Undefeated God of War - Chapter 090 – Transaction

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Chapter 090 – Transaction

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

In Jing Hao’s shocked gaze, the silver flames suddenly exploded into a sky of fireworks!

That stubborn lad’s silhouette, akin to a log of wood, fell rigidly, straight down, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Jing Hao was alarmed. With a point of his feet, he rushed towards Tang Tian.

Swoosh, a shadow flashed past, biting cold with a deadly intent, rushing head-on. Jing Hao’s hair stood on ends, and he hurriedly stopped in his tracks.

A strange Spirit General was blocking his way.

This Spirit General had a weird appearance, especially its face, which was smooth like paper. Its facial features looked as though they were painted on. This was the first time Jing Hao saw such a strange Spirit General, but he dared not look down on it, for the deadly intent that was emitted from the Spirit General was like needles pricking right at his heart.

So formidable!

Jing Hao was secretly awe-inspired. The power of this Spirit General, actually made him feel that it was somewhat unfathomable.

“I mean no harm.” Jing Hao automatically retreated a step, his gaze fixed on the Spirit General in front.

The Spirit General did not speak, but the deadly intent did not dissipate.

Jing Hao relaxed. Tang Tian’s Spirit General automatically protected its owner, which meant that Tang Tian would not be in much danger. He was secretly surprised that Tang Tian actually had such a formidable Spirit General, yet he never showed any signs. It seemed like Young Tang’s background was not so simple. However, Jing Hao soon began to rejoice, for Tang Tian had been brought into their Sect, and the more formidable and extraordinary Tang Tian’s background was, the better!

Jing Hao’s status in the Honorable Martial Group was largely due to his master. Although his power was not bad, due to his age, he still needed to accumulate experience over time. However, if he managed to rope in strong reinforcements, it would be a great help in stabilising his status within the Honorable Martial Group and his sect.

Besides… …

His gaze, was fixated to the Spirit Cultivation Device on the floor.

The amazing momentum of the entire energy crack’s energy stirring just now, at the thought of it now, he could not help but shudder involuntarily.

Cultivating the Martial Spirit!

Tang Tian actually grasped the technique of cultivating the Martial Spirit!

The silver flames from earlier on dissipated, a wisp of martial spirit dissolved into Tang Tian’s body. Jing Hao clearly saw that although that wisp of martial spirit was shapeless, it was silver in colour.

A Silver Martial Spirit!

This was what Jing Hao was truly envious of. His master had imparted to him the techniques of cultivating the Martial Spirit long ago, and had repeatedly reminded him that he had to cultivate it properly. Jing Hao never slacked, but till now, he only had a Bronze Martial Spirit. Jing Hao was clear on how difficult it was to train the Martial Spirit, and with regards to a Silver Martial Spirit, to him, it was still very far.

Master once said that once the Silver Martial Spirit was surmounted, the power of the Martial Spirit will start to increase prominently.

Master never specified the effects of a Silver Martial Spirit, but he could tell that a Silver Martial Spirit definitely had its unique properties.

It was that thing… …

Jing Hao’s gaze was blazing hot, staring rigidly at the Spirit Cultivation Device. Tang Tian could cultivate a Silver Martial Spirit, and it must be owed to this thing! Legends stated that, during the Era of the Three Big Armies, the Southern Cross Army already had similar things. The Honorable Martial Group had put much effort into researching this, and many people tried to find ways to restore this amazing device. But till now, no one had been able to do so.

Unexpectedly, it was seen by him!

Although Jing Hao was not the crafty sort, he was no fool either. He had no intent of snatching it, for the Spirit General guarding before Tang Tian was truly formidable. Furthermore, their sect was rather peace-loving. When met with such circumstances, they would usually choose to do transactions. To his knowledge, the Spirit Cultivation Device could only be used once. To Tang Tian, the device was already useless. Besides, he had ample confidence in gaining it via transaction, for he had the undertakings of his master, thus, his foundations were far more superior than the others.

And Jing Hao also decided, once he obtained the device, he would present it to his master. Jing Hao knew that his status in the Honorable Martial Group was still too low. If he handed it to the them, the rewards given, on the contrary, would definitely be much less. As for his master’s status, it would be much different, and the rewards reaped would be quite amazing. As long as Master could stabilise his status in the Honorable Martial Group, he would definitely get his rightful share of treats as well.

He must have a good talk with Tang Tian later on.


After an unknown period of time, Tang Tian slowly woke up.

Upon waking up, Tang Tian saw Bing guarding before him, and Jing Hao, who was distanced far away, and he immediately felt safe. As expected, Uncle Bing is the most trusted… …

He climbed up in a flash, “Hey, Uncle Bing!” And he hailed Jing Hao at the far end, “Brother Jing Hao!”

Upon seeing that Tang Tian had awoken, Jing Hao was revitalised, “Congrats, congrats! As a fourth level martial artist, to be able to cultivate a Silver Martial Spirit, Brother Tang is the first! You have a bright future!”

Upon seeing Tang Tian awaken, Bing did not bat an eyelid, and floated to Tang Tian’s back.

Bing retreated automatically, so Jing Hao suddenly felt as if a heavy load had been lifted off his shoulders, and while he heaved a sigh of relief, he felt a sense of horror, as, other than his Master, no one had ever given him such tremendous stress before! But, usually, by right, a Spirit General’s level cannot be higher than its master’s… …

Jing Hao began to feel that Tang Tian and his Spirit General were unfathomable. He quietly shook his head, and pushed the matter to the back of his mind. Looking at Tang Tian with shining eyes, Jing Hao asked formally, “Brother Tang, may I know if this device is indeed the Spirit Cultivation Device?”

Behind Tang Tian, Bing mutely commented, “No harm telling him.”

