Undefeated God of War - Chapter 083 – Martial Spirit Agreement

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Chapter 083 – Martial Spirit Agreement

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Returning to the energy crack, Jing Hao was not back yet, so Tang Tian found a remote corner for himself to train. Yaya came out of Tang Tian’s pocket, its small head looked around, it was definitely curious on the surrounding energy balls. But after awhile, it immediately liked the energy balls.

Tang Tian sat down, and began to inspect the chest Bing gave him. Inside was a pile of junk, and almost none of them were worth anything. There were a few usable rank four silver grade cards, whereas Tang Tian’s rank four martial techniques were all bits and pieces to form a whole, but the most favorite item of Tang Tian’s, was actually a bronze rank Aquarius Martial Cabinet!

Compared to the black iron rank Aquarius Martial Cabinet he had, the bronze rank Aquarius Martial Cabinet was so much bigger. It could fit five Saber-Toothed Tigers. Seeing that, Tang Tian was immediately very regretful as tears flowed down his face. Why did he not find this bronze rank Aquarius Martial Cabinet earlier…..

Although the bronze machine looked big, it used a collapsible mechanism technique to become a small ostrich. This was because the Bronze Mechanical Ostrich’s structure was simple. From this, it could be inferred that, to the eyes of the mechanics of the Southern Cross Army, these simple things could only be called machines. They did not even have the qualifications to be used as mechanisms.

With regards to the simple structured mechanism, to the mechanics of the Southern Cross Army, they had already researched them thoroughly at an earlier time, and it had gotten to the point where they lost interest. These kinds of low grade machines did not aid much in increasing power.

The higher end the weapon mechanism, the more complicated the structures inside it were. They release a higher output of True Power and increase martial techniques’ power, so the interior was already at another level.

After the third day, Jing Hao came back. The both of them exchanged a few words, and then began training by themselves. To avoid attracting the other party’s energy and causing fluctuation, both of them trained very far from each other and, as the place was very vast and wide, it allowed the both of them to train simultaneously without disturbing each other.

On the fifth day, Tang Tian punctually entered Three Spirits City.

Sai Lei Card Shop.

When Sai Lei saw Tang Tian, her eyes immediately lit up: “You’re finally here! If you had stood me up, you would have died!”

Sai Lei’s clothes were totally different from usual. She was wearing old, extra short jean shorts, accentuating her snow white long legs, and a plain white, short sleeved t-shirt. Her hair was tied up to a ponytail, with an indescribable fresh and relaxed aura, brimming with youthfulness.

The three pandas obediently guarded the door, as if they were professional bell boys, smiling wholeheartedly.

What exactly did this lady do to these three terrible and extremely evil fellows….

Tang Tian’s heart muttered, but his mouth asked: “Is the Training Spirit Device ready?”

“Hey, to have a genius young lady do the work, how could this be a problem?” Sai Lei’s face was filled with pride, and continued: “Just a mere Training Spirit Device, even if you bring me the blueprints of the Southern Cross Army mechanical weapons, I can still produce them!”

Hearing that, Tang Tian’s heart skipped a beat, and he asked: “Then are you able to improve mechanic weapons?”

Sai Lei paused for a while. She did not expect that Tang Tian would actually ask such a question, and she said: “I have to see it before I can say anything. Mechanical weapons are Southern Cross Army’s machines. Oh, that era was hailed as the mechanic’s era, I too love that name. The mechanical weapons of the Southern Cross Army, were created with the peak methods of engineering, with enormous systems, and were very complicated. Truthfully, even the simple methods of engineering this current era has are very far from it. I have never ever seen a real mechanical weapon, and what progress it is at.”

“If I give you one mechanical weapon set, can you improve it?” Tang Tian continued to pursue.

Sai Lei was somewhat puzzled and sized Tang Tian up, and teased: “Yo, don’t tell me you really have a mechanical weapon!” But soon after, she realised her tease was a joke, how was it possible to have a mechanical weapon that got preserved to the current era? Impossible! She shook her head, but seeing Tang Tian’s serious expression, she said: “Although I have never seen a mechanical weapon before, I know that there are already people who are testing it in this field.”

