Undefeated God of War - Chapter 091 – Abundance

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Chapter 091 – Abundance

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian was indulged in training, the heartiness that he had never experienced, caused him to be unable to extricate himself.

Uncle Bing said, his power was still too weak, thus the true might of the Silver Martial Spirit was unable to be fully unleashed. But the promotion of his instincts by more than five folds, still resulted in a tremendous improvement to his power. He trained tirelessly, until Uncle Bing reminded him, that the hardship time was up.

Back in the energy crevice, he continued to indulge in practice.

After his instincts were heightened, many changes had occurred. Many feelings that were once neglected had now surfaced. Tang Tian’s Heavenly Dragon Energy, that had never shown any progress, now had a new finding. He could feel the characteristic burst of True Power contained within him.

After he found his direction, Tang Tian was even more absorbed in his training.

After three days, Jing Hao came over again. This time, his attitude towards Tang Tian was a 180 degree change. If there was any feeling of seniority previously, now they were equals.

Tang Tian saw Jing Hao coming over, thus he stopped, “Brother Jing Hao!”

Jing Hao could not hide his joy, and cheerily piped, “Brother Tang is sure hardworking. Firstly, I must tell Brother Tang a piece of good news. The upper management has decided to raise Brother Tang by a level, from Iron Ranked Martial Artist to Bronze Ranked Martial Artist. It was not just based on Brother Tang’s credit this time, but being able to produce a Silver Martial Spirit given your fourth level power amazed the upper management as well. Brother Tang has a promising future!”

Tang Tian laughed, “I’m still lacking.”

Jing Hao saw that Tang Tian did not appear too happy, and instantly knew that Tang Tian knew little of the benefits of being a Bronze Martial Artist. Thus, he took the initiative to explain, “Issuing a Bronze Martial Artist title, is a relatively strict matter in the Honorable Martial Group. Other than abilities, there must be sufficient achievements as well. For constellations in remote areas, a Bronze Martial Artist would suffice as a subdivision’s leader. A Bronze Martial Artist, will receive three pieces of grade six star rocks every month, and he gets to pick three rank six silver grade spirit cards, or a rank five gold grade spirit card. Furthermore, a Bronze Martial Artist has the qualifications to enter the Honorable Martial Group’s internal department’s redemption assembly. Given Brother Tang’s current accumulated points of five thousand plus, it is quite amazing among Bronze Martial Artists already. Brother Tang has the means to purchase everything you require at the redemption assembly: Treasures, spirit cards, Spirit Nuclei etc.”

“Is five thousand accumulated points a lot?” Tang Tian was psyched.

Jing Hao shook his head with a bitter smile, “Of course it’s a lot, unlike me, with not even seven hundred accumulated points.”

Tang Tian replied with an “Oh.”

“This is the reward from the Honorable Martial Group. Brother Tang can verify it if you check your Honorable Plate.” Jing Hao immediately continued, “The one who benefitted the most this time is my master. My Master is very thankful to Brother Tang. Initially, he wanted to gift a silver ranked set of armor to Brother Tang, but upon learning that you have the Blue Peacock inherited from Ghost Claw Senior Nong, he withdrew that idea.”

“Withdrew the idea… …” Tang Tian’s eyes were wide open, and his heart bled. A silver ranked set of armor, that was actually a silver ranked set of armor, and it flew away just like that. He did not even get to see it.

“Yup. Master said that, although the Peacock Basket is not well-known, it has great potential, and there’s room for improvements. If executed well, its might is by no mean inferior to the normal silver ranked set of armor. Thus Master hoped that Brother Tang can cherish it. After much contemplation, Master decided to gift Brother Tang with a treasure he had used before.”

Having said that, Jing Hao took out a silver chain, and attached to it was a barrel-shaped object with a silver glow.

“This is an Antlia Constellation Silver Rank Star Treasure, called the Antlia Necklace. Antlia Constellation is a small constellation, but this treasure is a very practical one.” Jing Hao’s voice was filled with envy, “Master heard that Brother Tang was only at the fourth level of True Power, thus he specially selected this Antlia Necklace. This so-called pump, is actually an air pump. It can continuously draw in energy from the surroundings, and raise the concentration of the surrounding energy by 15%.”

After listening to Jing Hao’s introduction, Tang Tian instantly broke into a cheery grin and hurriedly grabbed the Antlia Necklace over and wore it over his neck.

Sure enough, Tang Tian clearly felt that the surrounding energy concentration had an obvious increase.

Great stuff!

Instantly, Tang Tian could determine the value of this necklace. Training of True Power is a watermill skill, a 15% raise may not seem much, but over time, the amount would be extremely shocking.

Although Jing Hao was envious, upon seeing the delighted face of Tang Tian, he could not help but laugh out loud.

But very soon, Jing Hao expression turned solemn, “There’s something I think you should know. Kong You Lin is dead.”

“Dead?” Tang Tian’s eyes grew wide open, and he held a face of bewilderment. He was not perturbed by the death of Kong You Lin, but was surprised at how Jing Hao got the news so soon.

The Honorable Martial Group was indeed formidable!

“Mmm.” Jing Hao was grave, “Though Kong You Lin was a realistic person, he was not weak. Not only was he a level seven, he even had the Song of the Swan set of armor. This armor is not in the least inferior to your Blue Peacock, but to think that he was plotted against. Till now, the Honorable Martial Group is still investigating. His sister, Kong Yi Yu, who’s also the subdivision leader of the Immortal Constellation Mountain, has sworn to get revenge for her brother.”

