Undefeated God of War - Chapter 068 – Conflict

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Chapter 068 – Conflict

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Yu Bao recognised these few lads.

In the entire Spirit Region, Three-Spirits City was not considered a big city, and since these lads were frequent visitors, naturally, Yu Bao could recognise them. These few youngsters had highly influential backgrounds, stemming from different clans, and when these young masters group together, no one in the city dared to tread on their toes.

“It’s really the bronze mechanical ostrich!” A boy in a white shirt stared at the ostrich with much interest, marvelling, “I have previously read in books that the bronze mechanical ostrich is one of the most famous mounts of the Southern Cross Army, I can’t believe that I actually got to see the real ostrich in person.”

Just then, a girl in a purple shirt beside the boy in the white shirt, ran to his side and ruffled his sleeves continuously, “Brother Wei, I want the big bird! I want the big bird!”

Yu Bao’s expression changed, but immediately turned to a weird expression.

The other lads had an odd expression as well and tried to stifle their laughter.

Lin Wei turned to Tang Tian rather helplessly, “Brother, would it be possible for you to let me have this ostrich?”

Tang Tian shook his head, “No.”

“Hey, lad, be tactful!” Luo Yi, who was at the side, initially wanted to see Lin Wei make a fool of himself, but upon hearing Tang Tian, he could not help but butt in, “Say it, name your price, you better know what’s good for you!”

Tang Tian’s smile disappeared, even idiots could pick up the unfriendliness in his tone. Godlike youngsters were similar to school bullies, and Tang Tian was displeased upon hearing the statement. His eyes narrowed, “Such arrogance!”

“Oh, seems like we’ve hit an iron wall!” Luo Yi’s expression turned frosty.

Tang Tian was on the upper end, he suddenly broke into a smile and the ostrich beneath him snapped into action, charging towards Luo Yi.

“Careful!” Lin Wei’s expression changed.

The ostrich was taller than Tang Tian, about two metres high, and extremely heavy as it was molded solely with bronze. It could become the standard deployment of the Southern Cross Army due to its outstanding capability, as it can maintain an average standard of a fifth level martial artist’s light body technique during long distance running. However, its strongest ability was being able to give its all.

Bing saw Tang Tian charging with the ostrich, and he became momentarily distracted, as once upon a time, the ostrich assault of the Southern Cross Army’s recruit barracks was renowned.

The power of several tons, the terrorising explosive force when charging, and the impact generated, was unparalleled.

Luo Yi felt sudden darkness before his eyes, as if a mountain were collapsing onto him, in that moment, he even felt stifled!

The Spirit General was fast and had excellent reflexes and dodged, re-appearing beside Tang Tian.

Unfortunately, it was as per Tang Tian’s expectations, and he extended his fist!


Both parties passed by, and the Spirit General was sent flying in the air.

The ostrich’s speed was already astounding, coupled with the Spirit General’s attacking speed, although Tang Tian only executed the rank three Minute Collapsing Fist, the Spirit General was rebounded far away as though it had been hit by a giant hammer.

Bing witnessed the scene and he was euphoric. Tang Tian’s moves did not seem rusty and were even aptly executed.

The exact demeanour of a Southern Cross Army recruit!

Bing was bemoaned.

Tang Tian had seemingly no wish to reduce his speed, he bent and lowered his body, and the eyes of the ostrich suddenly flashed, the two claws reared up and the head was flat like a long spear in an assault team.

The years of extermination, the ancient bronze bird, it charges again!

Target, Luo Yi!

A tragic air instantly enveloped Luo Yi.

Lin Wei’s expression turned stoic, and felt his heart dropped. Luo Yi turned pale, he was totally shocked by the opposition’s demeanour and transfixed, not even attempting to dodge.

At this moment, a snowy-white hand appeared behind Luo Yi without warning and pulled him to the side hastily.

On seeing that they were going to brush past the ostrich, Tang Tian snorted coldly and quietly pointed his right leg like a venomous snake.

The opposition responded rapidly and blocked Tang Tian’s leg with the other hand.

However, she underestimated the power of Tang Tian’s leg, Crane Body Energy coupled with the power of the ostrich’s assault, with a stifling moan, she was sent flying with Luo Yi.

“You have some standard!”

Tang Tian eyes flashed with excitement, and the ostrich screeched to a halt after scratching two deep grooves in the floor in a brilliant flash of light, successfully changing its intended direction. As for the girl carrying Luo Yi, they had yet to land.

“Wow, wow, wow! You guys won’t be able to escape!”

Tang Tian had yet to complete his sentence, but the ostrich had already leapt straight towards the girl and Luo Yi in midair.

Lin Wei regained his senses and his face was contorted with fury, “Ba Fan! Finish him off!”

A strong and menacing Spirit General floating beside Lin Wei opened its eyes abruptly, bent its knees slightly, and bolted towards Tang Tian like a cannonball.


Out of the blue, a figure appeared before Ba Fan.

Ghost Claw coldly fixated its gaze on Ba Fan.

Ba Fan was robust and sturdy like a block of mountain, and had a strong menace below its expressionless face. On the contrary, Ghost Claw paled in comparison, being as thin as a matchstick, and a rickety back, bearing much resemblance to an old man dying of hunger.

However, Ba Fan unexpectedly shrank back slightly.

Huh? Lin Wei was surprised, but immediately raged, “Ba Fan, what are you stopping there for!”

The girl who previously clamoured for the big bird was named Hua Ling, and being the youngest of the group, upon seeing that the situation got out of hand, became fearful and hurriedly ordered her spirit General beside her, “Fluffy, Fluffy, hurry and save Sister Yu Xi!”

