Undefeated God of War - Chapter 118 – Huo Qi

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Chapter 118 – Huo Qi

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

From the side of his ears, he could hear Ah Mo Li scream.

Tang Tian heart dropped. He did not turn his head at all. Instead, he muttered: “You go and help Ah Mo Li out.”

Han Bing Ning looked at Tang Tian deeply. Without saying a word, she disappeared.

“I never thought you’d force us to make a move.” The tall man walked over to Tang Tian slowly and sighed: “Honestly, I’m taken aback. No matter what perspective I see it from, I’m surprised.”

Tang Tian stared tightly at the grey spirit general and turned a deaf ear on the tall man.

He could sensed danger astonishingly. The grey spirit general was reeking of danger. That made his hair stand. Those pair of eerie bloodshot eyes had no tinge of emotions.

He could not differentiate which rank this weird spirit general was. The waves that rippled from the spirit general was not like any ordinary spirit generals. The spirit general had a strong presence. Tang Tian dared not make any foolish moves.

The tall man smiled slightly: “How is it? Isn’t my Huo Qi pretty awesome. He’s just like you, a Close Quarters Combat expert. Many died by his hands.”

Tang Tian glared at Huo Qi speechlessly.

“I know you’re from Honourable Martial Group.” The tall man admitted: “The Honourable Martial Group is powerful. We don’t want to become enemies with you. If you take your men away, then this matter…”

Tang Tian vanished.


Huo Qi remained unmoved. Raising his palms, he blocked Tang Tian’s fist expressionlessly. He was full of strength. When the fist and palms met, an unusual sound rang.

The tall said regretfully: “Since you do not wish to back off, then I have nothing else to say. Truthfully, you’ll regret your decision.”

Tang Tian turned a deaf ear on that. His eyes was filled with viciousness, his poses were like a crazy storm.

Slap, slap!

Dense knocking sounds resonated.

The tall man sighed and shook his head: “Huo Qi was born to fight. Although you’re not weak, compared to Huo Qi, you’re inferior.”

Without finishing his sentence, he moved. A ferocious qi came through.

The tall man smirked.

Darkness engulfed what was right in front of him and Huo Qi appeared.


Tang Tian’s secret attack had stopped Huo Qi down.

The tall man’s smile turned cold.

“Kill him, Huo Qi.”

Tang Tian only felt his vision go blurry and his chest was suddenly in pain as his body flew out. Halfway through, Tang Tian forced himself to stabilise his body as he landed on the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

What a fast speed! What a strong energy!

With his instincts, he actually… actually did not manage to dodge it…

This spirit general… what level was he on exactly… how could he be so powerful…

Also, he had an eerie qi. it created havoc in Tang Tian’s body. The True Power in his body spent a huge effort to dissolve this eerie Qi.

Huo Qi walked over to Tang Tian slowly.

“You’re just this strong?” The tall man was slightly disappointed: “What a let down. Huo Qi is my matured spirit general. Bring out your true strength, let my Huo Qi learn something and become stronger.”

Tang Tian wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and stared tensely at Huo Qi. It had been such a long time since he felt such exhaustion…

His vision went blurry as Tang Tian’s pupils constricted. Groaning, he immediately bent his waist and blocked his body with his hands in front of him.


It was so strong. A huge amount of energy came through his palm and his palms went numb. Tang Tian sunk deeper into the ground.

He blocked it off!

Tang Tian was overjoyed, but he was unable to react in time. A sense of danger lurked around Tang Tian, he practically instinctively blocked with his elbow and flipped his palms.

Bang bang bang!

An attack like a wild storm emerged from the fist. Tang Tian could only hold on.

His mind was blank. He lost his sensation on his arms. He was just like a wood block being struck by a heavy wooden hammer continuously. Slowly and surely, he sunk into the mud deeper.

The mud reached his knees

Without any signs, a shadow of a leg moved like whip and attacked him below his arms.

He felt an excruciating pain and Tang Tian flew out. He fell heavily on the ground leaving a deep mark on the mud.


His face was being stepped by a leg and his face sunk into the mud.

“You’re just this capable?” The tall man said in a sorry tone. Tang Tian’s hearing became fuzzy as if the sound came from a place far away.


Failed just like that…


The two men helped and turned the situation around very quickly. Yu Ming Wei was elated. Just a while ago, Tang Tian, the undefeated one, had no chance of retaliation. Plus, even the other four ganged up, they were of no match to the expert.

Today marked the end of the Shangguan Clan.

“Kill them all! Leave no one behind!”

Yu Ming Wei finally played his last card. All his elites attacked.

Yet, unknowingly, his joy was quickly overcome by coldness. The two masters’ power was so terrifying and he feared for his life. Even if he won this battle, the Yu family would probably become just a slave.

But, as long as he could live, it was fine…


He felt a surge of pain on his face. His mouth was full of mud and Tang Tian was in a daze. His heart was empty. He thought he had become stronger. But he never thought he would end up in a state like this.

Huo Qi’s attacks were too fast to the extent that he could not even grasp it.

I failed… completely failed… I had no chance of winning… now I know that when i am confronting a true strong martial artist, I am so lousy…

Yaya angrily shouted ‘yiyiyaya’ towards Huo Qi, and was flicked like a mosquito, flying into the air.

Instantly, a smothered groan made its way to his ear.

Han Bing Ning!