Bing, who was initially not focused, suddenly expressed more attention to listen.

Tang Tian was even more engrossed.

Sai Lei’s face and eyes flashed a hint of pride, her charming face slightly smiling, becoming increasingly beautiful, and definitely did not look like a local: “Mechanical weapons of the Southern Cross Army were originally created with an extremely glorious history. There were a few dug up mechanical weapons, although they were unable to be restored, it was still possible to see that the mechanical weapon had already reached its state of perfection. There are many mechanics who were researchers, at present the more mainstream view is that, mechanical weapons had reached the pinnacle of beast attributes, and it was the strongest point, but it was also its weakness, as it did not have a Martial Spirit.”

Bing’s body shuddered, as he muttered to himself: “No Martial Spirit…”

“That’s right!” Touching on such specialized subjects, Sai Lei’s expression also became very fierce: “No matter how powerful it is, it is still an inanimate object, and that is its sole reason for failure. Why it was overtaken by Star Treasures is also precisely because of this. Star Treasures have martial spirits, have the space to grow, have leeway to be strengthened, they are smarter, and can resonate with martial artists. Everyone knows, to a high level martial artist, a Martial Spirit is more important than True Power, and that is the reason! Mechanical weapons can amplify True Power, but they do not have Martial Spirits. Maybe Star Treasures are not so powerful at the beginning, but as long as you continue to unearth them, they will become more and more powerful.”

“Martial spirit…that’s right…. Why didn’t i think of that…” Bing was dazed and talked to himself.

Tang Tian was not like Bing, who had multiple feelings welled up in his heart, he was more concerned on another question: “Then how do we resolve this?”

“Give it another Martial Spirit!” Sai Lei gave a ‘you’re an idiot’ expression.

“Add another Martial Spirit….” Tang Tian looked blankly.

“Idiot!” Sai Lei rubbed her chin, looking like an expert: “There are more constellations on Heaven’s Road now compared to the past, and Star Treasures are more widespread than in the past. By putting them together, that would be perfect! Mechanical weapons are a good body, while the Star Treasure can be considered a good brain, by putting them together, that would be so powerful!”

Tang Tian struck the ground with one fist, and as though he was enlightened, he was ecstatic: “That’s right! That’s a good idea! A great idea!”

The more she talked, the higher Sai Lei’s nose pointed towards the sky. (becoming more proud)

Tang Tian agreed and felt that whatever Sai Lei said was completely reasonable!

Bing had already recovered from his stun, and said: “The idea is actually good, but whether or not it comes to fruition, that is another thing.”

Sai Lei was somewhat astonished at Bing’s seriousness, she played with her hands, feigned taking things lightly and continued: “It’s just talk, to be honest I have never seen any mechanical weapons before.” Suddenly, her eyes lit up, rushed to Tang Tian, bent her waist and with her face burning hot: “Godlike young man, don’t tell me you are interested in this? That’s great! As long as you sponsor me, and as long as there is enough sponsor money, I have complete confidence to create one. How is that? I personally am very interested in mechanisms, and the results could be given to you to be used, oh, I can even specially create one mechanical weapon for you!”

She formed a fist with her hands and placed it on her chest, inhaling to expand her chest, her face emerging a captivating look, with seduction in her eyes, she continued to sell herself: “I know the mechanical engineering technique, can warm the bed, this standard of a lady, where can you find one? As long as you can fork out 200,000 star coins as sponsor fund, hehe, you can hold me comfortably….”

Under Sai Lei’s pressuring figure leaning towards him, Tang Tian retreated back quickly, his face was full of fear, all of his muscles stretched taut, his legs were ready to retreat and run anytime.

“We have decided to sponsor you.”

Bing suddenly said.

Sai Lei and Tang Tian both stared blankly at him.

