Undefeated God of War - Chapter 055 – The History of Bing

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Chapter 055 – The History of Bing

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Everyone looked at the empty training ground.

It was dead silent. No one could say a thing.

Tang Tian scratched his head: “I didn’t do anything. It’s weird, how did all of it explode?”

No one spoke a word. Everything that had just happened was too bizarre and outrageous.

“Don’t tell me that recently we have been playing with it for too long?”

“Possibly! This toy has been played with for five or six years already. Maybe its lifespan has ended. If not, why would it explode?”

“Yea yea! Six years already! Even if it were a metal man, if it was beaten every day, it would not be able to tolerate too much…”

Everyone was discussing, and the more they talked, the more they felt that the Weak Point Arena’s explosion was actually a very normal outcome. Tang Tian, who was in the arena, rubbed his head and released a breath. The two hundred and seventy one rank four silver grade spirit cards, if it was really him who destroyed them, then even if he sold his own body, he would still not be able to compensate.

Sima Xiang Shan and the rest showed an understanding expression. This was more normal. Although Tang Tian was quite powerful, to have no weaknesses whatsoever, that is a bit too far fetched.

Yet the Weak Point Arena was still broken by Tang Tian, so the original training plan was naturally cancelled.

Seeing this, Master Kong waved his hands, and instructed everybody to go to their rooms to rest.


Tang TIan returned to his own room, laid down and immediately slept. He did not put the incident of the Weak Point Arena to mind. He instantly thought that it was a defect and the arena had broken on its own. He did not have any worries in mind, only the fact that the fights he was looking forward to, were gone, and he was slightly depressed by it.

Nonetheless, he entered the Cross Door again, walking inside without hesitation, and prepared for a new Cycle of Hardship.

Tang Tian’s entrance apparently woke Bing up.

When Bing had nothing to do, he would quietly float in the air, and stare at the distant fog wall and stone. Tang Tian greeted Bing, and prepared to practise, his Broken Shadow Palm was close to completing and gaining the killing technique [Meteor Shower].

“Tang, do you wish to increase the duration of Hardship Training?” Bing suddenly asked.

Tang Tian was stumped for words, he stopped in his tracks, and curiously asked: “The duration for Hardship Training can be increased?”

“En.” Bing nodded his head.

“How do I increase the time?” Tang Tian was immediately excited, and asked curiously. Although the Hardship Training was very tough, the results of it were definitely way better than normal training.

Bing raised up the long spear and pointed in front: “There is a training ground there. Once you enter the training ground, you can increase the frequency of going inside.”

“Training ground?” Tang Tian followed the spear’s direction and looked over, and his eyes gazed on to the fog wall: “Don’t tell me there is a training ground inside the fog wall?”

“En.” Bing replied.

“What is this fog wall exactly?” Tang Tian had a confused face: “It’s like a fog but not like a fog, it can be destroyed too, everywhere is the same.

Bing was silent for a while, then suddenly replied “This is the Grey Time Fog.”

“Grey Time Fog?” Tang Tian felt that whatever Bing said was always very weird, and he had never heard of it before.

“Horologium Constellation is one of the strongest constellations.” Bing said: “This place is actually under a spatial lock [Robin: Berry Had a bit of trouble translating this one, so there’s a chance it might change in the future, but it’s basically like in Stellar Transformations, with the Time Acceleration and so :)]. Here, the time does not flow. It is because of the Grey Time Fog, prohibiting the area.”

“What is this place exactly? Bing, how come you know?” Tang Tian stared at Bing and asked: ”The Southern Cross Constellation Hardship Plate is the heirloom my mother left for me! Bing, who exactly are you?”

Bing: “This is the Southern Cross Military Encampment.”

“ Southern Cross Military Encampment?” Tang Tian was stunned.

“Yes.” Bing calmly explained: “I belong to the Southern Cross Military Tao Division.”

“Why did my mother give me this bronze plate?” Tang Tian blankly asked.

“I don’t know.” Bing shook his head.

Tang Tian was silent for a while, he raised his head, seemingly regaining his happiness, curiously asked: “Were you here already in the past?”

“Yes.” Bing said: “This area was formerly a new military camp.”

“That is fun!” Tang Tian was excited, and continued asking curiously: “I have never entered the army before. Bing, tell me about your past, it must be interesting!”

Bing stopped for a while, as though he did not hear anything, and said blankly: ”Reach the black crystal and walk forward. It is the recruit training camp, inside, there are a few things you should be able to use.”

“Recruit training camp!” Ah ah ah, what is inside?” once he heard that there were things which could help him train, it was like Bing threw bait at him: “How far is that?”

“Two kilometres.” Bing replied.

“Two… two kilometres…” Tang Tian face froze, stammering.

The energy and work required to break through two kilometres of the fog wall, even with his will and persistence, when Tang Tian heard that, his hands and legs went weak, face becoming pale white.

“Yes.” Bing replied stiffly.


In the room.

Master Kong had a heavy face, as though he was in deep thoughts.

