Undefeated God of War - Chapter 064 – Green Sandalwood Ape

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Chapter 064 – Green Sandalwood Ape

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

As Biao Ge saw Tang Tian’s new appearance, he stood there gaping. Tang Tian’s whole body was covered in bandages, and only his eyes could be seen. He was like a mummy that came out of a coffin.

Nothing happened during last night… right?

Biao Ge stood there blankly and thought.

“Hey, Baldie, let’s fight!” Tang Tian happily called out.

Biao Ge quivered, and his face instantly turned green, “Big Brother, I did not provoke you!” He immediately assumed a flattering posture and said: “Big brother, which part of me do you find an eyesore? You tell me and I will change! I will definitely change! Is it the bald head that reflects the light that is too glaring? I will wear a wig from tomorrow onwards…”

“It is not that I find you an eyesore, I just want to fight!” Tang Tian fully unwound the bandage on his head.

“Fighting… Big brother… Then I’ll let you completely beat me up!”

Biao Ge’s head shook like a rattle-drum, he was like a docile sheep: “Big brother, from today onwards, you are my big brother! As long as you see me as an eyesore, then just come and beat me or scold me! This little brother will not dare to be the least bit angry. If you have to sacrifice my body to be shrivelled, or to make you happy, then I will have lived a glorious life!”

Biao Ge face gave off a ‘to be killed for a righteous cause’ expression.

When Tang Tian saw this, he withdrew. Since he had already said that he would not retaliate even when beaten or scolded, what was the point of fighting?

He went to find Jing Hao, but who knew that even after searching for half a day, he was nowhere to be found? Although Baldie was slightly weaker, he could still have an opportunity with difficulty.

“Do you know where Jing Hao went?” Tang Tian asked.

Biao Ge shook his head: “Master Jing Hao usually wanders off alone, with no fixed destination.”

Tang Tian’s last trace of hope was gone, and being moody, he immediately became very crude: “I want to fight! Since you are so familiar with this place, hurry and think, where can I find a fight! If you do not, I will just have to beat you all down together!”

Biao Ge heart trembled when he heard that. The pain and suffering from the day before caused him to be so afraid that he dared not even think back. His heart and cheeks were streaming with tears. Oh God, how did the martial world produce such a psychotic person?

Having monstrous power was enough, it was not like Biao Ge had never seen such genius before, but how did his personality become so psychotic as well?

Early in the morning, running out to seek people to fight. If it was simply looking for someone to fight, it was enough, I admit I’m terrified, but you still want to cause this much trouble…

Because you are unable to find someone to fight, you have to come and find trouble for us, speaking about being unreasonable… even bullying cannot be like this…

Biao Ge had seen unreasonable people before, but never to this extent.

Psychotic, crazy bastard!

“You better think hard, because if you are unable to find anyone… He he!”

That entirely bandaged up head, take a look at yourself! Biao Ge’s heart was filled with indescribable grief. If you want to find people to fight, why menacingly threaten me, Biao Ge, until this extent…

Such an early morning, why is my luck so bad….

“If you are thinking of anyone nearby, there are no humans.” Biao Ge was forced to think carefully: “But there are star spirit beasts.”

“Star spirit beasts?” Tang Tian looked distracted, but immediately nodded his head: “That would suffice.”

“Walk down this path roughly five kilometres, there is a gathering place for Green Sandalwood Apes.” Biao Ge immediately said, his heart quietly repeating. As expected, he is psychotic. His battle hunger had caused him to be unable to differentiate between humans and beasts…

“Green Sandalwood Apes? What level are they?” Tang Tian asked.

“Fourth level, extremely strong with loads of energy. Their entire bodies are sharper than knives and spears, and they are extremely lively.” Biao Ge said: “We all do not dare to go near that place.”

“Fourth level…” Tang Tian suddenly thought of the Ink Black Iron Rhino that he had personally slayed. It was roughly at the fourth level, doesn’t that mean they could be sold for a lot of money? He opened his mouth and asked: “Green Sandalwood Apes’ body parts are worth how much?”

