Undefeated God of War - Chapter 077 – Development In The Spirit Region

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Chapter 077 – Development In The Spirit Region

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian’s expression was pale white as he walked into the card shop with his back bent. The three pandas were bound by the upper body, arms behind their back and ropes looped around their necks, together with White Panda’s yellow copper rod.

Seeing these three men, Sai Lei’s anger raged out, if it wasn’t for these three bastards, I would not have thrown my face like that today, I would not have….

Sai Lei shuffled forward quickly, raised the high heel on her leg, and consecutively stomped on their feet, pu pu pu!

The power of these high heel shoes, was completely set free on the three of them, whose faces were like noodles mixed in a hot pot and stirred by chopsticks, becoming entangled together.

“Only you three have the idea of hitting me!” Sai Lei had a lofty and proud look on her face, her gaze was filled with disdain: “Your luck is not bad. If i really had some unexpected misfortune, you three would regret being born to this world.”

Listening to her words, Tang Tian immediately backed up, this crazy woman was unreasonable, better to stay further away from her.

“What do you plan to do with them?” Uncle Bing asked Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was stumped, what would he do with them? Kill them? If they were in the midst of fighting, Tang Tian would be able to do it, but now that they looked like that, Tang Tian felt that he could not do it.

Sai Lei gave Tang Tian a look, seeing that Tang Tian had no idea on what he was going to do, she immediately said: “Leave it to me!”

Tang Tian nodded his head: “Great!”

The three ripe sweet potatoes could finally be sent out, Tang Tian’s heart felt for the three of them, to land in the hands of this malicious woman, what awaits them was definitely something that was worse than death!

As expected, the faces of the three of them changed, Floral Panda’s eyes flashed a trace of fear, his mouth spouting: “Smelly woman! Come and straightforwardly give this old man a weapon!”

Sai Lei coldly laughed: “You are all too naive.”

Hearing this, Tang Tian trembled, his face did not move, but his feet quickly moved a few steps to the side, increasing the distance.

“Why did you two come and find me more?” Sai Lei ignored the three of them, and turned to asked Tang Tian and Bing.

Tang Tian gave her the blueprints Bing gave him: “Uncle Bing asked, are you able to make this?”

Sai Lei accepted the blueprints, looked down, and was immediately attracted to it, her gaze could not leave the paper: “Training spirit devices…. Legends speak of training spirit devices… they were strange structures, extremely ingenious! Powerful, exactly what genius designed this….”

“He is called Andre.” Uncle Bing said.

“Andre?” Sai Lei raised her head, frowning her brows and deep in thought for a long time, before shaking her head: “Never heard of him.”

“He did not have any fame, but was an outstanding mechanic, Southern Cross Army’s number five mechanic.” Uncle Bing blankly said.

“As expected he was a mechanic in the golden era of designs, this genius plan, could only appear from that period of time.” Sai Lei muttered to herself: “This place, thinking about it, oh, i understand, it uses eight circuits to be resolved! God! Did the ancient era already have such profound understanding regarding Martial Spirits? This is truly surprising!”

“Can you do it?” Bing’s stiff voice came out.

“Do not look down on me!” Sai Lei raised her head with some dissatisfaction, her eyes showing a proud look: “Although that era’s genius mechanics were worth worshipping, regarding this era’s most marvelous mechanics, I will definitely not lose to them!”

Sai Lei’s face became more calm: “Give me a while.”

She quickly took out a piece of paper, wrote on it, after a while, she gave the paper to Tang Tian: “I need this list of materials.”

Tang Tian gave the list to Bing, Bing glanced through it, nodded his head: “I prepared some of them already.”

With that, he proceeded to take them out.

Sai Lei inspected the materials, astoundedly looked at Bing: “This is the first time that i see a Spirit General so experienced with machineries.”

Bing was indifferent: “My standard is merely so so.”

“The materials here are more or less complete, but I’m still missing two important materials, one of it is a Spirit Nucleus of the fourth level, able to possess both water and earth elements, the other is Jade Spirit Steel.”

After listening to her did Bing’s tone of voice return to normal: “Your standard is quite good. Tomorrow around this time, we will procure both ingredients.”

“Good! Then I will begin working on the initial part first.” Sai Lei’s eyes flashed a hint of excitement and fanaticism, it was as if she had changed into another person, her entire body brimming with formidable self-confidence, all the usual laziness and blurriness could not be seen at all.

“These three captives, you sure you don’t need us to handle them?” Bing asked as he was walking out of the door.

“Hurry and go find those materials!” Sai Lei had already begun working: “I have prepared a little something for them, they will definitely enjoy it.”

Bing did not say anything, and left with Tang Tian.

Once stepping out, Tang Tian released his breath and muttered: “This woman is really too scary!”

“Scary?” Bing was confused, but quickly he asked Tang Tian: “Is your injury severe?”

Tang Tian froze, but quickly recovered and replied: “Ah, there’s no problem!” Tang Tian felt very awkward, and immediately shifted the topic: “Bing, where can we go to find this Spirit Nucleus and Jade Spirit Steel?”

“At the Hunting Spirit Region.” Bing said.

“Hunting Spirit Region?” It was the first time Tang Tian heard of such a place.

