Undefeated God of War - Chapter 062 – The Blue Peacock

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Chapter 062 – The Blue Peacock

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Fornax bronze gloves!

The green flame actually had a trace of bone chilling aura. It was unclear if it was because of Tang Tian’s own refinement or not, but the bronze Martial Spirit of the gloves had a mental connection to Tang Tian. Tang Tian’s confidence grew, being extremely happy, he suddenly shouted: “Fornax!”


The blazing green flame grew along Tang Tian arms. In the blink of an eye, it enveloped around Tang Tian arms.

In a flash, Tang Tian reached out his right claw like lightning. An indescribable and unconstrained feeling passed through his wrist it was as though it had no restraint and was as light as nothing.

A flash of green lightning passed through mid air.

Tang Tian’s claw was fast. When compared to [Slaying Lightning Bolt], it was definitely not inferior.

Tang Tian was overjoyed. All along, [Slaying Lightning Bolt] was his fastest attack, but its power was too weak for Tang Tian. Originally, Tang Tian’s Eagle Claw was astonishing. Now, it was even more terrifying.

Double Claw Loop!

In mid air, a ray of eye-catching green coloured lightning flashed across.

Ding ding ding!

It sparkled all over. The Spirit General retreated under Tang Tian’s ferocious attacks.

Yet a great master grade claw art, at the moment it produced its power, although the Spirit General was at a disadvantage, was very tight and careful. Tang Tian’s powerful and severe offense was still not able to land a fatal strike.

What ferocious claws they were!

Subconsciously, Tang Tian thought of Isolated Spirit Spear. After sparring with Zhou Peng, Tang Tian specially focused and studied Yang Yun, the master of spear arts, and he basked in joy. It was lucky that the Spirit General Card on Zhou Peng’s hads was merely produced by Isolated Spirit Spear when he was young. At that time, the Isolated Spirit Spear had just gained some reputation. And the spear arts were still at a fledgling stage.

But in the Spirit General’s eyes, although the level was not high, the claws were definitely harder and more powerful than Isolated Spirit Spear. That was without a doubt.

The two quickly fought and innumerable sparks exploded.

Without the fornax bronze gloves, Crane Body, or even the pure eagle claws, Tang Tian would be far behind. The fornax green claws from the Spirit General caused Tang Tian to gasp in awe.

But this just ignited Tang Tian’s desire to win.

The shrilling whistles disappeared in mid air. The green claw shadows held back and turned into a hiss like a poisonous snake.


Ding ding ding!

The lightning-like green claw shadows were formidable. Although the Spirit General had fended off Tang Tian’s attacks, the energy was transmitted over and its body treated backwards.

Tang Tian immediately noticed this small piece of information, as if he had comprehended something. Usually, those who cultivated the Eagle Claw were known not for their energy, but for their fingers, wrist, and they rarely used energy from the body. But Tang Tian’s body features were outstanding. Purely on strength, he might be inferior to Ah Mo Li, but Tang Tian had perfected his technique for energy bursts. His energy was pure and just. To be able to perfect the fundamental energy burst technique, Tang Tian could very quickly instigate his energy in his entire body.

What if he used all the energy in his body and incorporated it into the Eagle Claws?

With that thought, Tang Tian’s hands immediately started to make this change stealthily.

Tang Tian’s Eagle Claw style started to change. The door of change opened wide and the gloomy qi faded. Instead, it was filled with more just and honoured taste.

Both of their palms knocked against each other and the sound changed right away, clank clank clank!

Tang Tian’s fingers and palms were like hammers, it made use of heaviness to break the lightness. Originally, the Spirit General who was at a disadvantage confronted Tang Tian who had no strategies in attacking. He was now in an even more sorry state.

Tang Tian completely basked in the new power of Eagle Claw. He continuously used the energy in his entire body and accumulated it within his claws. What used to be a thin hiss of the claws, now changed into a deep, husky voice. The new Eagle Claw had a greater power. Although the change was minimal, it was a lot more powerful!

Very quickly, Tang Tian also found out that he completely suppressed the Spirit General. But to break Spirit General’s defence would still be an extremely difficult task.

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought about the change of speed in the Spirit General’s frequency of attacks. The Spirit General’s attacks were suddenly light and suddenly heavy at times, it alternated with one another and made him sick. Tang Tian started to mimic the Spirit General. His attacks were light, then heavy, quick, then slow. Right away, the Spirit General was even more worn out. His attack, which was originally sealed tight without flaws, immediately showed signs of gaps.

It seemed as if the Spirit General would be defeated, when out of the blue, a dazzling blue light seal lit up within the Spirit General’s eyes

Tang Tian’s heart jumped. His expression changed.

Without any hesitation, he retreated!

Five dazzling sparks suddenly lit up in front of Tang Tian.

Spirit General brought his five fingers across mid air in a rapid speed. The nails actually had some abrasion with the air, and out came sparks!

This was a killing technique!

An unknown danger now engulfed Tang Tian. The retreating Tang Tian was sweating like crazy. His hair stood and without even thinking, Tang Tian shouted! The light in his eyes burst as he rotated his True Power to its maximum. He raised his right claw and closed all five fingers, as if it were the beak of a bird, and started pecking insanely.

[Eagle Raid]!

Incorporating the power of the Crane Body and the killing technique, burst instantly. The power momentarily burst out. Bedazzling green claw seal peered through in mid air without any signs of stopping, and attacked precisely at the Spirit General, causing a spark of iron claw!


