Undefeated God of War - Chapter 110 – Causing trouble

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Chapter 110 – Causing trouble

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The Shangguan Clan door was so full of people that not even water could flow through.

A large group of youths were clustered together, all of them dressed gorgeously, their servants beside them. With one glance, it could be seen that there were over two hundred people. All of them had a look of unkindness, their expressions gloomy.

Very quickly, Tang Tian and Shangguan Qian brought Shangguan Wei and the rest to the front door.

Seeing so many people, Tang Tian squinted his eyes: “Causing trouble?”

Tang Tian did not know, following his gradual abundance of experience, with just a move, his strong and dense killing intent would naturally flow out. Uncle Qian was surprised with Tang Tian’s killing intent, although those past few years Tang Tian was a young tyrant in the school, and would appear to be fierce, he did not have any killing intent then.

“Let me ask first.” Uncle Qian immediately stopped Tang Tian, he did now know why, but he had a feeling that Tang Tian was filled with mysterious danger.

But when he glanced around at the group of people, his heart sank, for he knew that there was trouble.

These people… all had rich and powerful histories!

The left person wearing a light green silk robed young man, was the Ming Clan’s Ming Zi Chun. Although the Ming clan was not as celebrated as the Shangguan Clan in the past, in the long history of the Immortal Constellation, it was not a low class clan either. The Ming Clan of Immortal Constellation was not a power to be underestimated, and Ming Zi Chun had long participated in the affairs of the clan. To come and pay a visit to the Shangguan Clan, it was because of the high admiration for the Young Miss.

With a distance of two steps between them, the one who was frivolous, a red flaming short haired young man, was Huo Yan Clan’s second Young Master. Huo Yan Guang’s temper was short, after being spoilt by the grandmother of Huo Yan clan, he was always arrogant. The Huo Yan Clan was also one of Immortal Constellation’s long established clans, with deep roots in the place.

One step away was the Yun Clan’s Young Master Yun Yi Yao. The Yun Clan was a merchant clan, and was Immortal Constellation’s number one enterprise. They were extremely rich, and even the Shangguan Clan could not hope to match them.

Chu Clan, Hao Clan, Shen clan, Qi Clan….

With a glance, practically all the clans with some history from Immortal Constellation were gathered. Such a strong group of people, Uncle Qian’s heart jumped. Many of the families were not even from Rainbow City.

There’s a trap!

After a moment, Uncle Qian knew that someone was pulling strings from the dark. But the person’s power, to be able to gather practically all the powerhouses in Immortal Constellation, Uncle Qian’s heart trembled. These families with their powers combined together, even if Young Miss was around, they would not be able to defend against them.

But Uncle Qian was not the same person as two years ago. His face did not change, he calmly and steadily, without a change of expression, said: “All of you Young Masters, why did you all gather at the door of my Shangguan Clan?”

Huo Yan Guan snorted: “Don’t play dumb, which of you is Tang Tian?”

Tang Tian was surprised, they actually came for him? He was puzzled, he just arrived at Rainbow city, and did not fight with anybody, why did they come to find him?

Uncle Qian was surprised as well, but he quickly regained his senses: “I’m not too sure on what matters have you come to find my family’s son-in-law?”

“Son-in-law?” Ming Zi Chun instantly cut him off, his tone of voice was unkind: “I want to see, to become Young Miss Qian Hui’s husband, what kind of person is he!”

Yun Yi Yao came out and bowed, and clearly said: “Good to see you Uncle Qian, the reason for our arrival here today, was to see the so called Shangguan Clan’s son-in-law. Young Miss Qian Hui is the person I respect the most, and no random person can be fit to be with Young Miss Shangguan Qian Hui.”

“That’s right! A random cat-dog jumping out by itself, and wanting to seize Young Miss Qian Hui, must also have to taste our fists whether he agrees to it or not!”

“A toad who wants to eat the swan’s meat! Fairy Young Miss Qian Hui, I don’t believe there is anyone in the world who is worthy for her!”

“To marry Young Miss Qian Hui, They have to see if I agree to it or not!”

“Who is that asshole Tang Tian? If he have the balls he should come out now!”

“Today that asshole cannot run away, thinking about it makes me angry! If i don’t beat him up, my heart won’t be consoled!”


Everyone’s emotions were stirred, many kinds of scoldings and curses were not pleasant to the ears, everyone’s faces was indescribably stirred.

Seeing their moods surging up violently more and more, these people were like bucket of gunpowder. As long as there was a spark, it would explode! Behind the group was Yu Ze Qing, his heart was feeling so ecstatic. Especially when he saw the disciples of Shangguan Clan in a state of panic, he was so happy he almost moaned.

Tang Tian is dead this time!

He understood the white silk boys, as he was the same as them. Although they did not have any crafty or evil ancestors, when talking about their face, once they were angered, they could do almost anything.

To personally craft and initiate this plan, and to see his own plan succeed, that kind of feeling, it was the first time for him feeling it since young.

Too spectacular!

Far away on a roof, that spot could clearly see the ruckus all about. In the group, the tall man and the 八-moustached man, were inside with them.

“Yu Ze Qing has some skills in the end.” The 八-moustached man laughed and said.

“I don’t like these kinds of people.” The tall one shook his head.

“But that is also good.” The 八-moustached man said naturally: “Like this, it is sufficient!”

