Undefeated God of War - Chapter 096 – Black Spirit Cannon

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Chapter 096 – Black Spirit Cannon

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

A lady in a black dress noticed the pride of her underlings, frowned, and chided: “All of you shut up!”

A chilly voice, like a sharp ice-cold blade sweeping across, the sound immediately vanished, everyone stood still, keeping quiet out of fear.

“It is only one outer barracks, what is there to be proud of.” The lady in black’s tone was tranquil: “If you cannot even handle an outer barracks of the Honorable Martial Group, humph!”

The last cold snort, was like a heavy hammer, fiercely knocking into everyone’s heart, and their heart trembled.

“Jing Hao is below here.” Just then the man in black beside the lady in black said: “There’s word, recently there’s also a new guy that just arrived, with rather good strength. But the information on him is very limited.”

Once she spoke of Jing Hao, everyone’s face became more serious.

The Honorable Martial Group was the main enemy of the Onyx Soul, and all the experts of the Honorable Martial Group knew all of them like the back of their hands.

Jing Hao was one of the top prominent experts that appeared in the Honorable Martial Group the past few years, an expert in sword arts, and his teacher was actually the famous expert Zuo Yi Tian from the Honorable Martial Group! Jing Hao did not lose his teacher’s face either, at such a young age, becoming a bronze ranked martial artist, and as a person he kept a low profile and was reserved, his heart purely on his arts, making his true strength unknown.

The lady in black did not think that Jing Hao would actually be in the big tomb outer barracks, only after interrogating the disciples of the outer barracks did they find out that Jing Hao was actually there.

Upon hearing the news, her heart trembled in fear, and she almost decided to forgo the operation of raiding the outer barracks. But hesitating for a good while, she felt that her own power, was sufficient, so she decided to continue.

For this operation, she had prepared for a long time, and spent countless hours and efforts, naturally she was not willing to give up.


“It’s the Onyx Soul.” Jing Hao said lightly, his expression was cold, emitting killing intent.

Onyx Soul was Honorable Martial Group’s arch-enemy, and the fight between both sides was practically born the moment both groups were formed.

Tang Tian’s heart skipped a beat, he thought of that incident back at Star Wind City. Truthfully, he had a very bad feeling about Onyx Soul, but this time it was worse.

Jing Hao squinted his eyes, through the crack, he looked carefully and could make out a group of people who were walking closer from a distant place. Very quickly, his gaze landed on the lady in black wearing a mask, and his expression immediately became cold.

Tang Tian who was by his side immediately noticed his change in expression, and quickly asked: “What?”

“We must be careful, it is the horse of the Onyx soul!” Jing Hao warned, and shortly after, he remembered that Tang Tian did not have much knowledge of Onyx Soul, and quickly explained: “Onyx Soul’s classification is different from all the other groups, they borrow the names of chess pieces; soldier, cannon, horse, chariot, elephant, advisor and general. The highest in number and weakest in standard is the Onyx Soul soldiers, their standard is unevenly matched. The cannons are brave and strong martial artists in a big number. Horses are the mounted scouts, they deal with information and are the most effective and fast. They are experts in pursuing long distance and ambushing. Chariots are small in number, but they are truly strong martial artists, if you meet one, do be extremely careful. Elephants are specialized in researching blood meridians and mechanisms, and are very few. But there a few Onyx Soul elephants who do battles, and are specialised in crafty plots and sly tricks, and have many queer methods. Upon meeting such an enemy, remember not to talk to them much, and immediately go for the kill. The advisors are specialised in assassinations, they move around with no shadows and no trace, they are very troublesome, and all of them are elites. Generals are the peak figures of martial artists, before becoming a peak martial artist, as long as you see them, do not hesitate, drop your head and run away.”

Tang Tian suddenly recalled meeting Onyx Soul’s Mr. Wu at Star Wind City. He was probably an Onyx Soul elephant.

But Mr. Wu’s power left a deep mark in him.

