Undefeated God of War - Chapter 101 – Departure [No. 1] <<<< I don’t get what number is this about

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Chapter 101 – Departure [No. 1] <<<< I don’t get what number is this about

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Not far away a sound whistled out, lasting for a long time. The light ball released from the energy crack seemed to be frightened. Like a school of fish that were frightened, swimming in all directions, the current energy crack was in a mess.

Jing Hao suddenly stood up, his gaze looking towards the direction of the sound, filled with intense fear and rue.

Young man, sweat will never lie….

Jing Hao’s was pondering on many things, he personally witnessed, what Tang Tian did to become stronger one step at a time. No one was clearer than him about the amount of sweat and bitter hard work that Tang Tian had to invest. Jing Hao himself was someone who participated in hardship training. If not, he alone would not have the criteria to enter the big tomb outer barracks. All the way, hardship training was his place of arrogance, until he met Tang Tian.

It’s like this young man had no idea what fatigue was, had no idea what being tired was, he would forever be dull and boring, forever be dripping with sweat and would forever be clenching his teeth….

In front of Tang Tian, it was the first time Jing Hao had felt ashamed.

The words that Tang Tian said to the lady in black, it was his thoughts, it was his standards, for so long, he was always doing things that way.

Fifth level!

Tang Tian broke through to the fifth level of True Power.

The hissing sound undulated, Jing Hao effortlessly went to find an undulating movement belonging to the fifth level.

Fifth level martial artists, although it was classified as the basic level in the Honorable Martial Group, and with Tang Tian’s age, to attain the fifth level, as compared to the geniuses, was not worth mentioning, Jing Hao had a very strong gut feeling that Tang Tian’s future would definitely be higher than the geniuses with extreme and excellent talent.

Rationality told Jing Hao that his way of thinking was somewhat preposterous. The geniuses inside the Honorable Martial Group, all the resources that they had, was something incomprehensible by outsiders. Astonishing numbers of star rocks, spirit nuclei, treasures, and adding on a teacher’s guidance; every one of them all had strong support. Compared to them, Tang Tian was poor to the bones.

But that thought, in Jing Hao’s mind was so much stronger.

“Haha! Fifth level! I have finally broken through to the fifth level!”

“Wa wa wa, as expected of the godlike young man!”

Tang Tian’s excited cheering sounds emitted out, Jing Hao’s mouth could not help but smile, if this brat, was not that stupid, I reckon he would be a genius.

This was someone who, by standing at his side, would be disoriented by the light and warmth from this kind of young man!


Three days after breaking through to the fifth level.

Finally leaving the dark underground, leaving the energy crack dreamland, Tang Tian was somewhat reluctant, but very quickly, he threw the sad thoughts to the back of his head.

Qian Hui!

I want to go to Rainbow City to see Qian Hui!

And there’s Heaven Road….

Tang Tian could not help but clench his fist tightly, his eyes full of spirit. Two years of not seeing Qian Hui, I really miss her….

When Jing Hao told him that he was ready to leave, Tang Tian started preparing. Tang Tian went to Baldie’s grave and lit incense joss sticks, and told Baldie he was leaving. Afraid that he would not have any chance of coming back to see him, he hoped that Baldie could rest in peace.

Tang Tian even went to Three Spirits City, mainly to go to the base to visit Sai Lei. Sai Lei was completely immersed in the mechanical weapons, and was not interested in speaking to Tang Tian. Tang Tian only spoke three sentences to her, and was chased away. Tang Tian left her sufficient rations, to prevent Sai Lei from starving.

“Let’s go.” Jing Hao said.

“Ok.” Tang Tian nodded his head.

As the two of them went back to the big tomb outer barracks, a few martial artists welcomed them, and one of them was a Bronze Ranked Martial Artist. Tang Tian was surprised, in front of him were actually five Bronze Ranked Martial Artists, and nine Iron Ranked Martial Artists!

“Master Jing Hao!” Although the leading Bronze Ranked Martial Artist was the same rank as Jing Hao, he still called out Master, and automatically bowed: “The bronze carriage is ready, you can depart at anytime.”

Jing Hao nodded his head: “You’ve worked hard.”

Tang Tian and Jing Hao boarded the bronze carriage, although the bronze carriage was not as extravagant as Kong You Lin’s carriage, the interior was considered not bad.

On board the carriage, Tang TIan softly asked Jing Hao: “Why are there so many people? All of them are so strong.”

Jing Hao explained: “I already reported everything that happened to the higher ups. Previously the higher ups were not clear on what treasures were here, but now that they know that it is the Lyra Treasury, they found a few leads. Right now it is still the early stages of exploring, so they sent these few guys. If it really is the Lyra Treasury, then I’m afraid that even Silver Ranked Artists, will personally come. Relax, I already told my teacher. If they find the Lyra Treasury, both of us will be the lead in accomplishing such a huge deed, we will benefit quite a lot.”

Tang Tian was stumped: “There really is a Lyra Treasury?”

“Yes.” Jing Hao nodded his head: “The Lyra Treasury is very famous in history, is just that no one has ever found a lead. The lady from last time, I reckon she really found some sort of lead. However, now that we know about it, Onyx Soul will not have any chance. All these people are just the first wave, later on there will be more and more stronger martial artists. The security here will be even more stringent, Onyx Soul will not be able to even stick a hand in.”

Tang Tian ‘ah’-d once in grief, as he hugged his face in annoyance: “That woman actually told the truth! I was wrong! I was wrong! A treasury! So many treasures…”

Jing Hao earnestly said: “Young man! Do not chase after treasures, that is your laziness, you want to take a shortcut. No matter how strong the treasure, how can it compare to your sweat and tears? You must believe, that the strength you gain from all the sweat and heat, is true strength. Do you know why?”

