Undefeated God of War - Chapter 060 – Baldie Biao Ge

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Chapter 060 – Baldie Biao Ge

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“What? You really want me to take action?” The baldie muscular man laughed coldly, aggressively moving forward one step with a fierce face, and a body like an iron tower, causing people to be intimidated.

The other youths kept quiet out of fear, with a deathly white complexion, quietly started to obediently throw out their things onto the floor.

The baldie grinned and said: “I like tactful people the most. Relax, as long as you follow me, Biao Ge, you will all have food to eat!”

The rest behind him looked in silence.

“En.” Biao Ge’s gaze suddenly landed on Tang Tian, and squinted his eyes: “Never did I expect, that a stiff opportunity would come!”

He cracked and pinched his knuckles, with a sinister smile, his body like an iron tower, stretching and opening up, his palms actually releasing a golden light aura. A rich gold element True Power, which caused the other youths’ faces to look worse. Many people heaved a sigh of relief, as if they were relieved of a heavy burden.

Luckily I did not resist just now…

Biao Ge swept Tang Tian with his gaze, his eyes immediately showing insatiable greed, and he said: “Turns out that you have quite a few good things on your body, no wonder you are unwilling!”

Tang Tian muttered to himself: “And here I thought that the outer barracks would have many high level people, in the end it turns out to be a pack of small hooligans.”

“Small… Small hooligans!” Biao Ge was stunned and immediately enraged, there had never been anyone who dared to call him a small hooligan!

Brat! You’re dead!

Biao Ge’s facial color became really gloomy, and his True Power rotated violently. He had decided to beat the despicable brat in front of him into slags. In there, other than Master Jing Hao, no one could be disobedient to Biao Ge!

Biao Ge ferociously bellowed, fiercely stamped on the ground, causing the ground to split, borrowing the power from his [Spring Shoes], his entire person was like an artillery shell, rushing towards Tang Tian.

A golden light palm print, with astonishing power, whistled towards Tang Tian.

[King Kong Palm], fourth rank!

King Kong Palm was a gold elemental based palm art, widely known for its firmness and ferocity, when trained to its peak, the imprint of King Kong Palm could break gold and break metal with ease.

A cold glint flashed passed Tang Tian’s eyes, he went into his horse stance in the same position, and his right fist already retracted to his waist.

[Minute Collapsing Fist]!

No light aura, no sound, In the eyes of the crowd which was mocking his right fist, Tang Tian’s right fist directly collided with the King Kong palm. The Crane Body inside of him, broke out with a loud bang!

An undetectable ripple of force opened up from within the print of the golden King Kong Palm.


The palm print that felt like it was a solid hard metal square, collapsed into countless small golden fragments that disappeared into the air.

Tang Tian’s body did not move an inch, but Baldie Biao Ge retreated a few steps before regaining his composure.

Everyone was silent, their faces unstable and in shock. That was impossible! With all of their power, even if they were not at the fourth level, they would be at the peak of perfection in the third level, so how could they not see the disparity between the two fighters? Biao Ge was at the peak of perfection in the fourth level, and to reach the fifth level, the distance was merely as thin as a piece of paper, but Tang Tian was clearly at the third level!

Minute Collapsing Fist of the third level, how could it fight with the [King Kong Palm] of the fourth level?

Biao Ge had deep comprehension in the [King Kong Palm]….but why did Biao Ge lose…

Everything that had just happened, was completely challenging their logical and common sense.

It was so strange, so hard to believe!

Biao Ge’s face color changed, he squinted his eyes, and began to size up Tang Tian again, it was just a punch, but his mind immediately realized, he had met a difficult person! How could a rank three fist art be so strong? Unless this brat was intentionally hiding his power?

Tang Tian stood up straight, and begun stretching and relaxing his arms, warmed up his body, and said: “I haven’t fought for so long!”

