Undefeated God of War - Chapter 087 – A Narrow Kill

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Chapter 087 – A Narrow Kill

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Lin Jiang looked at Kong You Lin, and quietly awaited for him to reveal the riddle.

Kong You Lin laughed lightly: “Rumor has it, other than your constant interest and hopes of reviving the mechanical techniques of the Southern Cross Army, Brother Lin is also interested in the merging of the Martial Spirit and the mechanical techniques. The thing that I have brought with me today, Brother Lin will definitely be interested.”

Lin Jiang laughed: “Brother Kong stop keeping me in suspense already.”

Kong You Lin took out a black bead: “This is an ancient spirit bead, I accidentally stumbled upon it. Inside it is an extremely strong broken ancient Spirit General piece, although it is an incomplete ancient Spirit General, such a strong ancient spirit bead, you hardly get to see one. I heard that Brother Lin has always been seeking for such a spirit bead, I’m not too sure, if this can help out Brother Lin.”

Lin Jiang’s pupil suddenly glowed red hot, as he stared intently at the spirit bead in Kong You Lin’s hands.

Not knowing that he was examining it carefully, he could clearly feel the terrifying and powerful aura from the broken piece of the ancient Spirit General from within the spirit bead even while standing from afar.

Such a violent and fierce aura!

Lin Jiang’s mind was on fire, Kong You Lin was right, he was always searching for such a violent and fierce Spirit General. He had researched the merging of Martial Spirits and mechanical weapons for many years, until recently, where he finally had a breakthrough, but he needed a fierce and violent Spirit General to succeed. Little did he expect that Kong You Lin was so well informed, to actually be able to receive these kind of minute details. Lin Jiang felt that Kong You Lin’s methods were cold and ruthless, and was helpless as he could not contain himself to stretch out his hand to take the spirit bead.

Suddenly, a bronze tiger claw emerged from nothingness. Before anyone could react, it took the Spirit Bead.

Kong You Lin was shocked, it immediately caught his attention: “Unless Bro Lin already had such a great breakthrough in his mechanic techniques? This mechanic tiger seems alive!”

There were mechanic beasts all over Lin residence in the form of wolves, tiger, spider and et cetera. Kong You ling never thought someone would steal it. He thought Lin Jiang created an extremely superb mechanic beast and so he said so.

Lin jiang was stunned.

This bronze tiger in front of him seemed familiar but also at the same time, was like a stranger to him. Lin Jiang was obsessed with mechanical beasts and had created all sorts of them. The moment he saw this familiar yet a stranger bronze tiger, he was in a daze.

He was not sure if he created such a mechanic tiger once.

But from its style, he could recognise the Southern Cross Army Encampment style that he very much liked…

The next action the bronze tiger did stunned everybody who was present.

The bronze tiger took the spirit bead in its hands and threw it into its mouth, and then immediately turned and blended in with the mechanic animals.

Everyone just watched the scene unfold, but no one reacted.

Kong You Lin laughed forcefully: “Such an energetic and nimble mechanical beast, I have never seen one before.”

Lin Jiang finally reacted, his face changed, cried out involuntarily: “Give chase! That is someone impersonating!”

“But Father, that was obviously a mechanical beast….” Lin Wei did not understand.

Kong You Lin’s complexion was sluggish, but immediately changed, he soared into the air, and pounced after the mechanical tiger.

Wu, wu, wu!

All the roaming mechanical beasts in the courtyard, their eyes all lit up with a green light, and all stared at Kong You Lin who was in the air! Kong You Lin was previously not viewed as an enemy, because he was always beside Lin JIang, but as soon he flew up into the air, showing a strong offensive stance, it immediately caused a chain reaction.

Pop, pop, pop!

A few mechanical wolves immediately released power from their hind legs, and pounced into the air towards Kong You Lin. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! The arrows on the back of the bow spiders, were like raindrops in the sky as they shot towards Kong You Lin. Jumping on the backs of the mechanical wolves in the air, they all shot out fine metal webs, towards Kong You Lin in an attempt to trap him. While all the other mechanical tigers, immediately opened their mouths. Roar, roar, roar! One thick column of light after another, beamed towards Kong You Lin.

Kong You Lin did not expect that he would be under the attack of such terrifying power.

His face became pale white, but as a seventh level martial artist, he did not idle and wait for death. Shouting in his stern voice, his entire body was immediately covered in True Power, and a snow white set of armor appeared on his body.

Cygnus Constellation bronze armor, [The Swan’s Hymn]!

Snow white feathers like snowflakes slowly floated down, the delicate and graceful snow white armor, was like a piece of art. Some sort of wings were on his shoulders, like two swans intertwining their necks forming a helmet. Forming a fine and intricate decorative design of feathers, layer and layer of folds of snow white feathers forming a cloak, a white flame combusting at the end of the tail, every spark that floated down, would transform into a snow white feather.

Kong You Lin who was in the air, his qi rose to the peak in a flash, he was like a prince coming out of fairy tales, graceful and calm.


Kong You Lin blurted and on his body’s [The Swan’s Hymn] emitted a dazzling white ray of light. On his back, was a snow white cloak which suddenly exploded!

Countless feathers like a hurricane swept everything away!

Slap, slap, slap!

The golden net of bronze arrows knocked against the feather hurricane and was instantly churned into smaller pieces!

When the feather hurricane and the columns of light spewed from the mechanical tiger’s mouth, a blazing fire burst into the sky. The Lin Family’s mechanical tiger most famous [Tiger Roar] turned the True Power in the star rocks into boiling flames.

Whoo, whoo, whoo!

