Undefeated God of War - Chapter 056 – Recruit Training Camp

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Chapter 056 – Recruit Training Camp

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“This is the Southern Cross Army’s recruit training camp.” Bing’s voice was not so stiff anymore, and he had some emotions in his speech: “Every recruit would come here to receive three years of training, and the people who pass are then able to enlist into the army.”

“Three years!….” Tang Tian’s eyes opened wide: “What do you all train that requires three years?”

“It is split into personal martial techniques and basic essences of war tactics.” Bing calmly explained: “Every individual has to reach the eighth level of True Power, and has to have gained enlightenment on at least three killing techniques of their rank eight martial techniques. There are twelve subjects for the basic essences of war tactics.”

“Eighth level?” Tang Tian thought he heard wrongly.

“En.” Bing calmly replied.

“Eight… eighth level is just a recruit?!” Tang Tian stammered, his gaze frozen. Level eight, wherever that person was, he would definitely be an expert, an actual and true expert! Even in Heaven’s road, he would be a prestigious and famous expert! These kind of experts, in the Southern Cross Formation, were barely just recruits meeting the lowest requirements?!

What is this Southern Cross Army that actually holds such power!

Even the recruits are at the eighth level….

“En.” Bing continued: “The army has rules: Those who do not reach the eighth level of True Power, will not be able to pass the recruit test. Officers require the tenth level and above of True Power, while the Captains require the twelfth level.”

Tang Tian who was listening already had a headache: “Then aren’t you all invincible?”

“Invincible?” BIng shook his head: “If we were invincible then how could we fail to defend our encampment?”

Tang Tian opened his mouth wide, after a long time, he managed to speak: “Don’t tell me there are armies stronger than yours?”

“There aren’t.” Bing calmly said: “The Southern Cross Army was one of the strongest three armies, the other two were the Scorpio Army, and the Snake Army.”

Tang Tian pulled his finger: “Scorpio Formation is Scorpio Constellation right? I have heard of that. Snake formation? Is it the Hydrus Constellation or the Serpens Constellation?”

Bing shook his head: “It is the Ophiuchus Constellation.”

“Ophiuchus Constellation? Eh, I have not heard of that constellation before!” Tang Tian gasped.

“Never heard before!?” Bing’s voice once again had some undulations: “Ophiuchus Constellation is the top constellation of the thirteen constellations of the Ecliptic Plane.”

Tang Tian shook his head: “The Ecliptic Plane only has twelve constellations, the Leo Constellation, Sagittarius Constellation and the Aries Constellation are the current three strongest constellations, but the twelve constellations are not overpowered. I heard that the Scorpio Constellation is very ordinary. But never before have I heard of a thirteenth.”

“Seems like the Snake Army was destroyed too.” Bing said: “The Ophiuchus Constellation was the strongest constellation back then, it was the only superpower constellation across the equator, the Ecliptic and Galactic Equator. The Snake Army was the true, most powerful army out of the three huge armies.”

“Sounds amazingly powerful! Bing, were you very strong then too?” Tang Tian had stars in his eyes, thoughts in a faraway place.

Bing ignored him, and continued by himself: “You have to think carefully, once you open this door, you are compelled to complete the recruit training. If you are unable to reach the eighth level criteria within three years, you will not be able to enter the Cross Door anymore.”

“Within three years, the eighth level?” Tang Tian’s emotions froze on his face, shook his head: “Bing, that is impossible. Although I do not know how you all completed it in the past, I am sure no one in this era can do it.”

“There are still people who can do it.” Bing sounded stiff again: “There are strong martial artists who protect the constellations, and would release even brighter and stronger light auras. I can feel them, there are so many constellations, with so many people with astonishing light auras, in this era, there are also many strong martial artists.”

“So there are people who can do it?” Tang TIan looked at Bing.

“Yes.” Bing replied stiffly without a bit of change in his tone.

“Good, I’ll do it!” Tang Tian did not hesitate at all and nodded his head.

“Are you sure?” Bing looked at him.

“Yes!” Tang Tian looked serious and he clenched his fists tightly: “Since other people can do it, then I can do it too!”

“I have the duty to remind you.” Bing said: “The recruit training program is very cruel, more cruel than you can ever imagine. Southern Cross Constellation is the smallest constellation, yet it was able to thrive and survive due to its army, and because of its strictness and cruelty. Southern Cross Constellation’s recruit training program is the world’s most cruel recruit training program, none can compare. In our time, the odds of passing the exam, was only nine percent. While the mortality rate, was as high as twenty six percent.”

“It can make me become stronger right?” Tang Tian was calm and not scared, and raised his head to ask.

“Yes, the recruit training program, although it is the most cruel training, when you complete it, is definitely the world’s most effective training method.” Bing said stiffly.

“Then let’s do it! This godlike young man will never retreat!” Tang Tian raised his fist with high fighting spirits.

Bing could feel Tang Tian’s tenacity and became silent for a while: “The best level of selection for recruits was at the sixth level, but because of that, the chance of passing becomes nine percent, and mortality rate of twenty six percent. Now you are not even at the fourth level, the chances of passing are so minute, and the chances of dying are so huge. Once you start, I cannot give you any preferential treatment, have you thought about it?”

