Undefeated God of War - Chapter 085 – An Impossible Sprint

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Chapter 085 – An Impossible Sprint

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The Saber-Toothed Tiger’s movements were super agile. Although it was heavy, it landed on the ground soundlessly just like how a tiger would pounce on its prey without a sound. Bing had no intention to hide as he continuously guided Tang Tian with tips. Tang Tian seemed to have an outstanding talent in the usage of mechanical weapons, as Bing only seemed to guide him a little and he could get a hang of it almost immediately. This shocked Bing.

If he had a recruit like him during those days…

He shook his head and threw this thought to the back of his mind. The generation was no longer the same. Mechanical weapons were destined to be eliminated as ancient objects. The more time he spent on it, the harder he would fall.

Bing’s astounding experiences gave him the ability to identify any weakness in the defence right away. Tang Tian did not attract any attention to him as he walked around stealthily. As he got deeper, Tang Tian was surprised. He asked: “Uncle, how come they they have so many mechanisms here?”

Bing moaned: “How is this considered a mechanism?”

Although he did not reveal any weakness in his words, Bing was feeling the same way in his heart. The two dodged one mechanism after another. The number of mechanisms they had met made him suspect that he was back to his own generation. It was good that these mechanisms were obviously not quite the same as his era’s.

The opponent was good at mechanics.

This judgement made Bing focused. He dared not delay. Tang Tian and Bing were limited in their understanding towards the experts in Three Spirit City. Where the Lin Family came from, it was unclear.

It seemed like things were not as simple as it seemed….and…

Bing looked at those bronze mechanics in disdain. He could almost see that the opponent was obviously trying to mimic traces of the Southern Cross Army encampment. If others saw it, they might think it was the tradition of the Lin Family, but in the eyes of Bing, there were so many mistakes. The most important thing was that Bing was egoistic. In a moment, he was agitated.

He intended for Tang Tian to lose this battle, but now that he saw the Southern Cross Army Encampment style’s bronze mechanics, a sense of motivation was ignited within him.

-How could we lose to such lousy bronze machines!

Bing’s eyes lit up. He calmed himself down. The Southern Cross Army Encampment was destroyed. It was meaningless to fight for this. Tang Tian was the future. If there was still a Southern Cross Army Encampment, then the future of the army would be in the hands of Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s growth was more important than anything else.

As an instructor, Bing was clear, the growth of a soldier or the compulsion to win as a soldier, which was more important.

Bing’s gaze calmed down after awhile.

Concealed in a corner, Tang Tian watched four hundred metres around him attentively, the people around Kong You Lin, entered a serene ‘old folks’ home.

“Young man, do you see that place with that patch of grey?” Bing suddenly asked.

Following Bing’s point, Tang Tian noticed that on one corner of the wall around the old folks home, was a piece of ash colored lime rock: “That bend?”

“That’s right!” Bing said: “This place has strict and tight security, you won’t have a lot of chances. If you can run 432 metres under eight seconds, you can escape those bronze machine’s line of sight. That is the dead corner, if you enter it, the number of choices of your attacks, will increase even more.”

“Eight seconds….” Tang Tian was stumped.

“That’s right, eight seconds, to break through a distance of 432 metres, that already exceeds 50 metres per second, the only thing is that the greatest speed achieved with rank three light body arts, does not exceed forty metres per second. Only rank four light body arts could achieve such a speed.” Bing was calm and analytical: “Your Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada, even adding on the amplification of the Saber-Toothed Tiger, the chances of it happening can only exist in theory.”

“In theory? Means it can be achieved in reality too right?” Tang Tian immediately understood Bing’s words.

“That’s right. In theory, if your Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada is performed to perfection, and if your standard of utilising the Saber-Toothed Tiger is equally perfect, then you have the possibility of reaching this goal.” Bing shook his head: “But that is impossible. Although your Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada is good, the duration in which you’ve used the Saber-Toothed Tiger is so limited, you did not experience training with the manual, you’re basically clueless on sprinting short distance with it.”

“Is sprinting short distance very difficult?”

“In theory it is easy, but you have to go through long periods of training to attain a higher standard of use.” Bing explained.

“Then let us begin right now.” Tang Tian quickly said.

“Begin what?” Bing was confused.

“Begin teaching now! Hurry hurry! If you dilly dally more, I won’t even be able to see that asshole’s shadow anymore!” Tang Tian urged.

“Doing things at the last minute will not gain you anything…” Bing shook his head, he felt that Tang Tian’s suggestion was simply a joke. If one of his old recruits under him suggested such an idea, he would not hesitate and lock them up in detention.

Those who do not place importance in training, look down on training, deserve to be locked up in detention!

Tang Tian cut him off: “This is called practical training, hurry, old man, stop bullshitting, this godlike young man is very anxious.”

Very anxious…..

Bing resisted the urge to slap his face, his expression was so ugly as he once again explained the short distance sprint one more time.

“As expected, it sounds simple enough.”