The Spirit General beside her was a fully equipped female Spirit General from head to toe, it opened her eyes, drew its sword and dived towards Tang Tian like the body of a sword.

At this moment, Bing produced a long spear and pointed it at the female Spirit General.

The female Spirit General immediately froze.

Yu Xi saw Tang Tian charging angrily towards her in midair, and calmly bellowed, “Blade!”

Swoosh, a ray of sword light radiated above Tang Tian!

Tang Tian felt a trickle of cold air on his head, hairs standing on end, and without further ado, he pulled back his head.

A ray of sword light grazed past Tang Tian’s head.

Tang Tian hurriedly manipulated the ostrich and jumped out of the way of the sword-wielding Spirit General in midair, who had a menacing aura.

It was obvious that the Spirit General is no pushover… …

“Ba Fan!” By now, Lin Wei was furious, as Ba Fan did not dare to attack the enemy, and under the scrutiny of others, Lin Wei felt very embarrassed and it is obvious how enraged he must be.

At this moment, Yu Xi carried Luo Yi and plundered to Lin Wei’s side, she lowered her voice, “Order Ba Fan to return.”

“Order his return?” Lin Wei was stunned, and his expression aghast.

“He is not their match!” Yu Xi showed signs of fear, but remained calm.

“Not their match?” Lin Wei was in disbelief, “No way! Ba Fan is at the fifth level!”

“The other party is at the sixth Level, and it does not seem to be just a normal sixth level.” Yu Xi lowered her voice, “I’m afraid we have messed with the wrong people this time.”

Not a normal sixth level… …

Lin Wei was dazed, exclaiming, “No way!”

“Blade told me,” Yu Xi said quietly.

This time, Lin Wei shut up. Among their Spirit Generals, Yu Xi’s Blade was the strongest and most superior, being a sixth level Spirit General.

Ghost Claw’s attention shifted to Blade nearby, and Blade could no longer maintain his calm composure. He gripped his sword tightly, as though in face of a great danger.

Ghost Claw was originally at the seventh level of True Power, thus, although he could only execute techniques up to the sixth level as a result of the Spirit Nuclei, his master level claw technique caused his ability to be far superior than a usual sixth level Spirit General. Spirit Generals are particularly sensitive amongst themselves, thus Ba Fan flinched before Ghost Claw.

Hua Ling’s Spirit General, Fluffy, under the influence of Bing, dared not move an inch.

Tang Tian was crestfallen as he stared at Blade who was in midair, for the attack just now was too life-threatening for him. Realisation hit Tang Tian, he was actually the weakest here. This caused him to be in a very bad mood, as he hated feeling weak and powerless.

The dejected Tang Tian wore a dark expression.

“My friend has unintentionally offended you Young Master, please, forgive her recklessness this time on account of her immature young age.” Yu Xi pulled herself together and spoke in a grave tone.

[Robin: Funny story, I smacked this part into google translate, and the first part literally got translated to: “My friends offended you, but if you could look at her young age parts”, I lol’d :P]

“You guys were so full of arrogance earlier, why has it became immature recklessness now?” Tang Tian sneered, not biting the bait.

Lin Wei, being strong headed, said, “Young Master, forgive and forget! Did you really think that we are that easily bullied?”

Tang Tian broke into laughters, “Seems like every fellow that I have punched will mention similar sayings!”

Lin Wei was enraged, “You… ….”

Yu Xi held onto Lin Wei and turned to face Tang Tian, “Since much unpleasantness has occurred, we need to end it once and for all. Whatever Young Master has in mind, we will comply!”

This lady was rather candid, and Tang Tian’s face soften. However, as he had no previous experience, he had no idea what to do as well, so he lowered his voice and asked Bing, “Uncle Bing, how did you usually settle issues like this in the past?”

“Either become our slaves, or redeem themselves,” Bing accounted.

Be slaves? Tang Tian shook his head, this fellows are used to lives of riches and glamour, asking them to be slaves will only bring harm onto himself. Redeeming themselves seems to be a good idea, thus Tang Tian lifted his head and announced, “Since you have conceded defeat, just redeem yourselves. All of you have reputable statuses, whoever gives a miserable amount, hehe, don’t blame me for ruining your prestige.”

Yu Xi nodded, “Okay!”

She fished out a small and exquisite bag and threw it to Tang Tian, “Ten fifth level Spirit Nuclei, I believe this amount is more than reasonable.”

Tang Tian’s heart throbbed wildly, ten fifth level Spirit Nuclei, to think that this lady was actually so rich!

Luo Yi and Lin Wei threw their money bags over as well, in the blink of an eye, Tang Tian received thirty fifth level Spirit Nuclei. Yu Bao, who was in a corner, could only look on enviously, for the price of a fifth level Spirit Nucleus was much higher than that of a fourth level Spirit Nucleus, with a total of thirty fifth level Spirit Nuclei, it was a handsome sum to behold!

Hua Ling’s eyes were red and on the verge of crying, “I didn’t bring my Spirit Nuclei.”

The other three were shocked, for they did not have extra Spirit Nuclei on them.

“Then redeem yourself with other things.” Tang Tian glanced at the sword at her side, “There, that sword seems fine, I’ll have it.”

Hua Ling’s face was contorted with pain, but she gritted her teeth, pulled out her precious sword and threw it with all her might towards Tang Tian.

Bing suddenly appeared before Tang Tian, caught the precious sword, and coldly asked, “I don’t like captives who do not observe proper decorum, don’t you know the proper decorum of removing and offering of sword?”

He turned and walked to the side of the ostrich, and hung the precious sword beside the saddle.

Hua Ling let out a loud cry, and the others were baffled.

However, Yu Xi’s facial expression changed slightly.