Tang Tian’s expression was frozen, he stared blankly at Jing Hao.

Jing Hao was like someone who ate ginseng, his entire body was indescribably relaxed, and he earnestly and coldly said: “Because, sweat will not lie!”

Tang Tian: “…..”

The guard beside them complimented: “As expected of Master Jing Hao! Those words are practically what all of us martial artists should strive after!”

Jing Hao could not take it any longer, and laughed out loud.

Tang Tian’s eyes twitched and countless black lines appeared on his forehead. He was at his wits’ end as he slapped down, pointed at Jing Hao, clenched his teeth and challenged: “Come! Such a good time, how can we waste and fritter away? Come on! Young man! Let us fight a good round!”

Jing Hao’s laughter abruptly stopped.

Once he thought of Tang’s style of cycle strategy, Jing Hao’s heart felt weak.

The other martial artists on the carriage, were shocked, Master Jing Hao, actually…..did not take up the challenge!

All of them looked at Tang Tian’s gaze, and expressions changed immediately. They did not know Tang Tian, so they did not take him to heart, and some of them even thought that Tang Tian was Master Jing Hao’s disciple of some sort. Only now did all of them realise that Tang Tian was very different.

A person who could cause Master Jing Hao to have retrained fear….

“This master is?” One of the martial artists carefully asked.

Once Jing Hao heard that sentence, he immediately grabbed that saving grace chance, and lightly coughed: “Master Tang Tian, is a Bronze Ranked Martial Artist, and has contributed a lot for our Honorable Martial Group, and he is Senior Ghost Claw’s successor.”

Everyone immediately felt deep veneration for him, Ghost Claw Nong’s famous fierce name, even after so many years, it was still spread as a legend in the Honorable Martial Group.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of you.” Jing Hao earnestly said: “To spar with Tang Tian, will be good training for your martial techniques. I can responsibly inform all of you, although Brother Tang Tian is considerably young, he has in depth knowledge concerning martial techniques. Who wants to come and try?”


“I’m coming!”

“Master Tang please give us guidance!”

Everyone was striving to be first, in fear of missing the good opportunity, upon seeing this. Jing Hao released a large breath, he used the chance as Tang Tian was stunned and did not react, and quickly said: “Then, you! Go first!”

The martial artist excitedly rushed in front of Tang Tian, ‘Shua’, he bowed to Tang Tian: “Master Tang, I seek your guidance!”

At that point, Tang Tian finally came back to his senses, and turned to stare at Jing Hao.

Jing Hao had a satisfied look, his mouth feigned steady: “Ok, one by one, all of you line up in order.”

Big brother Jing Hao, you think by doing this I will have no other way…

Tang Tian stared at Jing Hao, and suddenly opened his mouth, and laughed out.

Half an hour later, all of the martial artists were lying on the floor in disorder. Tang Tian did not have mercy, after breaking through to the fifth level, his power had attained a whole new high degree. His True Power was even more vigorous, adding on his Heavenly Dragon Energy and Crane Energy, every move and every technique’s destructive force was considerably stronger.

The current Tang Tian, was someone even Jing Hao felt was a problem.

When they both fought, it was equal. Tang Tian’s True Power was weaker than Jing Hao’s by a level. But adding the Heavenly Dragon Energy and Crane’s Energy, could cause the gap to be smaller. Tang Tian’s martial techniques were also lacking in a level, but his intuition was very strong, and the current Tang Tian had six times heightened rate of intuition.

If Jing Hao wanted to win against Tang Tian, he roughly needed a thousand moves.

Jing Hao was not afraid of sparring with Tang Tian, Jing Hao was afraid that Tang Tian would circulate more and more techniques and tricks.

Tang Tian calmly took a breath, and suddenly used his fingers in a waving motion to Jing Hao, one word after another, he slowly said: “Come, Big brother Jing Hao!”


Through the whole journey, there was no disturbance.

The martial artists on the carriage, admired Tang Tian greatly. He was obviously of the fifth level of True Power, but he was strong beyond words, and was definitely worthy of being a Bronze Ranked Martial Artist. Especially after witnessing Tang Tian and Jing Hao spar, two experts exchanging blows, opened up their scope.

Master Jing Hao chose a specialised route, and only trained in sword techniques which were very strong, and trained to perfection. Rank six sword techniques were not considered strong, but Master Jing Hao’s swordplay showed an indescribable flavor.

While Master Tang Tian was completely opposite, his martial techniques were extremely diverse, there were five or six different types of martial techniques. Close quarters combat was extremely fierce, and what made them so intrigued, was the change in the martial techniques. It was smooth like flowing water, everything was perfect, with many clever movements, which led people to involuntarily feel intrigued.

The both of them exchanging blows, caused them to be dazzled.

Master Jing Hao did not move, holding the green tipped sword, the sword light lingering, with sharp and pure energy. While Master Tang Tian was like a monster, violent and fierce beyond comparison, his offense was like the torrential storm, he could use any position or part of his body to attack, leaving the enemy unable to defend.

Everyone extremely treasured this kind of opportunity to observe, and of the number of people who always observed, none of them ever missed out.

Under all the watchful eyes, Jing Hao was not willing to lose his face by drawing back, as he carefully watched Tang Tian and tried to grab chances. Grabbing the chances during Tang’s style of cycle strategy, displaying his peaks.

Jing Hao was bitter and did not say anything.

“To Rainbow City!” The martial artist in front shouted.

As if he heard the sounds of nature, Jing Hao almost cried out tears of joy.