“Only the Spirit Nuclei.” Biao Ge said: “They are extremely hard to defeat, Other than the Spirit Nucleus on their body, there is nothing much worth, so nobody actually had the idea of fighting them.”

“Oh, great, then they’ll do.” Tang Tian told Biao Ge: “You can bring me there!”

Biao Ge wanted to reject, but seeing Tang Tian’s crude face, he kept his mouth shut, feeling a lot of hurt in his heart.

Why me…?

Tang Tian suddenly changed his mind: “Call everyone out.”

Biao Ge’s mental state immediately became stable, as he rejoiced in their misfortune. Although he was slightly weird, what was the use of bringing such a big group of people?


With Baldie leading the group, the group of people quickly reached the Green Sandalwood Apes’ area. The rest naturally were not willing, but under Tang Tian’s tyrannical force, no one dared to reject. Underground, there was actually a dense forest, leaving Tang Tian flabbergasted.

“This is the Heavenly Pit, where the sunlight shines the most.” Biao Ge was very familiar with the place: “Some time ago, there were a few star spirit beasts of the fifth level that had the idea of finding this Heavenly Pit, but were eventually beaten by the Green Sandalwood Apes. They have thick skin and rough flesh, a lot of energy, and are like thieves which are extremely clever.”

As Tang Tian stepped onto the grass area, he immediately attracted a Green Sandalwood Ape.

It had roughly the same stature as Tang Tian, but it was much more muscular, especially its arms, were about the size of Tang Tian’s thighs, and both arms were much longer than human beings, touching the floor. It had a pair of thick green eyes, unkindly staring at Tang Tian, but it was also cautious, an entirely bandaged in white cloth weird brat was in front of it. This was the first time it’d seen it.

Tang Tian saw the Green Sandalwood Ape, and immediately became happy.

The True Power within his body was dispersed and it caused a prickly stabbing pain all over his body. He could feel it clearly. He did not fully absorb the True Power, so it was extremely dangerous to his body.

But its level was way too high. Tang Tian’s third tier Dantian pool absorbed just a small bit, and needed a long time to digest.

At this rate, he would not be able to completely absorb it in ten days. Tang Tian’s mind was only filled with the idea of looking for Qian Hui as soon as possible. He could not bear to waste his time.

Tang Tian looked at the Green Sandalwood Ape and spread his arms wide.

Baldie looked from the side and swallowed his saliva hard. Could it be that he wanted to fight the Green Sandalwood Ape with his bare hands? All the onlookers’ jaws dropped as they stared blankly at Tang Tian who was walking to the Green Sandalwood Ape with his arms wide open.

Among star spirit beasts, the apes were one of the hardest beasts to deal with. They are agile, cunning, held astonishing energy, possessed outstanding defensive strategies, and were superbly nimble and fast. It was almost as if they had no flaws at all. But what instilled fear the most, was the techniques they used. Many of the martial techniques were learnt from the spirit beast studies while the apes were one of the few important study subjects. Their arms were long and active. They’re born to be fist arts experts. Even the lions and tigers dared not anger them

There were a countless number of fist arts that had the word ‘ape’ in them, like the widely known Destructive Ape Fist, or there was the widely known transformation, Hundred Transformations Ape Fist.

[Robin: This could possibly have something to do with A Journey To The West? I wouldn’t know though, all my knowledge of it comes from RMX’s notes on DE :P]

The fourth level Green Sandalwood Ape was no doubt one of the well known figures.

Baldie once witnessed a Green Sandalwood Ape tearing a mature Dark Saber-Tooth Tiger alive. He could never forget such a gory scene. When he saw that Tang Tian was not holding anything in his hands, and went near the Green Sandalwood Ape with his arms wide open, the scene of the Dark Saber-Tooth Tiger being torn apart alive replayed vividly in his head. Fear overwhelmed him as though rough waters were gushing at him. His mind went blank.

