Undefeated God of War - Chapter 092 – Dangerous Attempt

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Chapter 092 – Dangerous Attempt

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian looked at his fists, his expression that of astonishment.

Suddenly, he threw a punch, and the surrounding air was like ruffled creases in the wind, creating multiple complex Concussion Ripples. Tang Tian’s eyes had a sudden cold flash, and he threw another punch, this time, it was as though the chords were struck, creating a deep tremolo.

It was almost a familiar feel that came from deep within. Tang Tian did not hesitate, bam bam bam, he sent his punches flying out continuously, each faster than before!

He only stopped half-heartedly after he executed a full set of Concussion Punches. The gold grade card encompassed plenty of information, it was a deep comprehension, and it made it feel as though Tang Tian had trained long and hard for them, which was far more precise, exuberant, and profound than the silver grade card. The gold grade card allows the practitioners to fully retain their understanding.

“The gold grade card sure lives up to its fame, it’s superb!” Tang Tian was filled with emotions, suddenly, he had a question, “Hey, Uncle, if I use a few gold grade cards all at once, what will the effect be?”

Bing was stunned, he was taken-aback by Tang Tian’s sudden question, “This I’m not sure about either. Back then, spirit cards were not as developed nor common as they are now.”

Tang Tian scratched his head, he too, was attracted by his own question.

After much contemplation, Tang Tian could not resist the temptation, “Why not, let’s give it a try?”

He had a typical upstart mentality now. Feeling that since he had a wealthy background, he still had the ability to spend a few hundred points to try out. Young Tang would do as he wished, so without further ado, he slid and used another card.

“Eh, there’s really no conflict!” Tang Tian had a look of excitement.

There was certainly no conflict, as Tang Tian used the ‘Palmar Moon Knife’. Without further ado, his palm became as a knife, a faint ray of light enveloped his palm. With a few continuous lightning fast slashes, a few rays of crescent-shaped light lit up in the sky. The Palmar Moon Knife had a special attacking technique, with slashes as its main attack, and extremely small margins, typically aiming for the shoulders, elbows and wrists, with swift and strange variations.

An exhilarated Tang Tian immediately activated the other two gold grade cards without any hesitation.

When he was using the fourth gold grade card, Tang Tian immediately sensed something abnormal, his internal True Power suddenly became very disordered, and he could not help but let out a groan. Tang Tian did not know that excessive use of spirit cards was a very risky thing to do. The disordered True Power was akin to sharp needles rampaging inside him.

As the chaotic realisation hit him all of a sudden, he felt as though he was given a heavy punch and was knocked to the floor with a blank mind.

But right at this moment, the Martial Spirit inside him suddenly lit up with a faint silver glow, countless comprehensions and information was absorbed like a tide into his Martial Spirit. The disordered True Power within him regained its tranquility immediately, as though all that happened just now were an illusion.

Tang Tian woke up in no time.

Martial Spirit!

It is the Martial Spirit!

With just a thought, countless comprehensions would come to mind again. Regardless of whether it was the [Concussion Punch], the [Palmar Moon Knife], the [Tyrant’s Angry Finger], or the [Staining Fall], as long as Tang Tian thought about them, the comprehensions would come flooding into his mind.

To think that the Martial Spirit has this function!

Tang Tian was a mixture of shock, happiness and anxiety, for that moment earlier was too dangerous.

“You better spend more time now to absorb these comprehensions, or else, when the time is up, they will all turn into nothingness.” Bing reminded Tang Tian, his eyes with a cold flash, “You can find Jing Hao to spar, I’m sure he would be more than willing.”

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, hey, this is a great idea!

Without further ado, he sprinted towards where Jing Hao was. Jing Hao heard him out and gladly agreed, for he had always wanted to test Tang Tian’s foundation. Upon hearing that Tang Tian used four gold grade cards at once, he was dumbfounded.