Amongst the roars of the mechanical beasts that rang in all corners of the Lin Family, each and every lean beasts gathered like a gush of flowing water.

Lin Jiang seemed to have awoken from his dream, and was preparing to dismantle the attacks from the mechanic beasts when suddenly, his body froze.

Right after that, he looked down as a tiger claw protruded out from his chest.

“Southern… Army… Saber-Toothed Tiger…”

Tang Tian showed no mercy as he pulled himself out once again and blended back into the mechanical beasts. He had overheard Kong You Lin and Lin Jiang’s conversation, and he hated Lin Jiang to the core. He then overheard that Lin Jiang actually investigated on him secretly and planned to obtain the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich. Hence, he showed no mercy when he attacked him.

Lin Wei looked at Lin Jiang as he fell into his pool of blood. He was frightened to death as if he was the one being attacked…

Kong You Lin rushed out from the fireballs looking as if he were in a bad state. He heard the roars of the mechanical beasts and immediately knew he was in deep trouble as the colour drained from his face.

Darn it!

He already knew of the mistake he just made. This was the Lin Family and he should not have retaliated. The opponent used the mechanical beast to hide his own identity and blended amongst the mechanical beasts. And now, he had retaliated and attracted all the attacks from the mechanical beasts.

There was only one person who could settle this!

Lin Jiang!

“Bro Lin! Quickly, dismantle the attacks!”

Kong You Lin’s palm enveloped a ball of gentle white light. It looked like a shadow play in the sky. Rank seven martial techniques, [Scattered Hands Radiance], his fingers were swift and light. As he flicked, pointed, swung, and snapped, rays of white light emitted from his hands just like feathers. As they flew past in mid air, they looked as if they were light and powerless, but once those sturdy bronze arrows touched them, they turned into powder immediately.

Huh? What was Lin Jiang doing?

Kong You Lin panicked. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Lin Jiang lying in a pool of blood. His eyes widened!

Damn it!

Kong You Lin’s face was pale. He knew he was in trouble this time. The enemy was way more scheming than he had predicted. Such a fierce and sinister underhanded method, only those extremely vicious and evil martial artists, could accomplish these kind of ingenuity.

When had he ever offended such a person?

Or was it Lin family’s enemy that he had chanced upon?

Kong You Lin’s face was unpredictable, but right at this moment, all the eyes of the mechanical beasts had gone from green to red!

The Lin’s family mechanical beasts were not made in bulk for sale, but were instead all personally made by Lin Jiang. The highest authority for the mechanical beasts were Lin Jiang. Now that he was dead, all the mechanic beasts immediately went into a frenzy state.


Balls of fire started to emerge from the joints of the mechanical beasts, and very quickly, they engulfed the entire body.

Very red eyes, as though as they were absorbing the will of their dead owner, all the mechanic beasts started to combine.

A mechanical beast enveloped in flames, roared out in anger, suddenly releasing power from its four limbs, suddenly pouncing into the air towards Kong You Lin. Kong You Lin only felt a flaming ball, the momentum was strangely fast, in the blink of an eye, it had already rushed to his front, heating up the air around it, pouncing to him.

The mechanical beast enveloped in fire, with its red eyes, sent a chill to his heart.

One bite, changing its palm to a fist, the white light aura around his hand, a ray of white light fist aura, took off from his hand.

Honorable Martial Group martial technique, rank seven [Honorable Fist]!

The release of the fist aura, was like a beam from the sun, glaring and bright.


The mechanical beast in front of him suddenly exploded, becoming a big flame. He released a breath, afterwards, sound after sound of whistles flew everywhere, like a tide, waves after waves of the flame shadow, soared into the air.

One after another, fireballs, flying up from the ground, forming dazzling bright red lines from all directions, flew towards Kong You Lin who was in the air.

All the blood in Kong You Lin’s face was gone.


Seeing everything that was happening in the air, Tang Tian and Bing were silent.

“Such a pity.” Tang Tian muttered to himself.

“A pity? He is escaping from calamity.” Bing did not understand, he thought that Tang Tian performed extremely well this time. To able to fully use his own advantage, to be able to fully use his own wits, it was the same as his previous judgement, Tang Tian’s battle instincts were astonishing.

Tang Tian’s control over the Saber-Toothed Tiger, crouched down on all fours, disguised as a mechanical beast, suddenly rushed over to Kong You Lin and Lin Jiang’s side, took the spirit bead, everything was according to his plan.

And when Kong You Lin attracted all the mechanical beasts to attack, Tang Tian could immediately grab the chance to kill Lin Jiang in one strike, leaving Kong You Lin to sink into a narrow road of death.

The power of the mechanical beasts, was not what Bing would accept, but due to their large quantity, and by burning the jade stones to attain that level, even with Kong You Lin’s power, he could still not escape.

Bing understood mechanical beasts well, and knew exactly the power of a horde of mechanical beast and how terrifying they could be.

He was surprised at Tang Tian, this rascal, was definitely born for battle. Tang Tian in battle was entirely different. He was cool, cunning, brave, fierce and not fussy!

So to hear Tang Tian call it a pity, he felt that it was weird.

Tang Tian looked at his own fist, his mood was somewhat gloomy, he said: “What I meant was, it was a pity that I could not use my own fist to defeat him.”

“I don’t know why, I am starting to hate more and more of the feeling of being weaker than other people! This feeling, is through and through terrible, and so detestable!”

“Bing, I will definitely become the strongest person in the world!”

Tang Tian did not bother concealing the arrogance and nobility on his face, and the seriousness in his eyes.