Undefeated God of War - Chapter 071 – New Card

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Chapter 071 – New Card

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“Eh, what’s burning?” Tang Tian asked innocently.

Sai Lei was stoned for a while, before suddenly forcing a smile: “It is not your problem, it seems like there are still some flaws in this setup.”

Tang Tian shook his head as he thought: “I feel that, although Star Treasures have Martial Spirits and are clever, there is definitely no way for them to compare with humans. If not, why don’t you just design them to become equipment aids to fight in battles? This way, it would be very powerful! It could be able to help humans fight, they are clever, and if I had this kind of weapon or equipment, that is able to utilise five different types of martial techniques, then that means I will have a total of ten different types of martial techniques, and no one will be able to win against me!”

Sai Lei felt as though her brain was struck by lightning, her entire person stood there like a wooden chicken.

Why didn’t I think of that!

Yes, Martial Spirits were clever, but they were unable to compare with humans, and for them to contend against martial artists in itself was the wrong route to make. But if this system was implemented, to aid the martial artist in battle, that would definitely be very strong.

There was no need for practise, so long as the martial artist could utilise the new martial art. Sai Lei immediately realised the value of this.

In a moment, countless inspirations emerged in her head, and she had many exquisite thoughts. She suddenly had this feeling, that her own creation could most likely change the world! This ridiculous idea sprung out from her head, but she actually became more excited.

She stood there blankly, as countless ideas in her head were flowing and clashing like a thunderstorm!

Tang Tian saw that Sai Lei was not to be disturbed, did not call out for her, and started chatting with Bing happily, dancing and gesticulating with joy: “Uncle Bing, I felt that I had an improvement just now!”

Bing did not respond, but instead looked at Tang Tian: “How did you think of that idea just now?”

“The idea just now?” Tang Tian was astonished: “Oh, I just randomly thought of it. Don’t tell me it shouldn’t be like that? Uncle Bing didn’t think the same?”

Bing did not utter a word, but just stared at Tang Tian. He was much more experienced in battles than Tang Tian, but the quiz battle between Tang Tian and Sai Lei, he wasn’t in any way surprised. In the Southern Cross Army in the past, they survived just like that. The pinnacle of the machinery era in ancient times, whether it was machinery or Martial Spirit, they were both methods to train the recruits. Bing was very familiar with it. The recruits had to face such actual combat simulations from the start of their training. It was extremely exhausting and battering, but after going through more experiences, some of the recruits would be qualified and able to defeat the actual combat simulation, which was stronger than them.

Humans were always the smartest ones.

Although Sai Lei’s tests looked even more meticulous, Bing was not overly surprised. Their era where they had mechanical training partners, although it was crude, the destructive power was much stronger, and compared to it, Sai Lei’s tests were like amusing toys.

Bing was quiet. Even with Tang Tian’s victory, he was not that surprised. From the way he saw it, Tang Tian was an outstanding soldier, so he should possess all the basic qualities, not cutting corners in the trainings. Not only not did he not cut corners, but he had the mindset of exceeding ordinary people’s training. And while fighting, there would be no stage fright. He was a classic model of a genius fighter, a real madman in battles.

He could not imagine how this kind of person was actually ignored for a full year.

Bing did not believe at all, that Sai Lei’s Testing Instrument could win against Tang Tian.

The result was as he expected, Tang Tian attained victory, but it was Tang Tian’s words that made Bing really surprised. Bing’s battle experience was abundant, and he immediately realized that Tang Tian’s words contained astonishing value.

This brat…is always surprising people…

Bing’s state of mind kept rolling over and over, totally unlike his calm outer expression. In his eyes, Tang Tian, who had always been a no brain young man, a single-celled organism, someone who could not even count to a hundred with his fingers, for him to suddenly say such an earth shattering idea, left Bing stupefied.

Could it be that I have always looked down on this brat… but he actually does have some IQ….

Bing started to sink into self doubt.

Tang Tian seemed to be into his head by the words Uncle Bing said to him just now, and immediately had an air of complacency: “Ah ha, this godlike young man’s brain is as vast as the sea.”

It was all water though….

Bing muttered in his heart. He decided to throw this question into the sea. Obviously, Tang Tian was merely lucky. A beginner like him would know nothing about battles.

“Haha! As expected of a godlike young man, to have helped me solve such a big problem!” Sai Lei’s voice came from behind, the pair of seductive pupils, glowing with health and vigor, filled with trust, smiling sweetly at Tang Tian: “I have decided to give you these two cards for free!”

Tang Tian was even more pleased with himself, but his attention immediately went to the attractive spirit cards: “They must be powerful cards!”

“Ha ha!” Sai Lei laughed out loud: “Oh, oh, oh, they have to be powerful to be able to match up to such a godlike young man!”

Her hand held one more snow white silver grade spirit card: “At the beginning you said you needed a rank four mental cultivation technique that would be compatible with [Crane-style Qi Manual]. What I am holding in my hand is the [Four Heavenly Dragons]. It’s authentic, handed down as a mental cultivation technique from the Draco Constellation. Draco Constellation was once illustrious as well, but it declined rather quickly, almost similar to the Heavenly Crane Constellation. I can tell that you have cultivated the Crane Body, the essence of the Crane-Style Qi Manual is there. When the crane transforms energy, until you reach the fifth level, it will always display a certain extent of formidable power. But once you hit the sixth level, unless you practise a higher rank mental cultivation technique from the Crane Sect, the Crane Body’s strength that is released at that point of time, will be very slight. [Four Heavenly Dragons] is only a rank four technique, but Draco Constellation mental cultivation techniques are very unique. From [One Heavenly Dragon] all the way to [Seven Heavenly Dragons], to practise until the eighth level. Only then will they realise the true qualitative change, called [Eight Parts Heavenly Dragon], which is extremely powerful. Other than [Eight Parts Heavenly Dragon], the other most powerful part of this mental cultivation technique is the Heavenly Dragon Energy.”