After a moment, he regained his senses, “Silver Ranked Martial Spirit, formidable as expected! To think that it could actually withstand four gold grade cards all at once. Brother Tang best remember in the future, do not use too many Spirit Cards at one time, all the more so for the higher levels. It would have been dangerous if not for your formidable Martial Spirit.”

Tang Tian was in fact feeling a little weak inside, and hurriedly nodded in agreement.

Jing Hao was entranced for a moment, to be able to withstand four gold grade cards at once, his expectations towards the formidability of the Silver Martial Spirit was raised even more.

He pulled himself together, and turned to Tang Tian as usual, “Brother Tang, don’t show mercy!”

“Alright!” Tang Tian was aroused and with a leap, he sent out a punch!


Countless ripples spread from the center of Tang Tian’s fist.

Jing Hao’s expression did not change, jang, the sword was out of the sheath, a spot of cold light hit Tang Tian’s fist squarely. Tang Tian felt a surge of overpowering True Power entering his meridians through the tip of the sword, with a groan, his left knife-palm coupled with a shake of his elbow, swoosh swoosh swoosh, three sets of Palmar Moon Knives went straight for Jing Hao’s epicenter in a formation.

Jing Hao’s eyes lit up, with a wave of the sword similar to a snake’s tongue, piak piak piak, the three sets of Palmar Moon Knives were countered in midair.

With this short buffer, Tang Tian had weakened Jing Hao’s attack, with a howl, he pulled another punch!

This punch was way different from the previous, there was a resounding subtle crackling, as if a bamboo was thrown into a bonfire.

Tang Tian’s Concussion Punch was exerted using the Heavenly Dragon Energy!

Although Tang Tian’s Heavenly Dragon Energy was only the tip of an iceberg, the strong and violent nature of the energy was still fully reflected nonetheless.

“Awesome!” Jing Hao exclaimed, his eyes flashing a different glint, his attacks became more forceful without escaping or avoiding, the glare from the sword was bright as lightning, accurately hitting Tang Tian’s fist.

Tang Tian only felt a far more overbearing power attacking his body, suddenly he was unable to control himself, and he took seven steps back in quick succession.

Jing Hao however had an entirely different feel, Tang Tian’s punch actually contained three types of energy!

Concussion Punch’s Concussion Energy, the strong and violent Heavenly Dragon Energy, the sharp and cutting Crane Body Energy!

Despite the fact that his True Power was higher than Tang Tian by two levels, he could not help but retreat three steps as well.

It was the first time Jing Hao met such an incredible power, he was very excited, with a howl, he changed his tactic of waiting for Tang Tian’s attacks and took the lead in attacking first.

The sword pierced through the air, and the cold light lit up the empty vastness!

Instantly, it was as though even the cracks were all lit up by Jing Hao’s sword.

Tang Tian did not show signs of fear, he lowered his waist into the horse-stance, putting up his defense, with the Palmar Moon Knife on his left and Tyrant’s Finger on his right, the cold Moon Knife was as though the crescent moon was seen, attacking straight at Jing Hao’s lower body. The right hand pointed a Tyrant’s Angry Finger and a ray of hot red light appeared with a deep howl!


Jing Hao’s sword suddenly seemed to come to life, like an agile snake stretching its body, it suddenly coiled.

Tang Tian’s Moon Knife and Tyrant’s Angry Finger were all collected therein, and used together at once.

A powerful force spreaded out, both of their bodies shook, Tang Tian’s mind went blank, and a flash of cold light went past his eye, he altered his Eight Divinatory Steps and appeared beside Jing Hao like a ghost, and pointed his toe!

Piak piak piak!

Tang Tian’s body was light and agile, both his legs executed a successive kick, in lightning fast frequency!

Jing Hao’s body bent, ruler steps!

Having experienced it himself, Tang Tian realised how fast Jing Hao’s ruler steps were. It was like a blur before his eyes, and he lost sight of Jing Hao, but Tang Tian’s instinct was extremely accurate, without much thought or adjustment, he executed a successive kick!

The strong and violent Heavenly Dragon Energy merged with the successive two kicks made it seem as though the cracks had been lit up, the crisp and clear explosive sounds were endless. Tang Tian’s leg shadows were like angry waves, rolling up towards Jing Hao.