The Spirit General was electrocuted. It had used up a huge amount of True Power, while Tang Tian’s sharp, intense and powerful [Eagle Raid] struck a fatal blow to it.

The Spirit General exploded in front of Tang Tian, and a countless number of Martial Spirit pieces, like cotton paddings that were blown by the wind, scattered all over the pathway, the speed of the pieces disappearing visible to the naked eye.

Tang Tian stared blankly looking at the uninhabited empty sky of the pathway, in that time, he felt a tinge of sadness. The light from the Spirit General, was able to let him see, that this senior’s finger technique attainments, were very strong! After a person dies, the Martial Spirit will disappear, and since this senior’s Martial Spirit, that changed into a Spirit General, was protecting the place, it must have had some uncomplete desires.

Tang Tian said to himself: “Senior please be at ease, I won’t disgrace your martial techniques and treasures!”

He did not know what the desires were, and could only use this method to pay respects to the senior. Tang Tian’s words were serious and respectful. He took a stride forward, turned, and walked over to the pathway.

After walking forward for about five hundred metres, a cave appeared in front of Tang Tian.

Entering the cave, Tang Tian’s eyes were attracted to an object in the middle of the cave, and could not shift his attention elsewhere.

A complete bronze armor, sat in front of him quietly. Even with the passage of time, it still looked clean and new, and there was not a single speck of dust. Tang Tian could feel the power coming out from it, and it was his first time seeing a bronze armor.

“This is a bronze armor from the Pavo Constellation, it is called the [Blue Peacock].” A voice behind Tang Tian said.

Tang Tian quivered, and immediately turned his head. It was Jing Hao.

Jing Hao looked calmly at the bronze armor, indifferently said: “Although the Pavo Constellation is not big, this set of armor, is actually a fine quality bronze armor. Never did I expect it to be in Senior Nong’s hands.”

He noticed Tang Tian’s cautious face, and said: “Relax, I won’t steal it from you.”

“Why?” Tang Tian asked.

Jing Hao replied coldly: “I already have my own armor.”

Tang TIan’s frown immediately became a smile: “Ah ha, that’s great!” Finished, he ran towards the Blue Peacock.

Jing Hao did not move from his position, but said to himself: “The armor is a little different from other treasures. It has accumulated even more power than usual, and to tame it, will not be easy…”

Before completing his sentence, he stared blankly at Tang TIan who had already begun clumsily wearing the Blue Peacock.

Why is it like that…

Why was the armor so easily subdued….

Why didn’t the armor have any reaction….

Blankly staring at Tang Tian, Jing Hao’s expression was weird. An armor was one of the most complicated types of treasures, because only sufficiently strong constellations could give birth to such armor. Therefore the armor’s power would be very strong, but the armor was also difficult to subdue.

Jing Hao could clearly remember when he finally subdued his own armor. He spent an exact time of one full month.

This brat….

This was the first time Jing Hao felt jealousy in his heart.

“Wa wa, as expected, it is very strong. I can feel its surging power!” Tang Tian suddenly expressed in surprise.

Listening to Tang Tian, Jing Hao raised his head, his expression was frozen for a moment.

Below Tang Tian’s feet countless light rays suddenly lit up.

Tang Tian closed his eyes, and carefully experienced it.

In the light, the appearance of the bronze armor suddenly began to transform.

This, this, this….

Jing Hao opened wide his mouth, as he stared in shock at the scene that was unfolding.

Following the armor appearance like the change in a candle when it melts, one after another of the decorative designs, gradually appeared on the clean and empty appearance on the bronze amor. The decorative designs increased, and became even more complicated. The originally stiff and hard corners also quickly changed form, becoming graceful arcs.

An entirely new Blue Peacock appeared before his eyes.

The originally bulky armor, became even more fitting. Piece by piece of delicate and fine blue designs, like the feathers of a peacock, formed layers and layers of folds, like a completely perfect piece of art. With the slight curves on the shoulders, it did not affect Tang Tian’s movements at all. Every one of Tang Tian’s movements was as smooth as water flowing, and adding on the pieces of intricate blue designs, he definitely looked handsome.

Tang Tian felt extremely curious. He could clearly feel that the power the armor accumulated inside, actually became even stronger.

What a strong Martial Spirit!

Tang Tian could feel that the Martial Spirit inside the armor was very strong, even stronger than the Martial Spirit of the gloves!

“Martial Spirit awakening…”

Jing Hao suddenly awoke by the sudden tremors on his body, recovering from his stare and exclaimed: “I understand, Senior Nong has acknowledged you!”

His voice contained traces of surprise, envy and disbelief. Jing Hao already knew beforehand, the reason why he did not come in the past was because he trained in sword arts, and was not interested in the finger arts at all. But seeing Tang Tian donning a completely new set of Blue Peacock, he suddenly felt regret.

“Ah, Senior Nong has acknowledged me?” Tang Tian laughed out loud: “Ai ya yay, as expected of a powerful senior, his eyesight is also very accurate! Definitely could tell with one look, that I am a worthy and entrustable young man! Ah ha ha!”

Jing Hao’s expression froze. This kind of brat could actually be acknowledged by Senior Nong…

Jing Hao immediately had the feeling of ‘this world is too ridiculous’.

Tang Tian who was satisfied suddenly stopped smiling, he recalled Jing Hao’s surprise, and curiously asked: “Oh, right, what is this Martial Spirit awakening?”