Tang Tian listened very carefully, his mouth repeating the words: “Heavenly Dragon Energy…”

“That’s right, the Crane Energy is sharp and acute, while the Dragon Energy is violent and fierce. If you can be enlightened with the Heavenly Dragon Energy, between every movement of yours, the power will certainly double. Your current fighting style already has a very invasive attribute. If you add the Heavenly Dragon Energy, the power will become even stronger. Also, the transformation between the Crane Energy and the Dragon Energy could transform even more. Although the Heavenly Dragon Energy is hard to train, you can already cultivate the Crane Body. Godlike Young Man, I believe in your potential!”

Sai Lei blinked her eyes at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was not the least bit modest. He accepted the spirit cards with a burst of self confidence: “I will definitely be able to cultivate the Heavenly Dragon Energy!”

Sai Lei did not cover up her admiration at all. With a movement, another card appeared in between her fingers: “You are indeed a genius in close quarters combat, but i realised that you have a weakness. That is your leg techniques. Your leg techniques, as compared to your hand techniques, are lacking quite a lot. This card, [Double Succeeding Loop Kicks], is very suitable for close quarter battles. It is very cold, utilising momentum to increase strength, its attack is continuous, and the power released is very large, resembling firecrackers when utilising it fully, very meaningful. If you can attain the Heavenly Dragon Energy, integrating it into your leg techniques would increase your might by a considerable amount!”

“Sounds fun!” Tang Tian’s eyes grew big. These two cards were attractive to him.

Tang Tian tilted his head suddenly and looked at Sai Lei’s Testing Instrument, which was burnt to ashes, then turned and asked her: “Sai Lei, will you be building a new Testing Instrument? ”

Sai Lei spread out her hands: “I will first perfect my thoughts. A steel crow is nice to make, but a Star Treasure is not. This Star Treasure cost me a lot of energy to clean. I can only play with low level cards now. This setup, when the cards get higher in level, the requirement in the treasure also gets higher. It requires a lot of money, and I have to save up a bit first before considering again.”

Tang Tian thought for a bit, and a sword appeared in his hand, which he handed over to Sai Lei: “This Treasure is for you. I don’t use swords, so it is useless in my hands. Just nice for you to make another new Testing Instrument again.”

Sai Lei was also not affected, and received the sword calmly, a ridiculing smile on her face: “Tsk tsk, young man, you really have a lot of gold. Once you reveal your hand, it is a Star Treasure. So extravagant that you have even moved the heart of this Older Sister. Older sister worships money the most, and especially likes rich men. Although you are younger than me by a bit, why not accept Older Sister? Older Sister will treat you with tender, loving care….”

As she took the sword and inspected it carefully, she could not help but express surprise: “Hey, Rabbit Silk Sword, Lepus Constellation’s bronze treasure. This is my first time seeing it.”

“I just obtained it from defeating a few guys. They redeemed their freedom with these, and there was this lady who did not bring any Spirit Nuclei, so I took this sword.” Tang Tian paid no mind to it.

Sai Lei looked distracted, shortly realizing: “I know who it was already! Hee hee, young man, why not seize another chance and rob from them one more time? They have a lot of good things on them!”

Sai Lei’s eyes shone, as if countless stars floated in them. Tang Tian felt a shiver of coldness, but immediately shook his head: “We have wrote off all grievances with one stroke already, unless they come and offend me again, I will not volunteer to do bad things.”

Sai Lei’s whole face was full of regrets.

Bing suddenly said: “Are there any history books related to the history of Three-Spirits City?”

“You’re interested in Three-Spirits City?” Sai Lei was astonished: “Three-Spirits City is not considered a big city in the Spirit Region, its history barely exceeds one thousand years.”

“Spirit Region?” Bing sharply caught these two words.

“You don’t even know what the Spirit Region is? Where are you guys from, exactly!?” Sai Lei had a strange look in her eyes, but quickly, she puckered her brows and thought deeply: ”You just have to walk west. There is a small library, inside there are many related books, the introductions inside the books are very detailed. Truthfully, i am only interested in ancient robots.”

“Thank you!” Bing turned his body and left.

Tang Tian was also preparing to leave, as he heard Sai Lei suddenly saying from behind: “Hey, Godlike Young Man, in a few months, remember to come see my new results!”

Tang Tian’s spirit rose when he heard it and shouted back: “Then that’s a promise! Godlike Young Lady, you must do your best!” It was indeed an expectation worth looking forward to. What kind of weird object would Sai Lei construct with the self reminder?

Finished, Tang Tian waved to Sai Lei, jumped up on the bronze mechanical ostrich and left.

Godlike Young Lady…” Sai Lei stared blankly, a smile appearing on her mouth: “Such an interesting fellow. Oh, looks like he is quite rich, and since I cannot get a rich husband, then I will settle with this sponsor…. Sai Lei with a sponsor! Wa, it sounds really powerful!”