The elder spoke out: “Your subordinate dares to confirm, it was absolutely not the Weak Point Arena’s problem. Your subordinate was thinking deeply, and felt that there are a few possibilities. One, Tang Tian absolutely does not have any weaknesses, but this possibility is very small, how can there be anyone without any weaknesses? Number two, Tang Tian has some sort of protective treasure, and this made the Grey Cat’s Pupil unable to see through him, therefore causing the Grey Cat’s Pupil to suffer the backlash. But during the aptitude test, your subordinate had already specifically checked, and did not find any treasures on his body. But if he had a treasure, it means that the treasure is very powerful. The third possibility is that he has very special blood meridians, and when the Grey Cat’s Pupil scanned him, it might have triggered his special blood meridian power, therefore causing the Grey Cat’s Pupil to suffer backlash.”

Master Kong did not move and asked: “Then what do you think is the biggest possibility?”

“The third possibility has the highest probability.” The elder did not hesitate and answered.

“If that is the case, it is a pity.” Master Kong had some regrets. He agreed with the elder’s judgement, because his judgement was the same as the elder’s. Everyone had weaknesses, and even those famous experts were not an exception, theirs were just smaller. And regarding the possibility of a powerful Star Treasure, Master Kong did not feel any ripples of power from any treasures at all.

“Yes.” the elder was also full of regrets.

Although Honorable Martial Group had many martial artists, concerning blood meridian research, they were not experts in that field. The only experts proficient in it, were their enemy, the Onyx Souls, and Honorable Martial Group’s goal is to be honorable, blood meridian studies was a taboo.

“To use an outer barracks spot, and prevent our enemies from gaining and grooming a strong one, there’s no loss in that.” Master Kong reasoned out.

“What Master says is true.” The elder agreed immediately.

“Go, go and give that little brat a few good pointers.” Master Kong’s interest came to an end and he waved his hand, although he had a lot of interest in Tang Tian. The other five had extraordinary talents, but they did not pique his interest. All these talents from Star Wind City were second to none, and were the Honorable Martial Group’s target, but to someone who had met so many geniuses, they were not worth noticing. But Tang Tian on the other hand, from head to toe, gave him a somewhat riddling feeling.

His biggest anticipation was gone, and that meant he had no more interest.

The elder replied: “Yes!”


Tang Tian was sweating like crazy.

He was in a narrow space, unceasingly digging. His ten fingers were like hooks, with flames enveloping them, dancing by the wind. He was facing the fog wall, and his speed was so fast that his hands could not be seen with the naked eye. After completing and learning Broken shadow Palm’s killing technique [Meteor Shower], Tang Tian immediately changed to the [Eagle Claw Technique]. The Eagle Claw’s efficiency was much faster than the Broken Shadow Palm, and he was literally just digging a hole through the fog wall with exceptionally good techniques.

Following the direction of Bing, Tang Tian continued to dig a hole.

The hole was very narrow, and could barely fit him alone, while Bing was behind floating.

When the Grey Time Fog leaves the fog wall, it would disintegrate, and Tang Tian would not need to move the gravel.

With a new goal, Tang Tian was filled with energy. With horse-like power, he utilised both claws as if he were dancing, like a cheeky and strong groundhog, rapidly moving forward.

“I am just a groundhog, biting the soil until I’m numb. The groundhog, with all my strength I dig and dig a hole. Use my strength, use all my strength…”

Tang Tian sang a chinese folklore song, and continued moving in.

Tang Tian’s Eagle Claw was improving rapidly, Tang Tian suspected that, the brat who created the martial technique in the past, was the same as him, planning to dig a hole. Tang Tian’s Eagle Claw was also increasing in sharpness, becoming like iron hooks and copper claws, simply astonishing.

His wrists slightly vibrated, five fingers seemingly digging into the fog wall, with a pull, he could grab out a big piece of broken fog. If this technique was used on a human’s body, it would definitely tear a huge part of the skin and flesh apart. Even someone who was as strong hearted as Tang Tian, had a cold chill in his heart, if he ever fought with an expert in the Eagle Claw Technique in the future, it would definitely be very refreshing.

Day nine.

Suddenly, his fingertips felt something extremely hard, and felt pain from striking it, as he cried out in pain.

“We’ve reached it.” Bing said from behind.

When his words landed in Tang Tian’s ears, it was like music. His senses immediately sharpened again, and the pain he felt previously immediately disappeared. He did not care about the sweat all over his face, and laughed: “Haha! I am definitely a godlike young man! Two kilometres! Two kilometres! It has been scratched out by me! Hohoho, the Grey Time Fog cannot stop me either!”

Tang Tian swept the dust and gravels of Grey Time Fog away, exposing a glossy smooth surface.

“Is it a big door?” Tang Tian happily asked Bing.

“En.” Bing replied.

Victory was in sight, Tang Tian was ecstatic and enthusiastic.

A mysterious and ancient recruit training camp was locked up!

Oh oh oh, hearing about it, it is definitely a powerful place!

This precious big door, will be opened by myself!

Tang Tian was ecstatic and started to clean off the Grey Time Fog dust off the entrance, and after half a day, Tang Tian managed to clean over nine meters worth, distance of eighteen meters of the area, and the big black door appeared. But the size of the door far exceeded Tang Tian’s expectation.

Tang Tian spent an entire day just cleaning the big door.

Before his eyes, standing at a height of thirty six metres, with a width of over ninety metres, this magnificent huge black big door led Tang Tian to gape at it, unable to speak a word.

On the big black door, there were four precious gemstones embedded in it, impressively with the mark of Southern Cross Constellation.

The four gemstones looked like actual stars, sparkling and shining.

Bing had his straight face on, staring at the black big door, but all of a sudden the empty face of his had two tear drops.