Undefeated God of War - Chapter 086 – Kong You Lin’s intent

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Chapter 086 – Kong You Lin’s intent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The remote corner, under the glare of the sun, a gloomy bronze mechanic armour, displaying a youth’s recklessness, soaring into the sky.

The Saber-Toothed Tiger leapt high like a huge bird.

Bing was shocked. The first reaction he had: This movement was not usual. This action was not logical. This action…

He was a strict military officer and was extremely strict about training, but as he followed the Saber-Toothed Tiger in the air. His heart spoke lightly as if everything else faded out. Then he saw the light, the Saber-Toothed Tiger rode on the sun light as if he was hallucinating, because the tiger looked like it was flying in mid air.

Bing looked dumbfoundedly.

The heavy Saber-Toothed Tiger started to descend. Tang Tian stretched in mid air with both arms raised. One of his legs was kicked straight while the other was bent. The ground got bigger in Tang Tian eyes. Tang Tian was not afraid, his eyes were blazing with fire. He revealed an arrogant smile on his face.


As if a knife was cutting a beancurd, the Saber-Toothed Tiger straightened out its leg and just like a nail, it penetrated deep into the mud to a knee high depth.

The Saber-Toothed Tiger did not move.

This rascal…

Bing looked at the other leg of the Saber-Toothed Tiger as a support from far away as it pulled out its leg that was buried deep inside. Bing’s heart skipped a beat, his expression was complex. He once thought about such consequences but this was not one of them. He had never underestimated Tang Tian’s potential but…

He looked at the bronze Saber-Toothed Tiger in bafflement, as it pulled itself out from the mud.

It was only the first time he learnt short duration sprint, yet he could perfect it. This surprised Bing, but this was only surprise. The one thing that stunned Bing was the leap Tang Tian took in mid air. Tang Tian did not know the worth of his leap, but Bing was very clear of it. It had a legendary name called “extreme long distance leap”. It might sound normal, and only required a very normal lesson, but its distance could match up to as long as two hundred metres and that was another difficulty on its own. This “extreme long distance leap” needed precise control of strength to reach the peak.

Tang Tian’s jumping distance, already exceeded two hundred metres, to be exact, it was two hundred and twenty four metres. This standard, even in the army in the past….

Bing never ever taught Tang Tian “extreme long distance leap”.

This rascal….is simply a psycho….

Tang Tian was oblivious to the fact that he did an extraordinary thing, but to be able to complete the task within eight seconds, he was immediately happy with himself. If he was in the safe place, he would already had turned his face and roared towards Bing to show off. But the current place he was in, he could only joyfully pose a strong man showing off his muscles pose.

Bing’s face darkened.

This asshole….

Luckily this brat was not under me in the past, if not he would make the entire atmosphere so bad.

Bing snorted, with his ugly face, he floated to Tang Tian’s side, his speed was as fast as lightning.

“Old man, hehe, you’re shocked by this godlike young man right!” Tang Tian was joyful: “Old man is unable to comprehend the powers of this young man!”

“Old man…. Keke….” Bing’s laughter was filled with killing intent.

Tang Tian was scared of Bing’s killing aura, and immediately changed the topic: “Aiya ya, we must hasten our pace, and not let that asshole escape.”

Finishing, Tang Tian escaped Bing’s murderous eyes, and quickly pounced over the wall.

Somersaulting over the wall, once he landed, Tang Tian’s entire body froze on the spot, in front of him, was a bronze mechanical wolf furiously staring at him. As compared to his Bronze Mechanical Ostrich, the mechanic wolf in front of him was small and exquisite, with fine and delicate details, its form was comparable to a real wolf, but the entire body was made of bronze machine parts, with an elaborate structure, four claws as sharp as knives, one bite from it, would be so sharp and intense to cause a person to be frightened. The bronze wolf’s eyes emitted a green lustering aura, and looking at them caused Tang Tian’s hair to stand.

But what was unexpected, was that looking at Tang Tian, the green aura of the bronze wolf’s eyes slowly dimmed down.

The bronze wolf turned and left.

Just then, Bing formed out ethereally beside Tang TIan, and suddenly said: “This Lin family are idiots, mechanical beasts actually only distinguishes other people.”

Tang Tian who was under immense pressure, jumped out of shock upon hearing Bing’s words beside him.



Bing’s fingers was placed on his lips, his face calm and indifferent, forcing Tang Tian’s roar to be stuck in his throat.

After that he showed his confidence again.

This old man… is definitely purposely doing it!

Tang Tian hated it until his teeth grew numb, but it was not the place to flare up, so he angrily rushed in front.

Seeing all sorts of mechanical beasts roaming the area, whenever the Saber-Toothed Tiger went close to them, the mechanical beasts would show their vigilance, their eyes would become increasingly green in color, but very quickly, they would dim down again.

Unexpectedly, Tang Tian was unimpeded the entire route.

Suddenly, in front of him came a few voices, Tang Tian thoughts were immediately roused, and he quietly advanced forward.


“Everytime I come to your house, I’m always impressed.” Kong You Lin occasionally scanned his eyes around the bronze machines around him.

“You’re too flattering, Bro Kong.” the patriarch of Lin Family said humbly. He was about forty years old and skinny, but his eyes were full of life. He wore a green robe and laughed as he said: “Compared to Bro Kong, I’m nothing. Bro Kong is adorn by swan armour and is famous. While I live in the Spirit Region, no one has ever heard of me.”

Kong You Lin laughed out loud: “With my standards, I’m embarrassing.” He lowered his tone and pretended to play down: “On the contrary, my sister, has already broken through to the eighth level and is making it difficult for me as a brother!”

