Undefeated God of War - Chapter 122 – Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist

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Chapter 122 – Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Wu Guang’s seemingly substantial killing intent shocked everyone. Even if it were a boast, and the killing intent was fake, everyone there was inexplicably horrified.

Everyone then realised, before them, was an incredibly formidable opponent.

“Heaven…Heaven Shower Blades!”

“He’s Heaven Shower Blades Wu Guang!”

“Oh my god! Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist!”


The inexplicably horrified people suddenly recalled that Kong Yi Yu had mentioned this name previously, and recalled the meaning behind this name.

Heaven Shower Blades Wu Guang, Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist.

This was the first genuine expert that Tang Tian had met, and his intrepid abilities were what even a level eight expert like Kong Yi Yu would not dare to rebel against.

But… …

“Ah yes.” A lost Tang Tian turned around to ask Jing Hao, “What is a Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist? Does it refer to martial artists who can go to Heaven’s Road?”

Jing Hao calmly and earnestly nodded, “That’s right, therefore, a Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist is in fact nothing incredible.”

Wu Guang pulled out his broken blade from his back, and pointed it at Jing Hao with eyes ablaze, “Little Jing Hao, you unfilial traitor who tarnishes your young uncle master’s reputation, I’m going to punish you today on behalf of my Senior.”

“Let’s cancel the mission.” Jing Hao crooked his head, and said to Tang Tian, “He can’t be trusted.”

Wu Guang was instantly like a deflated ball, and humbly came over, “What for, we are all family, this hurts my feelings. Young Tang, you will know in future, Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artists have extremely high appearance fees.”

“Then what exactly is considered a Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

Wu Guang was stumped, “This hmm, let me think, how should I phrase it. Erm, Heaven’s Road has many areas, for example the Immortal Constellation Mountain here, is a Safe Area, this place was very well-developed. But in the Heaven’s Road, this is just a tiny corner. Constellations in the Safe Area mostly have histories that go way back. Each constellation, has many Starry Doors, some Starry Doors even lead to unknown areas.”

It was rare to hear such first-hand information, so Tang Tian listened intently, for Wu Guang had plenty of experiences in carving a niche in Heaven’s Road.

“Many people thought that those unknown areas were void of people, but these thoughts are absolutely wrong. There has been a long history of humans carving a niche in the Heaven’s Road. According to history, there were many experts that ventured deep into the Heaven’s Road. Some returned, but some stayed on, they reproduced there, and after ten thousands years, they had developed a world that belonged to them.”

Wu Guang’s tone was dreamy.

“In the Heaven’s Road, the Starry Door is the most important point in forming up a route. But few people knew that the Starry Door is not fixed for good, just that its change cycle is very long, mostly around a thousand years. Many routes explored previously would be cut off due to the change in the Starry Doors, and were slowly forgotten by humans. They are like little islands in the vast ocean, with rare human existence, developing a civilisation belonging to them. Many constellations in history were annihilated partly due to this reason. The route was severed.”

“The exploration of Heaven’s Road has never stopped. Everyone has been trying to search for the annihilated constellations, search for Treasures, Star Rocks, Spirit Nucleus, one after another. And Heaven’s Road Level Experts would be the cream of the crop. As for Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artists, it refers to the experts who has the abilities to open up new Starry Door routes.”

Wu Guang’s tone was haughty while he pointed to himself with his thumb.

“And I, am the man who opened up the waterfall route!”

“Sounds incredible!” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, “Waterfall route? Where does that lead to?”

“The Waterfall Planet.” Wu Guang seemed to be recalling fondly, “A very beautiful place, on that planet beautiful waterfalls can be found everywhere. The locals were very amiable too, a pity it was not a constellation, and did not produce Treasures.”

“Is it very far?” Tang Tian had a look of yearning.

“Hmm, quite far. Have to pass twenty-odd abandoned planets, oh, abandoned planets refer to those planets with no value. Such planets, are commonly seen in the Heaven’s Road, the largest numbers. The environment of the abandoned planets are usually harsh, on the harshest planet I’ve seen, the wind was like knives, I could only lie on the cracks on the ground. That eerie place, I won’t ever want to go a second time. However, enduring five months there in fact improved my blade arts.”

Wu Guang’s last sentence, was filled with smugness.

“Seems like you, teenager, is ambitious eh, why? Yearning to carve a niche in Heaven’s Road?” Wu Guang had an expression of someone who has once gone through the same.

“Yes! I have already made a pact with Qian Hui, to go Heaven’s Road together!” Tang Tian did not hide his intents, and truthfully replied.

“Then you must be extremely careful. The experts and Star Spirit Beasts on the Heaven’s Road are formidable. Your current abilities are a little weak.” Wu Guang smacked his mouth.

Tang Tian did not refute, given Wu Guang’s abilities, he did have the rights to say that his skills were poor. However……

He clutched his fists tightly, without dodging, his eyes had a burning fighting spirit, he widened his eyes and stared back, not taking it lying down, “Humph! Just a mere Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist, wait to be defeated by a godlike young man!”

“Godlike young man?” Wu Guang was dazed momentarily, and instantly laughed out loud, not hiding his admiration, “I like this nickname! Teenagers must have such grand ambitions! Hmm, recalling back then, my biggest opponent was my Senior, I practised hard day and night, working hard, haha, and finally I……”

“Got beaten like a dog.” Jing Hao abruptly butted in.