Jing Hao did not think that Kong You Lin’s death would have anything to do with Tang Tian. Others aside, given Kong You Lin’s level seven’s abilities, Tang Tian would be of no threat to him at all.

“Kong Yi Yu?” Tang Tian subconsciously repeated.

“Mmm, she has already surmounted level eight.” Jing Hao cautioned, “I know you have some conflicts with her, but now is not the time to clash. The power of a level eight martial artist, it’s difficult for you to imagine now. The vast division between a Silver and Bronze martial artist can never be crossed over so easily, this is the difference in the nature of the power. The reason for telling you this is because the Honorable Martial Group will be having a conference at the White Rainbow Constellation, and you might run into her there.”

Tang Tian knew that Jing Hao was treating him well. Thus he hurriedly nodded, “I won’t be rash.”

“That’s good.” Jing Hao nodded, “As long as you don’t provoke her, she can’t do anything to you. Humph, based on the might of our Sect, a mere Kong family can’t afford to provoke us. You continue to practise properly, and reach level five soon.”

After preaching, Jing Hao left. But before leaving, he glanced at Bing. Jing Hao had specially asked his Master, but Master had never heard of such a strange Spirit General.

Tang Tian asked Bing, “Hey, Uncle, how powerful is a level eight?”

“They can easily smash you to bits,” Bing did not even look at Tang Tian.

“Isn’t that an overstatement?……” Tang Tian exclaimed with an exaggerated expression, but soon caressed his chin seriously, “Seems like, I can’t slacken, eh?”

Bing swallowed the words that almost came out of his mouth. Seems like this fellow still has a few cents of self-worth.

Tang Tian suddenly raised both his arms and whooped, “Fighting! Beat the level eight hands-down!”

Bing, “… …”

Tang Tian suddenly thought of his Honorable Plate. Jing Hao had mentioned that the accumulated points inside could be used to make purchases, so he hurriedly took it out.

Once he took the Honorable Plate out, he gave an exclamation of amazement, for the once black-iron plate was now bronze.

“Amazing, it actually changed colour!” Tang Tian exclaimed while activating the Honorable Plate. The plate was like a treasure, which could connect with the Martial Spirit, and Tang Tian felt that the view before him had changed.

Instantly, Tang Tian reached the redemption assembly, and an inventory list appeared before him.

There were all sorts of strange things inside, and each one was labelled with the number of accumulated points they were worth. Most were star treasures, spirit nuclei, and spirit cards, Tang Tian was most interested in spirit cards, he already had quite a few star treasures, which was more than sufficient. However, his spirit cards, especially rank four martial techniques, were still quite lacking.

The gold cards that Jing Hao gave him were all rank five, but they were of no help at the moment. Sai Lei gave him two Cards, one was [Double Succeeding Loop Kicks], another was [Four Heavenly Dragons], coupled with the [Eight Divinatory Steps] that Jing Hao gave him previously.

Fist Arts, Palm Arts, Finger Arts, Succeeding Loop Technique etc, needed to be resolved by himself.

While flipping through them, he soon realised, to his horror, that none of these Spirit Cards were ranked below rank six. Then he thought, and understood. Since only Bronze Martial Artists could enter the redemption assembly, and their strength was never lower than level six, naturally, there would not be a low-ranked rank four card.

However, all these cards were not expensive, a rank five silver grade card, mostly cost only one hundred accumulated points, Tang Tian saw a rank five gold grade card, which only costed five hundred accumulated points. Thinking of his own five thousand accumulated points, Tang Tian instantly felt rich.

After browsing through, he found a martial artist who specialised in selling spirit cards, this martial artist sold the most complete variety of spirit cards, as though he was a card specialist.

Tang Tian sent a private message to the other party, to enquire about rank four gold grade cards.

Very soon, the other party replied, “Yes.”

Soon after, Tang Tian really found a few rank four gold grade cards at the redemption assembly, each card cost only two hundred accumulated points.

Tang Tian picked four gold cards in one shot.

[Concussion Punch], [Palmar Moon Knife], [Tyrant’s Angry Finger] and [Staining Fall].

Concussion Punch was highly similar to Minute Collapsing Fist, and Tang Tian found that it was highly suitable for him. Palmar Moon Knife was a variant technique of the Palm Arts, using the palm as a Moon Knife. Tyrant’s Angry Finger, was a tough kind of Finger Arts, with strong power. And Staining Fall would be a relatively impressive martial technique of the Succeeding Loop Technique, as long as one stuck close to the enemy, the enemy’s minute changes in power would allow one to respond instantaneously.

Succeeding Loop Technique was a minority technique, while Staining Fall was a very famous joint technique, it was unlike other techniques, with distinct levels of difficulty. In fact, its might would increase exponentially with an increase in True Power of the martial artist. That also meant, till level six, Tang Tian would not need to practise another Succeeding Loop Technique.

Actually, not only Succeeding Loop Technique.

In fact, the martial technique system now, has a spindle-shaped structure, it starts from fundamental martial techniques, and slowly rises up, with a quickly expanding variety, and when it transforms to the highest level, the variety will quickly reduce. This is what they meant by universality and combination.

Any type of martial techniques, when practised till an advanced level, will definitely be combined.

After obtaining four gold cards, Tang Tian was extremely excited. Although he spent eight hundred accumulated points, he did not feel the pinch. These points were gained too easily for Tang Tian to know to treasure them. Jing Hao had been in the Honorable Martial Group for so long, but he only had seven hundred points, what Tang Tian had spent today, surpassed Jing Hao’s entire assets.

This is Tang Tian’s first attempt at practising gold cards, gold cards and silver cards, what exactly was the difference?

He could not wait to use the [Concussion Punch] gold card.