Undefeated God of War - Chapter 125 – The Young Man in the Dusk

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Chapter 125 – The Young Man in the Dusk

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The air around Tang Tian, began to rhythmically vibrate. The vibration caused the air to form waves that rippled, and Tang Tian’s body became indistinctly distorted.

There was no exhalation of breath, no shout, it was a quiet punch.

The lingering ripples around Tang Tian were attracted towards his fists, quickly gathering around it.

The countless ripples of the fist pushed out, quietly stamping onto the mist wall!


The sharp and clear glass shattering sound, the mist wall collapsed, and very quickly vanished and disintegrated in the air.

The sudden disappearance of the mist wall caused the Star Spirit Snake to be surprised. It was actually adopting a stance to strike out, the top half of its body suddenly retracted, exposing a defensive position.

Tang Tian’s heart secretly shivered, an extremely cold qi had entered through his fist. The crane energy in his body, was actually unable to instantly transform it! Only after three seconds did the crane energy actually transform the cold qi.

Such a powerful cold qi!

Tang Tian stared at the Star Spirit Snake intently, while the snake stared back at him, both of them caught in a confrontation.

“Let’s go back.” Bing appeared behind Tang Tian.

Hearing that, Tang Tian slowly retreated, and the Star Spirit Snake, who knew that Tang Tian was not to be trifled with, stayed at its position and did not give chase.


Returning back to the base.

Tang Tian’s face was ugly, he was not happy and snorted: “I could defeat it!”

“After that?” Bing’s face was cynical: “This was just your first time meeting the Star Spirit Beast, and I can swear it had other killing techniques.”

“What killing techniques?” Tang Tian raised his head and looked at Bing.

“I don’t know.” Bing’s face became serious: “These star spirit beasts have all absorbed some ancient spirit general pieces, and you better not look down on all these pieces. Although their levels are not high, and are very fragmented, they often contain fragments of the imprints of the martial artists martial techniques, and all these Star Spirit Beasts that absorb these ancient spirit general pieces, all the imprints will also be absorbed by them.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian was stunned, only after a long while did he then stammer: “You are saying that these Star Spirit Beasts also know martial techniques?”

“That’s right.” Bing had a reminiscing face: “In the past we would meet many of them. Don’t look down on ancient martial artists, although their martial techniques were not as complicated as now, with so many patterns, it was simple and not complicated, but the power was also astonishing. Also, these Star Spirit Beasts already have strong bodies, and could exponentially improve the power of the martial techniques, and display them with brilliance.”

Tang Tian was still in disbelief, mumbling to himself: “If I had known, I would not have tried to fight just now.”

Bing shot a glance at him: “Relax, you have many chances.”

“Why not, did you two consider the mechanical weapons?” Sai Lei’s voice suddenly came out from behind them, after sleeping for awhile, she had completely recovered. The bloodshot in her eyes were gone, all her confusion and muddle headedness was gone, and she had once again become the shrewd Sai Lei.

The normal Sai Lei immediately made Tang Tian feel pressure, who somewhat started to have a headache.

A low cut shirt, completely unable to cover her voluptuous breasts, was very hot and sexy. She nonchalantly combed her fringe, exposing her charming eyes, showing an unpredictable ray of light.

“The mechanical weapons here are very outstanding, If you’re not satisfied by them, recently I made some new insights, and the ancient spirit bead you passed me the last time, I have not used it yet, so I can try it on my newly created New Generation Mechanical Weapon!” Sai Lei’s eyes were filled with burning passion: “Just right, you can use it to fight and give me some feedback on it.”

Everytime Sai Lei’s eyes had a fanatical look in them, the pressure in Tang Tian’s heart would immediately disappear.

“That’s not possible.” Bing cut in, and explained: ”This road track in the past, was not a secret in the army. Many people would walk down this road, but since the army made a decree to prohibit it. As this road leads to the heart of the headquarters, to the guards, it is a dangerous place. But there were many lazy people that continued using the road even with the prohibition, and many people were then punished. After that, the leader came out and allowed the machine engineers to create many traps, any of those who manipulated the mechanical weapons would receive attacks.”

“Wouldn’t directly blocking the entire road be better? Your leader’s thoughts are weird.” Tang Tian did not understand.

“His way of thinking was always weird.” Bing pushed his hand out: “If you do not borrow the power of the mechanical weapons, and rely on your individual strength to pass through the road, then you won’t get punished. The Leader thought that, that deserved praise.”

“Then what do we do now?” Tang Tian looked at Bing.

“There is no other way, you have to beat the entire road yourself.” Bing shook his head: “I too don’t have any ideas that I can think of. Lucky the base is preserved well, and with your current improvements, you only need to spend some time. That is the closest route we can take.”

Tang Tian secretly clenched his fists tightly.



Dusk in the Spirit Region and on the normal planets was different, the sky was just a plain red color, the sunset glow was like red seagrass, hanging in the sky. The tangerine yellow setting sun, slowly dropped, and the amber full moon, quietly rose into the sky.