Tang Tian immediately had an idea of what is going on, and nodded his head, “That’s right, this is the Spirit Cultivation Device of the Southern Cross Army.”

Jing Hao’s joy immediately showed on his face. Although he tried hard to suppress it, his happiness could still be seen clearly on his face, “I had no idea Brother Tang actually had such an amazing device! I have heard, this device can only be used once for each person?”

“That’s right.” Tang Tian nodded.

Jing Hao’s expression was even more jovial, “I wonder if Brother Tang can give it to me?” He hurriedly added on, “Brother Tang, feel free to name your price, if I can’t make the decision, I’ll report it to my master.”

“You can agree.” Bing quietly said, behind Tang Tian.

Tang Tian got the hint, replying, “I don’t know the price. Brother Jing Hao, do as you deem fit.”

Jing Hao did not expect Tang Tian to throw the ball back into his court. He was an honest person, and now he was troubled, pondering, “It’s hard for me to gauge the value of the Spirit Cultivation Device as well. How about this, I’ll use a set of gold spirit cards as deposit. The remainder, I’ll leave it to my my master’s discretion. Would that be okay? Don’t worry, Brother Tang, my master is an upright person. He is definitely not someone who takes advantage of others.”

Tang Tian was aroused, “Gold spirit cards?”

Jing Hao relaxed a little upon seeing how interested Tang Tian was, “This set of gold cards was left behind from a senior. There are three cards per set, which encompassed the three best martial techniques of this senior. They are [Great Monument Palm], [Tan Tui], and [Scattering Whirlpool], all rank five, very suitable for Brother Tang. The remaining remuneration, master will send them over soon.”

Bing quietly said, “Do as you deem fit.”

Tang Tian did not hesitate, “Sure!”

Jing Hao was ecstatic. Without further ado, he took out three shiny gold spirit cards, and hurriedly stuffed them into Tang Tian’s hands, as though he was afraid that Tang Tian would go back on his words.

The texture of the gold card was vastly different from the silver card. The three cards looked extremely light and thin, but was extremely heavy. Stroking the three cards, an indescribable feeling overwhelmed him.

Tang Tian was a little moved, no doubt these are gold cards!

“Brother Tang, don’t worry. Master will send news soon,” Jing Hao added, eyeing the Spirit Cultivation Device eagerly.

Tang Tian broke into a smile, and with a wave, “I believe Brother Jing Hao, now it belongs to you!”

Jing Hao hurriedly ran over, and carefully embraced the Spirit Cultivation Device on the floor.

“Then I won’t disturb Brother Tang’s practice!” Jing Hao hurriedly left.

Tang Tian also wanted to see how much he had improved, thus he said, “Brother Jing Hao, go ahead.”

After seeing Jing Hao’s shadow disappear, Tang Tian asked Bing curiously, “Is it really okay to let him have the Spirit Cultivation Device?”

“It’s okay.” Bing was unassuming, “Actually, the device has limited effects. Previously, in the army, it was just an ordinary mechanism, because, towards anyone, it can only be used once.”

Bing still had unspoken words. Not everyone, could be as psychotic as Tang Tian.

Tang Tian relaxed upon hearing so, but suddenly he thought of a question, and hurriedly asked, “How long did I endure?”

“Half an hour more than me,” Bing mentioned casually.

“Only half an hour more than you?” Tang Tian was sorely disappointed.

Bing only felt that a mouthful of reversed blood almost spurted out. It took a lot for him to suppress his urge to slap this irritating face.

Do not bicker with this crazy lad… … Do not bicker with this crazy lad…. …

Bing kept repeating in his heart.

Tang Tian looked up, his voice full of deep regrets, “Only half an hour more than you, I totally can’t show off my prowess!”

Bing continued to repeat quietly in his heart, do not bicker with him… … do not bicker with him… …

“Ah yea, speaking of which, your army has poor standards eh! I have easily achieved two and a half hours. This means, wow, I’m really great! No doubt I am a supernatural kid! I can single-handedly defeat the whole Southern Cross Army, muahaha!”

Tang Tian was over the moon, smiling from ear to ear.

Bing’s two thick brows twitched twice. He’d long known that this fellow was no doubt a pesky brat.


Recruit training camp, take a beating training.

An entire sky of light balls rained down, but Tang Tian kept a watertight defense.

He was like a reef amidst the angry waves. No matter how large the waves were, he remained unmoved.

He had a calm demeanour, without his usual embarrassing look, and his actions flowed smoothly, like water. His attacking speed showed no obvious increase, but every action was just right. The training difficulty now, had already been raised to twice the usual level of difficulty that Tang Tian had trained with.

Tang Tian only felt that, towards the surroundings, he had become abnormally sensitive.

After successfully cultivating the Silver Martial Spirit, his instincts were raised to an unimaginable extent.

The number of light balls continued to increase as the difficulty kept rising.

Tang Tian was as calm as before, after twenty minutes he showed no signs of exhaustion.

The light balls were almost raining down in a shocking concentration, causing numbness in the head.

Tang Tian’s defense finally fell through, piak, a ball of light hit his wrist.

“Ah ah ah!” Tang Tian’s blood-curling shriek, was totally covered by the overwhelming light balls.

The feeling of revenge is truly wonderful!

Bing laughed sinisterly.

After laughing, Bing could not regain his inner peace. Five times! Take a beating training’s difficulty level increased by a full five times before it broke through Tang Tian’s defense, and this was the first training after Tang Tian’s breakthrough. Once Tang Tian starts to adjust to the heightened instincts, he will definitely withstand longer.

Imagine Tang Tian with his already abnormally sensitive instincts, multiplied by five times the sensitivity… …

So terrifying!