Undefeated God of War - Chapter 063 – Fire Scythe Demon Claw

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Chapter 063 – Fire Scythe Demon Claw

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Jing Hao was astonished. Although he was new, even as a new member of the Honorable Martial Group, how could he be oblivious to even the term ‘Martial Spirit awakening’?

“Star treasures’ Martial Spirits, once they have begun awakening, according to my knowledge, it will become like a person and spontaneously cultivate by itself. The awakening of a Martial Spirit will only get stronger, until it reaches its limits.”

“Sounds powerful.” Tang Tian’s eyes had light in them. “Then how do we make a Martial Spirit awaken?”

“I am not too sure.” Jing Hao shook his head.

“Such a good thing, if we could only repeat it over and over again, it would be so powerful.” Tang Tian’s face showed regret. Listening to it, he felt like it was a very high class event, and once he thought of training to expand the Martial Spirit in his gloves and his Soaring Boots of the Pony, Tang Tian immediately salivated.

Jing Hao looked at him once and said: “Don’t even dream about it.”

Tang Tian did not bother about him: “We need to be full of dreams.” Once he said that, Tang Tian began to look around, to search for other things.

“Don’t bother looking, there’s nothing here already.” Jing Hao said: “You should know, when the Martial Spirit is called out, they have a limited time. Senior Nong’s Martial Spirit that protected this place, naturally had to fork out a huge price.”

“That is true.” Tang Tian scratched his head.

Other than special Martial Spirits, generally speaking, Spirit Generals that are summoned from spirit cards are differentiated into different ranks with differing durations of summons. Bronze Spirit Generals could last up to a month, silver Spirit Generals could last up to a year, while gold Spirit Generals could last for ten years.

“If not for the long period of time that caused senior’s Spirit General’s power to decline, with your power, it would not have been enough to received Senior Nong’s gift.” Jing Hao said expressionlessly.

“You understand a lot.” Tang Tian was astonished: “How do you know so much?”

Jing hao replied indifferently: “Senior Nong and my elder were on good terms.”

Tang Tian suddenly realized why.

“However, now that I see it, I have still underestimated Senior Nong.” Jing Hao looked at the Blue Peacock on Tang Tian’s body, and said: “Try to call out the Blue Peacock’s Martial Spirit.”

Tang Tian closed his eyes, seemingly sampling a refined piece of work. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, his face appearing to have a distinct color. But Tang Tian suddenly shouted: “Blue Peacock!”

The Blue Peacock armor on his body suddenly lit up with a blue light, and a blue peacock, gradually came out from the armor, and quietly stood on Tang Tian’s shoulders.

The blue peacock had feathers colored blue and gold, flowing like a dress hanging downwards,

With a red feather in the middle of its forehead slightly trembling, it looked extremely quick-witted. It quietly stood on Tang Tian’s shoulders, looking graceful, with a cool and elegant grandeur.

“As I expected.” Jing Hao looked at the peacock and said: “Before Senior Nong died, he had his Martial Spirit split in two. One to put inside the Blue Peacock armor, and the other to become a Spirit General, to protect the armor. If you want to practise the claw arts, you just have to converse with this peacock. The blue peacock has already absorbed senior’s Martial Spirit, that’s why it awakened.”

“You’re saying that the peacock knows the senior’s claw arts?” Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, face showing delight and surprise.

“Senior Nong, who had suffered a lot, was afraid and unwilling to let his own arts be destroyed.” Jing Hao said sorrowfully, but quickly regained his composure: “What Senior Nong was most famous for was his [Fire Scythe Demon Claw], which you experienced just now. However, what you were fighting just now was not even one tenth of Senior’s real power. [Fire Scythe Demon Claw], out of all rank five claw arts, it is ranked third. Senior did not have the time as he was sentenced to this place, and began increasing the power of his [Fire Scythe Demon Claw]. I’m not sure what level he managed to reach in the end.”

“Rank five claw arts?” Tang Tian scratched his head, his face had a puzzled look: “But I only know rank three claw arts.”

“Rank three claw arts…” Jing Hao’s expression was strange. When Tang Tian and Baldie fought, he was watching in the dark. Tang Tian’s whole body was emitting a strange, obviously third level of True Power, but it was enough to successfully overwhelm the fourth level powered baldie and the Spirit General.

Especially Tang Tian’s victory against Senior Nong’s Spirit General.

Although Senior Nong’s Spirit General had already weakened quite a bit due to the flow of time, and only had fourth level of True Power, the great master ranked [Fire Scythe Demon Claw] was surprisingly strong. Even if Jing Hao were to take action himself, he would have exhausted a great deal of energy.

Yet Tang Tian won with ease.

Especially the last part of the battle, when Tang Tian’s Eagle Claw actually attained a higher level.

Such a powerful Eagle Claw, it was the first time Jing Hao had witnessed it. Now hearing Tang Tian say that he only knew rank three claw arts, it was no wonder his mind bore a feeling of ridicule.

He was someone whom no one could see through!

Yet, he was actually sentenced here…

Thinking about it here, Jing Hao lightly sighed, he somewhat grew a bit of empathy for him: “I have a few cards back there, you can go and see if anything works for you.”

“Wa, that’s awesome!” Tang Tian cheerfully raised his arms up: “You’re a good guy!”

“Good guy?” Jing Hao laughed coldly: “I just don’t want to see the [Fire Scythe Demon Claw], that Senior Nong created through his blood, sweat and tears, go extinct, that’s all.”

Finishing his sentence, Jing Hao immediately turned and left.

“Such empty words.” Tang Tian muttered, but he immediately started smiling, lovingly rubbed the blue peacock on his body, and satisfyingly walk towards the pathway.

