Undefeated God of War - Chapter 112 – Huo Yan Guang

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Chapter 112 – Huo Yan Guang

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

When Huo Yan Guang released his killing technique, the power was substantially different.

The dazzling red burning fist, was like a 3.3 meter long big fiery python, suddenly shooting out like a bullet, opening its big wide mouth, desiring to devour any person.

Everyone was shocked. Huo Yan Guang was usually arrogant and despotic, not like Ming Zi Chun and Yun Yi Yao, both people that receive good praises from everybody, but once he showed his hand, it surprised everybody. Fire Python Fist was a martial technique secretly passed down through the Huo Clan’s tradition, and was suitable for fire affinity martial artists to train. As a rank five martial technique, to train the killing technique, not only does it require outstanding talent, but also a large amount of time.

To everyone, Huo Yan Guang was a typical white silk disciple, who could have thought that, he was willing to spend so much bitter hardship on such a move.

Fire Python Fist, the fist that was like a python, tyrannical but not losing its nimbleness, it was a special rank five martial technique.

The Huo Clan researched this fist art a lot, and every generation after generation of passing down, they would leave a Fire Python Fist spirit card, and they were all special. Huo Yan Guang spent an untold amount of bitter hardship and time on this fist art. Amongst the Huo Clan’s disciples, no one was his equal.

Huo Yan Guang’s gaze was grave and stern, he was usually reserved, and never showed his real power. He originally did not think that, the situation would become so dire to this extent. But when the situation went out of hand, he suddenly thought that, it was a great chance!

If I can defeat Tang Tian and save Ming Zi Chun today…

Not only would Ming Zi Chun owe him a great personal favour, his prestige would also skyrocket through the roof. The only worrisome thing was that if Shangguan Qian Hui came back, seeking revenge, but…

Upon thinking of what Tang Tian had done the entire day, how he had already offended all the clans and families of Immortal Constellation, even if Shangguan Qian Hui came back, so what?

No matter how powerful Shangguan Qian Hui was, could she become an enemy of the entire Immortal Constellation?

Huo Yan Guang’s gaze turned chilly, killing intent bursting forth from his chest, the flame power in his hands became even more astonishing.

Suddenly, he glimpsed a ray of a blue figure from the corner of his eyes.

Not good!

The corner of his eyes jumped, and he immediately flicked his wrist, only to see a huge red flaming python, the snake body shooting out into the air and turning, rushing and pouncing towards the blue figure!

This pounce, was as fast as lightning.

But, it was still half a step slower, and landed on thin air.

Huo Yan Guang’s heart trembled, so fast!

Although he saw that Tang Tian was brave just now, Huo Yan Guang had already prepared for a fierce battle, but to actually have a real fight, under the pressure that came along, exceeded his expectations.

Huo Yan Guan’s reaction was still quite fast, he retracted his elbow, his figure withdrew, the fire python wrapping around him, protecting him in the middle.

The fire python’s head was held high, waiting for a chance.

A sharp and clear sound like a firecracker sonic boom suddenly exploded out.

Huo Yan Guang’s heart clenched, he’s coming!

A ray of leg image, striked onto the blazing fire python’s body.

The fire python’s body trembled, but afterwards shook off the True Power.

Huo Yan Guang’s mind relaxed, the opponent’s energy, was not considered strong, for his flaming fist fire python, it was not a threat.

But in the next second, his face changed.

Pa pa pa pa!

Like a strand of firecrackers, the sharp and crisp sonic boom sounds were so concentrated that they could cause people to become unable to breath. Wave after wave of True Power, the astonishingly high frequency, loudly rumbled forth.

Tang Tian’s body was suspended in mid air, the leg images were so fast that no one could see them clearly, on every leg that kicked out, the tip of the leg would light up with a conical halo.

Double Succeeding Loop Kicks!

Huo Yan Guang felt like he was trapped in a perilous situation, all his ears could hear was the indefinite screaming of gales that did not stop. So fast! So fast until he had no chance to react, and could only instinctively react.

Huo Yan Guang was mindblown, although the Double Succeeding Loop Kicks was a side skill, he knew everything about it. A perfect Double Succeeding Loop kick, could kick out four times per second!

But Tang Tian, had faintly broke through this boundary, and was close to kicking five kicks per second!

Five kicks per second!

Such terrifying high frequency!

In a short duration of five seconds, Huo Yan Guang’s fire python, had already received 25 kicks!

Every kick’s strength might not be strong, but to receive all 25 kicks altogether, his face suddenly changed. 25 kicks of True Power, in the duration of five seconds, surged up violently, even Huo Yan Guang was feeling his chest constricting.

The flaming python was like a sieve that kept on shivering.

Huo Yan Guang was unyielding in character, how can he lose? He resisted the constriction on his chest, snorted, he flipped his right elbow, and suddenly struck horizontally!

A ray of fire light flashed!

The curled up tail of the fire python was like an enormous whip, suddenly pulling out.

As if he had already predicted this, Tang Tian borrowed the force of his tip of the toe, his body horizontally moving like lightning, and the tip of the tail, brushed across his body.

A sharp energy, emerged on the Blue Peacock armor chest area leaving behind a spark!

Tang Tian treated it as nothing, and the moment he landed on the floor, he bent his knee, and like a an artillery bomb, he blasted forward towards Huo Yan Guang who was still protected by the Fire python.

I was waiting for this for so long!

Huo Yang Guang’s gaze turned cold, his left hand that was hidden, suddenly shot out!

The flames enveloping the fist transformed into a little fire python snake that wanted to devour people, although it was smaller by a size, but it was formed more densely.

Tang Tian who was directly rushing in, did not have any thoughts of dodging, brazenly showed his fist, Concussion Punch!

