Undefeated God of War - Chapter 099 – Pressure

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Chapter 099 – Pressure

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Only after Er Zhu dropped to the floor did everyone else regain their senses.

The man in black and Da Yu, one to the left and the other to the right, formed a pincer attack and moved closer towards Tang Tian. Xiao Lu with his flying knives in hand, did not immediately attack, but patiently waited for his next chance.

The lady in black drew out another arrow, but once she heard Jing Hao’s snort, moved forward a few steps. He was just barely in between the lady in black and Tang Tian.

Jing Hao’s gaze stared intently at the opponent, the arrow just now, it was his mistake. He was focused on locking down the lady’s escape route, but did not imagine that even though she was not his opponent, she was able to bring fatal harm to Tang Tian. This one mistake was enough to make Jing Hao feel terribly ashamed, if he were to commit the same mistake twice, then he was not Jing Hao.

The lady in black heart sank, Jing Hao’s sword arts were strong, and could easily block her arrows. If it was not for her light body arts that was stronger than Jing Hao by a thin line, she would already had failed. The remaining two arrows, she was only afraid that she would not get another perfect chance.

While the three of them….

Her mind secretly shook in disapproval, she was not optimistic.

The legacy of Ghost Claw Nong, how was he lucky enough to obtain it? And seeing Tang Tian’s display of battle skills, he was formidable, and even the lady in black did not have the certainty of attaining victory. But the thing that impressed her the most, was Tang Tian’s fierce and violent fighting style, in this manner, even Jing Hao was far from him.

The young lad in front of him was a classic insane battle man. These kinds of people were born to fight. Only… this rascal, where exactly did he come from?

She had always trusted her information sources, but she had never heard about such a strong person from Honorable Martial Group.

They had found trouble today….

Indeed, the development of the battle turned out exactly how she predicted. Even with the three besieging, they were all suppressed by Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s ferocious methods were clean and decisive. He also attacked at an astonishing rate. His reaction speed was even more shocking. Although his martial techniques were not of high levels, when he combined all his martial techniques, it was unexpectedly smooth and always placed him at an advantage.

Watching him caused the lady in black to tremble in fear with her heart alarmed.

The lady in black did not know that her heart was not the only one that was alarmed, even Jing Hao, who was at the side restraining her, was shocked and stunned.

Seems like the next time I spar with that rascal, I must be careful…. I must not let him beat me to the point of craziness…

Tang Tian completely forgot about himself, and the rod images and palm imprints in front of him did not scare him at all. The light injury he received earlier, had barely done any damage to him. Tang Tian realised that as long as he urged his True Power excessively, his meridians would feel like they were being cut by knives. And the two people in front of him were also very carefully in defensive positions. Adding the unpredictable flying knives, in a short while later Tang Tian was unable to break through to the enemy.

This made Tang Tian angry.

The painful and bitter experience from the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, made him restrain the anger in his mind, Baldie’s death, made him feel upset, and Young Tang was originally not a good tempered person. To spend so much time, and still be unable to do anything to the two turtle shells, made him even angrier.

Just then, he even told Baldie’s spirit in heaven, that he would seek revenge for him!

Tang Tian was very angry, is this not just consuming more power? Shall we see who can last the longest?

He began to control his own consumption of True Power, and used more of his physical body’s power. Tang Tian had a strong body, and that was the real reason behind why he could sustain so long in battles. He kept his True Power and did not utilise it, and his consumption immediately went through a steep decline, while the opponents’ True Power was unable to break his defences and intrude into his meridians.

Tang Tian’s offense did not become slower, but actually went even faster.

Pa Pa Pa!

Between both sides, low exploding sounds started to become sharper and clearer.

The lady in black’s eyes suddenly lit up, she could tell that Tang Tian’s True Power was soon to be depleted. She was naturally clever, after thinking for a bit she had a theory, that the fourth tier Dantian pool, compared to the fifth tier Dantian pool, was much smaller, and after a prolonged battle, Tang Tian’s True Power weak point would soon be fully exposed.

That was then the real chance of gaining victory!

It was just….

She glanced at Jing Hao, only to see him with a cold laugh on his face.

Unless, this rascal still had another killing techniques? Her heart skipped a beat but after a while, Tang Tian still did not use any killing techniques. Her suspicion grew. She did not believe Jing Hao could not see Tang Tian was in danger?

Why was Jing Hao so calm?

Time was ticking by but the lady in black was always on her guard for killing techniques which had not yet appeared.

En, wait a moment?

The lady in black eyes congealed. Why was this rascal not collapsing?

She studied carefully and was shocked by what was happening on the inside of the battle. The man in black’s Devastating Heart Palm and Da Yu’s rod images were dull. She could see they were at their wit’s ends. The glow on Xiao Lu’s flying knives had faded as well. Whether it were the rate of attacks or the speed of the flying knives, they were all on the decline.

On the contrary, Tang Tian was still energetic and his attacks were like a raging storm. The punching flesh sounds were louder each time. At this rate, Tang Tian actually got the upper hand once again. As for the other two, they were not only in a position to defend, they were in extreme danger.

How…how is that possible…..