Wu Guang stopped, almost like he choked on something, his face turned bright red, moments later, he regained his composure and bellowed furiously, “I’m going to teach you a good lesson today, on behalf of my Senior.”

“Is it because you were beaten like a dog by my Master?” Jing Hao’s voice was calm and monotonous.

“Argh! So exasperating!” Wu Guang screamed furiously, and flew into a rage.

Tang Tian stared dumbfoundedly at Jing Hao and Wu Guang, his image of Brother Jing Hao was completed changed.

I must never ever offend Brother Jing Hao… …


The Shangguan Clan’s atmosphere was totally changed.

The most lively place everyday was the Martial Arts Square. All Shangguan disciples practised crazily there everyday. The victory against the Yu Clan won the Shangguan Clan the place of the First Aristocratic Clan in the Immortal Constellation Mountain.

Heaven Shower Blades Wu Guang, a true blue Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artist. Before the fall of the Immortal Constellation Crown, Immortal Constellation Mountain had similarly housed a few Heaven’s Road Level Martial Artists, but now, there were none.

Tang Tian and Wu Guang had a great time chatting, seemingly on intimate terms, and this was witnessed by all, coupled with the stuttering behaviour by Wu Guang, made everyone feel even more shocked.

And Tang Tian’s Spirit General, that emaciated old man, such an amazing claw, definitely not a nobody.

What exactly was Tang Tian’s background?

More reliable sources stated that Tang Tian was from the Honorable Martial Group, but there was no further information. No matter how one looked at it, Tang Tian did not look like a normal martial artist from Honorable Martial Group.

Each clan immediately understood a fact, that is, the current Shangguan Clan, was not someone they could provoke. Therefore, on the second day, each Patriarch visited, and apologised for the trouble caused by the younger generation the night before.

Suddenly, the house of the Shangguan Clan was bustling and full of people flocking in.

Tang Tian was not distracted, and practised hard every day, without a moment of relaxation. With him as a role model, the other disciples naturally did not slack off, for Tang Tian now had established complete authority over the Shangguan Clan.

Wu Guang did not loiter for long before leaving the Immortal Constellation Mountain, and started to raid the surrounding Clan Unions. Jing Hao had to leave too, back to his Master, as words had it that they had substantial progress with the Training Spirit Device presented by Tang Tian previously. Jing Hao was returning this time to work out his martial spirit.

The quartet of Ah Mo Li would return with Jing Hao as well, for such chances were rare, and Jing Hao believed that the four of them were still too weak, this time, staying on within the Martial Group would hasten their progress.

Everyone felt that it was justifiable, this battle allowed Ah Mo Li and the rest to truly realise that they were too weak, they were not even a match for the spirit generals of the Clan Union. Systematic training was what they really needed. And Jing Hao has promised that he will take care of them at the base.

Tang Tian knew Brother Jing Hao was one to keep his promises, since he has promised as such, he will definitely honour it.

That they were to be separated after a short reunion made everyone reluctant.

Tang Tian gave and divided his remaining accumulated points amongst the four of them.

The quartet still lacked knowledge about the accumulated points, thus they were unassuming, but Jing Hao was secretly amazed by Tang Tian’s generosity.

Very soon, the Shangguan Clan resumed their peaceful days.

Tang Tian practised while he patiently waited for Qian Hui’s return.


The Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures.

Tang Tian retracted his shoulders at lightning fast speed, swoosh, a sturdy bronze arm coupled with frightening sound of the wind, scraped past dangerously. Tang Tian’s hand rode on the oncoming bronze arm and, following the force from the bronze arm, flung himself aside peculiarly, slamming into the embrace of the bronze figure. At almost the same time, at least three kind of forces scraped past his body.

Tang Tian was slimy like an eel, after colliding into the bronze figure, he instantly dived out from below the bronze figure.

As he escaped, he transferred a shot of True Power to the palm on the bronze figure.

The bronze figure instantly lost its balance, and crashed to the side.

Another bronze figure rushing over from the side was unable to react in time, and collided together. But a couple of fist shadows had already reached Tang Tian.

Tang Tian bellowed angrily, and punched out towards the bronze fist!


The bulky bronze figure, was frozen by the solid punch.

The might of Tang Tian’s punch this time showed marked improvements compared to previous times.

But before he could get delighted, swoosh, a few rays of blade radiance shone, the skinny bronze figure, had an unusually fast bronze sword in his hands.

Tang Tian hurriedly withdrew and retreated, but eight bronze figures appeared around him, from different directions, all charging towards him.

Tang Tian was scared out of his wits, upon seeing that all directions were completely sealed, he gritted his teeth, bent his knees and prepared to escape from the top.

Suddenly, a shadow enveloped him from the top.

Tang Tian raised his head, and instantly went pale.

A bronze figure of the biggest size appeared above him unknowingly and came crashing down!

“You guys are too despicable… …” Tang Tian’s heart-wrenching howls echoed in the bronze figures chamber.


Dust flew up, the ground shook.

Dead silence.

Eighteen bronze figures stood up, one by one, and turned to leave.

On the ground, was a human-shaped pit.