Undefeated God of War - Chapter 097 – Resurgence

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Chapter 097 – Resurgence

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The sharp [Palmar Moon Knife], entered into the palm inside the black smoke.

Fourth level True Power, regardless of the degree of purity of the essence, or the degree of intensity, should be unable to break open the man in black’s True Power. But the originally sharp [Palmar Moon Knife], adding on the sharpness of the Crane Body’s Energy, the threat increased another level.

If he did not have the Crane Body Energy, Tang Tian’s True Power would definitely be insufficient.

The ancient Crane Sect’s tradition’s Crane Body, revealed its power at this moment.

The man in black only felt an excruciating pain, as if both his palms were being sliced apart. He screamed in shock. He had a variety of experiences, and he knew that he must not lose energy at this crucial point, or else his opponent might take this chance and kill him.

Moaning, he noticed several shadows pouncing toward Tang Tian.

He was relieved, but when he noted the changes in his behaviour, he was slightly shameful. How could he be suppressed by a fourth level rascal so badly! If he did not experience this for himself, he would never be able to imagine it…

Slap, slap, slap!

The shadows flew over. Those few Onyx Soul soldiers were of no match to this ferocious young lad, but they gave the man in black a chance to take a breather. Once he regained his Qi, his eyes were once again, peaceful.

In the eyes of the man in black, there was not a slight tinge of contempt. His face congealed as he restudied the young lad in blue.

He had once heard that Heavenly Dragon Energy could possess explosive effects at the fourth level. The brilliant and famous Heavenly Dragon Energy was one of a kind. But it was hard to cultivate the Heavenly Dragon Energy, and everyone knew that. The lower the level, the harder it was to awaken. But he did not expect that the young man in front of him, who looked ordinary, was able to awaken the Heavenly Dragon Energy with the Four Heavenly Dragons.

There were still all sorts of undiscovered weird energies!

Since when did Honorable Martial Group actually produce such a powerful new person?

The man in black’s advantage in True Power was greatly decreased, and his heart was faltering. But, with his experience in battles, he quickly thought of a way. The young man in front of him had a weird True Power, but the volume of the completed fourth tier Dantian pool was unable to change, and as compared to the fifth tier Dantian pool, it was much smaller.

To prolong the fight and continuously wear down the True Power!

In a short moment, the man in black found an opening, as he did not believe that the young man in front of him could last longer than him.

“Da Yu, Er Zhu, Xiao Lu!”

He shouted loudly, and three shadows quickly flew to his side. The man in black’s mind was set, the three of them were his old friends, three of them were soldiers, but not ordinary Iron Ranked Soldiers, they were outstanding Bronze Ranked Soldiers. The three of them had late stage fourth level power, and were only lower than him by one level. For this operation, he specially invited their help. With the three of them, his confidence grew.

“Stew slowly with a small fire.”

This was their own code word, it meant to rely on wearing down the opponent’s strength.

The other three of them understood immediately.

Tang Tian looked at the four people in front of him, his face did not show a bit of fear. He had become used to recognising all sorts and shapes, numerous and different, despicable and fierce. In front of him, the sinister bronze ranked people all looked like ordinary people, they would not be able to give him too strong of an attack.

Extending out his arm, Tang Tian took a breath.

Baldie… let me take revenge for you… you must rest in peace!

Tang Tian’s eyes became more calm, he bent his waist and went into the horse stance, he exhibited his fists out, releasing his fighting intent, rippling outwards in all directions.

All four of their expressions changed all of a sudden, the young man in front of them suddenly changed into another person. With a calm expression not suited for his age, a reckless fighting intent emitting out, blazing silently.

The four of them were well coordinated and started to move around Tang Tian to look for a chance, their expressions were extremely imposing.

There were errors in the reports!

The young man in front of them was definitely not a nameless person, and even more not someone who had no future. He must be someone whom the Honorable Martial Group secretly chose to hide, a true, powerful new member!

The first to move was Da Yu, he used a short rod which was vibrating, buzzing at a low sound frequency. Three rays of bronze rod aura, like three green snakes, hissed towards Tang Tian. Da Yu trained in the [Green Wood Snake Rod], a wood element rank four martial technique full of changes.

Er Zhu used a crescent shovel, he was tall and sturdy, and was filled with immense strength. The one hundred kg crescent shovel in his hands seemed like nothing, and without saying anything, all of the muscles in his body exploded out. He groaned once and activated his True Power, uglily dug around him. The body of the shovel was enveloped in an increasingly dramatic earthly yellow aura, the power seemed to be like five hundred kg, causing people to feel that it was impossible to defend against it. Er Zhu trained in the [Earth Monk’s Eight Shovels], earth element rank four martial technique, the style was stronger than it seemed. It was plain and simple, placing emphasis on strength to break barriers.

Xiao Lu trained in concealed weapons, with one move from both hands, three flying knives appeared in each hand. His footsteps were light as he soared into the air. With both arms extended out, the six flying knives wielded an erratic golden aura, seemingly wanting to do harm to Tang Tian. Gold element rank four martial technique, [Gold Willow Phase]!