Being tortured day in and day out by Uncle Bing until he wished he could die, while having no chance of retaliation, Tang Tian honestly felt very pissed, even though he knew that it was training. After sleeping, his entire body had completely recovered, and he felt that his body was brimming with so much energy that it seemed almost endless. Finally meeting someone to challenge, Tang Tian had held back so many days of urge to fight, it was like immediately throwing a spark into a deep fryer.

While exercising, Tang Tian sighed with sorrow as he kept himself in check: “Really, I haven’t been the school tyrant for so many years already….”

Everyone blankly stared at Tang Tian.

After a few simple warm ups, Tang Tian felt that he was already at his optimum state. He stopped, leaned over, gaze staring tightly at Biao Ge, and said: “Hey, Baldie, you dare to challenge this godlike young man, you are dead!”

Just as his firm voice landed, he was like an arrow released from the bow, ‘whooshing’ straight at Biao Ge.

Biao Ge was on alert from the beginning, as Tang Tian’s fist had led him to become very cautious. But, he could become the second most important person of the outer barracks in the big tomb, was purely with his own merits, his plentiful abundance of fighting experience, and his own self confidence. He was already touching the door to the fifth level of power, and once he entered the fifth level, he could become an Iron ranked martial artist. He had a hot and fierce personality, fierce to people, and also fierce to himself, other people all believed they were exiled, but he still kept training himself. As long as his power truly reached the fifth level, he would be able to leave this goddamn place.

Biao Ge groaned. Without panicking, he welcomed Tang Tian’s body by clapping his hands.

Three rays of golden rectangular palm seals diverged into two paths, one above and the other below, written in superior font, straight at Tang Tian. This move was known as [Marvelous King Kong] and its difficulty level was extreme. Now, although the [Marvelous King Kong] was ferocious, it was slow to pull out palms and this was a known fact to everyone. The three ray of golden palm seals in mid air buzzed and form a golden coloured triangle as if it was a whistling wall. Its power was growing as it crashed towards Tang Tian.

Indeed, it was a rank four palm arts!

The True Power that was emitted out could actually evolve into so many different forms!

Tang Tian looked with his eyes wide opened. His desire to fight was growing. To be able to know different martial artists, different strengths, it was so invigorating!

The golden light walled crashed forward, no power was enough to withstand it!

Taking a deep breath in, Tang Tian’s eyes was filled with the intention to fight. The True Power in his body was reaching its peak. He did not dodge, the speed was not decreasing either.

The golden light wall flew towards him at a rapid speed. It grew bigger in his eyes, Tang Tian coughed out his qi and punched out with his fist!

The Crane Body instigated the killing technique, [Great Avalanche]!


The hard, congealed iron-like golden light wall shone like snow when it exploded all of a sudden. A ray of outstanding silhouette, like a dart flying angrily, burst through the golden snow wall and straight towards Biao Ge.

Baldie Biao Ge’s expression took a change. He broke out in cold sweat. The first rank of the King Kong Palm’s power had never failed in his hands before. However, the opponent managed to use a rank three martial technique to crush the first rank of his King Kong Palm.

This rascal… where did he come from?

Tang Tian, who was in mid air turned his fist into a claw, and as if he were an eagle preying on a rabbit, he pounced on Biao Ge.

Eagle Claw!

Tang Tian was being put through torture in the recruit training camp to master Eagle Claw. it was tough, his fingers were like hook, shrilling cries sounded like soaring eagles’ cries.

Sharp and ferocious, tough and unbeatable!

Baldie Biao Ge broke into a cold sweat. The hairs on his body stood. He could not care less, his fists, which were enveloped by a golden light, retreated backwards together with his body.


The eagle and the palm bumped into one another!

Tang Tian’s claw in mid air clawed forward as Baldie Biao Ge raised both his palms in a defensive position, as if it were a bean curd mix, it was crushed immediately.

Terror-stricken, Baldie Biao Ge suddenly sensed that the power of Tang Tian’s claws had turned sluggish and relaxed. His opponent had used all his energy for this attack. Baldie quickly garnered all his leftover power and screamed: “Everybody, attack!”