Jing Hao was very surprised, Tang Tian’s variations were a tad too many and strange, he had never met such opponents before.

After settling himself down, a shake of his wrist, a slight quiver at his sword tip.

Ding ding ding!

The sound of collision from both parties was crystal clear and intense.

Naturally, Tang Tian’s breathing was not as sustaining as Jing Hao’s, after a successive ten rounds, his frequency of kicks became slower. But even with such a small change, it was immediately caught on by Jing Hao and immediately, the glare from the sword increased by folds, recoiling!

It was as though a brilliant bundle of sword and light was blossoming.

Tang Tian was completely enveloped within the glare of the sword.

Jing Hao’s sword technique was brilliant, each attack was crystal clear, but it appeared to be unavoidable in the eyes of the opponent, as it is exceedingly fast contrary to expectations. Tang Tian immediately felt immense pressure, in that moment, he felt as though he had returned to take a beating training, left defending and right supporting, an embarrassing moment.

In a whole ten series, he failed to counterattack properly even once.

Completely overpowered!

Deep inside, Jing Hao was immensely shocked, Tang Tian is only a fourth level now, not even exceeding fifth level, but he had fighting strength of a sixth level! Normally, for a sixth level to spar with a fourth level, it should be extremely easy. Yet it was totally opposite of what he expected!

Although Tang Tian was overpowered, looking extremely embarrassed, he withstood the torrential raining attacks head-on. Tang Tian’s True Power may be only fourth level, a far cry from Jing Hao, but it contained the Heavenly Dragon Energy and Crane Body Energy, these two types of energy when merged together, was abnormally weird and a tough nut to crack.

But the most powerful skill of Tang Tian was his instinct! His instincts that were so strong that it was scary! There were a few times where Jing Hao caught Tang Tian’s openings, but Tang Tian could always make up for it in time, as though he had pre-empted it. Many times, Tang Tian was in such a tight corner that Jing Hao felt that a single slash of his sword could end the entire sparring, but each time it would be blocked by Tang Tian.

Both the attacking rhythm was extremely fast.

However, ten minutes passed, and Jing Hao unexpectedly had yet to win against Tang Tian.

How could this be… ….

Jing Hao became even more shocked, he could feel that the defense from Tang Tian was getting stronger and stronger. Because Tang Tian’s comprehension of the martial techniques was quickly increasing, his Heavenly Dragon Energy especially has begun to demonstrate some might. But what surprised Jing Hao the most was Tang Tian’s True Power, it could actually last this long!

Didn’t he only have the fourth level of True Power?

Luckily, Jing Hao quickly noticed that Tang Tian’s True Power was in fact showing signs of weariness, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

This fellow… …

However, Tang Tian still managed to persist for another five minutes, Staining Fall’s technique of borrowing strength to beat strength was used ingeniously by Tang Tian, Jing Hao did not expect Tang Tian to still remain so clear-headed with his last ounce of energy, this was too scary… …


Tang Tian eventually failed to maintain his defense and was sent flying by Jing Hao’s sword, flying far out like a sandbag.

Jing Hao actually heaved a long sigh of relief, till he regained his senses. Then he suddenly realised with horror, that Tang Tian had actually given him so much pressure to such an extent unknowingly!

His True Power was depleted by a huge margin as well, he sat down, and began to recover his True Power.

An hour later, Tang Tian suddenly jumped up and yelled, “Spar again!”

Jing Hao was immediately refreshed, “Sure!”

A battle every hour.


Six hours later, Tang Tian jumped up again, barking, “Again!”

Jing Hao’s expression froze, gritted his teeth and forced out, “Sure!”


Ten hours later, Tang Tian jumped up, crying, “Again!”

Jing Hao’s corner of the mouth quivered, replying weakly, “Sure… …”


Twenty hours later, Tang Tian jumped up, and angrily roared, “Again!”

Jing Hao’s eyes flipped, “……”