As if struck by lightning, Tang Tian was stunned. He knew that Han Bing Ning was an extremely strong woman. Unless she was hurt badly, or else she would never make such a sound.

Ah Mo Li and Liang Qiu roared at the same time, together with Sima Xiang Shan’s groans.

They were in danger!

Tang Tian’s mind buzzed. They came for him, they fought for him, and now, they were in danger. All the small details around him travelled into Tang Tian’s ears. Shangguan Zhu’s screams, Shangguan Wei’s crude breathing and all the familiar screams…

Damn it!

Tang Tian clenched his fist and he started breathing heavily.

Am I going to die like this? Am I going to give up just like this? And fail like this? So many people to die with me…

I was a fool… bringing everyone down with me?


Absolutely not!

Shouts burst out within Tang Tian’s heart and his body was boiling with an iron hot current. He felt his body was being set ablaze.

His eyeballs which were being pressed into the mud suddenly turned bloodshot and red.

Tang Tian’s face shape was immediately sly.

Huo Qi sensed the change right away. Without hesitation, he retreated. But with a slap, a blurry silhouette emerged from the ground like lightning, and countless leg shadows exploded in front of him.

Very quickly, Huo Qi brandished his palms.

Pa Pa Pa!

Dense collision of the leg and palms resounded. It was so suppressing no one could take a breather.

Huo Qi was calm and at a very fast pace, both his palms moved and defended without any flaws.


A shadow of a leg appeared in Huo Qi’s vision without any warning. Without reacting, Huo Qi was hit by this leg.

As if he were being struck by a huge hammer, Huo Qi flew.

Tang Tian roared as he garnered all his strength around his legs. Whoosh, and he disappeared in mid air.

Three rays of crescent auras, bringing along a hissing sound, aimed straight at Huo Qi. Huo Qi, who was still in the air, slapped his elbows together, and the three rays of crescent auras crumbled to pieces. A ray of a Tyrant’s Angry Finger was shot out from the bottom, Huo Qi’s body bent in a weird way, and dodged the beam.


A fuzzy silhouette appeared at the corner of Huo Qi’s eye.

Bad news!

A transparent vacuum ball was marked on his chest, just like a vacuum!


The vacuum ball crushed, plop plop plop, countless currents flowed like blades into into Huo Qi’s chest.

Huo Qi spasmed like a sieve, but his arms were immediately turned into a snake whip as he went for Tang Tian’s chest.

With a flip of his palm, Tang Tian sealed these two fists.

However, the seemingly soft fists were actually powerful and mighty. Tang Tian stumbled and retreated.

Huo Qi knelt with one knee and stood up slowly. On his chest, was a hole as big as a fist. It was gruesome.

The tall man looked horrified. He glared at Tang Tian with his face sunken and enunciated: “Frenzied state…”

Tang Tian’s eyes were blood red, but it was different from Huo Qi’s red. Tang Tian’s bloodshot red eyes were like a blazing fire. And for Huo Qi’s red eyes, they were a profound, unpredictable blood lake. It was extremely eerie.

Suddenly, a shiny sword ray shone on the Yu Clan.

“Bro Tang!”

Jing Hao’s long whistle came through from far. In a blink of an eye, he was at Tang Tian’s side.

“Big bro Jing, help my friends!” Tang Tian said without looking back: “I can handle this!’

Jing Hao heard and without bullshitting: “Be careful!”

With that, the Corona Borealis sword in his hand glistened with radiance, and immediately, it took the life of the 八-shaped moustache man’s spirit general. And saved Ah Mo Li and the others from danger.

All the other martial artists, who were following Jing Hao, got into a battle without any delay.

The Shangguan Clan, in the midst of a battle, immediately stabilised the entire situation.

Tang Tian let go of his last burden. His bloodshot eyes burned as he placed his injured blue peacock back into the Aquarius Martial Cabinet. He was protected from the two attacks earlier on by blue peacock. Without the peacock, he would had sustained great injuries.

Fornax Iron Fist gloves and the green flames took over. It was slightly dull.


Tang Tian whispers were full of iron-like determination and perseverance.

The Fornax Fist Gloves’ martial spirit could sense Tang Tian’s pleas and determination.


The green flames spewed out from the fist gloves and up towards his shoulders. Tang Tian’s right arm was completely enveloped by the green flame.

Tang Tian’s True Power, everything was taken out and placed into the gloves.

On the glove surface, there were a series of cracks.


A piece of crack fell from the fornax fist gloves, but in the blink of an eye, it was destroyed by the green flames. Piece by piece, the cracks collapsed and fell. It disappeared within the green flames.

Tang Tian’s right arm’s green flames turned stronger.

When the last piece of crack disappeared, the green flames grew unrestrained.

The martial spirit was blazing and the treasure’s strength thrived all at once. But that requires the treasure martial spirit’s decision. The martial spirit already had a spiritual awareness. It would be able to reject self extermination

“Are you replying to my pleas?”

Tang Tian’s was moved. He teared slightly. After this fist, there would not be any Fornax Fist Glove, it had burned all its energy,

It was as if Tang Tian could see ten years into the past, within the green flame was an embryo that was being refined and trained continuously. The martial spirit slowly awakened. Simple and plain, just like the gloves.


Tang Tian raised his forehead slowly. The green flames burned on his right arm. He kept his gaze locked on Huo Qi.

“I will not let your determination down with this fist!”