Undefeated God of War - Chapter 066 – Three-Spirits City

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Chapter 066 – Three-Spirits City

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“I have investigated clearly.” A man in black shirt respectfully beckoned, “It is only an outer barracks of the Honorable Martial Group over there, there are no experts.”

“Honorable Martial Group has an outer barracks situated there?” Another masked lady was doubtful.

Her voice was deep, with a unique hoarseness, coupled with a slender white neck, which was beautiful and refined, and the intricate clavicles adds on a sexy aura. The black martial artist costume, which was unable to hide her shapely waistline, coupled with her cold disposition, enhanced her mysteriousness.

“I have investigated, legend has it that long ago, a martial artist from the Honorable Martial Group felt the energy of a treasure, but was unable to find the it. Thus, the outer barracks has been kept till now.” The man in black shirt quietly chuckled, “Now, that place has become the Honorable Martial Group’s place of exile, and the people who are sent there are usually newbies with no future.”

The lady obviously understood what “no future” meant.

“An outer barracks is no cause for concern.” The lady subtly commented, “But we must not let our guard down.”

“Noted!” The subordinate promptly replied.

“If this mission is completed, I will recommend you for Little Soul Island,” said the lady airily.

“Thank you for your grace, Your Highness!” The subordinate was overjoyed.


“Martial Spirit Chamber?” Tang Tian was forever intrigued by whatever Uncle Bing said.

“Hmm, it’s a place where the broken pieces of Martial Spirits are amassed.” Bing’s usual stiff voice rang, “There are two ways to strengthen the Martial Spirit. The first method is self-strengthening, as many interrelated things will be influenced. The other method would be to ingest.”

“Ingest?” Tang Tian was surprised, as this word seems to have a special allurement.

“That’s right, ingest broken pieces of Martial Spirits to strengthen your own Martial Spirit.” Bing continued, “The Martial Spirit Chamber in the recruit camp, to be more accurate, it should be an entrance to the chamber. Inside the chamber, there are numerous ancient, broken pieces of Martial Spirits floating around. We were not the first to discover the chamber, it was discovered by the Scorpio Army. However, not long after, the Snake Army and our army discovered the entrance as well. We presumed that the chamber would be in an unknown corner along the Heaven’s Road.”

“There’s still such a weird place!” Tang Tian was astonished.

“The Martial Spirit Chamber back then was monopolised by the three big armies. It was extremely chaotic as there were many people from the three armies, and they all died inside. I remember that within ten years, just the Southern Cross Army alone had nearly three million people who died inside. It was a dangerous battlefield,” Bing said.

Tang Tian shook his head vehemently, “ Hey, Uncle Bing, I am not going to such a dangerous place!”

Although Tang Tian was arrogant, he was not stupid. The skills of the Southern Cross Army’s newbies were far superior than his, if even they had lost their lives in there, what more could he, someone at merely the third level, expect.

“Your skills are indeed lacking, but I can accompany you, for I am a Spirit.” Bing suddenly turned his head, “Ophiuchus Constellation was annihilated, and so was the Snake Army. I am the sole survivor of the Southern Cross Army. I don’t know if anyone from the Scorpio Army survived, and I wonder what has become of the Martial Spirit Chamber.”

“Uncle Bing, are you really strong enough?” Tang Tian had a look of contempt and disbelief.

“Don’t you wish to take a look?” Bing glanced at Tang Tian.

“I wish to!” Tang Tian replied honestly.

“Me too. So many years have passed, I wonder what it has become.” Bing deliberated for a moment, “I have regained some of my strength. As long as we don’t come across anyone from the Scorpio Army, there shouldn’t be any danger. We also have another method.”

“What method?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

Bing pointed to Ghostly Claw, “Bring him along.”

“Isn’t Senior Nong a shadow? How do we bring him along?” Tang Tian could not understand.

“Use the Spirit Nuclei that you have to produce an entity for him. However, the entity can only last for a short three days,” Bing explained.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Tang Tian hastily replied, “ Let’s double up. How many Spirit Nuclei are needed?”

“Ten,” Bing replied.

Tang Tian hastily took out ten Spirit Nuclei and gave them to Bing.

Bing took a look and said, “These Spirit Nuclei are of too low ranks, this will lower Ghostly Claw’s strength by one level.”

“That is still incredible!” Tang Tian exclaimed. Senior Nong is of the seventh level. After dropping a level, he is still at the sixth level, with such strength, he is still much more formidable than Tang Tian. With Tang Tian’s strength right now, he has no problems dealing with other fourth level martial artists, but he will definitely not be a match for people at the fifth level.

Each Spirit Nucleus is the size of a bean. Since the Green Sandalwood Ape is a star spirit beast of the wood element, its Spirit Nucleus is also jade coloured. The ten Spirit Nuclei dissolved into Ghostly Claw’s body and form a green radiance. Senior Nong’s eyes suddenly turned jade green, and then the light slowly died out.

Senior Nong’s fuzzy body became much more solidified.

“Can I use them for similar uses in the future?” Tang Tian pointed to Senior Nong and asked.

“This is just an emergency measure,” Bing replied.