“En.” The tall man answered. “Tang Tian is in trouble now.”

The Shangguan Clan was full, with over two hundred people. Of all these two hundred, although there weren’t many strong martial artists, with many hands comes great strength. All the young masters had servants to await them, and they all had considerable strength. Also, the Shangguan Clan did not dare to take action against any of these Young Masters, if they were to offend any of these clans, There would be no footing for the Shangguan Clan in the Immortal Constellation anymore.

Looking from any angle, the Shangguan Clan was forced to a corner. Also, regarding the matter, to Shangguan Clan’s revival, to attack would be very detrimental for them.

Seeing how pale and frightened Shangguan Qian’s face was, and the sweat on his forehead, it could be seen that they were in a very bad situation.

The Shangguan Clan is finished this time!


When Tang Tian listened to them, he understood what they were trying to say.

He suddenly laughed out loud, showing his two perfect straight rows of teeth.

The blood meridians in his body were boiling so hot they could melt steel, and his pupils were flaring up with anger. All the spoutings and scoldings, each and every sentence and word entered his ears.

I have not been angry for so long…

His heart was cold with bone chilling killing intent, and his forced smile was like an untamed steed with sharpness like the tip of a sword.

He stepped out in front of everybody, his face still having the bright smile, looked around at his surroundings, and with his disdainful and sneering tone in his voice he said: “When did the matters between Qian Hui and I land in the hands of you garbage?”

The entire place quieted down.

Everyone stared blankly at Tang Tian, all of them not believing their own eyes.

No one could have imagined that, under such a situation, that person would not only jump out, and even automatically provoke everyone, this guy must be tired of living?

“You’re courting death!”

Tang Tian shouted out, his mouth forming a sinister sneer smile.

Before his voice landed, his body already disappeared.

In that breath, without a sign he already appeared beside Ming Zi Chun’s side.

Tang Tian’s sudden movements exceeded everybody’s anticipation. To them, Tang Tian standing there was already stupid enough, but he himself started to engage with them first?

No one could imagine that, as everyone was still shocked by Tang Tian’s sudden provocation.

Tang Tian had made his move.

Ming Zi Chun’s two servants beside him were the first to react, as if they were awoken from their dream, their face changed, they shouted loudly, and tried to block Tang Tian.

Who knew that Tang Tian had already anticipated their moves. His body swayed like a pendulum, forming two images of him, like a string of mudfish, in between the two servants, he slipped through them.

Ming Zi Chun definitely did not expect that Tang Tian would actually take action.

The two servants were surprised as two thick and powerful fist auras landed on their backs.

Tang Tian trained in the eagle claw, his fingers were like hooks, and grabbed tightly.

Mine Zi Chun immediately felt his throat in pain, and he wailed out.

The two servants quivered, they actually let the Young Master land into the hands of their enemy. They did not call back their True Power, both of them snorted, but they were actually suffering from internal injuries in the process.

Tang Tian’s one hand grabbed onto Ming Zi Chun’s throat, his figure suddenly rose, like lightning he flew out.

Everyone were scared until their faces became pale white and finally they reacted, what exactly just happened!

Such a fierce person!

They were all young masters who were pampered and spoiled since childhood, when did they ever witness such a fight before, and were scared out of their wits previously. After they finally regained their senses, everyone was agitated and angry.

“Too arrogant!”

“Damnit, we cannot take this! Want to escape? No way!”

“Chase! Kill him!”

“Everyone go and kill him!”


Everyone was gathered together, but were defeated by Tang Tian, to them, it was utterly shameful! They felt that they had an advantage with the number of people, their power was absolute, what happened just now was just a fluke as Tang Tian sneak attacked when they were not prepared.

Yu Ze Qing’s face was filled with shock and astonishment, and he almost shrieked in excitement.

Tang Tian’s actions meant his own death!

If Tang Tian had spoke gently and softly, and after the rest had released their anger, the possibility of leaving him be was big. But now, Tang Tian had offended everyone, and he still held on to Ming Zi Chun, the matter had already taken a great change.

He looked at the other Young Masters who were on good terms with Ming Zi Chun, they had already started going towards the Ming Clan to report.

Tang Tian, you’re deadmeat!

A group of people were chasing towards Tang Tian’s location.

Uncle Qian eyes flashed a hint of fierceness, he took a deep breath, and bellowed: “Call all the disciples at the training grounds!”

No matter what, he could not let anything happen to Young Master Ah Tian, even if the Shangguan Clan ended up offending all those families, he did not care. After following Qian Hui and experiencing the most difficult of times, he who was not married, treated Young Miss as his own daughter. In his eyes, Young Miss was the most important person to him.

No one knew as well as him how much Tang Tian meant to Young Miss. In Young Miss’ eyes, Tang Tian was the only ray of light in the darkness.

Uncle Qian’s heart calmed down, all the hesitation and fear disappeared.

He could hear that the Shangguan Clan people were shouting, their weapons making sounds everywhere, footsteps and angry shouts, everyone was gathering together and getting closer to him.

“Uncle Qian!”

Shangguan Wei and Shangguan Zhu was gasping for breaths, as they brought many disciples with killing intent.

Shangguan Qian’s kind and nice face had become solemn and strict, and only his eyes still had a glint of softness.

Young Miss, Old Qian will forever protect you!