Undefeated God of War - Chapter 123 – Qian Hui’s letter

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Chapter 123 – Qian Hui’s letter

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“Kid, don’t be too upset. Big Nine’s butt has the good reputation of large-scale squashing, meaning, it has squashed an area as big as the ocean before. Thus, you don’t have to feel too upset. I know this feeling is horrible, but every kid that grows up to a man, has to experience such a painful lesson… …”

During Bing’s smug buzzing, Tang Tian’s face was black as thunder, he kept silent and walked ahead.

Big Nine referred to bronze figure number nine, this fellow’s most despairing point was that it had a massive body the size of a small mountain, even Tang Tian, who had superior arm strength, had difficulty trying to flip it over. An even more vile point was that it loved to jump up high before sitting down.

Just now, Tang Tian had solidly experienced it head-on.

He had endured for so long in the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, but till now, he had not been able to find a way to pass. He no longer remembered how many rounds he had gone through, but no matter what method he used, even though he could gain the upperhand temporarily, he would be drowned in the sea of bronze figures soon after.

Bronze figure number one, who was skilled in close quarters combat, could he not polish his bronze head? Can he not use it to blind other’s eyes……?

The bronze figure trio with multiple arms and weapons consisted of number four, five and six, how to win against these triplets… …

Bronze figure number eleven was thin like a bamboo, it was really an out-of-the-world swordsman, using a sword? You should use double swords to fit your number… …

Eighteen fellows, they could form a kickball team with seven for substitution.

What made Tang Tian grit his teeth, was that the eighteen bronze figures had absolutely no realisation of an expert. There were definitely no expensive or high quality traits like one-on-one battle in their components, and definitely no arrogant disposition.

Wretched, shameless, treacherous… …

They were simply eighteen rotten ruffians!

Their favourite tactic was to combine forces and group bully.

Tang Tian gritted his teeth, he has to be abused by these fellows daily. He simply dared not imagine that the recruits of the Southern Cross Army actually had to pass this Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, how pitiful of those fellows back then……

Why has Southern Cross Army been annihilated, but such a bastard place still remained… …

Wait for me you rotten ruffians… … I will definitely trash you guys into scrap metal… …

The confident Tang Tian returned to the Martial Arts Square, he scanned the surroundings unfriendly, and the surrounding pressure and temperature dropped sharply.

Shangguan Wei and Shangguan Zhu, these two fellows, instantly shuddered and kept alert, and raised their shouts by a few more decibels. A pity, their fervent performance failed to safely keep them from harm.

“You two come over, let me see the progress you’ve made these two days.” Tang Tian said unfriendly.

Both of them instantly looked dull.

Moments later, two pools of mud appeared in the Martial Arts Square, Tang Tian then left satisfactorily after venting his frustrations.

These two fellows, good improvement… …

But, this felt good… …

One more time tomorrow, hmm, this is set!


Uncle Qian, were you looking for me?” Tang Tian lept onto the balcony. This balcony was the highest point in the entire Shangguan house, where one can get a bird’s eye view of the entire house.

Uncle Qian saw Tang Tian, and a warm smile spread across his face.

Young Master Tian has unknowingly matured to such a shocking state… …

“Young Master Tian has had a hard time these days.”

Uncle Qian had seen Tang Tian’s hard work. Every day, Tang Tian would set himself as example and appear in the Martial Arts Square, his training amount would only be more than others, never lesser. If not for Young Master Tian’s provocation, how would those little fellows be so hard working?

And Young Master Tian had spent a large amount of time daily to guide them.

Uncle Qian had seen the progress of these youngsters in the Shangguan Clan, within two months, these youngsters had made stark improvements overall.

To any clan, such progress was termed ‘substantial leaps and bounds.’

On the contrary, Tang Tian was unassuming, if Uncle Qian knew that these training quantities were only a part of what he actually trained, would he be shocked?

These few days, he had trained fervently till he almost lost tracks of the dates.

He waved his hand, “Uncle Qian, don’t stand on ceremony.”

Uncle Qian nodded, and his expression became serious, “When Missy left, she once said, if she did not return in two months, I was to bring you to her study.”

Tang Tian’s smile vanished, and he frowned, “Her study?”

“Yup.” Uncle Qian instantly felt stressed at the sight of the frowning Tang Tian.

“Bring me there.” Tang Tian showed no hesitation.



Tang Tian entered Qian Hui’s study for the first time.

Qian Hui’s study was huge, in the centre was a study table, and it seemed spacious. On all four walls were bookshelves, each shelf full of all kinds of books, many of the books were yellowish and tattered; it was obvious that they were old.

Such a place, so stressful… …

Tang Tian gulped. To a simple minded, lively and hot-blooded teen, places like the study were really a place that would easily earn him ridicule.

Luckily, Qian Hui’s brain was better… …

Tang Tian thought Qian Hui let him into her study, this meant that she must have left something inside.

Qian Hui knew that he was not smart, she definitely would not have hidden the stuff too deeply.

Tang Tian peered around, hmm? His gaze fell on a marking on a shelf, Tang Tian’s eyes instantly lit up, Southern Cross Constellation!

Regarding Tang Tian’s possession of the Southern Cross Constellation, only Qian Hui knew.