Lin Jiang was moved: “If I didn’t remember wrongly, Miss Yi Yu is only twenty eight years old this year and has already moved into the eighth level. With such talent, it’s shocking! Congratulations, brother Kong!”

Kong You Lin pretended to mock himself: “Brother Lin, don’t mock me anymore. I am of no match to my sister, I’m so embarrassed right now.”

Between the lines he spoke, hid a tinge of arrogance. Sister Kong Yi Yu broke through the eighth level and that only meant the Kong Family’s power would rise above. He would of course benefit from it. Lin Jiang’s purposely made his tone friendly, how could he not hear it?

“Bro Kong, now that you said it, obtaining such a convenient yet obedient powerful model in the family, day and night i too long for a sister like that!” Ling Jiang pretended to be unappeased.

“Haha!” Kong You Lin laughed.

Right at this moment, suddenly a young lad barged in and shouted: “Father! Father!”

Lin Jiang frowned and muttered: “What happened? Why are you shouting all over the place?”

If Tang Tian was there, he would definitely recognize that this young lad was one of the few boys he bullied once, named Lin Wei. Lin Wei heard Lin Jiang’s lecture and saw the guest, he quickly said: “Please forgive me, Uncle. I’m disobedient.”

Seeing Lin Wei so polite, Lin Jiang relaxed slightly.

Kong You Lin smiled widely: “Is this your virtuous nephew? Like father, like son. I can see the younger you in him.”

Lin Jiang’s face then relaxed: “Quick! Pay respects to Uncle Kong!”

Lin Wei heard and immediately went up ahead to pay his respects.

Kong You Lin pulled Lin Wei up and smiled gently: “Nephew, you came in such a hurry, there must be something urgent. Please discuss with you father, don’t care about me.”

Lin Jiang waved: “Bro Kong, don’t be so polite. Feel free to say it out. Uncle Kong is one of us.”

Lin Wei heard and said honestly: “The rascal that rode on the Bronze Mechanic Ostrich has resurfaced. But this time, he seemed to have ganged up with Sai Lei!”

“Sai Lei?” Lin Jiang knitted his brows.

Kong You Lin was somewhat surprised: “The Southern Cross Army’s bronze mechanical ostrich?”

Lin Jiang regained his senses, and nodded his head: “That’s right, it is an object. That day upon seeing that big and breathtaking thing, Quan Zi wanted to buy it instantly. Never did he expect that person’s temper, would be so ruthless, to use his power to pressure others. Of all people, that person’s strength was considerably strong, and used it to extort the few of them. This small grudge, our Lin family naturally would not be bothered about it, but as Brother Kong knows, to the Lin Family, the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich is of great significance. If I personally see it, The Lin Family’s mechanical techniques, would once again rise to another level. If he could part with it, my Lin Family would be willing to pay whatever costs!”

“Never did I expect that the Southern Cross Army’s ancient mechanical mount would actually still exist in this era.” Kong You Lin was surprised, but consoled: “This matter I will definitely support Brother Lin, this kind of magical mechanical mount, in their hands, would be considered a waste of resources. But in the hands of Brother Lin, it would definitely be the revival of the mechanical techniques, and display its true worth!”

Lin Jiang was indifferent: “Only Bro Kong knows me best.”

“Others might not know of Bro Lin’s artistic attainments, but how can I not know?” Kong You Lin asked: “the Weak Point Arena was created by Bro Lin from scratch. Within the Honorable Martial Group, everyone has complimented it.”

Lin Jiang stated humbly: “Bro Kong, you have over flattered me. That was also the first time I created such an art piece, I wonder, how is the Weak Point Arena?”

“Aye, that is what I’m here for.” Kong You Lin said.

“Unless, something has gone wrong with the Weak Point Arena?” Lin Jiang froze and said quickly.

“Bro Lin, you might not have heard. The Weak Point Arena no longer exist.” Kong You Lin sighed lightly and shortly, between the weird stares from Lin Jiang and Lin Wei compiled: “Not long ago, I went to choose a batch of rookies from Wu An Star. One of the rookies challenged Weak Point Arena. But instead, he made the entire Weak Point Arena and the [Grey Cat’s Pupil] explode, and all the other cards were destroyed.”

“Impossible!” Lin Jiang was suddenly frightened, and blurted out.

Kong You Lin recounted that day’s sequence and happening once again.

Lin Jiang heard as fell silent before he said: “Bro Kong’s prediction is most probably correct. Other than the power of blood meridians, I too, can’t think of what kind of energy can allow the [Grey Cat’s Pupil] to explode right away. But, the expensive and important part of the incident was the Star Treasure, on the other hand, the power of this blood meridian is useless.”

“Yes, oh that’s why he went to the camp in the mainland.” Kong You Lin played it down and smiled: “For such a strong and ferocious blood meridian martial artist, he must not be caught by the Onyx Soul!”

Hearing the mainland camp, Lin Jiang’s heart dropped. Kong You Lin was sure vicious but he still said: “Bro Kong, you’re too kind to even spare him a life.”

“Aye, you know my problem. Sometimes, I’m still a bit wishy washy.” Kong You Lin pretended to ridicule himself: “But, this time, I would like to ask of Bro Lin to help me build another Weak Point Arena.”

Lin Jiang looked difficult.

Kong You Lin long guessed that the amount of time Lin Jiang spent on the last Weak Point Arena was very long, but since he came, he naturally needed something to rely on, and so he smiled and said: “Bro Lin, I know you are busy with your stuff. I heard that the Lin family’s mechanical beasts are all sold to a far away constellation. I have brought a good item here with me today.”

Kong You Lin smirked.