Having heard what Tang Tian said, Bing was too lazy to refute already. He became all the more determined, Tang Tian was arrogant, too full of himself and his true colors were showing up and increasing even more.

Those brats who looked down on training, all died miserably!

Bing simply just planned to wait for Tang Tian to be badly injured, snort, young man, at that time, you will understand that the trump card ironblood instructor’s every word, is a gem of advice!

“As long as I break through that bend, then it’s done right?” Tang Tian eagerly asked.

“That’s right.” Bing did not bullshit.

“In front of a godlike young man, everything is dregs.” Tang Tian was extremely domineering.

The Saber-Toothed Tiger suddenly crouched down, one leg retreated one step, its posture becoming very low, adopting a pouncing pose. Deep profound bronze luster, under the moonlight, seemed to have an energy that absorb souls. The entire body was cold and sharp.

Tang Tian’s mind was silently repeating the key to the sprint.

Ensuring that he did not overlook anything, Tang Tian suddenly opened his eyes, the imposing Saber-Toothed Tiger’s eyes suddenly opened as well, the aggressiveness of the king of the jungle, emitted out. It’s eyes slowly squinted, the aura gradually vanished, the body gradually lying low.


WIth both thick and heavy solid bronze tiger legs suddenly releasing strength from the ground, the soil and sand beneath its feet exploded out, splashing everywhere.

A ray of green shadow disappeared.

Bing groaned as he waited for Tang Tian’s failure. Although Tang Tian movement had not much of an issue, he was not completely surprised. To a trump card iron blood military officer, to understand his recruit in all aspects was the most basic thing of all. To sprint in such a such period of time, the basic requirement was a burst of power. Bing knew Tang Tian could elicit strong burst of energy and so was perfect to activate. To him, he was not surprised at all.

What was a perfect activation? When the recruit camp was up, other than those recruits with poor talent, all the others could do it.

To sprint in such a short period of time, there was not much technique to master, but these movements needed a perfect combination and coordination of the body. It was simple to say it, but in the midst of fast, short duration sprinting, the body needed to maintain optimum coordination, and that was extremely difficult. During those days, the recruits from the Southern Cross Army Encampment had to undergo the examination for the sprint.

Young lad, you would very soon know the way you think was so ridiculous!

Bing looked closely at Tang Tian’s shadow.

The True power was transmitted to the Saber-Toothed Tiger. When it flowed back into his body again, the True Power was like a circle chain formed between the Saber-Toothed Tiger and himself. Tang Tian could sense that the True Power that flowed back into his body seemed to have an extra ounce of coldness and viciousness. Tang Tian was completely in his zone, as if he had a blazing fire burning in his eyes. As the wind blew at a rapid speed, he felt an immense pleasure. Tang Tian’s brain was unusually calm and each move was vivid in his mind. He could not explain the coordination of the body. With a thought, his body could simply react to it.

It was amazing to have such feelings!

Tang Tian was infatuated.

His movements were getting faster as the True Power flowed even quicker.


Bing was slightly taken aback. After rushing for about a hundred meters, Tang Tian’s speed not only did not slow down, it instead increased. The unique characteristic of short duration sprinting was that its speed would continuously increase. Tang Tian’s speed climbed and that meant there was no error in his sprint.

Bing’s face was solemn.

It was the first time he learnt the short duration sprint and yet he could perform well. In his life as a military officer, it was rare to see such a case.

This rascal…

The Saber-Toothed Tiger was getting faster and faster, like a ball of green tornado. Its heavy bronze legs landed on the ground without any sounds. As compared to the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich, he was almost silent.

The Saber-Toothed Tiger’s short duration sprint was superb, as it revealed short burst of energy. The Saber-Toothed Tiger pounced on its prey fast and ferociously, without any restraint. Tang Tian controlled it perfectly well and the tiger’s legs were agile as ever.

When nimble and violent and quick and agile, these two different styles were mixed together, it develops an intense impact visually.

Bing was slightly shocked. He had not seen such a scenario for a long time. If others had seen Tang Tian’s sprint, they would have cheered. Although he objected Tang Tian spending so much time on the mechanical weapon, he could display Saber-Toothed Tiger’s style to such an extent. In his eyes, he was filled with compliments.

Tang Tian’s eyes were fixed only at the bend with the patch of grey.

An effortful mad sprint.

The gale whistling at his ears, the bone chilling bronze, the rapid circulation of True Power, the boiling hot burning of his blood, the ignited raging heart of a young man!

Tang Tian! Go!

A soundless roar rang in the heart of the young lad. With it, there was stubbornness and pride. With it, he believed he was infallible as he rushed forward!

The heavy, thick and solid tiger that was all along agile, suddenly changed gracefully, like a blade edge etched deep into the soil. Tang Tian’s will to fight, was at its maximum, a biting cold and dauntless flash of light in his eyes, and his full powered body, without a hint of retention, loudly burst forth!

With Bing’s shocked face, the Saber-Toothed Tiger rose to mid air!