“That just speaks about their profession classification, but does not state their power. Every profession will have different level differentiations. Other than the Onyx Soul soldiers, do not look down on the other professions, the battles and competitions in Onyx Soul are more intense than ours, and they are even more adept at fighting. Upon meeting Onyx Soul, do not hold back.” Jing Hao’s expression was heavy as he urged.

He did not expect that he would actually meet a big convoy of Onyx Soul members comprised of people and horses. With one look, it was clear that they had conspired and planned this. But there was no more time to plan and plot, Jing Hao himself was not afraid of anything, but he was worried for Tang Tian.

“I will handle the Onyx Soul horse.” Jing Hao said: “You must be careful, the man in black besides the lady wearing the mask, that fellow has strength. Most likely he is an Onyx Soul cannon, if he is not, then he must be a strong person within the Onyx Soul soldiers.”

“En.” Tang Tian lightly replied, in his eyes, battle hunger was boiling.

Jing Hao’s expression was imposing, he vertically took out his long sword, suddenly released his hand, and said in a light voice: “Corona Borealis!”

Fwuu! (sound)

The sword hilt suddenly lit up with an extremely thin line of aura. The light aura quickly travelled, like a thread weaving, and in a blink of an eye, the sword hilt had transformed into a bright and beautiful crown. A cold blaze cascaded down the crown, flowing along the sword blade until the cold blaze enveloped the sharp sword tip.

Corona Borealis Constellation bronze treasure, Corona Borealis Sword!

Tang Tian was astonished upon seeing the beautiful sword in front of him, all the past days, Big Brother Jing Hao used the sword to spar with him for so long, but Tang Tian did not expect that the ordinary-looking sword was actually a bronze treasure!

Furthermore, it emitted a very strong aura!

It was so strong that Tang Tian believed it was not a bronze rank Star Treasure. Compared to it, his own Fornax gloves’ energy and aura were still far from it.

“This Corona Borealis Sword was bestowed by my teacher. All these years, it has never left my hand.” Jing Hao somewhat proudly said.

Seeing Tang Tian’s gaze and ‘mouth opened’ expression, he roughly guessed Tang Tian’s suspicions, and laughed: “Brother Tang’s Blue Peacock was even more famous in the past. All these years, Star Treasures’ martial spirits lacked nourishments, so they became weak. Our Honorable Martial Group researches on Star Treasures, no one is able to match them. Next time Brother Tang naturally will have the chance to interact with all of them. I hope you don’t disgrace the Blue Peacock’s name.”

“Oh.” Tang Tian kept it in his heart.

He did not think that the the strongest forte of the Honorable Martial Group was actually Star Treasures, Tang Tian was enlightened.

Seeing that Jing Hao was ready for combat, Tang Tian did not say a word and started activating his own treasures.

Fwuu! The Fornax Gloves released a red blaze.

Pop! The Soaring Boots of the Pony extended out four pony hooves.

The Blue Peacock armor appeared on his body, and the serene blue feathers of the peacock were complicatedly beautiful.

Upon receiving the stimulation, the True Power in his body also became active, and Tang Tian’s confidence grew.

But sadly, it was not smart to use the Saber-Toothed Tiger in front of Big Brother Jing Hao…..

Kong You Lin’s death was more impactful than he had imagined, Tang Tian planned to not use the mechanic weapons until the impact of the event had died and calmed down. If he were to expose himself, Kong Yi Yu would definitely find trouble with him.

But the recent improvements of his had led him to have an increase in confidence. Even without the mechanical weapon, he was not afraid.

“Are you ready?” Jing Hao asked without turning back.


With regards to the battle that was approaching, Tang Tian was not the least bit afraid, his hunger for battle was blazing, raging in intensity.


His voice remained in the air, but Jing Hao’s body had already disappeared.

Without saying a word, Tang Tian immediately rushed out!

It had to be said, the timing that Jing Hao chose was extremely clever. Once the two of them suddenly appeared, it was like two sharp knives, penetrating into the opponent’s convoy center, causing a scene of panic.