Suddenly Huo Yan Guang’s pupils constricted, Tang Tian’s punch, had a transparent light ball.

Vacuum Jolt!

Concussion Punch’s killing technique!

But then Huo Yan Guang suddenly laughed, a rank four killing technique, how could it fight with a rank five killing technique?


The translucent Vacuum Jolt and Huo Yan Guang’s murderous fire python firmly collided.

The moment the translucent ball of light of Tang Tian’s fists broke, the surrounding air was suddenly pulled, becoming extremely sharp streams of air which were like knives, frantically rushing forth towards the fist!

The sharp hissing sound sounded out loudly without a warning, similar to an owl hooting in the forest.

Pop Pop Pop!

The sharp and intense streams of air, like furious arrows, pierced inside the fire python flaming fist.

The strong energy that was from the fist, caused Huo Yan Guang heart to shiver, such a strong power, as expected from a rank four killing technique! But, to rely on this attack with such a degree of strength, to try and defeat his murderous fire python, must be living in fantasy!

Just at this moment, suddenly, a sharp and intense energy, like an awl, dug into Huo Yan Guang’s fists. Huo Yan Guang was caught off guard, and his True Power was almost defeated.

Such a weird True Power!

Huo Yan Guang forced himself to stabilise his True Power, ready to change the True Power, however, the True Power that was dug in from his fists, suddenly ruptured with a bang!

The explosion of the True Power, came so abruptly, Huo Yan Guang did not even prepare or anticipate it.


Huo Yan Guang forcefully stabilised his True Power, which eventually collapsed in a great mess.

Huo Yan Guang’s face changed!

How is that possible!

Tang Tian’s True Power, actually contained two entirely different types of energy!

Huo Yan Guang for a period of time was stumped for words in his position, actually forgetting that he was in battle, his eyes fixed on the blue figure, inside his field of vision.


Burrowing the force from Huo Yang Guang’s fists, Tang Tian bent his back, his entire body was like blue lightning, cutting forward and directly colliding into the middle of the crowd.

Even up till now, the raging inferno in his eyes, was actually still burning fiercely while swaying gently.

From the very start, he had never thought of letting anyone go.

In the previous crossing of swords, Tang Tian was just testing them out. After fighting, Tang Tian knew that Huo Yan Guang was a stubborn person. That stubborn bone, he would leave him for the last. So he purposely used his Crane Energy first, afterwards the Heavenly Dragon energy, the explosiveness of the Heavenly Dragon energy, let him be able to leave the opponent relaxingly.

The crowd only blinked once, and the blue figure was like a demon that suddenly emerged in front of them.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

When they saw Huo Yan Guang in a tangle with Tang Tian, and when Huo Yan Guang even used his killing technique, they felt that the battle was already over. Who knew that Tang Tian would actually give up on Huo Yan Guang, and rush towards them.

The guard who turned pale in fright bore the brunt, in a panic, he horizontally slashed with his steel sword.

Tang Tian’s palms, looked like it gently slap on the sword’s body.


As if the guard received huge damage, his mouth spat out a lot of blood, as if his entire being were smashed by a frantically running rhinoceros, instantly flying out.

Everyone who was watching the entire scene, was terror stricken.

The palm of Tang Tian’s, was not Palmar Moon Knife, or Broken Shadow Palm, it was a benefit of using the borrowed power accumulated from Huo Yan Guang’s murderous Fire Python’s power.

The Young Master who lost his guard, had his face turned white, his eyes rolled backwards, and then he fainted.

Tang Tian moved like lightning, brushing past the crowd quickly.

Whoever he passed by, would all scream, one after another their figures would be flung out.

Yu Ze Qing initially believed that victory was in his hands, as he joyfully rushed out. Who knew that Tang Tian would charge forward with a sudden thrust, scaring him until his face became pale white, he instantly turned back and retreated.

But Tang Tian was faster than he imagined!

A shadow of a leg appeared in his vision without any signs. He could not react in time. This leg landed on his face solidly.

Things turned black and he fainted.

Tang Tian did not give Yu Ze Qing another look. He recognized how luxurious Yu Ze Qing’s clothes were, and he knew right away that he was a prince. These princes were all his targets. It was meaningless to get into business with the imperial guards.

Like a falcon hunting a rabbit, he was astonishingly fast.

“Young master!”

“Young master!”

The crowd gasped incessantly as the imperial guards rushed over to young master.

They were fast, however, Tang Tian was faster!


Tang Tian bellowed.

The blue peacock appeared on his shoulder, with the blood red feather on its forehead. Tang Tian’s armor shot out ten blue colored feathers. They flew low and fast at the speed of lightning quietly.

No one thought that each blue feather had a rope attached to it.

Seeing the imperial guards reaching for their young master. Suddenly, more than ten blue lights shot from the ground and ten blue thin ropes tied around the young master.

The blue light came on without any warning.

Without waiting for them to react, Tang Tian’s peacock screamed and flew into the sky.

All the ropes were tightened.

The young masters that were tied down by the rope, were being brought up into the sky by the peacock. The peacock did not seem to have a huge body, yet it had startling powers. It flapped its wings and flew towards the light beam quickly.

Huo Yan Guang woke up and he quickly understood Tang Tian’s intention. He screamed his lungs out and with a powerful jump, he leaped up and into the sky to meet the peacock with his fist.


Huo Yan Guang’s fist was created with anger. His voice was frightening. The fist glistened like it were a huge red python leaving its hole. With a strong presence, it went for the peacock in the sky.

A ray of blurry blue shadow suddenly withstood the python.

Upon seeing such a gigantic fire python, Tang Tian’s eyes were set ablaze.

The young lad raised his fist once again.