Undefeated God of War - Chapter 117 – The Revelation

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Chapter 117 – The Revelation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Yu Jin Hong was extremely anxious, he never thought that Tang Tian would be so unpredictable!

Tang Tian offended almost all the clans today, how would he dare to attack the Yu Clan at this time? Was he not afraid that the others would attack Shangguan Clan? Was he not afraid that everyone would join forces and attack?

But the Liang Qiu before him kept pestering him, and he was unable to get away.


Suddenly a faint voice entered his ears.

“Why bother struggling?”

Yu Jin Hong was flabbergasted, but before he could respond, there was a pain in his chest and his pupils suddenly deadlocked.

Unknowingly, his chest had an extra bloody hole.

Liang Qiu coldly stared at Xiang Shan, without a word.

Xiang Shan gave an innocent smile, “Ah Mo Li and Ice Beauty Han have left, if we are late, we may not even get any leftovers.”

Liang Qiu coldly sneered, his body flashed, and vanished.

Xiang Shan laughed, and vanished as well.


On the lamppost, the trio of Ming Zi Chun, Yun Yi Yao, and Huo Yan Guang were gathered together. Ming Yong, Yun Di and Huo Yan Shan all flew up to the lamppost too, and were finally relieved upon verification that the trio were unscathed.

Ming Zi Chun sighed, “We have made a big mistake this time, what a disgrace.”

Huo Yan Guang snorted, with a deadly intent in his eyes, “To hell with the Yu Clan! I’m going to kill Yu Ze Qing!”

Yu Ze Qing and Yu Jin Hong’s lies were able to fool the others, but not these three.

Yun Yi Yao shook his head, “He’s dead already. That spooky fellow did it, he killed Yu Ze Qing, before killing Yu Jin Hong.”

“The Yu Clan is done for this time.” Ming Zi Chun had a complicated expression, “This Tang Tian, he’s really not simple. To have his aid, the Shangguan Clan will flourish for another three hundred years for sure.”

“And only the Yu Clan would want to fight Shangguan Clan.” Huo Yan Guang expressionlessly said. “The Shangguan Clan has always been the number one clan of the Immortal Constellation Mountain, Miss Qian Hui is naturally the number one of Immortal Constellation.”

“Not so simple.” Yun Yi Yao lowered his voice, “If the Yu Clan has no backing, how would they dare? Let’s see now, whether the backing of the Yu Clan will extend a helping hand.”

The other two took the hint, they had heard about the Yu Clan having a mysterious backing.

“Tang Tian’s helpers are strong.” Yun Di piped, he was beaten hands-down by a woman today, but he kept his cool.

“That’s right! Tang Tian’s background must not be simple!” Ming Yong deepened his voice, “These experts, it’s impossible to not have any background.”

“I’m afraid it will be a force to reckon with as well.” Huo Yan Shan nodded.

“We’ll just wait and see.” Ming Zi Chun sighed, “Luckily it was us who got the short end of the stick this time, although embarrassing, at least we won’t drag our clans in.”

Yun Yi Yao and Huo Yan Guang stayed silent.

The three of them boasted of being the leaders of the teens, but compared to Tang Tian, they realised that they were totally out of his league.

This made the three haughty people feet defeated.

“Are we going to view the battle?” Yun Yi Yao raised his head and asked.

“Go!” Huo Yan Guang gritted his teeth, “Why won’t we! I want to see, exactly how good he is!”

Ming Zi Chun nodded, “This battle, is critical to the situation of our Immortal Constellation Mountain.”


“What to do now?” The 八-shaped moustached man looked at the tall man.

They never dreamt that Tang Tian would choose to initiate attack. From their point of view, since Qian Hui was not around, the Shangguan Clan would definitely not dare to provoke other Clans.

But they never thought that Tang Tian would appear, so aggressive, and unpredictable.

With the Shangguan Clan’s morale now at the peak, the Yu Clan was definitely not a match for them, the Yu Clan has fallen into a perilous situation.

The tall man frowned, “This fellow is not simple, look, under such circumstances, he could still turn the tables over, he’s definitely not reckless like he appeared to be.”

“Now is not the time to be thinking of this.” The 八-shaped moustached man frowned, “If we don’t attack, the Yu Clan will be wiped out. I can’t think of anyone in the Yu Clan who can stop him. Besides, he still has four helpers.”

The tall man seemed hesitant as well.

If they lent a hand the Yu Clan would definitely be saved, but this would mean an upfront conflict with the Honorable Martial Group. But if they turned a blind eye, the Yu Clan would collapse today.

A flock of sheep led by a lion is enough to tear up a pack of wolves, besides, the Shangguan Clan was no sheep.

Tang Tian’s valor, was definitely the best the duo had ever seen.

If the Yu Clan was wiped out, all their plans in the Immortal Constellation Mountain would be busted. If they left the Yu Clan to fend for themselves, the other clans would never be hooked by them again. Without the help of the local forces, they would have to inject more energy to achieve what they wanted.

But they knew clearly, although Master was interested in the crown of Immortal Constellation, Master was in charge of many other missions as well, Master would never channel excess manpower on this, which meant the plans would be busted.

The duo’s fates were sealed.

“We can’t let the Yu Clan perish like this.” The tall man was firm, “The aftermath, let’s leave it to Master, we shall protect the Yu Clan first.”