“Uncle, we do not have a lot of money.” Tang Tian reminded him, although they had managed to escape their poverty-stricken stage from before, 200,000 star coins, was a huge amount to them. Sai Lei was talking about star coins, and not other types of currencies. Star coins were Heaven Road’s trading currency, they had equal value to star rocks, therefore were an extremely strong currency.

All the wealth on Tang Tian’s body, all the silver cards, adding on the star treasures, all together could only possibly add up to 200,000 star coins.

Sai Lei looked at Bing suspiciously, as she just realised that Bing was somewhat different than other Spirit Generals.

“We can sell the mechanical weapons.” Bing said coldly.

“That is an idea.” Tang Tian nodded his head.

What!” Sai Lei was stumped, suddenly, she reacted with a look of disbelief at Tang Tian: “You have mechanic weapons?”

“Yep.” Tang Tian nodded his head.

When he completed his word, Sai Lei was like an arrow and sped to him, both arms grabbing onto Tang Tian, making him shocked. His reaction was fast, as he shuffled his legs like lightning, retreated a few steps, and once again increased the distance between them!

Was she plotting something?

Tang Tian looked at Sai Lei with lingering fear.

Sai Lei seemed to fall from the sky, her legs stumbling, but she anxiously shouted: “DON’T SELL! DO NOT SELL THEM! As long as you can give me the mechanic weapons to research, I consider that as sponsorship! I will think of ways to get the money by myself!”

The attractiveness of possessing mechanical weapons, to Sai Lei, was to die for!

Seeing Sai Lei’s eagerness, her face was not the usual calm and collected face, and had lost all calmness. Tang Tian could not help feeling moved, although Sai Lei was wicked in many ways, her passion for mechanic engineering techniques was not just born from the mind. This kind of passion stemmed from the heart, the bones, the soul, led Tang Tian to be moved, he wanted to speak up, but Bing spoke first.

“We can talk about the money issue another time.” Bing calmly said: “We will give you a mechanical weapon for you to study, but we need you to sign a Martial Spirit Contract with us.”

“Martial Spirit Contract?” Sai Lei calmed down after awhile, once the Martial Spirit Contract was signed, it would leave imprints of the Martial Spirit, making regardless of who it was, unable to violate the agreement. Regarding the three words, Sai Lei immediately knew they had a special background, as ordinary people had never heard of these three words before.

Sai Lei’s face changed again, as she became hesitant. Although she extremely longed to study mechanical weapons, upon signing the martial spirit contract, it was literally selling her body.

Bing’s face was calm, and awaited Sai Lei’s decision.

“Who do I sign with?” Sai Lei suddenly asked.


Bing pointed to Tang Tian: “Him.”

Sai Lei’s nervousness in her pupils disappeared, she exhaled a breath, Bing, who she could not see through due to his depth and mysteriousness, made her nervous, but if it was just stubborn Tang Tian, it made her relax much more.

“Good! I’ll sign!” Sai Lei decided in a short while, she was rather straightforward, not in the least bit sloppy.

What Martial Spirit Contract? Tang Tian had never heard of it before, he was simply completely following Bing’s requests. While Sai Lei was celebrating in her heart, for a brat to be proficient in Martial Spirit Contracts, what sort of history did he have? Only those who had long established history and backing of influential families had these kinds of people.

After great difficulty of turning and turning to complete, Sai Lei impatiently asked: “Hurry and bring me to see the mechanical weapon! Where did you two actually find the set of mechanical weapons?”

“The set?” Tang Tian shook his head: “We have more than just a single set.”

“Don’t tell me it is two sets?” Sai Lei’s eyes lit up, and immediately jumped up.

“No.” Tang Tian shook his head.

“Oh, God! You actually found three sets….” Sai Lei screamed out, she was so excited she almost fainted.

Tang Tian continued to shake his head, his teeth suddenly showing out: “A military warehouse worth!”

Sai Lei’s expression froze on her face.