Who could have known, that just when Tang Tian’s feet touched the ground, he immediately bounced back up without changing his breath as if he was a spring.

Slap! Slap!

Each step Tang Tian took was very small, but with only a series of steps, they had an astonishing burst of energy. Tang Tian reached his maximum speed.

Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada had a huge burst of energy and embodied great performance.

Baldie only felt his vision went blurry before Tang tian’s silhouette appeared right in front of him. Baldie was shocked. He flipped his wrist and pushed his King Kong palms outwards.

The palm and claws intersected, but Baldie Biao Ge only sensed an excruciating pain in his chest, as if innumerable scalpels had pierced through his heart. And at the same time, he could not care about any other things. He borrowed this energy and fell backwards.

Tang Tian who was enjoying this fight had no intentions of showing any mercy. With a shake of his body, he stepped with Aerial Wood Stake, as if he was obsessed (TN: The original chinese says, like maggots feeding on a corpse. Which basically means someone hanging onto something) with him. He appeared right beside him like a ghost. In the moment when Baldie was lost, his hands landed on Baldie’s shoulders.

And then, Baldie was flung up.

Biao Ge’s heavy and sturdy body seemed like nothing in Tang Tian’s hands.

[Succeeding Loop Technique]!

Bang bang bang!

The few muscular men who heard Baldie’s instruction to pounce at Tang Tian, were all being flung up by Tang Tian, thrown far away.

His shadow was flying everywhere. His howls sprung up everywhere, and his cries continued.

When Tang Tian stopped, the baldie in his hands had his eyes rolled up and froth spewing forth from his mouth. He was unconscious.

Tang Tian hesitated as he took a last look at Baldie. That look, it seemed like he could not bear to throw Baldie away.

The other seven young lads were all dumbfounded. They stared at the sturdy man who howled for his life then they shifted their gaze to Tang tian. Some of the young lads who mocked Tang Tian were deathly pale, without a tinge of blood traces on their faces.

Tang Tian still threw Baldie on the floor and muttered: “So weak? Aren’t you at the fourth level? Seems like this rascal is a smuggled good…”

If Baldie was still awake, and he heard this, his heart would bleed out.

Tang Tian, who originally planned to fight this properly, lost his enthusiasm and started to check for his spoils of war. One by one, the sturdy men were striped naked. Tang Tian then threw them aside casually. One by one, the naked men piled up like a human pyramid.

Tang Tian pushed forward slightly, yet had not one ounce of happiness.

They were actually a bunch of poor ghosts!

The martial artist from the Honorable Martial Group had actually fallen to such a stage. It was so humiliating! To think of the affluent Master Kong and the Weak Point Arena, Tang Tian salivated. These rascals actually did not even have a single bronze treasure with them, they were fucking poor!

Tang Tian originally thought he could reap some wealth. He suddenly found out he had wasted his efforts in fighting, and was in a bad mood.

No, how could the martial artists from the Honourable Martial Group be poor? They must have hidden all the good things!

He scanned around with an unfriendly gaze. Tang Tian noticed a pile of wood at the corner.

Immediately, he lined up the wooden boards, all equidistant from each other. Each naked sturdy man was tied to one wooden plane.

Who knew where Tang Tian found a stool, but he sat with a sulky face.

“You!” Tang Tian randomly pointed at one of the young man: “Go fetch a pail of water over.”

The young man was shocked, scared until his face was white, but after hearing Tang Tian’s words, his face gained some color. Not daring to say anything, he immediately went to find a wooden pail to fetch water.

Not long later, the young man carried the pail of water over.

The spacious earth field, with all the equidistant wooden boards, the party of youths kept quiet out of fear at a distant area, and only Tang Tian leisurely sat down.

Young Lad Tang sat on the stool like he had been an underworld boss for a damn long time, he sighed with his sulky face: “Darn it, not being a tyrant for so many years…”

“But, it feels good….”