Many erected tall stone pillars stood outside the camp.

Arms folded and resting on his knees, Tang Tian sat down on the ground, gazing at the distant sky, somewhat lost in thought.

He had just exited the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, whole body covered in perspiration, sweat dripping down from his face to his chin. His rapid breathing slowly recovered, his anger from being beaten by the eighteen assholes also slowly subsided.

Such a scene was not elegant or beautiful, but had a type of force that could calm a person’s mood.

All of a sudden, he had returned to Star Wind City in the past, day after day, the dry and dull tedious trainings. Because he did not want to be mocked by people, he found a remote place where no one went and trained alone. Qian Hui would regularly come over to accompany him, but as time passed, he was alone.

Just like that, he was sitting at the mountain peak, watching the night sky closing its curtains, watching the moon slowly rise, slowly becoming bright.

Suddenly, a burst of fragrant wind blew, and beside him was one more person.

“Hey, why are you alone sitting here, what worries are you thinking of?” Sai Lei casually sat beside Tang Tian, ridiculing: “A godlike young man isn’t someone who should have anything to worry about.”

“What kind of worry can I possible have?” Tang Tian regained his senses and laughed out loud.

“Come on!” Sai Lei rolled her eyes: “You’re thinking about Qian Hui! Don’t blame yourself too much, you have already put in so much effort…”

“En, I miss her. And I don’t know how she is doing. However, I am not too worried. Qian Hui has always been more capable than me, smarter than me. I have a lot of confidence in her.” Tang Tian’s face expressed fondness, but immediately, he turned his face, and made a sour face at Sai Lei: “Young lady, you think that a godlike young man would blame himself? Haha! And, what are you saying, you have put in so much effort, these kinds of words are not suitable for me!”

Sai Lei was stumped: “Not suitable for you?”

The afterglow of the setting sun shone on the young man’s proud face. Clenching his fist and bending his thumb to point to himself, he arrogantly said: “This godlike young man is destined to become the strongest martial artist! In my dictionary, how is it possible to put in too much effort?”

Not knowing if it was the light from the setting sun, or it was the young man’s display, it caused Sai Lei to be anxious for a while, her long eyelashes hung down, hiding the pure and enchanting world, she snorted: “You egomaniac! Let me see how far can you go!”

Her tone changed: “Then what are you thinking about here?”

Tang Tian was stumped by Sai Lei’s sudden question: “What am I thinking about? Actually I’m not too sure what am I thinking of, I’m just reminiscing the past when I was training.”

“Training in the past?” Sai Lei was suddenly interested: “You must have been very powerful in the past too right? Were you always top in your school? Top three?”

Tang Tian’s face was red, he embarrassingly said: “My results were very bad, I retained classes for many years.”

“Retained classes for many years?” Sai Lei was stunned, she did not believe her ears, her face looked as if she had seen a ghost: “No way! What kind of school were you in, you’re so strong, but even with your standard, you can only retain? Oh god! This world actually has such a powerful school I did not know about! You must tell me!”

“Cough!” Tang Tian did not know how he should tell her, and with his dark past, if it landed into Sai Lei who had a dangerous identity’s hands, it would be so dangerous. He put on an act: “Resting time is not long, I have to begin training!”

Finished, he immediately stood and ran away quickly.

“Hey, hey, hey! Go after you finished! Don’t leave like this, to leave me hanging, it’s the worst!”

[Robin: As LN fans, I presume we can all relate to her suffering ^^]

Sai Lei, who was fond of gossip, was left behind shouting.

Tang Tian ran even faster.


Hu, Tang Tian punched out.

Countless ripples gathered around his fists, like his fists were pulling on a big pile of strings.

Tang Tian stopped, his face full of sweat, the mist rising from his body, but he did not feel anything, lowering his head, he stared at his own fists.

Urging the True Power in his body, grasping with his fists.

All the fragments of the vibration ripples, appeared once again, the surrounding air, started to vibrate. He carefully experienced the vibrations, his outstanding intuition, led him to feel every single minute change. His understanding of the vibrations was even deeper than the past.

He had been training everyday and improving, but this time, he could feel that he had hit a bottleneck.

True Power!

All the fragments of vibration ripples, were formed by his True Power vibrating. Tang Tian had forked out a great amount of energy on analyzing the True Power vibrations, and his improvements were very outstanding. But now, he had reached a bottleneck.

True Power was like a bow string, it was the root of vibration.

But this bowstring, quality, toughness and hardness, were all decided, and the intensity of the vibration it could endure.

Tang Tian’s current problem was this: his True Power was unable to endure any stronger vibrations. He needed to let his True Power become even more congealed, even tougher and more durable, thicker and more solid, he could then take one step deeper to explore.

It was time.

Tang Tian found Bing, and told him of his thoughts.

“Uncle, Let’s begin, I long to try out the ancient martial techniques. Using battles to raise battles sounds very imposing.”

Another voice, shouted in Tang Tian’s heart.

Qian Hui, here I come!