“En. I saw a few books related to the Spirit Region, and finally understood what is happening.” Bing explained while walking: “It was roughly the later period of the Scorpio dynasty, that the Martial Spirit Chamber was no longer a secret, and more and more entrances to it were being found, leading to more and more people entering it. The Martial Spirit Chamber has a lot of unfound and unknown things, which were all being opened up. Now the Spirit region, as compared to my era’s Martial Spirit Chamber, should be roughly ten times the size.”

Tang Tian listened attentively.

“As there is a lot of energy in the ancient Martial Spirit broken pieces, it is very beneficial to train the Martial Spirit. Very quickly, the Spirit Region became a bustling place for human activities and was frequented often, thereby having the signs of a city. But as the place has too many broken pieces of ancient Martial Spirits, and can erupt out anytime, it is filled with danger, so the region was not suitable for establishing towns and cities, so it was specifically zoned out, and became the Hunting Spirit Region.”

“Why will the ancient Martial Spirit pieces keep coming out?” Tang Tian could not keep it in and asked.

“We already found this problem in the past.” Bing said deeply: “Although there was no complete clarity to it, we had a few guesses. Some people guessed that below the Martial Spirit Chamber is an ancient tomb, in a even more distant ancient era, there were customs for burials. When a sovereign king was buried, many Spirit Generals would choose to follow along. This method looked like they were ignorant, but on the contrary, at that point of time, it was very prevalent, and Martial Spirits regarded it as honorous. Yet we did not think that, the Spirit Region would be so huge. So i highly suspect that this guess could be wrong.”

“Even distant ancient….” Tang Tian’s face was puzzled, Bing’s time, he already felt that it was already very distant, but to be even more distant and ancient than Bing’s time, Tang Tian’s head was in even more pain.

“There have been great changes to this place.” Bing’s voice had some sorrow tone: “The blue sea turned into mulberry fields. I do not know what changes there are to the Hunting Spirit Region, but if it does not differ much from my memories, then I know where the water and earth Spirit Nucleus and Jade Spirit Steel are to be found.”

Tang Tian followed Bing and walked out of Three Spirits City.

Once they left Three Spirits City, it was an entirely different view, as the entire place was a silent wilderness. Once in awhile a sporadic dried tree could be seen, it was hard to predict what would come by in such a desolate place.

“Martial Spirits’ strength rely on two factors, being concentrated and pure. To swallow Martial Spirits, is one of the simplest and most direct way to increase the concentration. But this method does have its side effects, in which it would cause your Martial Spirit to become even more heterogeneous. The more you swallow, the more heterogeneous it becomes, and that is how training spirit devices came about. Training spirit devices could substantially purify the Martial Spirit, other than the pain, there are no side effects.

Bing’s explanations always led Tang Tian to feel that he was profound and well versed in a wide range of things.

“I do not know what other spirit regions are like, but the Martial Spirit Chamber previously did not have day or night, which was very special. It was always gloomy here. The Martial Spirit Chamber had very dense vegetation, as it was not a suitable place to thrive, and the ancient Martial Spirits, were extremely ferocious. This place was previously known as the vicious land, and thus leads to the understanding why people would think there was a tomb below.” Bing half floated half spoke: “As expected it has really become bigger, in the past, this place could already let you encounter many ancient Martial Spirits.

“What do ancient Martial Spirits look like?” Tang Tian was curious.

Truthfully, he did not even think that the world was actually such a weird place, and it was the Three Spirits City that made him open his eyes. He wasn’t sure if Qian Hui had come to this Spirit Region before, oh, Qian Hui should have come before. Not sure if it was possible to meet Qian Hui here at this Spirit Region, but from what Uncle Bing said, There were many entrances to this Spirit Region.

When there was time, I should ask if there are any entrances to this Spirit Region at Immortal Constellation Rainbow City.

Hey, If Three Spirits City has other entrances, doesn’t that mean that I could directly leave from the Spirit Region?

Tang Tian suddenly begun to have random thoughts.

“You will know it sooner or later.” Uncle Bing said: “There are many weird fantasies and oddities in the world. There are some wild star spirit beasts that can absorb the broken Martial Spirit pieces, and these wild star spirit beasts will become extremely powerful, and very unreasonable. The star spirit beasts of a Spirit Region, will be much more powerful than outside, you have to be careful.”

“Oh.” Tang Tian answered without thought. His mind was not there. The fact that he had to stay for a few more months, had spoilt his plans and caused him to be unhappy. He thought that he could very quickly see Qian Hui, but did not expect it to be delayed again, this young man’s mood was somewhat gloomy.

But Tang Tian was also very clear, there was nothing more important than strength.

Qian Hui must be very very powerful now, she used to be so powerful already, I cannot lag behind. We have already promised to go to Heaven’s Road together, if I cannot protect Qian Hui, then I am useless!

Tang Tian’s heart calmed down.

He laughed at himself in his mind, he had endured for so many years already, but at this time, his state of mind suddenly became unstable.

As expected, my state of mind is not mature enough yet…. Eh, mature…..let’s not talk about it then….

But I’m a young man who has a determined heart!

Tang Tian secretly clenched his fists and told himself.

He raised his head again.

Bing looked at Tang Tian weirdly, Tang Tian just suddenly had some preoccupied thoughts, his mood somewhat downcast, but suddenly becoming high with fighting spirit.

Bing’s power of attention was quickly attracted by a distant familiar sight.

My Favorite part of the last chapter is Bing’s straight man comments.