Tang Tian gave it a thought and decided that it is wasteful to use ten Spirit Nuclei for any normal occasion, as they can fetch a huge sum of money. Now that he has Bing and Senior Nong as bodyguards, Tang Tian felt more at ease.

With a wave of Bing’s hands, the surroundings rapidly changed.

A Cross Door appeared before Tang Tian.


“Why has it become like this?” There was a tinge of bewilderment in Bing’s voice.

There was much hustle and bustle with an array of shops and bustling crowd. The place was no longer in the wilderness, and no longer filled with wandering spirits, enemies in hiding, nor a sudden deadly attack that could possibly happen.

This was a bustling city.

Only the word “Spirit” in the Three-Spirits City seemed to draw some connection with the Martial Spirit Chamber of the past.

Bing was devastated.

The sights and sounds of the past were no longer, and this bustling city was the best evidence. Contrary to the devastated Bing, Tang Tian was filled with curiosity.

Three-Spirits City was the exact opposite of Star Wind City.

Three-Spirits City had a larger surface area, and high-rise buildings could be seen everywhere. The many red tiles seemed like red clouds from afar. Even the passerbys had unique dressing styles.

However, the biggest difference was in the spirits. Everyone had at least one spirit floating beside them, at most eight. It was the first time that Tang Tian had scene such a spectacular sight. Even the level of strength of the people here amazed Tang Tian, as the weakest person he had seen so far was at least at the fourth level of True Power. Him walking on the street as a mere third level martial artist was a thorn in their eye, and occasionally, there were surprised stares cast at him.

Some glances were cast upon Bing, as Bing’s blank face was quite attention-catching.

Yu Bao has long had his eye on that young chap who was glancing left and right. He had a sinister look, and upon realising Tang Tian was a mere third level martial artist, he was overjoyed, as there was no doubt that Tang Tian was a golden hen!

Although Tang Tian was dressed in rags, to be able to enter Three-Spirits City at the third level, he must be a young master of one of the wealthy families. Without the strength of the fourth level of True Power, it was impossible to enter the city. Thus to enter at the third level, it is only possible with a rare powerful treasure. Looking at the two spirits beside Tang Tian, Yu Bao was even more convinced about his conjecture. One was level six, while the other was unfathomable. Having stayed in the city for so long, Yu Bao had seen numerous spirits, but he had never seen one with such a blank face.

The Young Master of a big clan, and it is not the usual big clan!

Such a Young Master must be a golden hen! Seeing that he did not have other bodyguards, this Young Master must have come out secretly.

“Young Master, would you like to come in and take a look? My shop has many treasures, mostly prized possessions left from the ancient times! This famous Scorpio Prick from the Scorpio Dynasty six thousand years ago, it’s a new arrival. Or if you would like a more ancient treasure, you must have heard of the Southern Cross Army, what they are famous for? Of course it is the Cross Medal, beautiful and elegant, with all sorts of powers. Newly obtained is a set of Fiery Cross Medals, this set was awarded after the battle with the Flame Constellation… …”

Yu Bao had a glib tongue, he clearly knew what these Young Masters usually like. Beautiful, strange objects attracts them, and they do not care about the powers of the objects.

Tang Tian stopped in his tracks as he heard the words “Southern Cross Army”, and turned towards Bing.

Bing was indifferent.

Upon seeing Tang Tian stop in his tracks, Yu Bao became zealous, “Young Master, feel free to come in to take a look, these new arrivals in my humble shop are definitely authentic. It’s okay not to buy anything, it would be good enough for me if Young Master could take a look. I am not trying to boast, but in Three-Spirits City, there are not many shops that offer more variety than me.”

“Alright, then let’s take a look.” Tang Tian walked towards the shop.

The neighbouring shopkeepers had a gloating expression upon seeing Tang Tian enter the shop.

“This fellow who sells junk, he may be able to hold his grand opening today.” A shopkeeper crowed, “He just obtained a new stock of junk from Old Cao today, he’s on a lucky streak eh.”

“It can’t be helped, there are always fools in this world.” Another shopkeeper laughed.

Both broke out into fits of laughter.

Yu Bao had a poor reputation in the streets, as he often obtains a load of junk from god knows where, at dirt cheap prices, and used them to dupe ignorant people. His shop has the most disputes arising, but Yu Bao was an infamous rogue in the city. Hearsay has it that he is a distant relative of the city’s security officer, thus no one dares to offend him.

Tang Tian entered the shop.

The shop was spacious, and various dust-collecting objects are placed on the wooden shelves all around. All kinds of things can be found here, and the shopkeeper had such a glib tongue that he could probably go on and on about the history of just a broken piece of ceramic. However, the Cross Medal earnestly promoted by the shopkeeper, was ignored by Bing after just a casual glance.

As for the Scorpio Prick, it was just a bronze prick with exquisite carvings. Tang Tian could not feel any Martial Spirit in it.

Upon seeing that the few pieces of “prized possessions”, were unable to capture Tang Tian’s attention, Yu Bao began to get worried.

Suddenly, Bing pointed to a heap of scrap at the corner and asked, “How much do these cost?”