The lady in black stared at the lively silhouette in a daze. There was not an ounce of fatigue. A total of twenty minutes had passed. How could he had maintained such a high rate of attacks?

Wasn’t he tired?

Does that fellow not know what fatigue is?

As the scene unfolded in front of her, it was beyond anything she had ever seen. Even if Tang Tian’s power was rising and had entered the fifth level at such a young age. No, even if he was stepping into the sixth level, she would not be surprised. What she saw, was a rascal, a live body, defeating his enemies, one of a higher level than him and two others that had the same level as him…

This…this required what kind of body….

Even wild beasts would be ashamed to death…

Wait a minute!

Suddenly, a flash of light crossed the lady in black’s mind. Two words came to her mind, blood meridians!

Only those strong blood meridians could make someone so strong and tough.

The way she looked at Tang Tian started to change immediately. That’s right, why did I not think of it? Such an extraordinary body, other than the power of blood meridians, what else could it be?

Blood meridians!

Her gaze immediately became avaricious and passionate, in Onyx Soul, strong blood meridians, were worth much more compared to any other treasure. As long as she could obtain such blood meridians, she believed, that she would be able to get anything she wanted.

However, the opponent was one of Honorable Martial Group’s members, I have better think of a better idea.

The lady in black quickly thought.

The battle did not have much suspense, to Tang Tian, who persistently struggled through the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, this degree of battle was simply just warming up. Talking about power, Tang Tian was actually a little stronger than the man in black, but adding on Da Yu and Xiao Lu, Tang Tian’s wish of obtaining victory would not be so easily granted.

As Tang Tian’s meridians were injured, he had no choice but to drag, nonetheless, he succeeded by a lucky stroke. Tang Tian’s strong endurance was his forte, and managed to completely display his power.

The man in black and Da Yu were already so tired that they were panting. Their steps were slow like an old granny, until when Tang Tian was going to finally deal with them, their faces would already be showing a face of absolution.

Xiao Lu was panicking, he summoned all the energy he had left, and started to flee towards the lady in black. As he turned his body an arrow penetrated through him. Xiao Lu disbelievingly looked at where he was shot, and fell to the ground.

The lady in black’s expression was normal as she placed her bow and arrow down.

Tang Tian and Jing Hao was shocked and scared by the lady in black’s ferociousness, they did not expect that the lady in black would actually take action on her own underlings.

“I think, we can talk about it.” The lady in black suddenly opened her mouth.

Behind the mask, revealed a thick icy cold voice.

“There’s nothing to talk about!” Jing Hao groaned. He stopped at the entrance closest to the lady in black. Although his personality was more on the cold side, he was a softie on the inside. He was loyal and faithful. When he saw the lady in black actually attacked her own partner, he could not help but hate her.

Needless to say, Tang Tian was raging as he shouted: “You, woman, you’re vicious! Don’t think of walking out alive today!”

The lady in black seemed to have predicted the two reactions and said gracefully: “Will the both of you let him go? Anyway, he’s left to die. What’s the difference between dying in your hands or mine?”

“Nonsense! Go to hell!” Tang Tian raged as he pounced on the lady in black.

Ridicule flashed across the lady’s eyes. Her light body techniques were stronger than Jing

Hao’s. And of course, stronger than Tang Tian’s. With a flash, she disappeared and suddenly, her eyelids twitched. Almost at the same time, a blurry figure appeared right by her side without any signs and warnings, like lightning.

He, how did he appear here…

The lady in black was frightened and lightly tapped on her feet. As she turned around, she brought a sorry silhouette with her.


A hand grabbed hold onto the sides of her clothes and tore it apart.

The lady in black was shocked. As she tapped her feet continuously, she brought a sorry silhouette with her until she pulled herself away before she calm herself again. She looked down at her waist to look at the clothes that was torn away.

He…how did he do it?

This is not possible…

Her face under the mask was pale white, as the lady in black’s gaze was bewildered.

Tang Tian snorted unsatisfyingly, threw the cloth he ripped from his hands, his heart was extremely unreconciled, he was slower just now!

Jing Hao was able to watch the scene the most clearly. Although Tang Tian moved after the lady in black moved, Tang Tian actually relied only on light body arts, and in a split second determined the direction of where the lady in black was moving to, and that was the most scary thing.

What terrifying instincts!

Jing Hao’s mind was completely spooked, the moment the lady in black moved her feet, even he did not see it clearly, but Tang Tian was actually able to determine where she was going.

His shocked gaze, landed on Tang Tian’s body.

Tang Tian once again bent his waist, adopted a low posture, his eyes flashed an “I’m not losing” aura. Just now, that failed attempt did not lead Tang Tian to become discouraged, but only to have more unreconciliation and willpower.

This fellow… to what extent would he grow into?

A surge of panic took over the lady in black. Immediately, she was under intense pressure. She never thought the person to bring her such immense stress would not be Jing Hao but an unknown young lad.

The opponent’s dissatisfaction, perseverance, and fighting will, all caused her to shiver.

Shit! I actually met someone so determined!

Right now, she could not care about the others, she quickly took out her hidden trump card: “Don’t tell me even the Lyra Treasury could not make the both of you sit down to talk?”