As Baldie Biao Ge and his group saw the beautiful Blue Peacock on Tang Tian’s body, they were stunned for half a day.

Tang Tian generously released everyone from their bindings.

“Where is my room? I want to rest!”

Tyrant Tang had no need for doubt that he occupied the best room.


Tang Tian stared blankly at the Spirit General besides Bing, and after a period of time, he rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing things?

The floating Spirit General besides Bing, was actually Senior Nong’s Spirit General which he encountered in the pathway.

“Bing… Uncle Bing, what… what is going on?” Tang Tian asked while stammering.

“I already told you not to call me uncle!” The dark line on Bing’s forehead jumped, and he calmly continued: “The recruit training program has a specific ability, and that is ‘Martial Spirit Projection’.”

“Martial Spirit Projection?” It was the first time Tang Tian heard of that.

“As long as there is a bit left of the Martial Spirit, the training barracks can project it out completely. From the start, we had planned to use it to make up for our lack of instructors and manpower. But later, we realised that its use was not limited to just that.” There was not a bit of expression on Bing’s blank face. Even his voice was like a white blank board, flat with no undulations.

Just as Tang Tian was anticipative and listening seriously, Uncle Bing’s topic took a turn.

“But that does not concern you one bit right now.” Bing blatantly said: “Even the [Fire Scythe Demon Claw], for the time being, you are unable to practise it. I have already seen it before, it is the kind of claw technique that is formidable in its precision to kill and heavily wound.”

To be unable to learn the Fire Scythe Demon Claw, Tang Tian was already prepared for it, so he continued to ask: “Then what do we learn now?”

“You have to observe your Crane Body.” Bing said: “Your Crane Body has absorbed over a hundred waves of energy. If you do not digest them in the next ten or so hours, they will thoroughly explode inside of you. You will then become a matured pomegranate, exploding and splitting open.”

Tang Tian turned pale with fright: “Such an important matter, you actually did not remind me!”

“That is common sense.” Bing was stiff: “I did not expect that you would use such a dangerous method to activate your Crane Body energy.”

“Then what do I do now to start digesting?” Tang Tian immediately asked.

“Repeatedly beating you!” Bing coldly said.

After that, Tang Tian saw the sea of light balls that hid the sky and covered the earth, whistling as they sped towards him.

Oh, no!

Tang Tian’s sad and shrill blood-curdling scream was immediately drowned out by the concentrated ‘bang bang bang’ sounds.


Three hours later, Tang Tian, with his whole body swollen like a bun, stared angrily at Bing.

“The energy absorbed by the Crane Body has completely scattered.” Bing’s manner of speaking was like he was discussing the heat control on cooking a beef steak.

“Rafter rhat (After that)?” Tang Tian’s articulation was unclear as he asked. His face was beaten to a pulp, and he could not speak properly.

(Here’s the funny thing, the two syllable chinese words is nan hou, but the actual chinese of after that is ran hou, it is written as a different word with similar pronunciation but it cannot be expressed in english.)

“After that? It actually helped you big time.” Bing stiffly said: “All the energy is congealed to a solid degree, and it far exceeds the average fourth level of True Power. On average, this kind of energy is absolutely difficult to absorb, and its destructive power is very astonishing. But now, after over seventy thousand strikes, it has already been thoroughly crushed.”

Listening the ‘over seventy thousand, Tang Tian’s eyes turned green.

“Now all this crushed True Power, to you, is basically a very nourishing elixir.” Bing stiffly said: “The problem now, is that it is too concentrated.”

“Phorry, abain (Sorry, again)?” Tang Tian used his ambiguous speech, asking for a repeat.

“That’s right. Too concentrated!” Bing said seriously: “Now you have to consistently use your Crane Body, and absorb all these pure essences of True Power. This should require about ten days.”

“Pho wong (So long)?” Tang Tian’s awkward pronunciation, was vague and queer.

“Exactly that long.” Bing explained: “Although your True Power, compared to other third level True Power, is much stronger and purer, your True Power absorption rate is very slow, and the essence elixir is actually equivalent to the seventh level!”

“Sev… seventh level!” Tang Tian was shocked to the bones by it, he actually defeated a seventh level Spirit General? That must be a joke!

“The person’s True Power, when alive, was at the seventh level.” Bing’s tone of speech was firm and undoubtful, as though he was thoroughly confident of his own words: “You could defeat the Spirit General only because it’s power had declined by a lot. But all the energy inside it has extremely thin traces of seventh level true power.”

Seventh level…

To someone who was striving to climb up to the fourth level, the seventh level was as high as the mountain peak.

“And, the guy was right, the Fire Scythe Demon Claw is not a rank five claw art, but a rank seven! It is an extraordinary rank seven martial technique!”

Tang Tian was once again mind blown and shaken.

If the Fire Scythe Demon Claw was at the fifth rank, then he had some hope… the seventh rank… that was god knows how many times harder…

He went through so much trouble for this absolute art, but was suddenly ripped off, this absolute art was more than he could ever think of. Although it was something that was already in his mouth ready to be eaten, to suddenly be told that it could only be eaten next year….

Tang Tian’s swollen bun face was filled with grief.

“These few days, you will be unable to train.” Bing suddenly said: “You have to quickly absorb all the scattered True Power. If in ten days, you are unable to completely finish absorbing it, all the seventh level True Power will become like poison, and start to break and corrode your Dantian pool.”

Tang Tian brought his grief and asked: “How can i quicken the absorption rate?”

“You can consider high intensity battles.” Bing gave his own suggestion.

“I understand.” Tang Tian nodded his head and fiercely said: “Then let’s fight!”