As expected, after walking to the shelf, Tang Tian found a letter that Qian Hui left for him.

“Brother Tian, if you’re reading this, it means that I have run into trouble at the Southern Cross Constellation. These two years, I have been secretly investigating the relevant information regarding the Southern Cross Hardship Plate. Southern Cross Constellation has always been termed the smallest constellation that humans have ever found, other than that, there was almost no other information. Immortal Constellation Mountain has declined for too long, and was too far from the centre of the world, thus lacking valuable information. I’ve had to place my hopes on some ancient books that described Treasures, hopefully I can gain some leads from them.”

Tang Tian looked at Qian Hui’s graceful handwriting, and felt touched. He could imagine how much effort Qian Hui had put in to help investigate the information on Southern Cross Hardship Plate.

“Finally, in an ancient book, I found some useful leads. The Southern Cross Constellation had once produced a strong Army, named Southern Cross Army. During the era of the Three Big Armies, they were listed as one of the strongest three forces, along with the Scorpio Army and the Snake Army. In the last battle, the Scorpio Army won, and started the Scorpio Dynasty. However, what’s shocking was, after the defeat of Southern Cross Army, the Southern Cross Constellation quietly disappeared from view, and in the few thousand years later on, no other relevant information regarding the Southern Cross Constellation could be found.”

“The Southern Cross Army was famous for their skills in mechanics, even today, they still represent the peak of the world’s skills in mechanics. Defeated and annihilated, in history, this was common. Investigation was halted here. Till one day, I suddenly discovered a strange question.”

“The Three Big Armies were extremely powerful. The Scorpio Army and the Snake Army were both in the Ecliptic Plane, they represented the most powerful constellations, their might was not unexpected. But the Southern Cross Army? Southern Cross Constellation, it’s the smallest constellation, but unusually secretive. The skills in mechanics that they relied heavily on, where did that come from? Who created this Army? Where did they originate from?”

“This question ignited my curiosity. Till I found the leader of this army, Meng Yi. The high-ups of the Southern Cross Army were very formidable, and compiled of large number of aces. Meng Yi was one of the strongest, but unlike the others who were traceable, no one knew of his origins.”

As Tang Tian got to this part, he did not hesitate to ask Bing, “Hey, Uncle, do you know the origins of your leader?”

Bing frowned, and seemed to be thinking hard, moments later he shook his head, “I don’t know, leader’s origins were very mysterious, everyone asked him before, but he never revealed.”

Tang Tian replied with an ‘oh’ and continued reading, Bing also floated over and read it together.

“In the amassing of the Southern Cross Army, this leader Meng Yi with mysterious origins had a crucial role. I started to search for the background of this mysterious leader, but the Southern Cross Army was too far from us, and the clues left behind were too little. Till once, an ancient book mentioned him when describing this Leader, he’s deep in the Southern Cross Constellation.”

“Deep in the Southern Cross Constellation? Bing blurted, “Impossible, we have thoroughly searched all the deep ends of the Southern Cross Constellation! No, wait!”

Tang Tian hurriedly asked, “Why?”

Bing’s expression became very odd, “There was a tiny base there, built by the Leader.”

Bing was no fool, he has a better understanding of the Leader, with this connection he recollected many past issues.

“Back then, everyone thought that Leader was odd, but since he had the highest rank, if he wanted it, then we built it! Could there be some secrets hidden in there?” Bing muttered to himself.

Tang Tian continued to read on.

“The Southern Cross Army must have their unknown missions. After my investigation of the army, I’m even more certain of this. Of the Three Big Armies, only the Southern Cross Army lacked the ambition to expand. This was weird too.”

“Uncle, was this so?” Tang Tian raised his head to ask.

“Yup, the army’s focus has always been on guarding Southern Cross Constellation, for the Headquarters was there, we rarely ventured out, usually.” Bing nodded, “There are subdivisions everywhere.”

“Could it be the Southern Cross Constellation really has some secrets to it?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

Bing shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Tang Tian continued to read on.

“Brother Tian, the origins of your Southern Cross Hardship Plate are not so simple. After the Three Big Armies Era, the Southern Cross Constellation Treasure never reappeared again. If the army really treated the constellation as base, then the Hardship Plate must be one of their most important Treasures. It’s highly likely to be the key of the army. After the annihilation, the army’s wealth inheritance all disappeared, and remains a mystery till today.”

“I suspect, Uncle had most probably entered the Southern Cross Constellation back then, or had some connections to the army. When I found the opening of the dust-filled crack of the Southern Cross Constellation, but you’re unable to make it. If you are reading this letter, I may have run into some troubles. On the back of this letter is a map, from Immortal Constellation Mountain to Southern Cross Constellation. Some parts may be inaccurate, Brother Tian, so it can only be used as reference.”

“I know, Brother Tian, that you will definitely come for me, but no matter what, please be careful!”

The letter ended here.

“Where is the recruit training camp? Isn’t it at the Southern Cross Constellation?” Tang Tian asked Bing.

“It is.” Bing shook his head, “But it is a different planet from the headquarters. The Southern Cross Constellation has four planets. You can’t enter, for the entire planet has been sealed by the clock grey mist.”

“Then we shall use the routes!” Tang Tian was adamant.