The Corona Borealis Sword in Jing Hao’s hand was light. A few bloody traces suddenly appeared in the air, and many people’s throats had bloody scars that suddenly appeared. Their eyes widened, both hands clasping onto their throats, unable to say anything, they fell to the ground.

Jing Hao’s violence immediately caused a disturbance.

No one noticed Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s target was the man in black, who was possibly an Onyx Soul cannon according to Jing Hao.

As Tang Tian was nearing the five metre radius of the man in black, the man was suddenly hit with realisation. But when he realised it was Tang Tian, his mouth actually showed a nasty grin.

Raising his metal palms, he welcomed Tang Tian, and slapped across.


Both palms released a jet black palm aura, it was like a black smoke mist, filled with fierce killing intent, momentarily enveloping Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, the opponent’s palm strength was so strong!

He did not have any intent on dodging, and threw a fist across.

Seeing that Tang Tian was not going to dodge, the man in black sneered. Especially when he saw the mist enveloping Tang Tian’s fist breaking into fragments and rippled out, he instantly recognized the rank four martial technique Tang Tian was using, [Concussion Punch].

His sneer became even more obvious, overestimating his own abilities!

To actually dare provoke him with a rank four martial technique, he was tired of living. His palm art was the rank five [Devastating Heart Palm]. He was immersed in this palm art for so many years, and it was by relying on this fearsome palm art that he was able to join the Onyx Soul Cannons and remove his previous identity as an Onyx Soul Soldier.

Both sides did not have the thought of dodging, one fist and one palm, clashed together.

The expression on the face of the man in black froze.

The power of the fist was not as he was expecting, and what was followed on, the opponent’s exploding True Power was a sign that more explosions were coming!

Not good!

Heavenly Dragon Energy!

Without waiting for him to react, a sharp cutting energy directly broke into the True Power that he released, and entered his body.

He accidentally snorted out, retreating a few steps back, before he was able to suppress the energy.

He was dumbstruck. Three types of energy, this brat’s True Power actually has three types of energy!

It was undoubtedly the fourth level of True Power, but it was able to nearly deliver the deathblow.

Without waiting for him to return back to normal, a sound exploded out like thunder right next to his ear. A ray of blue flashed as a countless number of fearsome blue figures emerged. A fist enveloped in countless ripples of vibrations, appeared in front of his face.

The man in black was experienced in fighting, and he knew that he could not hesitate a bit. His figure retreated back swiftly and at the same time, his right foot, like a poisonous snake, spat out, going through the air without a sound.

A jet black aura enveloped at the tip of his foot, like a sharp, black spear, aiming straight towards Tang Tian without a sound.

But Tang Tian, who was in front of him, had a demon-like nimbleness, and reacted quickly. The man in black’s right leg was suddenly stepped on, and with two legs in the air, Tang Tian spun his entire body around, striking to the center of the man in black’s body.

The reaction was so fast that the man in black thought that something was wrong, Tang Tian had already anticipated what sort of attack he would use.

His mind was overwhelmed with shock!

It was the first time he had ever been controlled to this extent in a battle. Fwuu, Tang Tian who was spinning, was like a huge rock being flung by a rock cart tossing the rock out, hissing in a low pitched tone while smashing towards him.

The man in black bit his mouth as he pushed out both his palms in an attempt to block Tang Tian’s attack.

If the two palms landed on the opponent’s body, although he would receive some injury from the opponent, the opponent would definitely receive an even stronger blow.

The distance between the two was becoming smaller and smaller, as the pair of black smoke palms were ready to imprint onto Tang Tian’s incoming body.

Tang Tian’s spinning body suddenly stretched out, the tip of his leg touched the floor by a bit, Pa, he soared into the air, and was actually approaching from above.

The man in black was astonished, he did not understand what Tang Tian was trying to do. Suddenly his eyes caught three rays of energy flying towards him, at this moment he quivered, as his whole face changed!

Not good!

[Palmar moon Knife]!

This fellow’s previous movements, were all a pretense….

Pu Pu Pu!

Three sharp crescent shaped rays like lightning, from different angles, cut into the pair of black smoke palms.