“Great!” The 八-shaped moustached man’s hesitation disappeared as well.

Both of them suddenly vanished.


“Close the gate! Quickly, close the gate!”

The screams were filled with terror, the Yu Clan was in a mess, no one dreamt that the Shangguan Clan would actually dare to initiate battle! Qian Hui was surely not around! Why would they dare?

The martial artists stationed at the watchtower felt their scalp go numb, and trembled involuntarily at the sight of the oncoming crowd.

Multiple running footsteps forebode an unstoppable force.

Rumble rumble!

Each step seemed to be knocking on their hearts.

Its near… …. getting nearer and nearer!

“Ready!” A captain of the Yu Clan’s guards bellowed, with a slight tremble in his voice, but by now, he knew that the critical moment has come, “Loose!”

Hundreds of arrows left their bows!

These martial artists had True Power of at least level three and above, the arrows were enveloped in light radiance, with amazing strength.

The arrows rained down!

The low humming air was instantly filled with noises. Most of the arrows were aimed at Tang Tian, for they knew that Tang Tian was the head of the enemies, and as long as they got rid of him, they would have achieved victory!

But the following scene made their feet go cold.

The wildly bolting Tang Tian, who was like a rhinoceros charging around, raised his fists and punched out!


The air in front suddenly seemed to compress into an air wall, when the arrows hit the wall, they seemed to be stuck, unable to advance further. The next moment, the air wall full of arrows, was crushed to pieces like an avalanche!

[Great Avalanche]!

With Tang Tian’s level five True Power now, performing the Great Avalanche was effortless.

Tang Tian kicked hard into the floor, his speed increased sharply, like a cannonball that shot out, instantly shaking off those archers, and appearing at the lower end of the wall.

When the Yu Clan was built, they had never thought that they would be attacked.

Tang Tian inhaled deeply, his entire body of True Power filled to the brim, with angry round eyes and an angry bellow, he punched the wall made of bluestone!


The fist with green flames disappeared into the bluestone, as though it were tofu.

A second later, the wall before him collapsed into numerous tiny pebbles like an avalanche, spilling down. Before him, appeared a two-metre wide square opening, as if someone sliced off a piece of the wall with a sword.

Tang Tian disappeared almost instantaneously from the opening.

The next moment, he appeared below the watchtower, roared angrily and punched a thick stake supporting the entire watchtower.

The wood as thick as a basin instantly shattered, as the sawdust flew everywhere.

Crack crack crack!

The watchtower that lost its support started to creak and tilt slowly. These watchtowers were usually empty, and being made crudely and simply, were in disrepair.

The martial artists atop the watchtower yelped as they hurriedly threw their bows and arrows, and jumped from the watchtower.


The watchtower that lost its centre of gravity collapsed suddenly, creating a cloud of dust.

Followed closely was another loud bang, but this time it was Ah Mo Li, following suit, chopping off another supporting stake of the other watchtower.

Without any threats above them, the crowd’s morale was greatly boosted.

Tang Tian had an aura of a wild tiger, unstoppable. Ah Mo Li seemed to have gone crazy, his swords were like wind, chopping continuously, none of them his match.

Han Bing Ning cruised beside Tang Tian, and attacked unexpectedly, each stab right on target.

The Yu Clan was on the verge of collapse.

“Patriarch!” A clan elder urgently shouted, upon seeing the disciples of Yu Clan being slaughtered like livestocks, he was extremely worried.

Yu Ming Wei was livid, but he took a deep breath, “Let’s wait awhile more!”

By his side, the experts of Yu Clan were assembled, they were the last hope for Yu Clan.

He must wait a little longer… …

A dazzling radiance exploded before Yu Ming Wei, he was inexplicably pleasantly surprised and blurted, “They’re here!”


Tang Tian totally did not understand any strategies, in his mind, Bing hurled abuse at him without stopping. His occupational disease made him unable to suppress himself upon seeing Tang Tian running around cluelessly.

“Idiot, fancy running towards a crowded area, are you in a hurry to die?”

“Can’t you see that here isn’t a good entry point? Don’t you have eyes?”

“Use your brain! Brain!”


Tang Tian turned a deaf ear, he has gone crazy from the fights, not just him, all the Shangguan disciples were crazily involved.

Tang Tian’s mindset was very simple, to leave no future troublemakers for the Shangguan Clan.

He and Qian Hui would eventually head for Heaven’s road, this path would be filled with danger, what may happen in future, no one knows.

Even if they leave, they must leave a beautiful future for the Shangguan Clan! Even if they leave, they must leave with peace of mind!

Suddenly, a cold gaze locked in on Tang Tian.

Tang Tian froze.

He jerked his head up, not far off, was a tall person staring at him.

But what caught his attention, was the Spirit General beside the tall person, giving off a cold eerie vibe.

Tang Tian’s pupils constricted.

It was the first time that he saw such a solid Spirit General! The spirit general before him was not the common translucent grey glass-like type, but one with a solid body. Dressed in a black martial uniform, the skin bared outside was grey, Tang Tian could even see the outlines of muscles, the grey hair was however akin to a ball of grey flame.

What gave the palpitations, was the pair of scarlet eyes!

So spooky that it suffocated!