadows!”

Fog Shadows Blood Meridians, were a silver ranked type of blood meridians. He could turn himself into a fog. He would be hard to deal with. But there was not a bit of fear in Mu Lei’s heart, his Heavenly Green Blood Meridians were also silver ranked.

Mu Lei bellowed and the green flames grew.

Taking a big step, he lowered his waist and punched out. At an astonishing speed, the green flames gathered at his fist. Wisps of flames circled around his fist at a fast speed.

Heavenly Swirling Flame Fist!

Da Wei moved in a weird demonic way, bringing up fog shadows, floating unpredictably.

Mu Lei fought the quick speed with his slow speed, with strength of seemingly thirty thousand catties, while Da Wei was strangely quick, like lightning.

Rays of green and grey shadow intertwined. Occasionally, there were sounds of collision. Wherever Da Wei appeared, he brought with him the fog. The fog grew thicker and denser, Mu Lei started to fatigue.

The fog was like a huge invisible spider web, capturing him.

Mu Lei took a deep breath and changed his fist method. Pushing out a fist, a green tornado flame appeared!

Burying his head, he pulled one punch after another. In the blink of an eye, he produced twelve tornado flames. These twelve tornado flames encircled Mu Lei’s body and formed a green fire ring. Anywhere the tornado flames passed by, the fog was cleared up.

Da Wei’s figure suddenly sped up. The fog then turned thicker again. The grey fog floated towards Mu Lei.

The startling tornado flame started to slow down.

“Haha! Cousin Xue, seems like you want me to invite you personally!” Gu Wu laughed a long while then he stretched himself out just like a big bird. Then, he pounced onto Gu Xue.

“You dare!” Mu Lei’s pupils were filled with rage, he suddenly used both fists to punch out towards Gu Wu who was in the air.

Two rays of green fist aura filled the air.

“Know your own limitations!” Gu Wu mocked.

Suddenly, the palms were enveloped by a layer of silver light. The silver light glimmered. Without dodging, he welcomed the two rays of green fist aura and slapped on them lightly.


The fist auras collapsed like two bubbles.

In mid air, Gu Wu’s face was painted red. But in a split second, his composure was back to the usual. Without changing his figure, he continued towards Gu Xue.

Mu Lei’s eyes glowed. a glistening blue dagger suddenly appeared at Mu Lei’s waist like a blue fish.


Blood spewed. The wound was stained with blue light. It looked scary.

Mu Lei froze. The blue colour extended to his whole body.

“Hahahha!” seeing Gu Xue getting closer, Gu Wu’s heart was set ablaze. He laughed evilly: “Cousin Xue. From today onwards, you’re mine!”

He extended his arms and hooked his five fingers.

“Fuck off!” A stranger’s voice suddenly exploded in Gu Wu’s ears.

Gu Wu’s eyelids twitched. Without reacting, a fist got bigger in his vision field.


Gu Wu was already quick. When he took down Mu Lei’s two fists, it might seem like nothing, but actually, it was not that easy.

This fist was super fast and perfect that he had no time to react to it.

In a moment of panic, he could only use his palms to cover his face.


He felt an immense energy bursting from his palms, like as if he had just been struck by a heavy hammer.

His body was flying in mid air.

This was…

He had no time to scream, swoosh, another fist struck his abdominal region. Like a shrimp, he bent his body and his eyeballs bulged out. His expression was congealed.

Darn, damn… it…

“Young master!” Da Wei was shocked. Without hesitating, he abandoned Mu Lei and went to Tang Tian.

“All you assholes, you deserve to die!” Tang Tian was disgusted. His intention to kill was on the rise. When he rushed here, and saw what was happening, he was disgusted.

Tang Tian rushed towards Da Wei, who was coming right at him too.

All you bastards, should die! A strong intention to kill rose in his heart. At this moment, he truly wanted to brutally kill all of these bastards.

Without delaying, he pounced forward.

Gripping his left palm into a fist, ripples formed. It was as if a spider web were under his control. Tang Tian had created his one of a kind ripples!

Da Wei, who was rushing into the Concussion Punch, turned sluggish. All the ripples hit onto his body and instantly, all his muscles froze.

This was…vibrations!

Da Wei’s heart went cold. But he did not fear. Screaming, he brought his dagger towards Tang Tian as fast as a lightning.

Two rays of faded blue scars brushed against the air.

Tang Tian’s eyes were icy cold. If he used fog shadows to fight with him, he might not find it troublesome. But if he got hard with him, Tang Tian did not lose out to him.

Taking a deep breath in, his chest suddenly collapsed. Garnering all the energy in his body, he raised his right fist and pushed it out!

The fist was as hard as a plate.

Great Monument Palm!

The blue scars of light and the seal of Great Monument Palm collided.

The faded blue scar penetrated deep into Great Monument Palm seal. Da Wei would not be threatened by a rank five martial technique. Da Wei did not let his guard down. He could not tell what blood meridians this young lad activated.

It was common to use blood meridians as a killing technique.

If he had no blood meridians, then Great Monument Palm could never withstand [Indigo Thorn]!

The Indigo Thorn was a rank six martial technique. With a level difference, it meant the two martial artists were not just of one level difference..


Great Monument Palm seal exploded without a sign. Da Wei only felt the dagger in his hand bounced off and he lost all the energy in his hand.

He thought it was some formidable killing technique. It was merely Heavenly Dragon Energy, and it was not high level.

Da Wei immediately judged this rascal’s power. Fifth level, and he was quite sure. Unless he had extremely powerful blood meridians, if not, he himself would be winning this battle. His palm flipped and caught hold of the dagger. Bending slightly as if he were a predator preparing to pounce on his prey.

Instantly, Da Wei disappeared.

Rays of shiny and icy blue scars intertwined and lit up in Tang Tian’s vision field.

Tang Tian posed an odd action, a horse stance, both hands and fingers extended as if he were hugging onto a huge ball.

What was that for?

Both his legs sunk deeply into the floor and he sunk his body deeper.

Suddenly, a sharp ray of light as sharp as a sword’s edge flashed across Tang Tian’s eyes.