“I have thought about it!” Tang Tian’s face showed a level of maturity and determination unseen for people of his age group: “Bring it!”

Tang Tian raised up his palms, exhaled air, and used his strength to push open the big doors.

The big door was not as heavy as what Tang Tian expected and slowly opened.

It was pitch black, with many lights floating around, looking like stars, floating across the night sky. It was unspeakably beautiful.

“It is so pretty!” Tang Tian gasped, shocked.

The lights looked like stars, but suddenly, one after the other they starting becoming brighter. A strange and unknown world stood in front of Tang Tian.

In the spacious and empty room, floated all sizes of planets. The big planets had big and small baskets, the small ones were the size of pigeon eggs, all of them floating in the middle of the air, slowly moving. They were all releasing different color balls of light, some were very bright, some were very dim, some were pure azure, as red as blood.

There were about a dozen of the big and small planets. Together, they formed a beautiful dreamy artwork.

Bing was slightly distracted.


Although the Weak Point Arena was broken by Tang Tian, the place became empty and was a suitable place to be used as a training ground.

The elder looked at the five men in front of him, and said: “From today onwards, en route to Immortal Constellation, I will be here to guide you on your martial techniques. I hope that you all will take this and learn well, and practise seriously.”

Ah Mo Li looked around in panic: “What about Fundamental Tang? Why is he not here?”

The elder’s expression did not change: “Tang Tian’s situation is slightly more delicate, he will receive instructions from another professional.”

Everyone was shocked, it seemed that Tang Tian’s performance had affected Master Kong, and Master Kong had decided to personally teach Young Lad Tang! Everyone’s doubts disappeared, and began listening attentively to the elder.

The elder laughed in his heart, what special instructions? This was just a way to bluff these few ignorant young lads. He did not have any good feelings towards the young man with bad talents. Regarding the blood meridians, Master Kong and him were unsure on it, so what was there to instruct?

Let him self destruct by himself!

“Although your talents are good, due to the surroundings you all grew up in, where Wu An Star is just a sideline planet, the martial techniques passed down are less in number and their standards are not high, therefore comparing you and similar aged talents from other places, your standard is slightly more worse off.”

The words of the elder caused them to tense up.

They believed that what the elder said was the truth, and they had known it for a long time. Although their power in Star Wind City was considered good, when compared with other planets and Heaven’s road, it was nothing much.

However, other than Gu Xiaoyu, the rest were resolute and firm beyond generations. Although their mental states were slightly stretched taught, they were not afraid at all.

The elder’s eyes shone with satisfaction, although these young people’s starting point was lower, they were not frivolous and proud like the other geniuses from the big constellations.

“Alright, let us begin.” The elder stated.


“Tang, your strength is too weak.” Bing’s voice was flat as usual, but he was very adept at the recruit training program: “The Southern Cross Army aimed and chose recruits of the sixth level of True Power and above, so you are basically not strong enough. Therefore, a lot of the training, to you, will be very difficult and challenging.”

“Where do we start?” Tang TIan was eager and not in the least afraid.

“Take a beating.” Bing indifferently said, once he completed his sentence, he waved his arms, and all the planets in the room, suddenly rotated very quickly.

“Beating… take a beating?” His expression froze, and could not help stammering.

The smallest planet, appeared in Bing’s hands.

Tang Tian could only see his surroundings suddenly changing. He blankly looked around, he could not see anything in the darkness, all the countless bright balls of lights, became densely packed, like a sea of light.

Bing who was floating above his head suddenly spoke out.

“The ability of resisting a beating on the body, to a soldier, is a fundamental ability. In wars, martial artists who can resist and take in high amounts of beatings, would usually have a higher chance of winning. The higher the level, the harder it is to kill an opponent. In prolonged wars or wars of attrition, a strong ability to endure beatings while being violently attacked, while also being able to maintain cool and calmness, ensures that the attacks would not change or hurt him gravely in any way, that is the basics of the basics.”

Bing stared blankly and, without completing his sentence, the balls of light surrounding Tang Tian, became like sharks who smelt blood, and crazily flew over.

Tang Tian got caught by surprised: “Hey, hey, hey, Bing, I am here to train, not to take a beating… Ouch…”

A ball of light struck Tang TIan’s back, the strength was actually comparable to Tang Tian’s own strength, Tang TIan seemed to have suffered his own strike.

His legs staggered.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

Balls of light from all directions were flying around crazily.

Tang Tian cried out in pain, but he couldn’t get a word out, and used Minute Collapsing Fist on the ball of light approaching from in front of him.

The balls of lights shot out one after the other.

However, Tang Tian had not even retracted his fist. Slam, slam, slam, a few of the light balls came out from the holes, like bullets, hitting Tang Tian in the chest as he retreated a few steps.

“Pay attention to rotating your True Power…”

“Pay attention to your defensive rhythm…”

“Pay attention to avoiding the vital parts…”

Bing lightly said with a stiff voice above Tang Tian, while following Tang Tian’s loud screams, reminiscing of that old era.