The three of them were well coordinated, with good harmony, and suited each other well. There was firmness and softness in their coordination, with three types of True Power of different characteristics. At the side, there was the man in black observing, in the blink of an eye, Tang Tian sunk into danger.

Tang Tian’s mind was blank and calm, a hint of cold flashed in his eyes, and his legs suddenly released energy.

The Soaring Boots of the Pony extended four pony hooves before it bent forcefully. In the next moment, Tang Tian’s body was gone.

Tang Tian’s body then reappeared right in front of Er Zhu’s crescent shovel.

Everyone looked with their eyes wide opened.

No one thought that Tang Tian would place his target on Er Zhu! Everyone cheered. Speaking in terms of capabilities, among the three, they were similar but had different styles. But if in terms of raw capabilities, Er Zhu majored in the [Earth Monk’s Eight Shovel]. He held boundless strength, and no one had outshone him yet. Even the man in black had no confidence to defeat Er Zhu’s shovel.

This fellow was seeking death!


Jing Hao frowned. He did not care about the lady in black’s capabilities, but her light body technique was superb. Jing Hao’s light body techniques were not too bad, but compared to her, he was slightly inferior. The key point was that the lady in black was very cunning. She did not confront him directly, and Jin Hao could not do anything about it.

Indeed, she was a Bronze Ranked Horse!

The lady in black possessed classic Onyx Soul Horse characteristics. Her light body techniques were outstanding and she majored in bow techniques. Facing an enemy like her, she would only cruise around you, shooting cold arrows at you as if she was just killing time. Practically, it was just as annoying as a fly. The lady in black had pretty awesome bow martial techniques. It was considered a wood element rank six martial technique. [Willow Hit] was precise and ever-changing, but to Jing Hao, it was insufficient to watch.

Jing Hao observed and placed his target on the Onyx Soul Soldiers.

The Onyx Soul Soldiers were merely at the fourth level, and naturally, they were not his opponents. With a few rises, none stood around him. Jing Hao looked over at Tang Tian to see Tang Tian throwing himself to the crescent shovel. The others looked on with joy. Jing Hao smirked.

After sparring with Tang Tian for so many days, no one knew Tang Tian’s insanity as well as he did.

He shrugged off the idea of helping Tang Tian. With Tang Tian’s capabilities, he would not necessarily win, but he needed to endure for a period of time, and that should do.

Jing Hao looked back to the lady in black. When he locked his eyes at the site the lady in black was, he was excited. Her location was on the inner side, if he blocked that small alley…

Jing Hao knew this underground as well at his fingertips. The small alley the lady in black was cruising in was the only tunnel at this site.

As long as he took over the alley’s location, he could seal off any escape routes for the lady in black.

As such, the lady in black could only walk deeper.

Like a turtle caught in a jar!

Jing Hao squinted his eyes.


Facing the incoming glimmering earthly yellow crescent shovel and the whistles that sent chills down one’s spine, Tang Tian had no fear at all. In his calm eyes, a blazing flame flickered. All the strength of the muscles in his body gathered together like streams flowing back into the sea. The Fornax Fire enveloping his fist grew bigger.

The red fist had a long fire tail and just like a meteor, it struck right on the earthly yellow shovel’s light.


As the True Power collided, the energy in their bodies collided!

Er Zhu’s face changed. The shovel’s light was broken. He felt a surge of power coming through both of his hands, which were holding on to the shovel’s shaft, and as if he could no longer grab onto the crescent shovel, his iron-like body retreated back as he felt his arms go numb.

What scared him even more was the True Power that got into his body. It was clingy as he vomited fresh blood.

Er Zhu was surprised.

The others looked on speechless at this outcome. They could hardly believe what they had just seen.

Er Zhu was actually… actually defeated in a contest of strength…

The man in black turned solemn. Even if the Onyx Soul’s Cannon was the most ordinary Onyx Soul Cannon, around him, he had never seen a strength so powerful enough that could withstand Er Zhu.

This… Freak…

Tang Tian did not hesitate though, that fist excited all his sensation to fight. Whilst the opponent’s power was only slightly inferior to Ah Mo Li’s, in terms of burst shot techniques, he was far from Ah Mo Li. But when confronting such pure power based martial artists, it was easy to counter, as it was the easiest to open up their blood meridians.

Tang Tian roared as he stepped with his Soaring Boots of the Pony and sprung upwards!

With his blood boiling, he pounced right on Er Zhu!

As if waking up from his dreams, the man in black shook and with his Devastating Heart Palm, he stealthily struck onto Tang Tian’s ribs.

The others came back to reality as they quickly took out all the other methods to stall some time for Er Zhu.

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up. He bent and stuck both his legs into the mud till knee deep, like razor sharp knives.

Bing who was in the encampment recruits barracks was observing Tang Tian when he was shocked by what he saw. This was…Extremely Long Distance Leap!

One of the standard fighting movements of a mechanical weapon: Extremely Long Distance Leap!

But, but… that was obviously a movement from a mechanical weapon…

Bing was stunned.

In front of everybody, Tang Tian bent and crashed into the mud. Without any signs, he increased his speed and, like a gush of wind, he left all his attacks behind.

The young lad’s killing intent was increasing rapidly to infinity!