The Green Sandalwood Ape never thought that this odd rascal would actually continue to get close to it. In its ink-green eyes, a desire to kill grew. The Green Sandalwood Ape screamed at Tang Tian, and slammed both his arms onto the ground so fiercely that Tang Tian pounced over.

Tang Tian only felt his vision went blurry as a ray of black shadow took over.

An unbearable aroma went straight into his nose.

Tang Tian reacted quickly and reached out his hand to block it off.


It was as if Tang Tian were hit by an astonishing huge hammer, and he flew right out.

In mid air, Tang Tian landed safely on the ground.

What a strong energy!

Although Tang Tian was not prepared for this strike, the strength of the Green Sandalwood Ape was strong beyond reasonable limits. Even Ah Mo Li did not have strength that could compare to it!

It was an insult!

Tang Tian’s mind secretly trembled, but as he warmed up his fists, he actually found out, the pain received apparently decreased a lot. With this discovery, Tang Tian became excited. Uncle Bing was right, fighting could increase the absorption rate of the high level True Power.

The Green Sandalwood Ape did not expect its strike would actually be completely ineffective against Tang Tian.

It angrily cried out, both arms swinging onto the ground, and all the mud and soil in front of it actually exploded out!

Tang Tian bellowed, and without hesitation, threw a punch out!

Minute Collapsing Fist!


One big and one small fist collided, and the collision of power actually permeated loudly outwards. Tang Tian’s entire body was like a ball thrashed by a stick, loudly smashing onto a huge tree. The Green Sandalwood Ape also suffered much, flinging out the shape of a high arc.

Tang Tian rapidly flew and crashed into many branches, before he powerfully twisted his body. Under the huge strength, his legs fiercely struck onto the tree trunk, causing countless wood shavings to fly out. Tang Tian’s eyes flashed a ray of chill, his body seemingly like a fully compressed spring, quickly disappearing into the air.

Tang Tian suddenly appeared right beside Green Sandalwood Ape.

Although Green Sandalwood Ape had no where to get his energy from in mid air, its body was super flexible. Is bent its body into a bundle and raised two big hammers in both his arms while crashing towards Tang Tian’s head.

Tang Tian retreated weirdly and dodged these two fists.


The two fists landed on Tang Tian’s head. With a strong power, it struck his scalp so badly it hurt.

But it did not make him feel any fear. Instead, he was overjoyed.

His palms held onto the waist of Green Sandalwood Ape and his fingers were like iron hooks, he dug into the flesh of the Green Sandalwood Ape firmly. The skin of the Green Sandal-Arm Ape was unusually tough. The flesh between the waist was as tough as iron and, if it were not for Tang Tian’s impressive Eagle Claw, he might not be able to hold on to Green Sandalwood Ape.

The Green Sandalwood Ape was in pain as it shouted out. Its palms went towards its waist where Tang Tian was.

However, once Tang Tian locked onto his body, it was a terrible thing. Tang Tian’s body was like soft noodles. He borrowed the energy he got from his hands and with a leap, he suddenly appeared on the back of Green Sandalwood Ape.


A ray of chilly light flashed across Tang Tian’s eyes. He coiled his arms around the Green Sandalwood Ape’s shoulders and curtailed his body. He then stepped onto the Green Sandalwood Ape’s back.

Succeeding Loop Technique, [Shoulder Back Arm Lock]!

One man and one ape fell onto the ground as if they were rocks.

Who knew that this Green Sandalwood Ape was unusually agile. It defied gravity and twirled both its arms around its back as if they were vines, and tied around Tang Tian.


The man and the ape crashed heavily into the mud. It was such a strong attack, both the man and the ape immediately flew to their sides. The Green Sandalwood Ape seemed fine and climbed up, as Tang Tian, who had bandages all over him, got up as well.

A numbness came through his body. It made Tang Tian happy as he thought of a good plan.

Wasn’t the Green Sandalwood the best partner to practice the Succeeding Loop Technique?